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i read them short mc headcanons and. imagine. she short, but also climbs on everything. nothing is out of reach ever. need to extend arm all the way? nah, climb that. can't find her? look up! there she is, in the /fucking rafters/. thoughts?

  • Seven starts calling you spider-babe. He’s also considering whether or not to ask you to reach that one box of Honey Buddha Chips he hid from Ms Vanderwood.
  •  Zen constantly worries about whether or not you’re going to hurt yourself - ”Not everyone heals as fast as I do, babe!”
  • Yoosung’s cheering you on from the floor (and also thanking the gods that his girlfriend is less scared of heights than he is).
  • Jumin is confused. Why do that, when you could just buy a ladder? Or use one of the security guards. Or tell him to lower the storage cabinets. Why do you make the extra effort, when someone else could?
  • Jaehee is another worrier, and constantly scolds you for doing it. She thinks you’re going to fall and injure yourself - that’s not something she wants happening.
  • V is probably also worrying, and asks you if he can do anything to help. You tell him he’s being stupid, because he can’t fucking see, let alone reach high places.
  • Rika finds it adorable, and often asks you to climb up to grab things that she may or may not have put up there on purpose… Maybe.
  • Saeran demands that you stop, at first. He doesn’t want you to be in danger, of course. Once he realises you want to do this, he berates you for being so silly and putting yourself in danger, but doesn’t stop you; the fact that you’re so determined is kind of adorable.

HEY GUYS!!! I’ve decided to do something fun and different for October and the Fandom this year and I think everyone will enjoy it!!

The entire month of Halloween I’m going to be taking requests for any SAM characters in any Halloween costumes you want!! Basically, if you have a character you want to see in a Halloween costume, send me an ask and I can draw it!!

I love costumes and Halloween and its my favorite time of the year, and I want to see all the ideas people would want so I feel like this will be really fun!!
Plus I’ll even take multiple asks too so you can send more than one character !

All the sketches will be posted on Halloween Day (October 31st for those that don’t celebrate it), so I can draw them the entirety of October and I’ll have plenty of time and pictures to post and I can keep them all together!!

Send an ask with “Halloween Request:   ____    ” to my art blog here!!

It's not that Susan couldn't go back to Narnia

It’s that she wasn’t dead yet.
She’ll didn’t die in the train crash.

This was a concern of fans back when the book first came out as well, and C.S. Lewis confirmed in response to letters sent by worried fans that Susan was still alive in England and that she “might very well get back to Narnia in her own time and her own way”.

We must remember that “nylons and lipstick and invitations” are her siblings’ words and a metaphor for growing up, which Aslan encouraged them to do, to grow up and make a life on Earth because they’d learned all they could from Narnia.

So when she’s ready, if she wants to, Susan can rejoin her family in Aslan’s Country. And this is Susan the Gentle, Susan the Clever. You bet your britches she knows it.

(I think it’s also fair to note that Lewis had a book planned out just for her, called “Susan of Narnia”, but he passed away before he could write it.)

Close. Sam’s face is so close, Castiel can feel his warmth, their noses just short of brushing. Sam’s looking at him, his eyes focused but free of the worry that usually lies behind them, just easy calmness playing among his features now. Castiel supposes he himself looks far less collected as he can feel his face heat up and he’s frozen to the spot, all he wants is to close the last few inches between them but all he can do is focus on Samsamsamsam-

Do you want to kiss me?” Sam murmurs, shifting just a bit closer and brushing his nose ever so slightly against Castiel’s. The angel’s “Yes” tumbles out before Castiel can think about it, his heart beating faster. Sam’s lips turn up into a small smile and once again Castiel acts quicker than he realizes, closing the distance he thought he would never be able to. Sam is there to welcome him.

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A scene where Lady Oh entrust Soo in So's care please :)

She let Soo go from her embrace and began to walk back to where the guards were waiting for her. Watching as the reckless prince warns them to back off. Was he planning on fighting them all to keep Soo alive? She’d been worried about Soo’s relationship with the prince, knowing they were on different pages, but there was something about the fact that he was willing to let it all go to protect Soo, that made her heart soften toward him. It was what the King had failed to do for her, and it was what Wook refused to do for Soo. 

“Thank you, your highness. It gives me peace of mind knowing Soo has someone like you by her side.” She spoke softly as she bowed her head before him. 

send me a prompt and i’ll write you a thing :)

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Today I texted a boy first that I kind of have a major crush on and all my friends think that that was maybe a bad move and that I look weird and pushy to him now ://///////// I really like him!! I didn't kno that girls weren't supposed to message guys first. What should I do?? Is this a major faux pas? I am worried that I have fucked up. Help plz xx

Dude chill it’s just a text and when you wanna talk to someone you talk to them. Anyone clinging tight to rules of texting regarding gender…. Like….. that’s not real? None of that is real! You’re making a thing that’s not a thing a thing! Stop. Text first that’s how you start conversations.

The Lost Delinquents Week:   Day 4: Jones

1x03 “Earth Kills” is the first time we’re introduced to Jones. He was the other delinquent and member of Bellamy’s little militia group thing that had gone with Atom to look for Trina and Pascal. As Bellamy is telling them not to worry yet, he asks “what do we say when they ask about Trina and Pascal?” to which Bellamy tells him to say nothing and that they would keep an eye out for them when they go hunting later. 

The hunt is the next time we see him, Jones choice of weapon to hunt with is a spear he’s fashioned. When Charlotte interrupts the hunting party he heads off with the other two delinquents after the boar while Bellamy and Atom stay behind. We don’t know if they managed to kill the boar since the next time we see him is when the acid for starts. It’s very likely that Jones was good at hunting or tracking and is the reason he was part of Bellamy’s hunting party. 

The morning after when the fog has gone, Bellamy comes out of the cage and asks if anyone is out there, even calling Jones by name. Jones answers back and Bellamy and Charlotte go to meet the other two delinquents that had run with Jones, and he informs Bellamy that they’d made it to another cave nearby. When Bellamy asks “where’s Atom?” Jones doesn’t answer verbally, but the look he gives him is ‘I don’t know’ and ‘This is bad’ all at once.

In the beginning of 1x05 “Twilight’s Last Gleaming” Jones is one of the delinquents that comes out to witness Raven’s pod as it comes to earth and believes that the Ark has sent people to help them, “Now we can kick some grounder ass.” 

Shortly later he’s inside Bellamy’s tent informing Bellamy that “if it’s cleared the ridge it’s probably near the lake.” Octavia believes they should be getting moving, but Bellamy says it isn’t safe, and for the others, Jones included, to pass it around that they’ll head out at first light. 

After Bellamy takes the radio, gets rid of it, and they find out they were going to kill the 300 people on the Ark because of the oxygen situation, Jones is one of the delinquents that was recruited to look for it in the river. In fact, Jones is actually the one to find the radio and bring it over to Raven. Even later when they’re building the way to launch the flares to signal they’re alive, he carries the panel board with Finn. 

It isn’t shown, but it’s been stated (don’t quote me on where cause I don’t remember) that Jones was one of the delinquents to die during the fight in 1x13 “We Are Grounders Part 2″

Jones is one of the delinquents that we get to see again in 3x13 “Join or Die.” He enters the classroom in front of Mbege and Murph, sits in front of them, behind Roma, and next to Dax. When Pike successfully builds a fire he seems mildly interested, moving his head slightly to see a little better. 

During the last class when Pike slaps Murphy he’s quick to turn his head around, and when Pike lifts Murphy up out of his chair Jones is one of the delinquents to quickly stand up.  As Pike starts to really throw Murphy around, Jones looks around at the other delinquents as if asking ‘what do we do?’ Jones is one of the delinquents to pull Pike off of Murphy, and he stands next to Mbege, the two of them being the line of defense between Pike and Murphy. 

Kane asks what’s going on and when Pike answers graduation, Jones looks back at Mbege, and there’s a confusion on Jones’ face, like he’s trying to put together what Pike means be ‘graduation.’ 

Jones is kind of one of those ‘blink and you miss him’ type of characters. He isn’t developed much, but there are some things we know, or can assume at least, from the times we do see him on screen. 

One is that he’s part of Bellamy’s group, and he appears to be more like Atom in how he handles this authority than Murphy and Mbege. He goes out searching for Trina and Pascal with Atom, and when they haven’t been able to find them he seems genuinely concerned. Were Trina and Pascal friends of his? We can also assume that it’s possible he and Atom were friends. It is possible that Bellamy just decided to stick the two of them together to go search for them, but Bellamy also doesn’t seem to be too concerned, so they could have decided to go look for them on their own and told Bellamy about it. It could also be that Jones and Atom were the ones to notice them missing because they were friends with Trina and Pascal, told Bellamy, and then Bellamy was like ‘you should go look for them.’ When they realize neither of them (his group or Bellamy and Charlotte) knows where Atom is after the acid fog he shows worry on his face that something bad has possibly happened to him. Jones also appears to be pretty observant of things. He notices and calculates where Raven’s pod probably landed, he tries to get a better look at the fire Pike built, and he seems to also be the only delinquent to react to Pike’s ‘this is graduation’ comment. 

Jones comes into the show having been out looking for someone, and he leaves the show standing in front of someone and protecting them. 

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Which Bat would you most want to see appear on one of the CW DC shows?

Since the CW is all about young, relatable superheroes, I think a Stephanie Batgirl show would be great. You get a perky young blonde, doing her best to stay afloat in college plus maintaining her vigilante life. She gets flack from the other Bats about not being experienced enough or blah blah blah but she overcomes and is kickass and awesome.

… I’d honestly be worried about the CW getting ahold of the boys, I love Flash and Supergirl but I’m not sure I trust them not to go all angsty Arrow on me. Would be more interested in a batfam comedy about the boys normal lives and how weird superhero stuff leaks into it.

Steve Rogers Imagine

Requested: @imperialnova

Imagine: Could you do an imagine where Steve takes care of the reader when she’s sick?

Warning: None

You’re sick, but Steve is there for you. Don’t worry. He’s got you.

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Undercover: fuzzy


IHYV Master List


Shin-Il watched Ji-Na share a pair of her birds with Se-Na and Myung-Dae’s children. They had just spent the last few hours interviewing potential surrogates before having dinner with his brothers and their families. He couldn’t tell if Ji-Na was happy with any of the women. She’d been quiet and closed ever sense she returned from killing Kim Hyun-Su.

He hated that he felt the need to check her medication. She caught him one morning but didn’t chide him for it. She just cuddled up to him and asked him if he was worried about her. “Yes, because I love you.”

“Let’s count them all out together. I should have thirteen left.” She brought him into the dining room, with the small bottle, sat him down, and poured out the pills. There were exactly thirteen. “Do you want to wait to make the baby?”

“No.” He didn’t even think about it. “I don’t think you’ll still feel weird by the time the baby is born and we get married. Have you picked someone yet? All three girls said they were okay if you cooked for them.”

Ji-Na bit her lower lip as she scooped up the pills. “Se-Na invited us over for dinner tomorrow. I think I can make my choice then. Do you have one you like?”

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please hun go see a doc and let them check what's wrong with your body and let them help you. i know it may seem impossible to kick anorexias ass, but others have done it and so can you. do it, fight, before it's too late. sending a big hug and good thoughts and positive vibes <3 you can do it

Dont worry, i am a doctor (kinda. Still in med school) and work with doctors every day

I just got a resistant virus and am having a hard time getting it off. Im taking medication and all that. Im just frustrated because i cant even remember what it is like to not be sick anymore

Thanks for your convern though

((So I didn’t completely and utterly fail Astronomy! I got a C- though… The teacher thinks I can do better and it’s kind of like “I hope so”. Though I nearly started sobbing because 4 people got Fs for the test and I was so worried I was one of them. (There are 18 people total in the class)
Not sure how since I re-listened to all of our lectures we’ve had before the exam, but I’m gonna need to study more! ;w; Maybe talk to him more too since I wanna do better.))

Many of you remember Sara from the Pediatric Cancer series last month. I’m very sorry to report that shortly after her story was published, Sara’s cancer returned very aggressively. Yesterday morning she passed away. I’d like to honor her by reposting her story, and allowing Sara to be remembered by her own words: “My biggest worry is that I’m going to die and not do all the things I wanted to do. The funny thing is—I didn’t even realize how many things I wanted to do until I got diagnosed. Simple things like meeting a guy, getting married, getting a job, having my own apartment, and even picking out my own furniture. Those never seemed too interesting to me. They just seemed like adult things that were guaranteed to happen. Now I want to do them so bad. Because I want to know what they feel like.”


sooooooo mortior and i and some other awesome people miiiiight be working on a little big something something. aaaaaaand it’s going to be fucking amazing and awesome. and that’s all i’m telling you. expect more teasers down the road.

disclaimer no we are not doing all 24 trolls dear lord. this is most likely it. we considered bringing equiusbot back but couldn’t really work it out to make much sense. 

rip in pieces

Decided to draw some of my favorite Gravity Falls AUs today.

First up: Reverse Portal AU, where Stan gets sucked into the portal while Ford is like “should I…? But the world…but Stan…world???” for 30 years.

Also one armed Stan.

wait a minute are there ppl out there calling youngjae a visual hole?? excuse me?? choi youngjae of got7, resident sunshine, the one nichkhun called got7′s visual, the one who has no bad angles in selfies, the one with the most angelic voice, the one who loves fans and told them politely to give got7 their personal space but also worried abt the fans safety, the one who couldn’t dance at all when he became a trainee but only trained 7 months before he debuted, the one who worked multiple part time jobs for money for classes so he could become a trainee, the one who is so talented and so loving and caring, that choi youngjae? i’m sorry but he did not work this hard to have ppl hate on him no idol works this hard for ppl to hate on them goodbye

I worry so much about Alternate Universe!Shadowhunters. Are they eating well? Are they getting enough to drink? Did Isabelle say yes when Simon asked her if she wanted to move in with him? Did she freak out, thinking it was a proposal? Are Clary and Jace on good terms again? Do either of them even remember the incident where Jace thought Clary was cheating on him with Magnus? Did Shy AU!Magnus go on his date with Openly Flirty AU!Alec? Is Magnus using his magic again? Do Church and Chairman Meow get along with Alec? Are they all happy? Do they need snacks? I need answers. 

Ransom and Holster worry that the whole Jack and Bitty dating thing might be a one-sided thing originally. They’re happy for the two of them when they reveal it over group chat but, after all, all they know about about Jack’s dating/hook-up history is just that he seems emotionally unattached, and although Jack’s their bro, they’re both a little concerned for Bitty.

Their fears are extinguished when Jack comes over to visit Bitty and he basically hovers around Bitty and looks after him like he’s one second away from asking for a kiss. He’s always helping in the kitchen and handing jars from high cabinets to Bitty with such a practiced motion that the tiny Haus kitchen doesn’t seem to bother him at all.  But it’s really only during Bitty’s nighttime pie-making sessions that Ransom and Holster let go of their worries once and for all, when Bitty starts talking about how one of the Falconers had an awful playoffs beard mishap when they were trying to shave it off: “It looked like a worm on his face, I swear–”

And their serious once-Captain, now-NHL Jack Zimmermann–a so-called ‘hockey robot’–just picks up a piece of the dough and puts it above his lips, and says, “Playoffs ‘stache. Kiss me.” Bitty erupts in peals of laughter as Jack tries to smooch his neck, crying out, “Jack, that is unsanitary” which Jack responds with an “Aww, Bits. But I love you.”

Ransom shrieks and he has to take several deep breathes to regain his composure. Holster is hoisting himself on the counter, caught between wanting to chirp them about how embarrassingly adorable they are and yelling “FOINNNE,” but he ends up sticking a dough ‘stache to his own face and attempting to kiss both Bitty and Jack. Lardo gets it on video and sends it to the group chat. Shitty cries and texts back “YOU CAN KISS ME JACK ZIMMERMANN!!! :( :( :(”