Frontier -Season 2 

Michael & Declan finally meeting

Michael falling in love with Sokanon

Grace Emberly  trying to deceive Chesterfield

Chesterfield spying Grace Emberly

Declan kissing Grace 

Clenna establishing dangerous relationships

Elizabeth Carruthers forging alliances and acquiring power.

Agent: So, Katie, there’s a role you might be interested in….

Katie:  Is she tragic? Is she suffering? Is she pining? Is she gay? Could she be gayer? Does she need a huge hug? Does she deserve the world but no one seems to be giving it to her? Is she a little shady? Does she have a dark side? Is she too fabulous despite all of that? Does she die? Bitch sign me up. When’s the audition? (x


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Katie McGrath’s Characters: Dedicated to @lena-lipbite-luthor and Inspired by her Character Analyses (linked here: x, x, x,) 


Frontier season 2 trailer 

Premieres October 18 at 10ET on Discovery Canada