ataraxetta replied to your post “I’m so stoked for Mr. Cheng. There’s something very Crowley about him….”

He has kissed Tad, too. Or maybe Tad saw him kissing Henry and now his crush is so unbearable he wants to CRY because he has confirmation that Adam Parrish is into dudes. I have pieces of the text that led to both these trains of thought.

Tad Carruthers’ massive crush on Adam Parrish pleases me to a ridiculous extent. Just wait until I can get this prom fic sorted. It is all kinds of ridic. Which means I extra love the idea of him seeing Adam kissing another boy, even if it’s just a misunderstanding or whatever, and then losing his god damn mind over it. Like, I could have been doing that this whole time!? I don’t know, let’s rom com this shit up.

Don’t worry, Tad! Henry is here for you too! He will totally help you out with Adam Parrish and also offer to help with anything else you might need. Because he’s just looking out for everyone and also how occupied their mouths might be. What a nice young man!

lisapizza replied to your post “ok kl but life is so much more fun once you stop pretending you ever…”

yeah you’re 112% made of chill kl.

This is a true fucking fact. It’s redundant you even typed it, since my name was already there.

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I don’t think it’s very likely but I truly love the idea of Ronan working himself up over Adam’s potential liking-dudes panic and Adam being like “um I’ve kissed like ten dudes before where have you been”

I mean, none of this is likely, but it makes me giggle like a loon when I think about it, so I’m just gonna roll with it.

I want to say that then Ronan joins Tad in the corner to have a good weep over Adam Parrish and all the people he’s kissed who aren’t him. But we’ve all met Ronan. His way of dealing with things involves much more punching and we should probably keep him as far away from Tad in that instance as possible. I’m sure Tad’s no saint, but he probably does not deserve punching for NOT kissing Adam Parrish. Let’s not add literal injury to insult.

See also: My ancient greek style epic poem about Adam Parrish’s lack of gay panic. Maybe he kissed a boy when he was six and hadn’t yet been tainted by his father’s hatred! Maybe he kisses boys every night in his dreams! Or every other night, when he’s not kissing Blue. We don’t know! 

chaoticchilife asked:

In a quote you said "So I wouldn’t recomend Dr. Degruy’s works to anyone, there’s far better analysis, Radical, Revolutionist, Pan-African Analysis about the Black mentality, our trauma, and solutions out there to waste time on Liberal Integrationis complaints about PTSS." So I wanted to know, who do you recommend reading on this subject? Thanks!

I’d recommend:

Dr. Bobby E. Wright

Amos N. Wilson

Dr. Naim Akbar

Dr. Kobi Kambon

Dr. Jacob Carruthers

Dr. Marimba Ani

Dr. Wade Nobles

Dr. Francis Cress Welsing

Neely Fuller

Dr. Franz Fanon


I’ve been limiting my list to ten. So, I guess I’ll stick with that.


I was sad to hear lastnight that Natty Brooker, the artist best known for his unique album artwork on Spacemen 3 and early Spiritualized records, has passed away. I didn’t know him personally, but was very honoured to be involved with the exhibition and one off Spacemen reunion, former band mate Will Carruthers put together in 2010. As a relative youngster having the chance to see (and film) one of my top three favourite bands come together surrounded by the hallucinatory art of Natty, for one night, was a lucid dream come true. So many great memories of that night, mainly sat on the DJ booth, next to Tim Burgess, 34 weeks pregnant trying to hold a camera without shaking for the hour long set. Thanks to Will and everyone who made that night happen, may Natty’s spirit live on in his art.

I’m still working on writing the prom thing! I did not forget! It sort of turned into But I’m A Cheerleader there for a moment. Sorry, not sorry. Initially I was going to have Henry ask Adam, but I like keeping Henry dealing with Ronan and Gansey and letting Tad have Adam. It’s what he wants, anyway. (Yes there will be a whole fic eventually. No these are not the scenes in full. I just like posting bits that amuse me as I write them, because they also seem to amuse others.) 

Adam closes the door to his locker. “Ronan?”

“Unless you’re hiding another pitbull of a friend around here somewhere, yes, Lynch.” Tad’s voice has not slipped out of pleasantries mode, but something about the way he says Ronan’s name puts Adam on edge.

“Is he taking someone?”

“Word in the hall is, he bought two tickets.” A boy Adam knows as one of Gansey’s rowing team mates comes down the hallway toward them and Tad gives him a high five without breaking their eye contact.

Adam tries not to look impressed. “You mean Henry told you.”

“We were in the hall when he said it,” Tadd huffs.

Adam nods, mind running down a list of everyone Ronan knows. None of them seem like good spring formal candidates. None of them outside of their usual tight group anyway. “I don’t know,” he admits finally.

Tad cocks his head, watching Adam carefully. That’s something that is familiar to Adam, being watched like eyes could climb his peaks and valleys, gazes like exploration. “The thing is, apparently when Henry asked him for school information for the mystery date he said Aglionby.”

“Huh,” Adam says, because he doesn’t have anything else to say. His mind has gone suddenly and inconveniently blank.

“Huh indeed,” Tad echoes. “I pride myself on knowing all of the boys with differing proclivities in the school and none of them have owned up to being Lynch’s plus one. It’s simply eating away at me.”

“What are you, the gay Fagin?”  Adam asks, exasperated. Tad continues to smile at him pleasantly, his face a placid pool Adam can easily see his own unease reflected in. And wait a minute. “You asked me to the dance.”

“I thought we agreed I didn’t.”

“No, I mean,” Adam waves his hand out toward the now mostly empty hallway, a physical way of demonstrating his frustrated ellipse.

Tad smirks. “Oh, please. The ones who don’t know yet are the easiest. Their guard is down.”

“But how can you claim to know things about people they don’t? I really liked my girlfriend.” That last part is more for himself than Tad. Adam does still really like Blue, it still stings, just a bit.

Tad looks at him with sympathetic eyes and says, “Those things aren’t mutually exclusive.” 

The gentleness with which he says it knocks Adam sideways mentally. He let’s that hang between them for a beat longer than he probably should. “Whatever, I need to get to class. I’m sorry I can’t be your informant.”

“I guess we’ll both find out on Saturday,” Tad says, turning away from him and throwing a wave over his shoulder.

“I guess we will,” Adam replies to Tad’s retreating back. But no way is Tad Carruthers getting the upper hand on him. He intends to find out sooner.

Will Carruthers, (ex Spacemen3, Spiritualized, Dead Skeletons, Spectrum, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Spiritualized), will be reading from his new book of autobiographical short stories down at Das Gift tonight from 8pm. 

Hand bound copies of the book and art work made by the author will be available on the night. 

The book contains “A plutonium factory, badgers, playing the bass with three left hands, fireballs. the ghosts of dead navvies, Millicant Dalton, the northern lights, a giant turd,(possibly belonging to Jimmy Page), Midland meat packers, sleeping under a hedge eating nuts and berries, life with dead skeletons, poaching a thousand eggs, a very loud cow, Reassuring Dave, robot snipers, a deranged imp, real life Tetris, the lead content of paint, a river of piss, Oasis at Knebworth, a winking fox, the ghost of Billie Holiday, Fixa Fatgeld … and some other stuff. ”