A Refreshing Start (Part 8)

Description: Bucky x Reader. The reader, a trained assassin, decides that she no longer wants to be a killer and that a new start is in order with help from the most unlikely places.
Words: 1,370
Warnings: None
Author’s Note: Sorry about the delay (oops - a whole week!). I’m feeling a bit better now and am on some tablets from the doc so I’m on the mend 👍 We’re beginning to build up for our finale now - I’m thinking 2 or 3 more parts.

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It’s incredible how quickly one can pack when threatened with possible death. From getting the warning message to zipping up your bag, the whole process had taken a little under 25 minutes. It might even be a personal best. A lot of things you left, figuring your roommate might be able to use them, in fact, toiletries and clothes was just about all you took. Seeing as you’d only come to New York with a backpack, you were impressed that with the editions you’d bought you now filled a small suitcase.

The only real loose end you’d be leaving was your job. You’d contact your boss when you got to the tower - make up some crap about a family emergency and a new job vacancy, pay them an extra month rent and it’d all be dust in the wind. The turnover of staff on places like that were quick anyway… though you had to admit you’d miss the coffee.

Giving your room a final sweep, it seemed you’d packed all the essentials so you headed back to the hall where Bucky stood. He’d handled this better than you’d expected. You’d thought maybe he’d lash out and blame you, not offer you a safe haven. That had been unexpected, but if there was one thing you’d learned in your line of work it was to never throw away an opportunity - they rarely appeared twice.

“We good to go?” He said, offering out a hand without thinking to carry your bag. You blinked a couple of times, staring at his hand blankly before remembering to pass it over - you hadn’t tended to be on the receiving end of chivalry very often before Bucky. It took a little getting used to.

“Yeah, think that’s it,” you said, before frowning. You paused and walked back through to the kitchen to retrieve both yours and Bucky’s remaining few beers from the fridge. Tucking them under your arm you headed back through to find Bucky had already opened up the door ready to go. He threw you a questioning look but you simply smirked. “I’m not leaving them. Besides, I have a feeling we might need them.”

Bucky shook his head, smiling to himself as you followed him out and he closed the door behind you. Signalled by the click of the lock - that was it - your brief attempt at a normal life already shattered. You hoped whoever decided to inform the Hydra executives of your relationship with Bucky had received a damn good pay off. It better have been worth it because it was taking all your withstraint to not go into your “terminator mode” to hunt them down. 2 months and you were already on the run from an assassin. It was almost laughable how quick it’d been.

“Are you alright?” Bucky said as he began his descent down the stairs to the cafe and street beyond it.

“Mmm, peachy,” you muttered sarcastically. You let out a short laugh and cocked your head as you followed him, “I must say, you’re awfully relaxed for a guy with a bounty on his head.”

“What’s new?” He said, “Seems to be how I spend most my time these days.”


“What for?”

“For putting you in that situation again.”

Bucky just laughed and shrugged, understanding you’d reference. “Maybe the person behind the crosshairs will be as star struck over me as you were.”

“Maybe,” you scoffed.

You didn’t even have it in you to add anything more witty than that as he had reached the bottom of the steps. You were aware that as soon as you stepped outside the door, the possibility of danger increased tenfold. It was equal parts exciting and terrifying. As soon as you were at Stark Tower you could figure out a plan but you would be sitting ducks until you got there. There could be a hitman right outside the door for all you knew, they might not have anyone stationed here at all yet. It was all chance, and you didn’t like chance.

“Bucky, before we step out that door,” you trailed off, causing him to stop in his tracks. He turned to face you, eyes narrowed slightly. “Well… Just in case, I want you to know-”

“Woah,” he interrupted you, holding up a hand. He frowned. He definitely knew where you were going with this. “Don’t talk like that, Y/N. That’s asking for trouble.”

“It’s what I do best though, isn’t it?” You made a wry face.


“Seriously though, I appreciate what you’ve done for me,” you said with a solemn smile, “Every step of the way you didn’t need to, yet you have. You’re the closest I have to family and a friend all in one at this point and… I, errr, I want you to know I’m thankful for that.”

Bucky smiled, the type of smile that reached his eyes instantly and melted your heart all in one. It seemed you’d met your match in the way he could handle himself so calmly in the face of a bad situation - the joys of years of training. You were sure he was as worried as you but he didn’t show it and that was comforting.

“Anything for you.”

Your stomach flipped and you mirrored his expression, letting your smile take over your features. That was a better response than you could’ve hoped for. The pair of you let the silence sit for a few long seconds, holding a steady eye contact. It was nice to know he wasn’t going anywhere. Not optionally, anyway.

“We should probably get going,” you said letting out a breath and diverting your eyes.

“Right,” he nodded, “Of course.”

You paused, taking in a deep breath before putting your practical head back on. “So I thought we could get a taxi and take a winding route to throw off anyone who might be following us. I know the general layout of the area around the tower due to past ventures, so if we-”

“Y/N, slow down. Stark is already on his way.”

“He’s what?” you said in a high voice, eyebrows shooting up. You hadn’t expected help further than accommodation, and even that had been a shock. “What is it? A slow day for the Avengers.”

“Something like that.” Bucky took a deep breath and nodded to the door, “You ready?”

You nodded, shifting the pack of beers up higher on your hip. They were getting heavier by the moment whilst you just stood there talking. Bucky subconsciously shuffled his grip on your bag and turned, leading the way to the door. He placed his free hand on the door, the metal of his hand clanking against the glass of it. He pushed it open, the now sound of the street suddenly increasing without the barrier. Bucky stepped out and held it open for you, letting you step out fully before it swung shut. As it closed, a glint of red reflecting in the glass caught your eye. Then the realisation hit.

“Get out of the way,” you shouted, not waiting for a reaction and using all of your weight to push Bucky to the ground.

The next few seconds felt incredibly slow, you landed on top of him with a thud, mentally grimacing as you watched the beer bottles smash on the floor. You rolled off him and snapped your head to the side to look at him. He looked to you, his face twisting from shock to confusion to horror. You heard a passerby shout something but you didn’t look away from Bucky. With a sigh of relief you realised he seemed to be okay.

Thank God.

You tried to make eye contact with him to communicate your point but his eyes weren’t meeting yours. Normally you’d make a stupid comment about his wandering gaze as you realised he was staying at your shirt, but following his eye line down, you froze.

“Y/N. Y-You’re bleeding.”

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