Take My Hand
Emily Hackett ft. Will Anderson (of Parachute)
Take My Hand

I never really knew what love is, but whatever it is, I feel it in your kiss. You walked in like somebody planned it all- I feel right where I belong. My knees are weak, my heart is strong. So give me your word, and I’ll give you all I got. No we don’t have much, but it sure feels like a lot. So take my heart and take my hand.

This song makes my heart melt.

Why I Think Kiss Me Slowly is About Taylor Swift

Okay, so somebody else here on Tumblr had one of these written up awhile back, but it’s since been lost. In an attempt to clarify this for a friend, I’ll write one for myself. Here’s exactly why I believe Parachute’s song Kiss Me Slowly (written by Will Anderson with Charles Kelley and Dave Haywood of Lady Antebellum) was written about Taylor Swift. Please forgive me if I miss anything! 

I can see you there with the city lights,
Fourteenth floor, pale blue eyes.
I can breathe you in.

Taylor has multiple residences, but her main one is the condo in the Adelicia in Nashville. The building has 18 floors: the lower 4 being studio apartments, then regular condos and the top 2 floors as penthouse suites. Counting from the condo entrances on the amenities deck (just above the studios) up to the top of the penthouse suites would be 14 floors. If you’re looking at the Adelicia from the outside, it would be an easy mistake to make. Also, it’s a given, but Taylor has very pretty pale blue eyes. ;)

But with my eyes closed all I see
Is the skyline, through the window,
The moon above you and the streets below.

These penthouse suites sell themselves on their fabulous views, so being able to see the city lights, moon and streets below all lit up in such a fashion would absolutely make sense if viewed from a high-rise penthouse condo.

She shows me everything she used to know,
Picture frames and country roads

Taylor went to high school in Nashville, lived in Hendersonville and has generally called the area home since 2004-2005. She’d definitely be able to drive him down old backroads where she and her friends used to hang out. She actually gave this tour to Rolling Stone a few years ago, so it’s logical to assume she’d do the same for a good friend/crush, especially when you take into account that Will had only recently moved to Nashville at that point.

She stood by as it fell apart,
Separate rooms and broken hearts,
But I won’t be the one to let you go.

I feel like this is a double reference, both to Taylor’s most recent failed relationship at the time (Jake Gyllenhall) and to her own parents. Back in August 2012, gossip columns broke the story that Taylor’s parents were filing for legal separation. However, they’d been unofficially separated/living apart for at least 18 months (if not longer)…landing us exactly in the right timeline. Basically, I think she watched her parents’ marriage crumble while her own relationship crashed and burned too. Notable is the use of “stood by,” furthering the implication that there was nothing she could do to stop it from falling apart.

Don’t run away…
And it’s hard to love again,
When the only way it’s been,
When the only love you’ve known,
Just walked away…
If it’s something that you want,
Darling you don’t have to run,
You don’t have to go…

Taylor herself has said that she has a tendency to run away from love about the time it gets serious, as she noted while talking about her song Mine. Interesting lyrics from that song:

You learn my secrets and figure out why I’m guarded,
You say we’ll never make my parents’ mistakes.

Do you remember all the city lights on the water?
You saw me start to believe for the first time
You made a rebel of a careless man’s careful daughter
You are the best thing that’s ever been mine.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Mine was written around 2009/2010, which fits the timeline of when the Swifts might have started having significant problems. Also of note: Taylor's relationship with Jake shattered her and it took her quite awhile to move past it. Jake walked out on her both symbolically and literally, all while she was watching her parents walk away from each other. It’s easy to see why Will is pleading with her to not run away from the thing growing between them, to not give into her well-founded fears that he’d walk away just like everyone else.

Here’s another interesting bit that further solidifies my theory about this: Will Anderson posted this awhile back that he found on his computer of a recording that eventually became Kiss Me Slowly. The lyrics in it are a bit different, but very telling:

She drives me out on country roads
Shows me all she’s ever known
Points out places, takes it slow
Things that still remind her
When days felt like a hundred years
When life was close and home was near
But all that I want her to hear
Is love is right behind her

This tells me that the girl he’s writing about hasn’t just lost in her own love life…she’s lost her anchor and sense of home. Most girls with good relationships with their mothers (myself included) tend to come home to cry to mom after having their hearts broken, to open arms reminiscent of childhood and comfort. Coming home needing that comfort only to find your loving parents falling apart before your eyes does something to you that’s hard to explain, but leaves permanent scars. Obviously, Will sees this wonderful girl that he’s starting to fall for going through an especially dark period of her life and wants nothing more than to hold her close and block out the pain, if only she’d let him.

Will himself said this about it:

“I can’t let the cat out of the bag and say exactly who ‘Kiss Me Slowly’ is about (and it IS about a very specific person whom a lot of people know), but 'Kiss Me Slowly’ was simply inspired by my friend who I have always thought was so great and lovely even with the scars and imperfections that came as a result of past attempts with love,” Will admits about the song. “Honestly, I just felt like she deserved a song for herself, so I sat down and wrote it about her.”

Yet another hint that it’s about someone famous and/or well-known (“very specific person a lot of people know”), but also seems to support the idea that the girl in question was going through a difficult time. All of the above, taken with things that have been posted and spotted previously about Taylor’s friendship/relationship with Will Anderson, lead me to believe that this song was written about Taylor Swift. Those are my thoughts, I’d love to hear yours.

Begin Again Masterpost

This is my second masterpost and will be one of my shortest. I decided to do Begin Again because it’s one of my favorites on RED. I’m sure it’s unnecessary since everyone seems to know who Begin Again is about, right? If not, well.. Hey, now you’ll know.

Let’s start breaking it down by what Taylor said about the song;

“It’s actually a song about when you’ve gotten through a really bad relationship and you finally dust yourself off and go on that first date after a horrible break up. And the vulnerability that goes along with all of that."  - Taylor

Taylor also gives a specific hint in this quote; “There were a few track list choices I knew I was going to make way in advance. I knew I wanted to bookend the album with ’State of Grace’ and ‘Begin Again’ because they’re inspired by the same person who inspired a few songs on the record. I wanted to start and end the album with the first and last song I ever wrote about that relationship.” - Taylor 

What Taylor is saying in that quote in that quote is. Jake is the guy she broke up with (you know, the one who hated when she wore heels?) While Will is the one who restores the idea of love back when originally she was badly hurt. We know State of Grace is about Jake simply from the line; “Four blue eyes / twin fire signs” a reference to both Jake and Taylor’s zodiac signs and blue eyes.

Just from what Taylor said, the song is very self-explanatory.. So, there isn’t really much to dig into.

Now, who it’s about you may ask? The answer to that question is, Will Anderson from Parachute.

Why is it about Will? Well, let’s break down the lyrics;

He didn’t like it when I wore high heels
But I do” - This lyric is referring to the criticism Taylor would get from her relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal, the reason for this is, because of Jake’s insecurity it seems, as they were close in height. 

But with Will, it was different as he’s taller than Taylor, therefore there isn’t any criticism ever coming from Will.

External image

“I’ve been spending the last eight months
Thinking all love ever does is break and burn and end

But on a Wednesday in a cafe I watched it begin again” - From these lines, Taylor let’s us know exactly who it’s about just from the date alone as Jake and Taylor split in February of 2011 while Taylor and Will’s first date was around November of 2011, therefore bringing us in the 8 month timeline mark.

“You said you never met one girl
Who had as many James Taylor records as you
But I do” - From here, the song cannot be about Jake, because he is an indie lover, while Will is the complete opposite.

Symbolic References:

In Begin Again, Taylor has a specific cover for the song which is here;

The white dress seen here is actually a reference to Will Anderson’s song; “White Dress” the story of White Dress is about how Taylor and Will were hanging out, then suddenly song writing was brought up, in the moment, Will looked at Taylor and saw she was wearing a white dress and quickly said he wrote a song called; “White Dress” when really he didn’t. Taylor asked to hear it, but Will ran out as he didn’t have a song, but he did end up writing one actually called “White Dress” about Taylor.

Here is Will talking about him and Taylor and “White Dress” 


The same white dress used in the cover art for Begin Again is the white dress Taylor wore around Will. 

Now finally, the last obvious hint of it being Will is the model who plays in Begin Again hand-selected by Taylor, has similar features/personality as Will.

External image

Well there you have it. Begin Again clearly points to Will.

[Keep in mind, this is a theory. I cannot paint it as a fact as I’m not Taylor herself.]


“I can’t let the cat out of the bag and say exactly who ‘Kiss Me Slowly’ is about (and it is about a very specific person whom a lot of people know), but it was simply inspired by my friend who I have always thought was so great and lovely even with the scars and imperfections that came as a result of past attempts with love. Honestly, I just felt like she deserved a song for herself, so I sat down and wrote it about her.” - Will Anderson

My mind is really befuddled sometimes because how does a guy like this:

Create lyrics like these:

You don’t have too know where you’re going, just where it is you wanna be.

She thought that love was gonna save her, but love just never showed.

She could be dead, but she’d still believe.

So when you sleep so peacefully, and all your sins are buried deep.

No square one, just a shape in the clouds, no memory, just a picture you found.

Reasons why Begin Again is about Will
  1. “And you throw your head back laughing like a little kid”

  2. “You said you never met one girl who has as many James Taylor records as you”

  3. “But you start to talk about the movies that your family watches every single Christmas

  4. "But on a Wednesday in cafe I watched it begin again”

    (On December 8 of 2011 on a Thursday was the day that those photos came out. And they are from the day before!)
  5. The dress that she wore at his birthday party is tha same dress she’s wearing in this cover art (some people are sayin’ there’s a snowglobe in the cover art, too)


  6. “ I’ve been spending the last 8 months thinking all love ever does
    Is break and burn and end”       
    “If you think about those 8 months you see that it’s the time between March and November/December when they just got really close. Taylor and Jake broke up in December but they got back together many times like she sings in WANEGBT. And there’s this article saying that they had a serious discussion at Vanity Fair Oscar Party that was on February 26th. So they probably broke up for the last time nearly this.”
  7. “And we walk down the block to my car”

    (it seems she’s grabbing the keys, and yes this is Taylor’s car) >>>>