“I can’t let the cat out of the bag and say exactly who ‘Kiss Me Slowly’ is about (and it is about a very specific person whom a lot of people know), but it was simply inspired by my friend who I have always thought was so great and lovely even with the scars and imperfections that came as a result of past attempts with love. Honestly, I just felt like she deserved a song for herself, so I sat down and wrote it about her.” - Will Anderson


Will Anderson: “Red” + “Let Her Go” Mashup


Parachute’s Will Anderson says Taylor Swift is “one of my best friends”

Not every Taylor Swift relationship ends with a breakup song. Example: Swift’s friendship with Parachute lead singer Will Anderson. 

“Hilarious! I don’t know. I honestly don’t,” Anderson responded when asked whether he is the subject of “Begin Again.” “She’s one of my best friends but we don’t really talk about that stuff. What’s great about Taylor is that when we hang out, it’s just hanging. We’re just friends. We talk about professional stuff. She’s been around the block and she’s huge so she knows what she’s doing so I’ll ask her advice on things. But when it comes to what songs are about, we just let those be.” 

Anderson just hung out with the songstress last week.

“We’re still great friends. I was just hanging out with her last week. It’s fun to hang with somebody who does the same thing you do,” he said. “But it’s also fun because she can give me advice on anything our band can possibly be going through; she’s already done it. Even though she’s a little bit younger than us, she’s the biggest artist in the world right now. She’s doing ok for herself!” 

Parachute’s next album, Overnight, is complete and due out August 13. Don’t expect any songs on there about Swift. 

“No, no, she knows better than that,” Anderson said. “She wishes, but no! [laughs] Sorry Tay, I love you!”