The Signs as VMAs Moments
  • Aries:kanye’s acceptance speech
  • Taurus:kanye rest
  • Gemini:miley's reaction to nicki dragging her
  • Cancer:justin beiber crying
  • Leo:nicki minaj calling out miley
  • Virgo:WHAT'S GOOD
  • Libra:jaden smith drinking a carton of milk
  • Scorpio:billy ray cyrus recording miley being dragged by nicki
  • Sagittarius:taylor swift calling kanye up for his award
  • Capricorn:kanye for president 2020
  • Aquarius:kanye dragging mtv on mtv
  • Pisces:rebel wilson’s reaction to nicki dragging miley
The signs as VMA 2k15 moments

Aries: Nicki dragging Miley
Taurus: Nicki dragging Miley
Gemini: Miley’s aweful dreads
Cancer: Nicki dragging Miley
Leo: Nicki dragging Miley
Virgo: Nicki dragging Miley
Libra: Nicki dragging Miley
Scorpio: Nicki dragging Miley
Sagittarius: Nicki dragging Miley
Capricorn: Nicki dragging Miley
Aquarius: Nicki dragging Miley
Pisces: Nicki dragging Miley

Signs as VMA things
  • Aries:Fall Out Boy accepting the first award
  • Taurus:Taylor On Stage with Nicki
  • Gemini:Nicki slaying Miley
  • Cancer:Tyler Joseph's face
  • Leo:Taylor giving Kanye the award
  • Virgo:Pete kissing the guy who designed the award
  • Libra:Kanye 4 prez
  • Scorpio:Halsey with everybody
  • Sagittarius:Kanye's speech
  • Capricorn:That Connor franta Pepsi commercial
  • Aquarius:Tøp and a$ap Rocky's performance
  • Pisces:Pete being a meme the whole time
The signs when humiliated

Aries: They will quickly go red in the face, will be very fidgety trying to hold back their temper. May lash out at people who aren’t even involved in the situation and be very moody for the whole day.

Taurus: They like to feel safe and comfortable in situations so will probably try to play things off with a joke or a conversation change but they remember it. Forever. 

Gemini: Geminis don’t like to show if they are embarrassed or upset and are good at communicating in social situations so things appear to bounce off them. They may become quiet or withdrawn if they feel really hurt but it wont last long.

Cancer: They think they hide their emotions really well but you will probably be able to see their heart sink. Prone to emotional outbursts, they may cry or become cold depending on how humiliated they are. They will whine about it later on, as they never really move on from things.

Leo: Like Taurus, they take things personally and don’t forget, but they will try to play it off with confidence which can come off as arrogance. They think highly of themselves so they probably aren’t easily humiliated.

Virgo: They have very high expectations of themselves, and they may use rude comments to deflect the humiliation and try to hurt others around them. Like geminis, they are good at hiding their true emotions, but people can tell virgos are annoyed from their mean comments.

Libra: Like Taurus, they like to feel safe, they’re very timid and don’t want to be hurt, and will try to leave the situation asap. May over think the situation a lot for weeks after it happens.

Scorpio: They take life seriously and are very emotional people. Like Aries, they are likely to be angered by humiliation, but they wont just fight anyone who comes along, they will plan a way to humiliate the people who humiliated them.

Sagittarius: Probably the one humiliating you, they often call people out by accident as they don’t realise they’re doing it. Not ones to hide how their feeling as that don’t want to pretend the situation is something its not. Moves on from things quickly.

Capricorn: Will laugh at themselves and make jokes about it later on to appear cool, but secretly they take things to heart. Like Geminis, they will try to pretend they aren’t humiliated. They value their social standing a lot and don’t want something to make them look silly in front of people.

Aquarius: Gets frustrated and awkward easily, may go red in the face, but will try to play cool like a Capricorn. They don’t care what others think of them, however, sly comments can slip so easily from their mouths.

Pisces: Like leo, they try to play things off with confidence and try to make sassy comments to avoid the situation, but they can be very self pitying and easily hurt. Mean comments make them sad.

Signs Act When You Have a Crush.

Aries: Like everything an Aries does, crushes are intense and quick, and they don’t think for too long before they act; the average time that lapses between an Aries developing a crush on someone and asking them out is about an hour.

Taurus: Taureans are masters at hiding their emotions, so while their crush may be undetectable to others, it’s a really intense, all-consuming, insomnia-inducing experience on the inside.

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