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Inktober Day 8: Rock

“Even if I can’t see you…Even if we are separated far apart from each other
I’ll always be watching after you. I’ll definitely watch over you…forever…”

I had to scrap my original idea for this prompt ._. I just had to make an art dedicated to Makarov T_T

How is this drawing related to “rock”? Welp…don’t you see how much of a rockstar he looks like in this pic? XD Lol…anyways…I just thought he was like their rock or foundation since he was a father-figure to them…

My babies lost another parent :> Please cry with me :’>
But seriously though?! How many daddies will Mashima take away from my babies? TAT

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Ok so I wrote a thing based on these HQ pictures of Luke and I honestly think it’s killed me. And I half wrote this on the way to the doctor’s office and half of it was in the office, waiting lmao. But yea, don’t criticize me too hard bc I’ve never wrote anything this graphic before so pls take it easy when you give me feedback and whatnot. Yea ok I love yall alot k

Ok but like can you imagine seeing Luke a mess? Like you’d have him lay on the bed and you’re just like “baby, are you ready for the wildest ride?” and he’d just be like “fuck princess you know I’m always ready for you. C'mere” and he’d grab your waist and press your chests close while kissing you sloppily. And you’d pull away and “tonight is about you rockstar” and you’d be teasing him the whole time. From grinding down on his sweatpants covered crotch to pressing kisses and sucking on his sweet spot, he’s literally a writhing mess under you. And when you start to take off the sweatpants and boxers, you instantly began to squirm a bit and you felt yourself getting wetter at the thought of having him deep inside you. He’d break your thoughts by breathing heavily and “baby I can’t take this teasing anymore” and he’d have a strained face on. And fuck, you’re getting tired of this teasing too but you can’t cave in just yet bc tonight was about him and you’re gonna show him how much you love him. And when he’s buried deep inside you, you can’t help but let out a loud moan bc “fuck that feels so good baby. Keep going” and the sounds he makes are music to your ears. And when you feel like he’s about to hit his high, you quickly move up his length and push yourself off of him. And he’d just breathe so heavily and his face would be a mixture of pain and pleasure bc he can’t take anymore of your teasing but fuck, did he want it to go on. You’d just continue to grind on him and “do you feel how wet I am for you baby?” and he’d just whimper and the neck veins would pop out bc holy shit he didn’t even know how good it felt to be teased. And you’d straddle his waist again and finding his length, guiding it towards your core again. And you’d continue to ride him and he’d press your chests close and just “fuck baby you’re so fucking good to me” and he’d kiss you and push the hair out of your sweaty face. And taking the opportunity, he flipped you over so now you’re writhing under him. And he’d he’d move in and out so fucking slow and he’s teasing both you and himself. And he’d be like “you like that princess?” and fuck you’re just like “God Luke that feels so good” and you’d continue to let out small whines and moans. He suddenly stops and “baby I need to hear you ok? Can you do that for me?” and you’d nod bc you can barely form an answer by now. And he’d pull out almost all the way to thrust back in, provoking a pornographic moan along with a scream of his name from you. And his face would be scrunched up and he’d hover over you, trying his best not to release yet. And you’d see the neck veins come out once again and you’d bring your fingers to trace them and lightly lick them bc fuck, that’s his weakness: when you’re tracing and licking his neck veins. And you’d just be like “Luke I’m close baby” and he’d have it as his goal (as if it weren’t already) to have you release first. And he’d rub your clit gently while thrusting and “baby I can feel you. You’re so tight around me, fuck” and you’d continue to let out whines, letting him know that you’re on the edge. When you let out a scream, he knows he’s found that magical spot and “come on baby. Let go for me. I’ve got you princess.” And when you both have hit your highs and came down, he’d press a kiss on your forehead and “you looked so beautiful tonight, screaming my name under me baby” and I’m currently not okay :)

I think it’s really lovely to fall in love with a classic rockstar (or any musician, really). You could be going through an awful time in your life, but as soon as you go to your room and play your vinyl loud, it’s like you’re being hugged by the music and you’re not alone anymore. You can look at your posters, or read that excerpt of your favourite biography, which you can almost quote by heart, and it’s like they’re there with you, comforting you…

this part of aoba’s room always made me ponder things like

  • this looks like the ultimate floor is made of lava arena
  • wait where is the door to the terrace?
  • is that a goddamn amp?? did u have a rockstar phase??? 
  • just what in the hell is in that box?
  • so i guess you dont believe in bookshelves 
  • lmao those posters tho 
  • why do u have so much industrial, boxy technology
  • oh more posters
  • hang up ur store bought clothes already, young man >:/
  • apparently u dont believe in closets either
  • tissue box…. small distance from bed… ….nice 

Ok but I just wanna know what it’d be like to kiss Michael. I bet his lips are real soft and red and they always just look so eager. I wanna know if he puts his all into it; if he’ll hold me by the hair or use his tongue or moan when he feels good. I wanna know if his hands wander. I wanna know what it feels like to have a rockstar’s lips on my neck. I wanna feel and see the marks he leaves on me. I just wanna kiss Michael Clifford.

rockstars by amanda 

“We should… we should, like ― start a band? Yeah, a band. ‘Cause, well, I’m failing my courses and you’ve lost your scholarship, and we’re both about to be kicked out on our asses, and I can’t go home and you’ve got no home to go to. So we should start a band. Me and you. Together. And… and we’ll never have to worry again. ‘Cause we’ll always have each other… since we’ll be bandmates and all. Rockstars.”

So, someone told me numerous times “Never say you can’t do something.” I think it’s the best advice anyone has ever given to me. It’s so simple, but it’s made a big impact in my life. I always make excuses. I always say I can’t, and that’s not true at all. I can do anything I want , if I work for it & you can too. All you need is determination & positive people in your life who support you. 

“We were a great live band. We had a lot of energy! Layne was an amazing front man. Me, Mike, and Sean were like Tasmanian devils head banging, spinning all over the fucking place. Out of all the bands, I always admired our ability to not only play the stuff well, but to bring a show and to get that energy to translate on a stage. At the same time, we had a “fuck it” attitude. If we got a gig that nobody else would take..like, Soundgarden’s not going to go open for Poison in the Seattle Center Arena. But we would. We’ll go play with anybody…that was our vibe. I don’t care what style of music it is..we’ve got a gig to play in front of people, we’re there. We opened up for Helix, Poison, Warrant..stuff that was on its way out, and also something that we had grown past.” - Jerry Cantrell

The last question I have to ask, and it’s one that literally everyone I’ve spoken to has told me to ask you, is about how Harry seems to have lost the ability to do up his buttons in the last year or two.

He never did them up anyway! Harry will always be Harry and he will always do his thing. (Harry’s been undoing his buttons since the first single!)[ ] He’s coming into his own now, but it’s always been like that. And will always be like that. For me, it’s nothing new. He’s just got a lot older and a lot hotter, I guess.

dating a famous rockstar with hordes of gorgeous fans throwing themselves at him could be hard but most of the time ashton made sure that you always knew you were the only one he would ever want. still sometimes you didn’t feel it – when he forgot to call you for 3 days straight because of work or when he was too tired to reply with anything more than “k babe love you”. you’d be cuddled up on the couch with him one night as you’d thoughtfully mutter “sometimes you make me feel like i’m not good enough” and his hand would clutch yours tighter in response. you’d sigh and ashton would press a soft kiss to your hair before he’d whisper “baby you know how much i love you, right? i’m sorry i’m a massive fucking twat sometimes but i really do love you, so so much! i know it’s hard with me being busy all the time but it has nothing to do with you. you’re perfect! you’re the reason i haven’t gone mad from all the craziness – you’re my rock”

Babe and the Ficlets (Part 2)

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Characters:  Dean x Reader, Sam, Bobby

Word Count: 1895

Warnings: Smut, Swearing, Fluff

Summary:  Dean and the reader find themselves back at Dean’s apartment.

A/N:  I’m blown away by the love part 1 received.  Thank you, guys.  It’s beyond words.  Special thanks to @the-winchester-pack, who always knows how to motivate me when I’m feeling down.

Part 1

She was so distracting he was amazed he didn’t crash the car.  

She’d immediately reached over and turned on the radio, letting his speakers rattle as they drove through Seattle’s Capitol Hill.  He didn’t mind that they hit every red light.  He didn’t mind the annoyed looks from other drivers, or the occasional horn when he overstayed a green light.  

He couldn’t keep his eyes off her.  It was magnetic and incomparable. It was nothing he’d ever know.  

It took him five miles before he realized she wasn’t dancing along to the music, she was conducting. One hand beating out four-four rhythms, the other running solfege.  

“What are you looking at,” she asked, the shadow of a smile on her lips, hands frozen in midair. Dean shook his head with a crooked smile.

“You’re really beautiful, you know that,” he asked leaning forward.  She looked at him like she couldn’t quite understand what he’d said. His fingers brushed against her chin and a line goosebumps followed his touch.  He grinned, heart racing.  Dean leaned closer, her chapped, faded lips drawing him.

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The record companies and management want you to write on the road. Like, OK, when are you supposed to write the fucking album? Between the catering and soundcheck, or between the interviews and catering? I mean, we’re always throwing riffs around and jamming, but the thing is we’d only write songs about tour buses and catering, so we’ve gotta go home, experience life and reconnect with our families. I have a wonderful wife. I walk in the door and she hands me a dog-shit shovel and says, ‘The dog yard is over there, rockstar. Get to work.’
—  Alice in Chains’ Mike Inez on approaching the end of their world tour