Michael Humphries: The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Guys, I need your help! This is my friend Lena Wilson. She is 17 years old. On Jan. 1st, 2014,  she was reported missing by her parents. She left her home of Lee St in Mt. Pleasant, North Carolina at 4:00 on the afternoon of Dec. 31st and failed to return home. She did pack a small back pack before leaving. She is 5’4”, 120 lbs with brown hair and brown eyes. If anyone has information on the location of this young woman, please contact the Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Office at 704-920-3000 or, to remain anonymous, contact Crime Stoppers at www.cabarruscrimestoppers.com. Please spread the word so we can find her and bring her home!

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Did you know some site or something were i can find the history about each song? Like what inspired them to write about it?

they haven’t actually said the exact history about every song, but here are the inspirations behind some that they have commented on:

Robbers: “Robbers’ is a love song, it was originally inspired by my love of the Quentin Tarantino film ‘True Romance’, the story of an Elvis obsessed loner who falls in love and marries a prostitute. In the movie the couple run away to California after killing her pimp and stealing his drugs to start a new life financed by a once in a lifetime drug deal. It’s the sentiment behind the film that appeals to me, the hopelessly romantic notion that two people can meet and instantly fall in love, an escape story where love is the highest law and conquers all against the odds. Characters like Bonnie and Clyde always appealed to me as a teenager — couples so intoxicated with one another that they fear nothing in the pursuit of the realization of each other, actions fueled by blind unconditional love.‘Robbers’ is an ode to those relationships. The type of relationship all humans long for. All or nothing.This video is about when love makes two people feel they are the centre of the universe.” -Matty

Settle Down: “I used to have a reoccurring dream when I was younger. The narrative was loosely based, but the setting was always the surrounding areas of where my parents grew up. I think I was slightly obsessed with how certain, bleak areas of Northern England contained my history and the soul of my family, my psyche - I always felt connected and disconnected at the same time. Metaphorically and physically I would visit these places frequently as a youngster and in turn have used them as the setting to a lot of the stories in The 1975 - the North East was the visual setting to my formative years.I suppose, like any narrative, the meaning and the connotations within the story are subjective. I’ve always been quite fascinated with the potency of same sex relationships, plutonic or otherwise. I was brought up in a very open minded environment, somewhere I felt that, whoever I was, I would be accepted. With this understanding I was also very aware of others, school friends, acquaintances - whom, due to where we lived, probably didn’t have such a comfortable place to grow up, we were unaffected and affected by taboos and the small minded at the same time.  I’ve dreamt the story of these two boys on countless occasions - every time drawing a different conclusion on its meaning.With ‘Settle Down’ I wanted to make a story about the extension of that dream, a video that explores love, a video that was as fantastical, consuming and limitless as the love we all chase and desire. Love as I have always imagined…” -Matty

Me: “The idea for ‘don’t you mind’ came quite naturally. I was in the process of writing this song and I found myself listening to that 10cc record ‘I’m not in love’. In that song the words ‘I’m not in love’ are used so frequently; as such a statement, that by the last chorus you think ‘….this guy is really in love’. I think ‘Me’, as a song, it’s all about guilt and my understanding that my actions have had quite serious consequences.” -Matty

102: “This song is about a girl friend that i had. She was beautiful, absolute beauty. I loved her but she didnt feel the same way. I don’t even think she knew that i loved her. This song is about the times i had with her. As she and i became close friends, we had traditions. It was kinda like our thing, ya know. We’d somehow always coincidentally be out at 1:02am, so that was our thing. So now, whenever I’m up at 1:02am, i think of her and how i let her go.” -Matty

Is There Somebody: “That’s probably one of the more saddening songs for me that I’ve ever written because it’s about me leaving my family essentially—me leaving home—and making sure that there was somebody there to watch my little brother.” -Matty

Sex: ”Matty always refers to it as his like, love letter to teenage romance and indecisiveness and you know everything being such a big deal at that age, when you know… It turns out that it’s actually not.” -George

Medicine: “I won’t delve into what the song is about lyrically because frankly I want to put those ideas to bed; but being provided with the context in which ‘Medicine’ came to be, it allowed the song to become a mausoleum for those ideas captured, diverted, and frozen forever.” -Matty

Woman: ”It’s about a prostitute, but not in a misogynistic or glamorizing way. I was, like, 19, and I met this woman who I didn’t actually have sex with, but she was a prostitute. It was my obsession with the utilization of femininity, and how it has power over everything. Over intellect, over anything that a man hold dear to himself. I think that that song is an ode to how I was very impressed with her as a young man.” -Matty

You: ”This song is about a doomed toxic relationship I was in at about 19. Our whole social group was subject to and almost defined by this insane paring of people who totally resented each other but for some unknown reason stayed together for quite a long time. I really meant that song. I think I’m over it now though; I don’t reckon I would write that song now. I’d maybe be a bit fairer.”-Matty

HNSCC: ”My Nana who I was close to died of cancer this year and it was around about that time that the guitarist’s mum got diagnosed with cancer and it felt like it was a big impact, the fact that something you have no control over can really mess with the dynamics of people’s lives. It’s actually a live guitar take. I was playing the guitar plugged in the computer and George was putting it through every plugin you can imagine. He recorded it without telling me so I was in the zone. This was 2am on a Saturday night so we were under the influence. I recorded the guitar take and we listened to it back hammered and we were like ‘this is really pretty man, nah let’s get some sleep’. We woke up the next day and we just spent like half an hour putting little moments of vocals and synth and that was that. I think ‘Music for Cars’ is the most honest record in regards to things like that.” -Matty

theres probably more but thats all i can find right now, hope this helps x

Amy's Destiel Fic Rec List

Completed Fanfics

My Name Is Castiel

After escaping from Death’s clutches yet again, Cas jumps right into the fight against the Leviathans. Post-7x10. “My name is Castiel, and I am an angel of the Lord. Let me tell you my story. Let me tell you everything.” Rated M

I’ll Go Wherever You Will Go

Dean is assigned a job to be the Bodyguard to the infamous Castiel Novak, lead singer of ‘The Fallen Angels’. Dean loves a good challenge and Castiel is certainly proven to be exactly that. AU Rated M

In A Worn Out Suit And Tie

Missing scenes from Dean and Cas’ friendship/relationship throughout seasons 4-6. Rated M

But, Honestly

A lot of things have changed in Lawrence since the Winchesters left almost five years ago. Castiel just happens to have changed the most. AU Rated M

The Ugly Duckling

Castiel: a nerdy, skinny thing with a crush on the the most popular guy in class. Being unpopular isn’t easy and it’s worse when the homophobic school figures him out. A small struggle to be noticed by his crush is turned into a huge struggle for himself and his dignity. But bullying can get the better of anyone. AU Rated M

Ocean of Secrets

Castiel Milton boards the famous boat in hopes to travel back to New York and marry, but that all changes when a certain gentleman interrupts his life and a catastrophic disaster leaves them fighting for their lives but their love. Titanic AU Rated M

Love The Way You Lie

Spoilers for 7x01. Castiel is Heaven-bent on creating the new, better order, but for every King there must be a Queen. ‘You’re not a pawn, Dean. You’re a Queen. You’re my Queen.’ I would probably say Rated NC-17 at times.

Good Vibrations

Castiel makes a porny recording and Dean whacks to it. Ha just copy and pasted that, I promise it’s a good fic tho. Rated M

300 Things

Dean’s life at twenty-four makes him feel like he’s forty—he works two jobs to help pay bills for his house and put his genius little brother through private school, and has spent six years (on and off, let’s be honest) working on his mechanical engineering degree at KU. With so much of his life devoted to his family, Dean has little time in his schedule for class and no time for social interaction. Then, while getting his classes together for the fall, he finds himself in a do-or-die situation: He must take his last literature class now, his spring already filled with those left for his major…except that none of the English classes will fit his schedule. Rated M AU

Angel Training

In a world where angels are common and the most privileged or skilled people are able to own one; the world’s angelic hierarchy is about to change when Dean Winchester receives a wild and recently caught angel. Part 1 in the trilogy. AU Rated M

Thursday’s Child

Thursday’s child has far to go.  What would have happened if past!Dean hadn’t turned up in 2014, and future!Dean had actually succeeded in killing Lucifer with the Colt? Rated NC-17

What I’ve Overcome

The souls are back in Purgatory and now the Winchesters have a blind, ex-angel on their hands. Dean insists that it’s going to take him a while to forgive Cas for what he’s done, but as the trio head across the states, fleeing from the monsters they once hunted, Dean ends up thinking about a lot more than forgiveness… Rated M

Tastes Like Forgiveness

After releasing Leviathan, Castiel is pulled from the reservoir fully human. With only the men he betrayed to rely on, Castiel does anything he can to redeem himself, especially to Dean. Warnings: Spanking, Whipping kind of? Rated NC-17


Basically witches bring 4 different alternate reality versions of Dean to their world and the only way to send them back is with a spell that requires a virgin sacrifice. And sacrifice doesn’t have to mean death. Also Cas is the virgin if you didn’t know. The warnings are at the top of the fic. NC-17

Incomplete Fanfics

Pleasure from Pain

Castiel never really indulged in taking slaves , but when he sees Dean in an auction , he realizes he needs him . He really doesn’t know what he’s bargaining for . Who knew he had a heart? AU Rated NC-17

To Err Is Human

To err is human, to forgive divine. A ‘fix it’ fic which picks up where episode 6x22 left off. Rated M

The lost angel In which Castiel is a priest with an amazing ability, he can hear angels. This causes problems, and he ends up getting banned from his local church. His life gets pretty strange, pretty quickly. He meets Dean, an actual angel… AU Rated M
Dean Winchester has it all. He’s captain of the football team, a self-confessed ladies’ man and one of the most popular guys in school. But, is all of that about to change when he meets the mysterious Castiel Novak in an online chat-room? AU Rated M

The Prince and His Knight Prince Dean is next in line for the throne, and while usually getting up to mischief and flirting he is being forced to knuckle down and get to work by his Angelic Side-kick Castiel. Of course, spending practically your whole life with one person can cause things to get out of hand. How can they handle being thrown into tragedy together and are forced to face reality alone? AU Rated M

A Reason To Fall After fighting off the angels at Heavens ‘Green Room’, Castiel wakes up in hospital. Human. His grace is all but gone. Meanwhile, in his less-than-angelic state, he finds himself re-evaluating the connection he has with Dean. Rated M

Abducted Dark!fic Destiel. Dean gets kidnapped by an obsessive stalker. This stalker sure is nicer than most. But he’s still a stalker. AU

Earth is a No Fly Zone
In 2187, the world is at war. Luckily, humans have the angels on their side. Unfortunately, they’re fighting the offspring of humans and angels. It’s up to Dean, Sam, Castiel, and Gabriel to save them. Some Sabriel. AU Rated M Worth "Whats the matter?" There was a pause as Castiel stared at Dean with an intensity the hunter would one day come to be familiar with. Blue eyes widened slowly as realization seemed to dawn on him. "You don’t think you deserve to be saved…" Ugh made me tear up and its only 3 chapters in Rated M Rebellious Minds After his homophobic parents kick him out, Castiel wanders the streets and right into Dean, who offers him a permanent place to stay. Except he’s terrorised by a homophobic student, trying to figure out how to save his twin brother from narrow-minded thinking, and Dean’s got a secret that could get himself killed. Rated M

allow me to start off by saying that you all NEED to check out barachan

Their art is amazing and a massive inspiration to me. I really wanted to try drawing something in barachan’s style and let me tell you IT ’S SO FUN but kind of challenging BUT SO PRETTY! Anyway, have some humanstuck Nepeta black rock shooter spinoff cat thing chilling in a window.

Marcel/Louis Fics

Office Hours by tomlintum

Words, Marcel can do words. Numbers, even better. Research is probably the best thing you can say to Marcel. But the building’s coffee cart boy, well Marcel can’t do that.

A.K.A. Marcell is head over ass and makes a fool out of himself and Louis loves it- but he just has to make a move.

Ill make a deal by Aliyah_Faith

“I knew you liked me back….”

And Louis spent the next day studying alone, so that when Wednesday came, he only asked Marcel for help once. Marcel ditched the bowtie and vest, kept the glasses and nice pants, and hung on the arm of Louis, the second half to his love story.

Hand in Unloveable Hand by sidewalksofny

The more he talked, the deeper he felt he was digging himself. His heart was sinking down to toes, the lump in his throat was the size of a grapefruit, and he was certain his tie was slowly tightening around his throat. He just knew they hated it—his presentation, his ideas, his artwork, everything.

(in which Marcel bombs his First Big Presentation and Louis goes to comfort him)

you smile like the sun by softspoken

Based on: Marcel would make you a PowerPoint presentation on reasons why you should go out with him

Just the Way I’m Not by GaskarthHustler

Prompt: Could you write a one shot for me about Marcel and Louis? Like Marcel is just really nerdy and Louis is like a punk/badass. PLEASE?! – K
Marcel Styles is a quiet, geeky guy who likes to keep to himself. Louis is outgoing and very attractive. One day when Marcel is forced to sit in the back Louis finally sees what he’s been missing in his life. It’s been hiding behind sweaters and big glasses for far too long.

If I Just Saved You, You Could Save Me Too by larrystylinson92

Marcel was use to living an isolated life with only Niall to keep him company every once in a while but that all ends when Louis comes into his life and is running from his dark past looking for a haven. Recognizing the signs of loneliness Marcel makes it his mission to pull Louis from the darkness that threatens to consume him.

Opposites Attract by larrystylinson92

Marcel moves to a new town with his mum to escape the pained memories of his father walking out. Friendless and thrown into a school where being different doesn’t end well he meets four individuals that take him in and make him feel wanted for once in his life.

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Below the cut you’ll find a masterlist of everything I’ve ever made on this blog. It includes character psd’s, gradients, masterlists, gifhunts and more! I’ll continue to add to this as and when I make new resources. If you found this post helpful, please like/reblog. Please don’t claim any of the resources in this post as your own.

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do you know an if there's any frerard fics based on the desolation row video??

He’s Getting Ready For The Show (He’s Going To The Carnival Tonight on Desolation Row)

(its actually a Desolation Row/I’m Not Okay AU we need more of those man)

Those Jeans

And I Ain’t Seen The Sunshine Since I Don’t Know When

And In Comes Romeo, He’s Moaning You Belong To Me I Believe”

these are the only ones I could find but I’m sure there’s more! (feel free to add more!)

Fic Recs Part I (Fanfiction)

So by popular request, I’m doing a comprehensive fic rec post. This will be in two parts - fanfiction and original fiction. Both of these posts will be continuously updated whenever I find new fics I like, and once I finish revamping the blog, a link will be posted on the header as well, so it’s always easy to find.

For fanfiction: this spans multiple fandoms, genres, and pairings, and it’s sorted by fandom, so finished and unfished fics will be tossed together. I care less about something being finished, and more about the quality. Here we go. This will be long (and I will add more to it when I have time).


  • Faerlyte. From what I recall, generally decent? Writes for FFVII and Mass Effect. I liked the fact that they tackled interesting subject matter/slightly less used tropes, but it’s been awhile since I’ve read their work.

  • Gregg Landsman. All around really good author. Writes for a ton of different genres, but I just read him for the Mass Effect.

  • ideophobic. Writes for HP, Naruto, Bleach, Thor, and I read them all. I absolutely love ideophobic. Great style, and knows a thing or two about tension and keeping the plot moving, which I GREATLY appreciate.

  • Novocain. Writes for multiple fandoms (usually slash pairings, I think?), but all I’ve read are the Naruto fics. I am very, very hesitant to recommend this one, because although they have an excellent handle on angst/the horrific effects of trauma, from what I remember their stories are incredibly triggering, especially for sexual assault. Tbh I think some of the subject matter makes my own stories look tame. So tread with precaution, and remember that I am very accurate with my warnings.

  • rawrchelle. Writes for multiple fandoms, but all I’ve read is the Naruto fics (so far). Very good author. Great use of subtlety and juxtaposition.

  • SilverStarShine94. Writes for multiple fandoms and multiple pairings, but all I’ve read are the Naruto fics. Good writer, and does a lot of crack pairings, which is basically why I’m reading them.

BLEACH (Warning: I have a very harsh opinion on the series compared to what my opinion was when it first came out, so my recs will reflect that)


  • alice hattercandy. Normally I dislike Ichigo - and I especially dislike him with Orihime (because this ship is terribly problematic), but I don’t mind alice’s fics. Most of the stories are angst, but I actually read her stories for the style.





  • Chi Kyoku. Humorous writer. Pretty good, and showed a lot of promise towards improving - but fair warning, stopped updating fics over two years ago, and hasn’t been seen since. I’d consider it a dead account.

  • tarysande. Horror/drama/angst author extraordinaire. Usually writes FemShepxGarrus? I think? I actually follow for the stories themselves. For those of you looking for something closer to Monomoth, this is probably as close as I can find in terms of tone/content. But honestly, there’s still a big difference - tarysande is just really good.


  • By Any Road, by orgasmicgratz. (All OCs). Well written OCs, and story showed a lot of promise. Unfortunately only 3 chapters in, and hasn’t been updated in years. Proceed with caution.

  • Entropy, by jhoom. (FemShepxGarrus). Interesting concept, good writing, and from what I remember a generally all around good story. Dark though. Basically almost everything on my list is dark.

  • Modus Operandi, by Pereprin. (FemShepxGarrus). Somewhat confusing to follow - follows a heavily fragmented timeline - but a good example of well-written angst, and deals with the subject of depression.

  • Silence, by TinyElephant. (FemShepxKaidan). Very well written. Normally I strongly dislike Kaidan, as his behavior in the canon is problematic, but this fic does an excellent job of talking about trauma and severe depression in a way that is non-exploitative, and that is so hard to find.

  • Violence, Voyeurism and Vigilantes, by efleck. (FemShepxGarrus). Very graphic, but good depiction of a human-alien relationship, and the troubles that would arise from it. Very skillfully interweaves canon and AU elements. Entertaining read, but definitely NSFW.



  • elle6778. Fairly popular author, I think? Has been around for awhile. Writes for more than just Naruto, but that’s all I’ve read of their work. Tends to focus on ItaSaku. It’s been ages since I’ve read their stories, but from what I can recall: generally enjoyable stories. Finishes their stories as well.

  • firefly. Has been around FOREVER. My personal god-of-crack-pairings, and a phenomenal writer. I absolutely adore firefly.

  • SilverShine. Popular author, and for good reason. All around excellent writer.


  • Color Theory, by BlueGreenApples. (SasuSaku). Definitely not as dark as I’m used to reading (or writing), but probably my all-time favorite SasuSaku fic because out of all of them, it’s the closest one I’ve come across to standing on it’s own as an actual narrative (i.e. it has excellent structure behind it). Unfortunately, it has not been updated in ages, and is unfinished. I gave up on it years ago.

  • Shades of Sunrise, by mrie. (ItaSaku). Normally I can’t stand 1st person POV, but this one actually won me over. Probably one of my fav fics for the pairing, but I haven’t read it in awhile.

ripship asked:

Do you have any tips for drawing humans in action, like doing a flip or something, always when i try to it ends up looking unnatural. (Sorry for my english.)

I normally don’t do humans in action because it takes me more time to do. I’ll try drawing those more, though! 

Forgive me, I’m a bit rusty. But when I do it, I look for references. I make sure that the references I choose have a good silhouette, such as this one, so you can understand what the character is doing even in thumbnails. 

I study the motion of the action. Sometimes I look up videos on YouTube to find the line of motion. Then I go from there! I block in the basic human shapes then add the details. It’s always best to use references whenever doing action poses so it looks more natural. It’s something I’ve come into terms with, as I’ve always used to think that using references mean I fail as an artist :v which is not the case.

Forgive my sloppy drawing >.<

Feel Real (Steve and Natasha fic)

Summary: Natasha needs closure before she finds a new identity. So she sneaks into Steve’s apartment one last time to find he has drew her. What happens when a unexpected guest shows up. (p.s. tell me if you want me to continue this) 

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