living in a desert memes
  • lizards everywhere
  • vultures circling the acres of sand next to your school
  • living the sunset aesthetic
  • horses everywhere ?? how do they survive
  • farm and tractors
  • cactus at super random places (its illegal to kill them but expensive to safely move them)
  • coyotes in your backyard
  • no clouds ever
  • when it rains you have to board your windows and bring everything inside or else itll blow away (your dogs too)
  • the RED SAND
  • you find crystals and geodes practically up your butt
  • pottery?? just ?? in pieces everywhere? should i give this to a museum??
  • cool names for mountains 
  • the Mines
  • more lizards
  • (in the us) Sedona
  • (in the us) the Grand Canyon 
  • when you go anywhere else, you’re blinded by green

feel free to add more

[x] [x] by ChantiiGG (trees, yellows, pinks)

[x] [x] [x] [x] by Evey-V (light colours faded into dark colours, blurred, glow, objects)

[x] [x] [x] by lookslikerain (multicoloured, paint-look)

[x] by Kagychan (sky, pale blue)

[x] by misssnoopy25 (text, spotlight)

[x] by alien-dreams (bokeh bubbles)

[x] [x] by crazykira-resources (spotlight, b/w, scratch)

[x] by bluestoplights (vibrant, colourful)

[x] by yesgraphicmaniac (blurred, glow)

[x] by SugarFeathers (b/w, cloudy, sky)

[x] by shirirul0ve (blue, pink, dotted lines)

[x] by peggyslobodan (blue, grainy)

[x] by topassilem (orange, fading)

[x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] by twinstrikeish (blurred, fading, smoke, different colours)

[x] by my-truth (watercolour, pink)

[x] [x] by jadedlioness (blurred, purple, green)

[x] by ProverbialSunrise (purple, flowers)

The Queen of the Tearling

The Invasion of the Tearling (The Queen of the Tearling)

A Thousand Pieces of You (Firebird Book 1)

More Happy Than Not

Happy Again

Throne of Glass (Throne of Glass series Book 1)

The Burning Sky (The Elemental Trilogy Book 1)

The Winner’s Curse (The Winner’s Trilogy Book 1)

The Immortal Rules (Blood of Eden Book 1)

The Eternity Cure (Blood of Eden Book 2)

Darkest Minds, The (The Darkest Minds series Book 1)

Snow Like Ashes

Faking Normal

Okay sooo…I’ve never done one of these things before so BEAR WITH ME (pun intended) I can guarantee you this is going to go in every which way because my mind is melting…haha

When RBB changed their twitter icon to this:

Tara ( @misspebbles2010 ) and I got talking…and then she made this post.

Which then got us talking about Judy Garland and The Wizard of Oz and the million different ways it relates to Larry and One Direction in general.

(If anyone would like to add anything/talk about it some more I WOULD LOVE YOU FOREVER!!)

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Instagram Caption: She rocked it for our shoot today ! Fact : I enjoy my work the most when I work with passionate people. A friendly reminder to all , add a little passion and positive motivation to your life. If you’re consistent, good things are guaranteed to happen.

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I need some help.

I was just told by my landlord to be out of this house by the end of February. Money has been tight ever since a client of mine didn’t pay me for work I did in November/December, and I don’t have the money for this move.

This whole situation is made more difficult because my wife has a heart condition called POTS, (postural orthostatic tachycardic syndrome) which makes it hard for her to be able to help with the packing and moving as much as she wants. So more of the work falls to me, but I also have to work so we can hopefully make enough money to find a place and afford the costs of moving.

Unfortunately that is too much for me to handle by myself, especially when you add in the complication of two kids, one of which is but a year old. All of these things on top of my normal schedule of errands take up too much time and I will not be able to work as much or as well as I need to for us to have the money for this move.

So I am asking for support in making this move happen. If you can help in any way, it would be greatly appreciated. I am also willing to work in exchange for financial help (I am a web developer, so if you need a website or work done on your existing website, I can help). I have set up a gofundme page for donations here: GoFundMe (opens in new tab).

My wife is also very crafty and has an etsy shop selling handmade, felted bunnies. It’s called Bunspiration (new tab, again). She is willing to consider special requests, but it will be difficult during the move. All proceeds right now, will be going toward our move.

Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated, even if it’s not in the form of donating. If you could at least share this, you would be helping keep us off the streets.

Thank you!

Her Smile

Original Story

This one has some flaws, not going to lie. I feel like there’s a bit of a plausibility issue mainly, but that being said it was entertaining, and not horribly long.

“Her Smile” narrated by MrCreepyPasta

Disclaimer: I do not own nor wish to take credit for the story, narration, or the image. The image is currently uncredited because I’m not sure who does own it, but will happy to add a credit if/when I find out. The author is unknown.

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lobsterboyfriends asked:

yo Lou (tease) posted a video on her snap of her playing with baby, to whom she addresses as "little Freddie". then she posts more videos with Lottie throughout the day, but I'm guessing she was at the tommo household when she was holding "Freddie". this isn't really making sense, and I haven't seen anything about it on tumblr. help?

I don’t really follow anything Lou Teasdale does anymore. (I unfollowed her on everything after she wouldn’t braid Harry’s hair or let him wear space buns because I’m a salty motherfucker!!) But from what I understand and what pap photos hint to, the baby is supposed to be with Banana and the other Jungleworms right now. So, you’re right. That doesn’t really add up but none of this does. 

RWBY: "Bad Guy" Raven

The more I think about it, the more I find the idea of Raven working with the bad guys more appealing from a story perspective - it would make the whole conflict more interesting and add some tragic elements into the narrative, especially where Yang is concerned (and Qrow and Taiyang).

It’d be even better if she wasn’t an actual bad guy, but she’s working with Cinder and co. for a justified reason.

Plus, I like the idea that Yang and Ruby are essentially off-limits, and keep imagining that in the climatic battle, Cinder is about to kill Ruby when it’s revealed she’s Yang’s sister, has an ‘oh crap’ moment, and then 'spares’ her before running the hell away :)

Countdown and Info!

So, of course, as all of you have been waiting for:

4 days until the first chapter of SIDEMEN: UNTIL DAWN

Well, and my b-day :D

So, I’m hoping that updates to said fanfic will be weekly (on Mondays), with a max of 5 imagines, and if I have any, blurbs (if I find more posts like the cuddle one, then there shall definitely be more)

In truth, updates will be dependent on whether or not I can get on a computer! (So I can link the previous chapter, and add the read more feature, etc.)

The first chapter (prologue) will be out on Feb. 8 @ 5am PST (literally when I get up, I will post it)

So, I think that’s all, and I hope you’re all excited about it as much as I am!

anonymous asked:

Could you plz explain a little more about what androgynous means? Bc i think i might be androgynous but i cant find any good explanations on it. So i thought that u might know😀😍 (im not trying to be rude or anything, im only trying to learn)

For me personally androgyny is the combination of masculine and feminine characteristics.
I love androgyny for the fashion side of things …but!
Even I’m getting a bit confused now because it seems more and more people are using the term “androgynous/androgyny” as a gender identity. And when it comes to that I’m lost.

If anymore can add more to this please do so. Thank You!

Working list of cool ideas for loz games
  • Game that takes place in the modern day, this Link is an archaeologist, mute and speaks in sign language, and fences as a hobby and finds the master sword in a ruin while accidentally awakening Ganon
    • Takes place several hundred years after Twilight Princess and the other games that share that timeline
    • He’s guided by a reawakened Fi who has silently watched over all the Links who have wielded her and has grown even more fond of  the reincarnations of her master (not in a romantic way though) after watching so many of them work so hard to keep Hyrule safe all the while recording a great deal of information about Hyrule’s history as time passed
    • Zelda is either also an archaeologist or a historian and she travels with Link and Fi all looking for magical artifacts needed to defeat or seal Ganon once again, she has experience with martial arts and is descended from royalty, but is not a royal herself either due to her bloodline falling out of power or Hyrule no longer being a monarchy, she is a playable character and gets her own weapons and items and armor and learns different magic abilities and spells throughout the game
    • Gorons and Zoras and Gerudos are there and there are some issues with racism among the races some of which Link must resolve in order to advance the plot, there are characters of all genders among all the races and a little more diversity among characters of the same race
    • The Kokiri are still around but made their home in the lost woods as some of their forest has been destroyed as time passed, they no longer look fully human, taking on some of the traits of the skullkids and some of the koroks and becoming smaller and less civilized, they live up in the trees and have hidden themselves from the rest of Hyrule for generations, the Great Deku tree still protects him but cannot protect as large an area as he used to be able to
    • Link and Zelda have a group of colleagues that help them as they travel sometimes coming with them to dungeons where they can be playable, there are members of all races in the group with a good amount of diversity in genders in the group, some must be unlocked, some characters in this group are reincarnations of other prominent characters in the past, however there is a decent amount of new characters as well, memebers that don’t accompany Link and Zelda into dungeons can be sent to dig cites where they can uncover power ups and items such as the Masks from Majora’s mask or perhaps Saria’s Ocarina
    • Some of the dungeon’s have revived bad guys from earlier games, such as Ghirahim, Zant, and perhaps Vaati and/or Majora as Bosses, and Fi tells Link and Zelda about them as they go through their dungeons, perhaps revealing more information about them than was known prior
    • Perhaps Features a level in the Twilight realm, revealing more about it when it isn’t corrupted and showing the true forms of its peoples, at the end of which the entrance to Hyrule is permanently opened allowing people from the Twilight realm and people from Hyrule to come and go as they please, Midna is either there as a really old former ruler, or is a historic figure long since gone but who’s life was recorded thoroughly and can be read learned about as a side quest
    • Learning more about characters of the past and areas and events is a side quest which will allow Link and Zelda to publish their findings and teach Hyrule more about its history
    • As the game advances Link and Zelda gain more abilities from his previous incarnations such as the ability to play the Ocarina and Harp, as well as the instruments Link can play while wearing the different races masks in Majora’s masks, which are used for certain dungeons but also TP Link’s grass whistling abilities and other miscellaneous abilities which can be used to complete sidequests or get upgrades, Zelda gets Sheikah training, though this is the timeline where Oot Link went back to live as a kid so Sheik in Oot time would not have been a thing, but reguardless she either gets it from reincarnated Impa as the story progresses or regains it from some other life where she had it that wasn’t its own game

anonymous asked:

I was wondering if you could explain the concept of femme and butch, etc to me? Like, I used to think of it more as presentation/how you dress, but I kinda get the sense that it's more then that.

it is more than that. i can’t so much explain it because it means differently to other people but it sounds like you know how it relates to apperance? i think the butch and femme communities goes beyond appearance when it relates to lesbian herstory and i’ve read about how often we want to resemble our lesbian foremothers as well as make ourselves simultaneously evident we are gay (without outing ourselves) while finding presentation and communities we feel at home in! do any followers or mods have anything else to add? i don’t see myself as femme or butch so my perspective is rather different! -mod j

anonymous asked:

Hi Selena! Your gifs are so pretty and clear can i ask how you make them so clear? Mine turns pixely and fast when i do mine otl

omgg thank you T^T i still have a long way to go though OTL and ahh okay so for my gifs I usually sharpen them (i forgot where i got my actions from ;u;) but you can find some pretty neat actions here and they even have tutorials on how to do it. Manually when I want to I sharpen my gifs, i use smart sharpen with the following settings (make sure you have more accuracy on):

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I first saw you in October.  You liked my shirt.  I lost my voice to the butterflies caused by your smile, leaving with my coffee in hand realizing how awful my own relationship was.  My girlfriend never would have said that to me, nor smiled so sincerely.  I left her not much later, not because of you, because of me, because of everything, but that doesn’t mean you weren’t in the back of my mind as a signal things hadn’t been working for a very long time.

I kept getting coffee, I kept finding myself more and more attracted to you, when usually its less and less, the longest single attraction I’ve had in forever. Normally I’m ADD with women, but its been four months and I’m no less intrigued.  I kept waiting for it to go away like with everyone else, I kept trying to convince myself why I should be alone forever, why I should not ask you out, why you’ll only be like everyone else, why it is a stupid decision, and this has always worked before.  I am the queen of making people seem unattractive after just a week, psychologically, its safer that way.  But every time I saw you I would forget whatever bullshit I had made up in my head.  It just didn’t go away.

I thought you moved away, but now someone says you might still work there, it was just a few week vacation, and if God gives me the chance to see your gorgeous face again, I will find a way to speak the words I want to say, even if you reject the shit out of me, I swear I won’t let this sit on my chest, the inaction eat my heart away, I haven’t lost hope, you’re a stranger but I feel as if I know you.  I’ve never been so intrigued by a stranger, I’ve never wanted to ask someone out for more than a week, but fuck, trying to make excuses for four months has only left me with the realization that I have none, and I want to ask you out more than ever before.

Maybe I’m right about you, maybe I’m totally fucking wrong, but all I know is the anticipation of finding out is going to kill me if I don’t ask you, I won’t know anything until I ask, and even a small rumor that you’re still in town has my hopes getting me out of bed to face the week, a hope that you would go on a date with me, and if not, my curiosity will be put to rest with a simple “No”, because I can’t move on until I know for sure.  When other girls talked to me these last few weeks, I thought about you.  I don’t even know you, but I wished they were you.  You’re the one I want to get to know.  

I’m praying the rumor is true, I’m praying I get a chance to make up for my procrastination and fear, when I look into your eyes I see someone just like me, someone that could understand and not hate me.  I feel we’ve been through similar things.  I see the same brokenness in you that I see when I look into the mirror, but I also see the same hope and motivation to make it through and find the good things in life.  I feel that I would get you, and I feel that you would get me.  I know its just a feeling, but its all that I have, and you’re the only thing I’ve had to look forward to lately, so I hope I get a chance to make up for my mistake in waiting.  I really hope I do.  Thinking there might be someone out there makes my days feel a little brighter, so thank you for making my days feel a little brighter.

heyynatster asked:

Hey Carlotta! I've absolutely loved to see all the photos of your journeys last year to Canada and California and the Grand Canyon, and was wondering how you could do all of those trips being a full time student. Me and my sister are hoping to travel a lot more this year and were wondering if you had any tips for planning adventures and doing it on a college student budget. thanks!

I feel ya, it can be hard to justify spending money on a trip when there’s tuition and general life expenses to deal with! I’ve always been pretty frugal–I very rarely spend more than what is necessary (it probably helps that I don’t really like to shop in general ;)). I shop at thrift stores and I rarely eat out and opt to bring my own lunch to work or school, which is much more cost effective. I also find my textbooks used (often older editions on Amazon), rent them, or find them at the library. All of these savings can add up pretty quick! 

As far as flights go, I like google flights to research when tickets are cheapest, and use Kayak to book my flights. I find the sweet spot is 4-6 weeks out.

Once you’re on the road, traveling in the late spring/summer/early fall is best because the weather is warm enough to camp (which is so much cheaper than a hotel!). If you’re not in a place where you can easily camp, ask friends/family/friends of friends if you can stay with them for a night or two–people are usually super willing to let you stay! As far as food, I like to have a cooler (or buy a cheap styrofoam cooler if I flew to my destination) and buy all my food from grocery stores–hummus and sandwiches can go a long way. If you’re driving, you can always bring a portable stove and get some propane and go that route! I also usually steer clear of touristy destinations on the road–those are usually money-suckers. Stick to nature and you’ll be golden! And if you’re in a city, look for hostels! You can also check museums and other activities for free days/student discounts:)

anonymous asked:

seriously, i see so many questions about people saying "they can't fit the calories in, it's too hard" it's super easy! like you said, focus on caloric dense foods and add extra sauce and chia seeds and stuff. tbh, i find that these people are too scared to add more, because it's not hard at all! I understand where they are coming from but plz girls, just admit that you're scared of the calories, then take a deep breath and CARB THE FUCK UP!! choose nourishment! Choose to live! Save yourself xx

Exactly. It’s not so much that they “can’t” - it’s an excuse most people make because they are either scared, or they don’t really want to. When you really want to up your intake, eat more, become healthy again - you can. You can push past that uncomfortable feeling, yea sure, it sucks ! But it IS possible. More than possible ! But many people just like to make excuses. I’m not saying it’s a “bad” thing, I just find it sad that they are not yet ready to take control of their lives again and start moving towards rebuilding their health and re-nourishing their bodies ❤︎

anonymous asked:

omg you guys are already more than halfway there? <3 that's incredible. i was so ready to do the script hardcopy thing until i saw it was only available for can/us and i'm so sad now. i assume that's not gonna change? :(

probably not im sorry its probably more expensive to ship outside of us/can but but id ask fallon @asecretinside because she knows the details (and maybe we can find a way to make that work when we add perks for our stretch goals)

anonymous asked:

I think you guys should add a feature that would help find the at the moment popular tags, and best times to post so that people are able to make more successful posts and have their posts reach more people ^.^

Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t Tumblr do this natively with the explore button?

Unfortunately, this is the sort of thing that’s just not feasible with a browser extension. We can only access the page you have open, plus a couple things Tumblr makes available through their API*. The API is basically a way to request information stored on Tumblr’s servers**, but it only covers certain information. General statistics (popular tags, number of users online, etc.) aren’t included. Other methods for getting the data would get us in trouble with staff.

*And we don’t even have access to the entire API right now, just the things that don’t need OAuth.

**You can also use it to make posts without the UI and a couple other things. It’s how we do OCP and Editable Reblogs.

penitcnt asked:

❝ I find myself alone when each day is through. ❞

Lyric Meme || Accepting || @penitcnt

     He wants to do more than just stare at her. So he looks away, down at his toes and for a second he’s speechless. No, he knew she hardly saw him even as a friend, hardly wanted to speak to him, let alone admit they were in this together. And he knew Clarke was still upset at her mother for reasons. And with Finn gone ( by Clarke’s very own hands ) he knew she’d feel even more ALONE than before. He had never expected her to admit it to him of all people, however. And so it broke his heart to hear those words leave her lips. 

     Growing the courage to look at her face, he took note of her pink cheeks, the dried tear stains, and how red her eyes looked. His eyes glanced down to her shaking hands, and still he didn’t speak a word in response. His mind drifted to their reunion not too long ago, the comforting feeling he’d gotten with Clarke in his arms. And without thinking, he closed the gap between them, his arms draping over her shoulders and pulling her close, hiding his face in her hair before pressing a kiss to it on pure impulse. He barely pulls his head away in an attempt to make his words audible, but yet he speaks in just above a whisper, “You’re not alone, we’re in this together…it’s you and me…” and upon remembering Finn had called her Princess too, he cuts his sentence short and vows to never use that DAMNED word again.