After leaving Vault 101 in Fallout 3, the world is presented as dead, dying, and free. The first view the player receives, after passing a horde of skeletons and exiting their Vault’s cave, is an open, white sky and an open road. This first section, after the strict linearity of the interior of the Vault, is effectively guiding the player to a few set pieces, but is incredibly important in terms of establishing a sense of utter openness to the experience as a whole.


01——-Start of the 1970 1000km of Spa, moments before Siffert & Rodríguez entered Eau Rouge

02——-Le Mans in the 1970 - The NART Ferrari 312P - Tony Adamowicz and Chuck Parsons

03——Straw bales in place to ‘protect’ the drivers from a ruddy great brick wall at Eau Rouge, 1969 Spa 1000 Kms.

04——Targa Florio, 1970 Jo Siffert goes around Collesano curve in his race-winning Porsche 90803.

05—–The beautifully-liveried Vic ElfordKurt Ahrens Porsche 917K from Le Mans, 1970. I love this car!

06——Le Mans in the 1970 - The NART Ferrari 312P - Tony Adamowicz and Chuck Parsons


01 ——— A Chaparral fliying in the forest  Jo Bonnier (at the wheel)  Phil Hill - Chaparral 2D Chevrolet - Chaparral Cars - ADAC-1000-km-Rennen Nürburgring - 1966

02 ——- Phil HillMike Spence, Chaparral 2F, Spa 1000km, 1967

03 —— Jacky Ickx (Ferrari 312PB) lapping Teddy Pilette - (Ferrari 365 GTB4) at La Source during the 1973 Spa 1000 Kms #WEC

04 —— Targa Florio

05 —– Le Mans 1968, Alfa Romeo.

06 —– Sam Posey & Tony Adamowicz, NART Ferrari 512M, 1971 - 24 Heures du Mans