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Barry is kidnapped to be a sex slave and Len rescues him

This idea I’ve been kicking around for a while.

Barry is kidnapped by some unknown powerful group of time pirates that run a space station brothel hidden at the edge of the Vanishing Point, so they can avoid the Time Masters (previously) and effectively live forever. Other people come to them to purchase sex slaves, which the pirates acquire by kidnapping various metas and aliens they think will be most appealing.

Then they kidnap The Flash, and it’s up to the Legends to save him.

Only these guys are powerful and stacked with weaponry, way more than one tiny ship can take on now that the Time Masters have been destroyed.

This assumes an AU where Len lives and Barry never created Flashpoint, there’s just been this general sexual tension between the pair as we move on from the Zoom season and Len being part of a superhero team.

The obvious way to rescue Barry is to launch an undercover mission to purchase him. Len of course volunteers to be the buyer and has Mick and Sara as his ‘bodyguards’ while the rest wait on the Waverider in preparation of any trouble. Time is of the essence since Barry is scheduled to be sold at the next auction.

Naturally, the pirates have power-dampening collars to keep the slaves in line until they’re sold, which can also emit a slight shock when they misbehave. So to start, Len and his bodyguards get a tour of the place as a new buyer, and he even gets to see the new ‘stock’, which includes a weak and timid Barry who’s been stripped of his Flash suit down to barely existent underwear and the collar.

Len is positively seething internally at all of this, but has to play the role of interested buyer, while Barry looks on pleading silently to be saved.

The auction goes off mostly without a hitch (once Sara and Mick discreetly take out the bidding competition) and Len goes to pick Barry up, who falls against him in gratitude, even so skimpily dressed, barely able to keep from crying, because he felt so powerless and terrified of what might have happened if they hadn’t gotten there in time.

“Always a pleasure to save the hero, Scarlet. Let’s get out of here.”

“Wait. We can’t just leave.”

“Yes, we can. I own you now. We can walk right out of here.”

“What about the other slaves? We can’t let these people keep doing this.”

Len cannot believe Barry has to have a crisis of conscience now, when they are vastly outnumbered and outgunned. Normally, he’d agree to blast these assholes to kingdom come, but not if they have no chance of getting out themselves.

“I’m not leaving unless we put an end to this,” Barry insists.

Having to come up with a plan on the spot is Len’s specialty, so he proceeds to disable Barry’s collar while keeping it in place so no one else knows it doesn’t work, and tells him to follow his lead.

There are rooms available if the new owners want to ‘try out’ their purchases, which Len had initially said no thanks to, while Sara and Mick headed back to the ship to wait for them, but now as they’re walking the hallways, Len goes up to one of the guards—who has a master key that unlocks all of the collars, cells, and various rooms.

“Changed my mind. I feel like taking the speedster here for a test run. Got anything ready?”

The guard lets Len into a room, and Len asks if he wants to get a front row seat.

“What can I say, I like an audience.”

The guard is all for this, and goes in with them, though he waits just inside the door.

Len gets Barry on the bed and starts to pretend to feel him up. He kisses his neck for real and whispers for Barry to trust him, but his hands only look like they’re skimming his skin; he always remains just above Barry to play this kosher. Barry, of course, can’t deny that he sort of wishes it was otherwise since it’s Snart—but that is so not what he should be thinking about given the situation.

Len proceeds to ask if the guard wants to join them more hands-on.

“Speedsters vibrate, you know? Rarest jewels in the galaxy.”

The guard approaches, Len keeps miming touching Barry, but Barry bucks up and for a moment the touch is real and Barry moans, surprising them both—though not so much that Len isn’t able to grab the guard, knock him out, and take his key.

“Apologies for the tactic under these circumstances.”

“It was…fine.”

“Sounded more than fine,” Len smirks.

On their way out, they use the key to override everything on the station. Cue revolt, with Len giving the pirate owner of the whole place and nice salute just as he and Barry head to the Waverider. They make it out just as the place erupts into chaos. The rest is up to the people inside.

“That was reckless,” Len scolds Barry.

“I could have demanded to stay until we were sure the slaves took over.” It’s clear from radio chatter that this isn’t a concern; the pirates are done for.

“Always pushing, aren’t you, Scarlet?”

“Sometimes it’s worth it.”

Barry decides to push one more time and kisses Len before they meet up with the others.

Len jokingly brings up that he owns Barry now as often as possible.

If they play out master and slave later, it’s only because Barry feels safe with Len and asks him for it.

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Hey fia! I'm really upset because not only am I sick again but I also got reprimanded at work for being sick so often (what exactly was that supposed to do? Guilt me into being healthy?). Do you perchance have a snippet you'd be comfortable sharing - of any AU - of Anakin (or anyone else really) defying Masters?

I’m sorry that you have to deal with that, friend, and I’m also sorry I’m replying to this so late. I hope you’re feeling better!

Okay, I tried to find something that I think you might enjoy which is also not too spoilery, and since I’m planning to start actually posting the Reformation AU soon (I just have to break it into chapters and figure out how to organize it), I’ll give you a bit of that.

This is…partly what you asked for, but it also delves into Anakin’s general approach to being a Jedi, and how he navigates (or is trying to navigate, at this point) the two different identities of Jedi and child of Tatooine. Anakin sees himself firmly as both, but that’s not an easy intersection to uphold in the Jedi Temple…

Also, I combined two sections that have a good bit happening in between them in the actual fic, because the second section doesn’t make much sense without the first. But you should know that this scene takes place between them.

“Master,” says Anakin rather abruptly over breakfast one morning, “what do you think is the most important thing for a Jedi?”

Obi-Wan looks up from his tea and the morning’s holonews report with a bemused smile. He’s drinking tzai, actually – Anakin’s been making it for both of them for a few years now. Obi-Wan says he likes the warm, slightly spicy flavor, and after that first time, he’s never asked Anakin for the recipe again. Anakin in turn hasn’t asked him why. He hopes it’s because his Master respects Anakin’s secrets, even if he doesn’t understand why he keeps them.

During his first several years with the Jedi, Anakin had made tzai sparingly, only for himself and in secret, because the ingredients that comprise his family recipe, all cheap and easily obtainable on Tatooine, are outrageously expensive on Coruscant, where they’re considered specialized and exotic imports. If they can be found at all. But once Shmi was established on Naboo, she’d begun sending him a supply of their blend every month, shipped to one of the freedom runners who lives in Cocotown. Anakin only has to find some excuse for leaving the Temple to go pick it up.

He’s pretty sure Master Obi-Wan thinks he’s sneaking out to race in the illicit swoop bike contests held in Coruscant’s underbelly, and okay, maybe he has done that once or twice, but it’s mostly to create a cover. Mostly.

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You have my thanks, Hendrickson.

Erasermic College AU in which mathematics major Aizawa Shouta is unfortunately roommates with music major Yamada Hizashi. Hizashi loves singing pop and rock and anything that comes to mind at the top of his lungs, and while he has a great voice it’s way more than Shouta wanted in a roommate. But while annoying he’s not rude, so he puts up with it. Shouta goes through a whole semester thinking Hizashi is just in the university’s concert band and is an obnoxious hope-to-start-a-band-one-day dreamer before he accidentally discovers that no, Hizashi actually part of the university’s orchestra, plays pretty much any and all strings and the piano, and while yes he does enjoy singing and dancing and putting on a show, he cares more about creating music for people to enjoy than the attention. It puts a spin on his roommate that Shouta wasn’t expecting.

That and wow. Hizashu looks very, very pretty while concetrating on playing the violin.

Shouta was trying to ignore his roommate and now he’s having to deal with his suddenly very gay feelings for him. He signed up for college because he wanted an education not a love interest, how the fuck did this happen?

(Meanwhile Hizashi has been hiding a huge crush on the tired boy he shares a room with because he’s always thought Shouta kinda was annoyed by him? His friend Tensei thinks he’s a little weird but come on, the guy gets the softest look on his face while watching cat videos and willing helps tutor kids at the local middle school, how could he not have a raging crush on the guy?)

as for escalus, my poor baby king prince son, he’s trying so hard. he just wants to keep his damn city together.

isabella is the head, and even though he’s learning to shield and ignore it, he’s still the heart.

but that’s the point - escalus’ priorities will always be verona. verona is first. 

not rosaline.

and that’s why even if escalus is my son, even though i love him and feel for him, his indecision and constantly changing his mind with rosaline is what leads to him losing her. rosaline shouldn’t forgive him for this. (and if she wishes to, that’s okay too! she’d be a better woman than i though.) it’s not about him having good intentions - he does! it’s about him not putting her first.

because he can’t. he had the chance to multiple times this episode, and he choose verona, over and over again. AND THIS IS OKAY. THIS IS HIS JOB. THIS IS HIS DUTY. but when he brings livia into it, when he calls ros a harlot, that’s him making that final, conscious decision - verona, over her.

When you can’t get over Vicbourne and end up looking at Albert as if you tasted something bitter, but then you think of an AU where Lord M’s son is still alive when Victoria becomes queen and she ignores Albert for the much more welcomed presence of the adorable young Augustus Lamb, who somehow earns the love of almost every member of the queen’s household when he visits and makes his father end up interacting with Victoria more than ever.

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Red and Gold is Getting Old (But Damn, so am I)

Tony Stark has never liked the color blue. There were many reasons why, most silly. Stylists said it didn’t suit him, washed out the face. Howard said light blue looked awful, like he was a sissy. Captain America’s outfit was the bluest thing in the world. Yes, there were many reasons why Tony never liked blue. 

Now red was more interesting. Red was the color of fire that he sat in front of with Ana and Jarvis. Red were the flames he wanted to paint on dad’s roadster. Red was Maria’s lipstick, soft and sweet. Red, the color of Rhodey’s MIT sweatshirt. 

Red was good. 

Then, of course, the suit. Red and gold. There for people. Warm. He likes the look of it. 

He notices that everyone else has blue and white. Light colors. Green. Villains are like him. Reds, purples, extravagance. He doesn’t like to think about it. Doesn’t like to question the “what if?” of being considered less. 

So he works hard. There are people who question a true dedication to being a “hero.” Tony doesn’t even think he is one, mainly. But he tries to be good. Tries to do more than he ever has, because Tony needs to be better. Has to be. 

So red and gold. Signature colors. 

Okay, so I know we all like to joke around about and shit on Riley…well more so on the fact that the writers just threw this character in that we’re supposed to suddenly care about, and is an obvious Bryan stand in…but…putting all this aside, my meta brain started doing some research cause, y’know that’s what I do…

Riley is a word that can be used as both a name and an adjective. 

First things first going to look at it as a name since it’s how it’s used within the show.

Riley is an alternative spelling to Reilly which is an anglicized version of the Irish Raghallaigh. The meaning of the name Riley (or Reilly/Raghallaigh) is “Valiant”

Valiant - Possessing or showing courage or determination

Of course this isn’t something we, the audience, has seen from him, though I’d say that it probably possesses a bit of courage and determination to keep on pressing on when you’ve been taken as a slave, and most likely beaten/tortured at some point, but still…

We could also agree that he was determined to take out Roan in The Tinder Box, but I wouldn’t call that determination a valiant one. Going off of The Tinder Box episode, though, we do have that moment where Bellamy tells him “Your life was saved for a reason, and this isn’t it.” Now, we could just look at that as a one time thing used to calm Riley down in this situation, but come on guys, this is The 100, we should know better by now. Because of this in connection to the meaning of Riley’s name, I do think that Riley is going to serve a bit more of a purpose in 4B, and we might finally get the answers of ‘Who the fuck is Riley?’ and ‘Why the fuck is he even here?’ This is something I wouldn’t mind seeing, only so long as it doesn’t take anything away from the regular cast/characters (ie. him deciding to sacrifice himself to save everyone instead of someone like Jasper) 

As an English Surname the name Riley means “Rye Clearing”

Rye is a plant (grass) that’s grains are often used for animal feed or making things such as cereal or whiskey. —so this would be a connection to Riley being from Farm Station (which slightly makes me wonder if Clarke had Bryan on the list, cause obviously she didn’t have Monty or Riley on it, and these three are the last people we know of from Farm Station…)

Hmm maybe Riley being from Farm Station will have something to do with the whole “life was saved for a reason, and this isn’t it” thing.

Now that I have the meaning of Riley as a name out of the way, I’m going to focus on the meaning of it an adjective.

One meaning of ‘riley’ is Turbid

Turbid - 

a. Deficient in clarity or purity

b. characterized by or producing an obscurity of mind or emotions

Synonyms: cloudy, polluted, confused

another meaning of ‘riley’ is Vexed

Vexed - 

a. difficult and debated. problematic

b. annoyed, frustrated, or worried

Synonyms: afflicted, distressed, tormented, exasperated

When we look at these two definitions and their synonyms we can easily link them to Riley in The Tinder Box. His past and feelings/emotions towards Ice Nation are obscuring or clouding his ability to think logically. He isn’t thinking about the possible outcome of a war starting or even of himself winding up dead from one of Echo’s arrows in this situation. All he sees when he sees someone from Ice Nation is his tormentors. So, he becomes the problematic factor that Bellamy has to talk down. 

I could very well be wrong, but is it possible that ‘Riley’ in its meaning as an adjective is supposed to be who Riley was, and that the meaning of Riley as a name is who he is supposed to become in 4B?

Now, whether or not the audience will actually care is an entirely different question altogether…

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hello!! I love ur writing and u can definitely like, answer this when u have the time or if u even want to answer in the first place, but i just really REALLY love the way u write alive!connor. i think it's refreshing and real and awkwardly wonderful and i was wondering if u had any tips on how u approach his character when u write him? like we never get to fully know connor but i honestly feel like you're version it's the most realistic one i've ever read. love u and have a good week!!

hi I’ve had a few questions about this!! which is 1) amazing thank you so much I was really nervous about writing Connor and 2) hard!! it’s hard to explain characterization, weirdly? but I’ll give it my best shot

ok so first of all, I recommend going and watching the scenes of pre-death Connor. ik it’s only like two scenes but Mike Faist gives Connor so much life and vulnerability and he is incredible. especially after he reads Evan’s letter, the weirdly calm way he says “yeah. you knew I’d read this..” like he’s just had something confirmed. like he expects the worst of people to the point where he’s not even surprised when it’s true 

mostly when I think about characterizing Connor, I think about him in comparison to Evan? bc I think Evan has some understanding of his mental illness and the way it shapes him? but Connor doesn’t have the benefit of treatment and he doesn’t have the language to talk about how he’s feeling or why he’s feeling that way. and so I think he is a lot more impulsive, defensive, and kinda sharp. I think a lot of that sharpness is turned inward

I think he’s a) not comfy talking about his feelings and b) often doesn’t have the language to describe HOW he feels. and so he’s easily frustrated and much more likely to get angry when he’s feeling bad, and he’s also a lot more physical

but I also think it’s important to think about Connor apart from his mental illness, bc he is a whole entire person. despite all his paranoia, he reaches out to Evan at the beginning of deh. he is blunt and bad at reaching out and clumsy, but he does it! 

he’s tall and dressed like emo trash and has pretty hair, and so I think the inclination is to think he is mysterious and troubled and cool? but like, he wasn’t cool in middle school. he likes Star Wars and sad, thoughtful books about outsiders. he is into conspiracy theories and weird cryptid shit and he is gross and boyish and weird. he is the type of person to take an inside joke and keep it going foreverrrrrr bc he pays attention and he remembers things about people. he is deadpan but very funny and more sensitive than he’d like to admit, I think

and yeah idk if any of that made sense. but those are things I try to remember when I write about Connor. anyway I love him very much

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Could you write a blurb about calum being vulnerable and insecure at times and it was hard for him sometimes to open up to people but he opens up to you bc he loves you please ❤️

whenever everyone told you not to expect getting to close to calum you’d always expected it to be because he’d break your heart - because, let’s face it, you fell hard and quick for that boy the second he let you in his life, or at least scratched the surface of it - but that was never the case. for a person capable of pouring his heart out onto a piece of paper and make it a work of art - and all of it coming so naturally - he never seemed quite ready to open up with you or anyone else around him and, while you accepted his decision, it left your chest aching every time you’d catch him in a fit of laughter and comment on how cute his smile was or how talented of a person he was, only to have his defenses immediately shoot up with a humbling response to follow. but it was those rare moments when he’d look away with a small smile - his cheeks ferociously burning - that would drive you to compliment him more so he’d know how special he was in your eyes. how much you loved the way his fingers plucked at all the right chords or the way they seemed to fit just right interlocking yours. or the way his soft skin was as you traced the ink tattooed across his flesh whilst his voice cracked a little as you innocently asked the inspiration behind each one. or the way his warm eyes lit up whenever he saw his family - eyes crinkling and cheeks creasing from his wide smile. or whenever he lost himself in the moment, his music, his writing - never like a wandering or adrift but fully immersed in thought as though nothing or no one could possibly drag him out of this state mind and being. and yes, it was all the little things that made the bigger picture of who he was that made you crash even further down, and that’s all you wanted him to know. and you never expected anything in return - hell, you weren’t expecting him to open up to you at all, even if it was what you hoped for every day - but you knew he’d let you dive a little deeper the day he was scribbling in his notebook - you prepared to politely leave him to himself - and he asked for you to stay instead.

i’ve done something similar to this called notebook if you wanna check that out too. sorry if this isn’t what you wanted. xx

Blood and Fear 100 Word Drabble

Felt like writing….

Abbie read the same sentence dozens of times, never fully taking in their meaning. Her attention kept drifting to the unnervingly still figure on her couch. The only signs that Ichabod had indeed survived his ordeal were the gentle rise and fall of his breathing and the occasional moan that rose unbidden from his throat.

When he finally stirred and reached for her, Abbie wanted nothing more than to meet him half way. She craved his touch and his warmth. Instead she held back, afraid what it would mean if she actually allowed her feelings to flow to the surface.

No longer an outsider

Here’s something I just realized this past weekend: I felt like an outsider for the entirety of my decade-long career writing about games. I NEVER fully felt like I belonged, even when I was near the top of the food chain, on every “it” list, constantly flying around the world, going to award shows and other exclusive functions, being an E3 judge, and being the boss of a large outlet. I was always just kind of watching things go on around me even with all of that involvement.

It wasn’t lonely, though. Quite the opposite, actually. I made dozens and dozens of lifelong friends that I still have strong connections to. Some I’ve grown even closer to now that I have nothing to do with the games journalism world. I wouldn’t change that part of it for anything. I love all of these people dearly and I’m so lucky to have them in my life.

Actually, the main lesson I learned is that I love the people of the video game industry. That’s something you’ll never know from the outside. Sure, there are some super visible bad apples, but the majority of the people in the industry are amazing folks with huge hearts. I knew I wanted to be a part of that, but deep down I really had nothing to do with the rest of it, so I felt weird and conflicted.

Thank God for video game music and audio. What’s really super silly about all of this is that TONS of friends that go decades back with me were notable people in the games audio industry the whole time. It took me way too long to admit to myself that I had just been watching those friends grow and succeed, literally right next door, in the same industry, but still feeling 1,000 miles away.

I’m there now, though. Well, getting there. My friends are literally scoring the AAA top-tier games you’ll be playing next year and beyond, and I’m doing a bunch of smaller mobile games and licensed stuff.  I’m just a baby compared to them. But I have work.  I’ve been working for about 6 months solid, and have contracts for more work going into 2017. I’m really doing it – I still can’t believe it sometimes.

And more importantly, I no longer feel like an outsider. I feel like I’m home.