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HERES THIS! Ive been working on this for a WHILE and Im glad its finally done even if it is just fucking massive but hey! This is a drawing of my orginal characters who will all appear in my planned webcomic Adventure Awaits, which isnt coming out SOON but it is going to happen!


Hello everyone! All Hallows night is around the corner thus is time for the annual prompts! I’ll start posting since today until November 2nd.

Instructions: Send a number and a member. Please remember I only write about EXO (ex members included). Ps. If you have another scenario in mind feel free to send it to me as well.

  1. Halloween is the only day someone is allowed to enter the human world.
  2. Death comes visit.
  3. Haunted House (A place that is supposed to be actually haunted).
  4. On Halloween night vampires are able to enter someone’s home without permission.
  5. Someone tries to summon a certain spirit but ends up summoning someone else.
  6. Grim Reaper’s human form wanders earth on October 30th.
  7. The most fatal error, placing your trust in the dark lord.
  8. Somebody awakes to stumble upon a ghost.
  9. During Halloween night the veil between dimensions is the thinnest. 

Living as an unmarried woman in her 30s in 2017? We don’t believe that marriage leads to a happy ending, but it’s still the same. People treat me like a fool and give hurtful, disapproving looks. But I won’t blame myself. Today was great and I’ll look forward to tomorrow too. I hope whoever is listening to my story will feel the same.

Spoopy Papí V~

My fanart of V, finished it pretty later then expected so might as well make it halloween themed. 🍂👻🎃🍂🍁

hope you guys enjoy! <3

//Also please credit @holypapí707 if rp.