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Coffee Fairy

Assistant Kang has a Coffee Fairy in C&R,  several times she has fallen asleep at her desk working late,  only to wake and find a coffee waiting in her favorite Zen mug. 

The dark brew did taste awful but the sentiment was appreciated, she always drank it,  since someone went through the trouble to make it.

Another late night at work, she pretends to sleep soon to be visited by the Coffee fairy who wears a familiar cologne,  Jaehee hears a barely audible “good work” as he exits her office.

Lifting her head she can’t believe Jumin is the one who has been leaving the coffee,  She had no idea he knew how to use the machine but what she does remember is that he works twice as hard as everyone else,  something she tends to forget when he is giving her more Cat projects.

She drinks her bad coffee and wonders if maybe he is trying to slowly poison her instead, giggles quietly to herself, energy restored,  “Thank you, Mr. Han”. [Fin]

Saw this on Pinterest and this is the first time I learned that Cheritz, through profits from Mystic Messenger, donated to three charities: Save the Children, Lifeline Korea, and Korea Sexual Violence Relief Center.

I am SOOOOO glad that I am supporting a company with a BIG HEART! BLESS YOU, CHERITZ!

anonymous asked:

Do you think you could do an RFA (and Saeran if you want) reaction of an MC who is aLwAyS ready to throw down? Like some girl is flirting with her partner? You better believe that ho is gettin' judo flipped. Some asshole making fun of her partner? It doesn't matter if he's 5 foot or 6 foot, he's being thrown into the nearest lake, she will DrOwN HiM (sorry if this is to specific (´;ω;`) )

Hopefully this is what you wanted. Enjoy~


  • He has to drag you away from a lot of situations
  • Especially after this one incident at a fan meeting
  • Some catty girl had made a rude comment about Zen’s hair
  • And the security guard almost had to drag you out with what was spewing from your mouth
  • Thankfully, you toned it down when he asked you to though
  • Zen was touched that you cared for him…but there was definitely a talk about your temper


  • You guys were at a grocery store together
  • And he was wearing LOLOL shirt
  • Some dude in the same aisle started laughing his friend
  • When you got closer, you realized they were making fun of Yoosung
  • So you decided to make some not so nice remarks about them
  • Really Loudly
  • Yoosung had to drag you away into the next aisle because he was scared a fight was going to break out or something
  • But he hugged you and thanked you for standing up for him


  • You were always saying that you’d judo flip anyone who hurt her
  • And she laughs, because she knows how to do it…and she doesn’t think you can
  • But she’s touched by the sentiment
  • One day, some guy passing in the park touches her butt and makes an inappropriate comment
  • Before she can even do anything, you already had the guy judo flipped and in a headlock
  • She stops you before you could do any real damage in your anger
  • She’s marvelling over you and thanking you for having the guts to do that
  • She’s almost fangirling over you


  • Your actions can be a little problematic at times
  • When women flirt with him at business gatherings, you’re always ready to fight
  • Which you are verbal about
  • A few times, he’s had to escort you away and calm you down
  • However, he also finds it amusing at times
  • As long as you’re not actually fighting someone and keeping your boundaries
  • Your comments are hilarious to him
  • In that sense, he likes your bluntness


  • He finds it hilarious at first
  • You’re making these blunt statements
  • And telling people to fight you
  • It was bold, and he liked it
  • Until you actually made physical contact with someone and tried to flip them
  • He intervened at that point, and practically threw you over his shoulder
  • He told you to calm down at that point
  • Although, he was reassured because he knew you could take care of yourself if anything happened

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anonymous asked:

What about RFA +minor trio reacting to a female MC who likes to cuddle and hold hands and such, but is too shy and gets to embarrassed to ask or initiate it?

Of course! Hope you enjoy!

My Masterlist


  • Together you two are the most nervous, shy people the RFA has ever seen
  • He really tries though! You guys hold hands a lot and he makes sure to psych himself up to give you kisses when you’re out with other people…its just that he might be bright red while he does it
  • Attempts to discreetly cuddle you when you two watch a movie, though it just ends up being extra obvious.
  • No, really— he fakes a yawn and uses the distraction to put his arm around you. Then, he very slowly leans you down onto his chest as if he thinks you might not notice if he takes long enough.
  • The good news is, he totally understands feeling shy (and only sometimes worries its because you may not like him as much as he likes you)
  • Please help this awkward boy


  • He wants attention badly enough you don’t need to
  • Oh, you’ve never once initiated a single cuddling or hand holding session in our entire several month long relationship? Never noticed.
  • Cuddles you on the couch, and initiates lots and lots of kisses all the time
  • if you’re out in public as his partner (which unfortunately does not happen often due to his contract with his agency), you better believe the two of you are holding hands.
  • He just loves you and attention so much, and he wants to show the whole world.


  • If it comes from you he loves casual affection
  • He’s the one who initiates it all the time, though he tends to keep PDA down to hand holding and the rare chaste kiss
  • He feels much more relaxed when he can hold your hand
  • At home he seems to always have a hand on you, on your arm, or your knee or guiding you by the small of your back
  • Good morning kisses, goodbye kisses, welcome home kisses, you-looked-really-cute-doing-that-thing-just-now cheek kisses, going-into-another-room kisses, and goodnight kisses
  • Not much of a couch snuggler, but loves to have you as his little spoon at night
  • At first it’s okay, but the more he learns to take other people’s feelings into consideration the more he worries
  • “Do I make you uncomfortable MC?” You never resist, but he remembered something you had told him in reference to his employees. They felt like they couldn’t resist without consequence, so they accepted it quietly.
  • The last thing he wants is the love of his life feeling forced.


  • Your shyness is only a problem at first
  • Because it’s a whole lot easier to keep up the delusion that she’s not interested in you romantically when the two of you never do anything two friends wouldn’t
  • Every step is a big deal in your relationship, with Jaehee spending days psyching herself up for every new milestone
  • Overtime she gets less nervous, more willing to be casually affectionate with you (in private spaces)
  • She regularly checks in with you to make sure you are comfortable and enjoy whatever she is doing and keeps a close eye on your reactions


  • He likes physical affection, though he goes through phases in how he deals with it
  • When he is doing okay mentally, he is more than happy to initiate snuggles and cheek kisses and generally be a silly and affectionate goofball
  • On bad days or when something immediately distressing happens he will hold your hand for support, but can be touchy about cuddling and won’t initiate it on his own
  • When he’s particularly depressed or stressed out is the only time there is a real problem, because he could really use the affection but he won’t initiate it and can get very temperamental about it which only reinforces your hesitance
  • He watches your reactions and what you say to the other RFA members closely, and may or may not have browsed through your search history on several occasions just to make sure you weren’t googling something like “my bf is too touchy-feely halp”
  • While he has the occasional worry that you’re uncomfortable with him being particularly affectionate, he pays enough attention to be fairly certain that you do enjoy it and acts as such
  • Never play Truth or Dare with him, because he alternates between borderline-sadistic humiliation and daring you to hold his hand


  • At first it is actually a good thing. After everything he has gone through, Saeran needs all of the personal autonomy he can get.
  • Then, as his recovery progresses your relationship stalls out.
  • He still asks for you to stroke his hair, and crawls on top of you after nightmares, but the two of you falter when it comes to intimacy that would progress your relationship further
  • The first time he kisses you, its because he was angry. You made a self-deprecating comment.
  • “Stop being stupid,” he snapped. Unsurprisingly, this did not work out the way he wanted it to. Frustrated and unable to express the words verbally, he pulls you close into a harsh kiss. It wasn’t supposed to be that rough, he just had no idea what he was doing.
  • Even after that though, things mostly stay the same. He doesn’t want to upset you.  Even now when he knows that he probably wouldn’t and that even if he did you wouldn’t ever deliberately hurt him, the thought that you might still holds him back.
  • Sometimes Saeyoung takes pity on you, he pushes you two together in the most conspicuous way possible, or whispers for Saeran to go hold your hand.
  • He also teases you mercilessly in the chatroom. Sends secretly taken photos of your awkward movie nights to the whole RFA ‘just kiss already!’

V/ Jihyun

  • Likes casual affection as well and while he is willing to initiate it, he is always careful about it
  • He makes sure to keep it polite in public, occasional hand holding when you two cross the street and cheek kisses
  • Will guide you with a hand on your hip or the small of your back and he has you lean up against him on the couch
  • You never push him away when he is affectionate with you, but since you never initiate he figures you must not enjoy it that much
  • Tries to strike a balance between making sure he is getting the affection he wants and not smothering you in unwanted attention (look!at!him!healing!!)
  • It’s not a bad deal at all, though you are missing out on a lot of potential snuggling.
  • One day, he gets a cold
  • Sick Jihyun = Cuddlebug Jihyun
  • He has been clingy for most of the day, lots of stopping you in the middle of the room so he can rest his forehead against your shoulder and quietly lament how congested he feels
  • Starts worrying at about 3 if he’s been something you too much He doesn’t want to fight when he’s sick
  • “Am I being too affectionate?” He asks, his head on your lap
  • That’s when he finally finds out how much you also love casual affection
  • He still asks first most of the time, but suddenly the two of you are missing next to zero potential snuggling sessions.


  • Much like Saeran, your shyness when it came to physical affection made it easier to get to know you initially.
  • Vanderwood would have tried to cut it off at the pass had your relationship been anything more than talking at Seven’s place and an accidental kiss shared between you two in the early stages
  • Absolutely complains that you lured him into a trap he cannot get out of.
  • “It’s the worst,” he says as he gives you the last bite of his dessert because he knows its your favorite
  • He figures you must not be overly affectionate
  • That’s fine by him, neither is he
  • Except he is wrong and you really wish he would cuddle you more
  • The only time he is particularly physically affectionate is after the rare nightmare or bad mission, and even that is limited to late nights when the two of you are in bed together
  • He would do you on the kitchen counter while other people are in the next room, but heaven forbid you cuddle openly without the cover of darkness
  • Jumin: *holds the door open for V* After you.
  • V: No, after you.
  • Jumin: I insist, after you.
  • Seven: *pushes past both of them* After me.
Cosas que me han dicho los Signos
  • Aries: "Que te importa"
  • Tauro: "*3am en un pijamada*Tengo hambre, voy a ir a buscar que hay de bueno en la refri"
  • Géminis: "Ella esta gorda por lo pura mierda que es"
  • Leo: "*el nuevo profesor le regaña porque no puso su nombre en el trabajo*Usted ya debería de saber cuál es mi trabajo, la otra maestra lo sabía porque yo tengo la mejor caligrafía en toda esta clase"
  • Virgo: "Prefiero hacer yo el trabajo porque así me cercioro que esta bien hecho"
  • Libra: "Estoy pensando en todas las cosas que tengo que hacer :)"
  • Escorpio: "Orgullosa maritza orgullosa te tenes que mantener"
  • Sagitario: "Yo tenia un pollito y se me murió :("
  • Capricornio: "NO NO NO ASÍ NO ES"
  • Piscis: "Auuw queres un abrazo? Ven acá💜"
  • ~Queen Muffin~