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helpful advice from the rfa members
  • zen:make her pussy wet not her eyes.
  • v:make his dick hard not his life
  • jumin:break her bed not her heart
  • jaehee:play with her boobs not her feelings
  • 707:get on his dick not his nerves
  • yoosung:...always salt your pasta while boiling it

*looks at Seven* 

Mc - “You are my boyfriend.”

Seven - “Yeah I am!”

*looks at Yoosung*

Mc - “You are my child.”

Yoosung - “Yes boss.”

*looks at Zen*

Mc - “You my bitch.”

Zen - “Yeah I am! Wait what?”

*looks at Jaehee”

Mc - “My bestie.”

Jaehee - “Naturally.”

*looks at Jumin*


Jumin - “Fuck you.”

  • what she says:i'm fine.
  • what she means:ok I came into the mystic messenger fandom and I just wanted to joke and love 707 and maybe get jumins bad ending and flirt with zen and have gay times with jahee but I can't stand the fact of this reset theory bc its ripping my heart out in each and every route as to how far the guys go to either push you away or hold you close like....hElLo this is supposed to be fluffy times with memes and love and friendship and I am honestly feeling so attacked right now. Like, 707 didn't ask for this, jumin didn't ask for this. No one asked for this. I didn't ask to stay in a apartment with a BOMB no no no I just wanted to be with boys who text me and call me and make sure I ate and love me for who I am even though my mc doesn't have eyes THEY LOVE HER like can I apply this reset theory to my everyday life and never play this game cause I HURT

~ I… wanted to see you so much. ~

“Don’t look worried about my eye. I was so glad to be able to sacrifice myself for you. I will cherish you more. I’ll always become better for you. So you never regret being with me. 

I’ll give you my heart.”

And this, guys, is the story of how I totally fell in love with a fictional character.