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In which Jumin’s bodyguards where blessed with the presence of an angel… ☆*:.。.o(✧ω✧)o.。.:*☆

Honestly, he is too precious for this world~ (´。• ω •。`) ♡

Mystic Messenger “MC” Fan Comic Day 00 Pg 11

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^^ OH SNAP! 💗 It’s Zen and Jumin! 

Before Mystic Messenger
  • Me: I don't believe in love at first sight.
  • Me: And it's a lie people can fall in love in the course of a week.
  • Me: It won't ever happen to me.
  • RFA: *barges in through door*
  • V: *avoids the wall and gets there*
  • Saeran: *climbs through the window*
  • Vanderwood: *arrives from Narnia*
  • Me: ...
  • Me: well fUCK
  • MC: I can't wait to see the inside of Jumin's house. I'm gonna learn everything there is to know about him.
  • Yoosung: I bet it's really fancy. Like Beauty and the Beast fancy.
  • ZEN: No, it's probably just an empty, white cube with a USB port in it for him to plug his finger in when he's on sleep mode.

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You can't have Christmas headcanons without a mistletoe scenario! MC and their special someone be great!

i! love! christmas!


  • he hung up some mistletoe while MC was out running errands that day
  • he puts it right in front of the door so when he answers the door to let MC back in, they’ll have to kiss him
  • it’ll be so romantic! so cute!
  • some time later he hears a knock on the door
  • time to sweep MC off their festive feet
  • Yoosung opens the door, smiling
  • “welcome home-”
  • he was interrupted when the mistletoe, which was supposed to now be hanging above them, fell onto the ground in-between them with a thud
  • “Yoosung, what was that?”
  • Yoosung slams his palm into his forehead
  • he put the mistletoe right in front of the door
  • and then when he opened the door it hit the mistletoe and…
  • ooohhh….
  • “i wanted to surprise you by putting mistletoe in the doorway, but i messed it all up”
  • Yoosung looks at the ground where his failed attempt to be cute and clever lay, disappointed  in himself
  • he hears MC start to giggle
  • they lean down and grab the fallen mistletoe and hold it up over their head
  • “hey look! no harm done, right?”
  • he looks up and MC and blushes
  • Yoosung leans forward and kisses MC, putting a hand behind their neck
  • he then takes the mistletoe from their hand
  • “let me go put this up somewhere i cant knock it down”


  • the majority of Zen’s christmas decorations are just mistletoe
  • he puts it up in like 6 separate places around the house
  • so that like every five seconds he can be like
  • “oh, MC…looks like we’re caught under the mistletoe”
  • sometimes when Zen wants a kiss
  • he’ll just stand under the mistletoe until MC notices him
  • then when they finally do he’ll stick out his bottom lip and make his best puppy-dog eyes
  • as if to say please come kiss me, i’m so very lonely
  • no matter what MC is doing, they’ll rush over to Zen and kiss him under the mistletoe


  • Jaehee and MC were having lunch at their favorite cafe
  • it was all decked out in christmas decorations
  • while MC and Jaehee were sitting at their table waiting to order, MC noticed some mistletoe hanging over them
  • “oh, Jaehee, look!”
  • they point up at the mistletoe, smiling
  • “looks like we’re under the mistletoe together!”
  • Jaehee immediately blushes
  • “oh..um, i didnt even notice….”
  • “well, are you gonna kiss me?”
  • MC was giggling, their tone light hearted
  • when they noticed how flustered Jaehee was, they started getting dismissive
  • “i’m just kidding, Jaehee! you dont have to-”
  • Jaehee grabbed MC’s hand and pulled them toward her, leaning over the table a little
  • she slowly brought her face close to MC’s and kissed them
  • when she pulled away her face was even redder than before, and MC could feel their own cheeks heating up
  • they’ve never seen Jaehee be so bold
  • but um sign them up for MORE
  • time to go get some mistletoe to hang around Jaehee’s apartment 


  • MC hangs some mistletoe up over their bed before Jumin gets home from work to surprise him
  • when he gets home MC’s in bed, reading
  • “you have no idea how happy i am to see you, darling. i’ve had such a long day”
  • Jumin gets into bed with MC, putting his head in their lap for some comfort
  • they pat his head for a little while he rants about all the idiots he has to deal with at work
  • “um, Jumin…do you notice anything different about our room?”
  • he looks around, then spots the mistletoe
  • “theres a plant hanging from our ceiling” 
  • “not just any plant, it’s mistletoe!”
  • Jumin sits up, looking a little confused
  • “why is there mistletoe in our house?”
  • “don’t you know whats special about two people under mistletoe together, Jumin?”
  • he brings his hand to his chin, thinking hard about MC’s question
  • “isnt….isnt mistletoe a parasite?”
  • MC sighs
  • “during christmas time, if two people are under mistletoe together they kiss”
  • “why?”
  • “i dont know, Jumin! just kiss me!”
  • he smiles at MC, leaning toward them
  • “if you want a kiss, all you have to do is ask. no hanging parasite required”
  • Jumin kisses MC
  • they cross their arms and huff
  • “i just wanted to get into the christmas spirit…”


  • so MC wakes up december 1st
  • and Seven isnt in bed
  • but the room smells like bacon, so he’s probably just making breakfast
  • MC sleepily walks to the kitchen where Seven was in fact making breakfast
  • and on his head was a big santa hat that had a spiral on top
  • an at the top of the spiral was some cheap plastic mistletoe
  • Seven hears their footsteps and turns around
  • “good morning, sleeping beauty! why dont you come over here and give me a kiss?”
  • MC walks over to him and gives him a sleepy good morning hug
  • he squeezes them, smiling
  • “what about my kiss?”
  • “who says i gotta kiss you?”
  • “well, my hat, first of all. and the law of mistletoe”
  • “kiss me” was in fact stitched into his hat
  • MC gave him a kiss on the chin, since they didnt feel like getting on their tippy-toes to kiss him on the mouth
  • Seven giggles
  • “you really are sleepy…”
  • every time MC is near him he asks for a kiss
  • “hey, Seven, i was wondering if-”
  • “before you say anything, i believe we’re both under the mistletoe”
  • Seven points to his hat
  • MC just smirks and kisses him
  • but after awhile the just yell at him from around the house, avoiding getting close enough to him to be considered “under the mistletoe”
  • they avoid him so much that one day Seven chases them all around the house just for a kiss



The most beautiful background music keeping me going whilst I work on the colouring book this evening! <3

I know I’m always giving Jumin a hard time and making fun of his silly quirks, but he really is a nice guy with a good heart.  (ಥ﹏ಥ) ♡

I picked that option to see what would happen.  I don’t remember seeing it before.  It kinda made me want to do Jumin’s route again because I just want him to be happy. ( ˘・з・)

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RFA+V and Saeran (I really hope I spelled that right) reaction to MC initiating their first kiss? Like, she's not shy at all and just goes for it? Thanks a bunch~


  • You’d been so worried for the past couple days for both Yoosung and Seven you didn’t know if you’d be able to handle it
  • They had gone to that organization where the hacker was and you’d only heard bits and pieces back from the tow, Seven seemed really worried as well
  • By the time the party had started all you wanted was to see Yoosung alive and well
  • You’d been searching for him when V had gone up to the podium and began speaking that you’d given up on finding him
  • Yoosung on the other hand was so worried that you wouldn’t be there, but of course he knew you had to be
  • What if you didn’t love him when you saw him?
  • After he’d made his own little speech he’d planned to kiss you, he didn’t think he could wait any longer.
  • Before he knew it though a pair of soft lips had pressed against his and arms wrapped around his neck
  • He was really shocked. Like, really shocked.
  • But when he realized it was you he pulled you closer to him and felt himself smiling against your lips because here you were, kissing him
  • The worry he felt about you not loving him seemed to wash away


  • Zen has actually just saved you from certain death?
  • Both of you are a mess of emotions right now but you know one thing for sure, and so does he
  • While he’s spilling his feelings to you again
  • Telling you just how much he needs you
  • He can see your face grow red and a smile break out on your face as he speaks and God he just needs to kiss you right now
  • So he pulls you in for an embrace, or at least tries to
  • Instead when he’s close enough you pull him down by the collar of his sweater and press your lips firmly against his
  • He’s taken aback at first because what the?? He was supposed to initiate that
  • But hell he’s kissing you and you taste like candy and he needs more
  • His face is actually beet red when the two of you pull away because he’s still so shocked that you went and kissed him first
  • Legit this kid is s h O O K


  • She is insanely in love with you but she was wanting to take things kind of slow and you respected that
  • But damn, her hair had been making some progress, just barely hitting her shoulders
  • She had it curled and was trying to perfect a recipe and she looked so cute
  • You couldn’t help it, you had to kiss her
  • You spun her around and pulled her close to you bringing her in for one of the sweetest kisses in history
  • Jaehee meanwhile felt her whole body go up in flames
  • She’s been wanting to kiss you ever since she saw you at the party
  • And here she was with you pressed against her and she wasn’t kissing you back?
  • Before she could even realize she wasn’t you had pulled away looking very embarrassed and apologizing
  • Jaehee initiates the second kiss immediately after  And the third, and the fourth…


  • You had gone to his penthouse to help him calm down and head back to work
  • To be honest you had planned going back the next day but you stayed for quite a few days
  • On your second day there though the infamous Sarah, his so called fiancee had turned up and was trash talking you
  • Saying how Jumin obviously loved her more than you because you were there to relieve his desires and she was his soon-to-be-wife or some other bullshit.
  • Honestly you had tuned her out so you didn’t quite know what she was rambling on about
  • What you did know was that she was infuriating
  • You held your hand up telling her to stop, and very smoothly said, ‘forgive me’ before pulling on Jumin’s tie to bring him down to your height and finally pressed your lips against his
  • Jumin was all for it, he had planned to do the same thing so you kissing him first actually only made him get more into it
  • He actually forgot Sarah was there until he heard her calling for his attention
  • When he pulled away from you he felt like crap, he wanted to kiss you, and love you and just simply have every inch of you. And now that he had finally had a taste he craved more
  • He didn’t believe in sex before marriage though so instead when Sarah finally ran away he pressed you against a wall and went as far as his conscience and you would let him


  • You had been driving all day trying to find Saeran
  • The two of you had come so far there was no way you were going back without him
  • Seven had pulled over and was working with something on his computer and you watched, listening to Jumin speaking on the radio
  • When Seven heard his real name, Saeyoung, being used he teared up and turned to you
  • He began telling you just how in love he was with you, how without you he’d never have found Saeran, and that you were the reason he could finally be Saeyoung again
  • Your heart swelled and before you knew what you were dong you had pulled him into a desperate kiss
  • Seven’s heart jumped when you’d pressed your lips to his.
  • He’d wanted this since day 1 and now here he was finally kissing you
  • Near immediately Seven had taken over the kiss and wrapped you up in his arms
  • You were so perfect it was unfair


  • It had been a year since you’d helped V move on from Rika, move on from all the toxic things she’d done to him
  • The two of you were still classified as ‘friends’ but everyone in the RFA was calling BS because you live together and are actually inseparable
  • The two of you were sat outside under an umbrella as it rained because V liked hearing the different sounds of rain hitting the various materials and fabrics
  • V is still blind so when you’d said his name and he turned to look at you he didn’t see you inching closer to him but he did notice your breath fanning across his face just before finally kissing him
  • As first he didn’t know what he was supposed to do. He knew how to kiss of course, but you were kissing him and it was the strangest thing?
  • Whenever he kissed anyone else he was always so simple and clean about it but you were making him go dizzy in the head
  • Honestly the only thing keeping him grounded was the feeling of your lips moving against his
  • You took his breath away and sadly that meant he had to pull away because he was going to pass out
  • Because you’d shown him that you felt the same way though, he knew that this would not be your last kiss.
  • Not a chance


  • You had taken him on a walk to help freshen his mood because he’d been cramped inside the bunker for weeks now
  • He looked like a lost puppy sticking to your side as he walked with his head down
  • You couldn’t help but think that this was the cutest thing you’d ever seen
  • On your walk you’d seen that a lot of guys and girls were eyeing Saeran, some with worried expressions and others eating up every inch of him
  • This quickly frustrated you because even if he refused to admit it, he was yours and you were his. Official or not.
  • So, in front of everyone’s line of sight you grabbed Saeran by his choker’s charm and a hand placed firmly on the back of his head to pull him down before smashing your lips against his
  • The kiss started rough but Saeran quickly morphed into your lips
  • You could feel a smirk forming on his lips and you noticed the deep chuckle he emitted when you’d whined after he’d pulled away
  • “Someone’s jealous.”
  • “Someone’s a dick.”
  • And you kissed him again, much deeper and much harder than before

~Love Peony

If this ever happened..
  • Zen: You helped me when I was struggling, I'm so grateful. I learnt that I should never give up, all thanks to you. I love you.
  • Yoosung: I became someone better to be worthy of you, thank you for helping me reach my true potential. I love you.
  • Jaehee: I realized that it was more important to follow my dreams, I reach my own happiness because of you. Thank you, let's be friends.
  • Jumin: You're the only one who could understand me, you made me feel something. You saw through my threads, thank you, my princess. I love you.
  • 707: You never left my side. You supported me, even if I kept pushing you away. You helped me get my brother back.. I love you so much.
  • RFA: Thank you, for everything.. Now, please choose one of us.
  • Me: ...
  • Me: THe feELS

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How about making mystic messenger really mystical. What mystical creatures would the RFA+V be?


A siren

Zen is a siren because of his beautiful singing voice! He would love to lore men into the rocks with his voice when he gets bored and then flirt with them when he needs some fun ;3c


A ghost

(Lol this is kind of sad) He would be a ghost because he feels left behind and like nobody sees him anymore. He wants to feel like he fits in but no one can see or hear him.


A fairy

Honestly I just can’t see Jaehee as anything else. She goes around helping the humans and protecting people who cannot protect themselves!


A Vampire

This is mostly because of his dark personality mostly, he keeps to himself and stays alone a lot. He is dark and mysterious and would love to keep it that way. 


A shapeshifter

This is because in game he changes his identity many times that sometimes he even forgets who is. He has to change so much that this would be a perfect fit for him, a new face, a new body, maybe not even human. 


A mermaid

This is half because his hair and half because he seems like he would love the water. Also unlike sirens mermaids prefer to help sailers when they get lost and V is a very helpful person!

Admin Rina ;3c

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RFA + Saeran's at a pride parade with MC who is so excited to be with other people like her (preferably a bi MC but if you want to make it super gay it can be super gay). Thank you!

It’s no problem, thank you for the pride prompt! I tried keeping it as general as possible in terms of MC’s gender, but I kinda leant toward female MC.

 I’m just going to say that I think they’d all love you regardless of your orientation, so this is going to be a little short ^^; plus i just wanted to be your daily reminder that pride in who you are is so damn important and I hope you all can be proud


  • He’s so down for going to a pride parade
  • Probably even lets you dye his hair pride colours or braid it with them if he’s going for less permanent
  • Seeing you so excited makes him excited too 
  • It’s literally so great he loves it
  • And so do you it’s pride everywhere


  • He’s so excited by the idea
  • He just loves seeing you so passionate and what more could he want from a day?
  • And you both show up with pride flags painted on your cheeks although he’s grinning so much the paint is at rISK
  • He’d probably be the waving actual flags too though
  • Actually gets super into it with you?
  • And you guys will definitely go again


  • loves being at a commoner event
  • It makes him so happy to see you so excited over it
  • The “does Jumin Han is gay” jokes get a little stronger
  • But he genuinely doesn’t care at all
  • Because what could be better than seeing you happy??
  • Nothing to him ofc


  • We can assume that she’s probably LGBT+ in some way (if MC’s female) so you’re boTH there for pride
  • Your nails are painted your flags’ colours
  • And you guys walk around together 
  • Arms linked or hands held
  • show off your prIDE GUYS


  • It’s canon (or at least extremely heavily implied) that he’s bi/pan so
  • You both get excited over it together
  • There are a lot of jokes while you are there
  • “I can’t believe I have evEN MORE people to compete with to keep you”
  • ofc you love him more than anything so there’s no real competition
  • Probably the one to show up with a huge flag worn as a cape


  • He kept it super quiet how he was actually interested in going
  • But he was a little too low key about it
  • To the point where you were genuinely prepared to go on your own
  • But then he came to the living room with rainBOW 
  • first of all how did you do that so well and second where did you get those colours what??
  • When you get there and you’re super excited he starts smiling a lil bit because you’re so happy and it’s really cute?