will always be my favorite dumbledore


My top 10 favorite characters

These aren’t in any specific order. It was hard enough just to choose ten anyway. Click the pic to see the name of the character.

However, I tried to choose characters I think have and will always stick with me or when I think about them I’m simply amazed how well they’re written or how fascinating their character development is. 

Most of these characters are absolutely horrible people! But in a human and (sort of) understandable way. And the ones who aren’t terrible have had a hard life. Sometimes they even live in an insanely cruel and unfair world but they still try to remain idealistic. That’s actually my favorite type of character.

I don’t know am I kind of cheating since Russell, Bechdel and Thompson’s characters are based on real people and two of them are autobiographical. Well, they’re still partly fictional.

I will tag jassu-chan, winxhelina, iineankka, izmorozhunterbeinghunted and whoever wants to do this! You don’t have to draw if you don’t want to but I would appreciate it : )

iamerikush asked:

Picasso Dali Rousseau O'Keeffe Botticelli El Greco

my first word was probably something korean. probably the word mom in korean.

every dream is strange or sad and always easily forgotten except for the ones that contained sex or the death of my loved ones or the internet or giant ants

my main philosophy in life is to endure. i guess its not very positive because my idea of enduring is kind of like. passive and “itll be over soon” and thats not very good. im going to try to not do that in the future

im not sure what my favorite flower is but i like daisies and sunflowers

my trademark is the una face/my monotone voice/my jacket/my moles and scars

i dont really care for mustaches but i’ve always wanted a glorious wizard level silky white beard of sick flow like holy shit give me a beard to rival the first movie dumbledore and every movie gandalf

but by extension i suppose i require a mustache too so sure

killedbyvoldemort asked:

Okay, can I just say that you are one of my favorite blogs that I follow? It is definitely not an exaggeration. The story that each Dumbledore had, intertwined and separated, was always one of my favorites. Just to see you breathe life into Aberforth and remain entirely IC through the many interactions just makes my heart thump loudly. Ugh, you just bring him to life in a believable 3-dimensional way and I love you.


yells about this tbh ??? i’m literally having a hard time thinking of an intelligent response ?? just, thank you so much !! i want you to know that you’ve absolutely done the same thing with dorcas, and that’s yet more impressive; i had an entire book and then some to go on re ; aberforth, you just had the one sentence and yet you’ve created this complex, interesting character that’s a double slap in the face to the ( often sexist ) fandom. your dorcas literally makes me so happy and we really ought to plan first war things sometime tbh ?? how have we not yet ?? ok but your blog is great and wonderful and thank you so much for sending this !!!