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What do you mean when you say HPMOR stripped Dumbledore of his canon dignity?

Canon Dumbledore has gravity. He’s occasionally goofy, jelly beans and warm socks and whatnot, but it’s always tinged with this sadness and weariness. His forays into silliness are cryptic and inscrutable, like he’s telling a private joke that everyone else would have to live an extra hundred years to get. 

I feel like HPMOR Dumbledore has gone full King Lear. He’s goofy to the point of insane, and the sad kind of insane where you wonder if you need to, like, put him in a home before the entire kingdom gets totally cocked up. 

But it’s been a while since I read Harry Potter canon, so perhaps my impression is skewed.

My favorite Dumbledore is from Wizard People, Dear Readers. Brad Neely is a genius who somehow made the story more amazing and powerful while also being a laugh-a-minute. At any rate, this is how I choose to remember the old man:

Professor Dumbledore erects himself slowly and tells some jokes about death that most of the kids just don’t get. He then, after warming up the crowd, introduces the Blood-Eyed Cat that is head of security, and then introduces the cat’s manservant, Dazzler.

He then closes with yet another joke about death, perplexing some, and just plain scaring most of the kids. He sits down, finally.

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7 and 8

7. List three honest flaws your favorite character has and talk about how those flaws make them problematic.

Hnnnhhh this means I have to choose a favorite character in the Warcraft fandom and I always end up being like “meh” at 99% of them. I’m not even a huge fan of Wrathion or Anduin anymore—but I guess I could talk about either of them as a problematic fave. 

(for the record: I’m taking “problematic” as meaning “why they aren’t necessarily a good person” and not “why they are not social justice-y”)

Wrathion is kind of the easier of the two, because he’s written to be a much greyer character than most of WoW has at the moment (since our beloved lore writers have decided that HORDE BAD ALLIANCE GOOD is the way we’re going forever now). He has good intentions, but his means of going about them are… mm, shall we say, unseemly. So I guess that’s point number 1: very bad way of going about getting things done. Because, dude, black dragons manipulating people has been done before and it never works in the long run. Maybe try flailing your arms at people and screaming “THE BURNING LEGION IS COMING YOU MORONS” instead of trying to play them all like puppets.

Point number 2 is that he’s very bad at learning from his mistakes. As we saw in MoP, the whole “trying to manipulate circumstances” path hasn’t really worked out so well for him thus far because Varian spontaneously decided to switch personalities with Anduin for a minute did not dismantle the Horde but instead spared Garrosh’s life. This upset Wrathion, who responded to the situation by… trying to manipulate circumstances again, but even more this time. That has, thus far, not worked out for him in the least, and I imagine that it’s going to continue not working out for him. I just hope he eventually gets some development instead of just turning into another two-dimensional raid boss in another expansion or two.

Point number 3 is that he’s far too proud, which ties into my commentary about Anduin in a minute. He doesn’t learn from his mistakes because he figures, okay, I’m a black dragon and I’m the heir of the black dragonflight and none of these mortal fuckers could ever deign to teach me anything. He won’t change his ways for a while yet because that would mean admitting he was wrong, and that’s not something he’s interested in doing. Ultimately, I believe pride is born out of fear, and as a character, he’s going to have to face his fears (namely of becoming another Deathwing) and let go of them before he stops being too proud to learn and change.

Meanwhile, Anduin.

God bless this little shit, I mean, really. How many times can a single character get fucked up and still have you say “oh no! I feel so sorry for him!” This also stems from him being far too proud. We’re often told how humble he is and how blah blah the Light working through him blah, but I’ll be honest: I don’t see a humble person saying to the people who are supposed to be protecting him, “Sorry, gais, I need to go and do this for myself because ~the LIGHT~.” Yeah, it’s the whole prophecy deal about him, but dude. Maybe you should actually listen to people, particularly following the bell incident.

But really, you can’t blame him for being super proud because as he’s written in canon, he’s never fucking wrong. I think nothing pisses me off more than a character that’s never wrong. Sure, he might suffer for his actions (e.g., giant fucking bells on his head), but his instincts regarding this character or that situation are always right. And I’m sorry, I don’t buy that for a somethingteen-year-old sheltered prince whose primary sources of education and information throughout his youth were a black dragon trying to ruin the world and the hunky paladin for whom she had the vapors. I desperately want to see him fail. I want to see him have some more solid canonical flaws, like his naivete about the world causes him to trust the wrong person and it doesn’t end up with him injured, it ends up with a whole bunch of innocent people injured. Or maybe he could lose his temper. Or SOMETHING. Just let him be wrong, Christ

But then here comes the sort of redeeming part about that: he’s extremely manipulative. He seems to know his own flaws and the way people see him as being this always right god child touched by the Light, and he tends to use that to his advantage. Mind, we don’t see it terribly often, but it does pop up in the odd quest, and I swear to god I was seeing hints of it in that read through of War Crimes that I still need to finish.

So there you have it. Those two dorks are problematic.

(Christ on a cracker, I hate that word)

8. Out of the really popular pairings in your fandom, what’s your nOTP?


OH! Okay, I don’t know if it qualifies as a popular pairing, per se, but Garrosh/Anduin makes me bristle like a Ghibli character having a Very Bad Day. They’re technically sort of close in age compared to my other nOTP (which is Anduin/Callia Menethil, which— okay, she’s like 40, y’all), but there’s this whole very… hhheeeeeehhhhh aspect to them. Like I can’t see how it would come to be without a great deal of emotional manipulation and abuse involved, and that just… noooo. Not a fan. Nope. Nope nope nope.

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I think that you can know a lot about other person by finding out which Harry potter death affected them most... so what would you say?

It’s hard to say. Honestly, Lupin has always been my favorite character- I’m actually quite like Lupin in many ways- and his (and Tonks’) death(s) hit me very hard. I also had very strong reactions to Sirius (I went into a kind of shock) and Dumbledore (lots of crying). But the one that fucked me up, that honestly still hurts? Fred. 

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