will's creek

  • Chiron: The Hunters win! For the fifty-sixth time in a row.
  • Thalia: Perseus Jackson! *storms toward him, flickering blue sparks* What in the name of the gods were you THINKING?
  • Percy: *balls fists* I got the flag, Thalia! *shakes flag in her face* I saw a chance and I took it!
  • Thalia: *yelling* I WAS AT THEIR BASE! But the flag was gone. If you hadn't butted in, we would've won.
  • Percy: You had too many on you!
  • Thalia: Oh, so it's my fault?
  • Percy: I didn't say that.
  • Thalia: Argh! *pushes him, sending a shock through him that blows him ten feet backwards into the river*
  • Thalia: *pales* Sorry! I didn't mean to—
  • Percy: *ears roaring, angrily erupts a wave from river and blasts Thalia in the face, dousing her head to toe*
  • Percy: Yeah. *growls* I didn't mean to, either.
  • Chiron: Enough!
  • Thalia: *holds out spear* You want some, Seaweed Brain?
  • Percy: Bring it on, Pinecone Face!
  • Percy: *raises riptide*
  • Thalia: *yells, a blast of lightning comes down from the sky, hits her spear like a lightning rod, and slams into Percy's chest*
  • Percy: *is thrown back, clothes burning*
  • Chiron: Thalia! That is enough!
  • Percy: *stands up and wills entire creek to rise, swirling in a massive icy funnel cloud*
  • Chiron: Percy!
  • Percy: *prepares to hurl wave at Thalia, but sees the oracle emerging from the woods and the wave crashes back into the creek*
MORE Tips on writing Southern style for Leonard McCoy

Here’s a link to Part 1 of McCoy writing tips!

Folks seemed to like the last post I did with a few writing suggestions that hopefully would help when writing about everyone’s favorite doctor, so I thought I would add a few more suggestions that have come to mind while reading the awesome Star Trek fanfiction that’s all over the place here!  Again, this is not a criticism of anyone’s writing!! Also, I might be veering into headcanon territory, so if it is - just go with it!

1. Just because you’re from the south doesn’t mean that you don’t know how to use correct grammar.  McCoy is clearly an educated dude!  He would not say “ain’t” or “he done that” or anything else that would cause your English teacher to cringe.

2.  Southern gentlemen do not say f–k!  Nope!  Now, I’m not saying that some men around here don’t say the “mother of all curse words”, but a GENTLEMAN would never say it, therefore, McCoy wouldn’t say it.  It totally throws me off when I read this in a story.  Mild cursing like “dammit” is  heard, but generally not in mixed company and only under extreme duress.  This rule pretty much goes for all the major curse words.  As my husband says, “Cursing won’t win you any friends, but it can sure lose you some.  

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I’m really looking forward to tomorrow night’s @lalgbt panel-Jessamynstanley.com/tour for tickets! This tour has brought up a lot of interesting observations for me:

1. There are a lot of people in America who feel compelled to brag about their yoga practice(s).

2. I legit just realized that I’m perceived as “breaking the yoga stereotype” and therefore breaking into the mainstream “yoga world.” This is confusing for many reasons, one of which is that I have no desire to break stereotypes that aren’t based in fact so much as ignorance & which REALLY just represent white washed patriarchal worldview, a worldview that all too many of us have accepted as the only reality. This may not seem like an important distinction to anyone but me, but I can’t start giving a fuck about anyone else’s perception of that particular perspective.

3. There are way too many of us who hold the opinions of complete strangers in a higher esteem than our own opinions and emotions.

4. There are endless opportunities to be eaten by the yoga industrial complex (the blood lusty monster which feeds on expensive yoga leggings, coconut water, beach retreats, etc.) I’m not immune to the yoga industrial complex. I must remain ever conscious of this fact.

5. My practice must remain the focus of my consciousness if I’m not going to be eaten alive by the yoga industrial complex. It is more important than ever but it must not become a bragging point. Because all this attention? Yeah, I could live without it. God willing and the creek don’t rise, I’ll know what that feels like again one day.

Photo by @justincookphoto (at West Los Angeles)

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Trolls Headcanon

After the movie, Branch and Guy Diamond low key become best friends. Basically of all the members of the Snack Pack, Branch would like GD the best. 

When we first meet Branch, all of the Snack Pack is annoyed with him and laugh when Creek pokes fun at him, but compared to some of the others, GD is relatively nice to Branch. 

The Trollpedia page describes GD as “popular but not pompous” and though GD is really into glitter, he’s not as pushy or abrasive as some of the other trolls. 

GD is more realistic than some of the others. He’s willing to admit that Creek is prolly dead when Poppy rescues them. 

GD keeps his cool in a crisis. When Bridget realizes they’ve escaped, everybody runs away from her, except for GD who immediately glitters her in order to help the others escape. He is similarly calm and determined when they’re trying to save Creek and escape the castle. 

He’s not as much of a singer as the others. He has an auto-tuned voice and does smaller parts in all the songs he sings. 

Basically he’s the most low-key of the Snack Pack and Branch would prolly respect and like him the best. 

Still can’t believe we essentially willed Creek into existence, into canon and into an upcoming, massively anticipated video game set to be distributed worldwide. It becomes even more unbelievable when you consider the number of other fandoms that have constructed well-established, highly plausible ship conspiracies that never got the chance to be fully realized when it would have been so easy, realistic and groundbreaking for the respective creators to do so. Of all the books, series, shows etc. and it’s a South Park crack ship consisting of two background characters that sees the light of day. What a world what a time to be alive?!? I classify the show as PRIMARILY chaotic evil but it also has its moments of chaotic good and Creek was definitely one of them.

I am back, and sooner than I expected!


You have heard of the old expression, “God willing and the creek don’t rise.”

The creek done rose!  Got down to where my friend was stuck, literally sitting in the road.  No engine or electrics at all.  Another of her friends showed up to help.  He has a big truck.

Hitched them together with a good tow chain.  Turned out that he has little or no experience at tow driving.  Simple speeding up and slowing down allowed enough slack for the chain to come unhitched.

Rehitched, they took off again.  Tammi had to hit her brakes to keep from hitting the rear of his truck, which slowed down again.  The near accident upset him, so Tammi suggested that he go back home while we tried to sort out what to do.

I suggested that we try a jump start.  Having nothing to lose, we tried it and her engine started but died almost as soon as we unhitched the cables.  AH HAH! The battery was the culprit!

Since we were not that far from town, we went on in, lugging the old battery for the core charge.  She got her new battery, and while she was doing that, I paid off a bill.

On the way back, we stopped by the lumber yard and I got the supplies to take care of the east end door of the Shed/Hangar project and more, for the next phase of construction, too!

Due to advancing problems connected to her brain tumor, Tammi wants me to drive her to her appointments for the next while.  Thus, I will likely be on in the afternoon/evenings for some time.

Sometimes, you just gotta do what you gotta do!

~~ ~~ ~~ ~~

When I began practicing #plowpose, it seemed unreachable. It’s crazy to look back at my progress with this pose. Thanks to instagram, I can flip back a couple of years and watch the changes in my body- it was a slow journey, but I gradually worked my way from kicking off a wall to understanding core and shoulder strength enough to practice without wall support. And while my boobs still suffocate me (@amber_karnes has an awesome trick for wrapping a strap above your bustline if your breasts might actually choke you), I kinda can’t believe how far I’ve come. If you want to start practicing #yoga at home, I really recommend documenting your journey through photos. If nothing else, it will definitely help you accept your body exactly as it right now so you can appreciate it in the long run. Also, if you want to win some fresh new yoga gear, enter my twitter/instagram giveaway- scroll down to my last instagram shot for details! @nolatrees and I are teaching a backbend workshop this morning at Soho’s @inbodiedyoga, and (God willing and the creek don’t rise), I’ll be back in the NC triangle for tomorrow’s Pay What You Can (PWYC) classes! THIS WEEK: Monday- PWYC yoga at @HillsboroughYoga (10:30am) & Durham’s Rock Quarry Park (6:30pm) Tuesday- Flow Yoga @DurhamYoga at noon No matter how long its been since your last practice, your body is always happy to get on the mat- See y'all in class <3 Bra- @purelimesport Leggings- @lineagewear Bracelets- @soullovingjewelry Mat- @liforme Watch-@DanielWellingtonWatches (Use ‘JESSAMYNYOGA’ for 15% off)

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Thalia pushed me, and a shock went through my body that blew me backward ten feet into the water. Some of the campers gasped. A couple of the Hunters stifled laughs.
“Sorry!” Thalia said, turning pale. “I didn’t mean to—”
Anger roared in my ears. A wave erupted from the creek, blasting into Thalia’s face and dousing her from head to toe.
I stood up. “Yeah,” I growled. “I didn’t mean to, either.”
Thalia was breathing heavily.
“Enough!” Chiron ordered.
But Thalia held out her spear. “You want some, Seaweed Brain?”
Somehow, it was okay when Annabeth called me that— at least, I’d gotten used to it—but hearing it from Thalia was not cool.
“Bring it on, Pinecone Face!”
I raised Riptide, but before I could even defend myself, Thalia yelled, and a blast of lightning came down from the sky, hit her spear like a lightning rod, and slammed into my chest.
I sat down hard. There was a burning smell; I had a feeling it was my clothes.
“Thalia!” Chiron said. “That is enough!”
I got to my feet and willed the entire creek to rise. It swirled up, hundreds of gallons of water in a massive icy funnel cloud.
“Percy!” Chiron pleaded.
—  The Titan´s Curse (Percy Jackson and the Olympians #3) by Rick Riordan

**Disclaimer** Good Company is is about a mother’s comical aspect of holding down the fort with three fellas at home. It’s about parenting, motherhood, companionship, family and a married couple’s wing-and-prayer approach to balancing it all. ♥**

Oh journal, sorry to bore you with emptiness and inactivity today. You will quickly learn how fast I shut down when I’m not feeling well. At least I’m pushing through and still typing to enhance my writing skills this year.

This morning started off with a breakfast that always seems to bring me back to my childhood. I hadn’t eaten french toast in a long time. My mother use to make it for me quite often. I miss her. She’s enjoying better weather in Louisiana while I’m way up North, and complaining about it, what appears to be everyday. I’ll give her a call tomorrow, “God willing and the creek don’t rise.” A term she would know all too well…

Afternoon hours come and go faster than I can process them. I spent the later checking Simblr and googling potential birthday gifts for the “fitness guru” hubster. He called me at lunch and asked me to shoot him over a smaller version of the shopping list so that I wouldn’t have to go out later when he gets home. Bless his heart.

He still had to stop home after work himself. He left the cash on the counter: grabbed that, frisked the fridge one time, (just to make sure I hadn’t left anything of importance out), and returned in about an hour and a half’s time.

Too late for any extensive amount of cooking- we opt for beef flavored ramen noodles. Which is always an inside joke for us. It’s considered a “college” meal because it’s so cheap. When my brother-in-law saw us eating them one day, he asked if we needed to borrow some money. lol.Quite frankly, we enjoy and crave them every now and again. When you have an Asian sister, this dish is NEVER boring. You add chicken, egg, shredded cabbage, and green onions. Quick and satisfying. Besides- who’s hovering over a stove with cramps anyway?

Hubby finished the evening baking chocolate chip cookies for the kiddos.

“You’ve always been a better cookie baker than me.”

“Don’t try to woo me.” *grins*

Seriously, I’m a southern gal with some serious cooking skills at my age. I have never been one to get into baking until I had my boys. That’s when I went cupcake and cake pop crazy.

I tell you what though. I WILL be baking those chicken pot pies I saw on Jasmine’s simblr feed. I’m looking into it now.

That’s all for tonight. In hopes to getting in bed a tad bit earlier,