will you're so close

  • Jughead: Could you not stand so close? You're making me claustrophobic.
  • Veronica: What does 'claustrophobic' mean?
  • Archie: It means he's afraid of Santa Claus.
  • Betty: No, it doesn't!
  • Veronica: Ho ho ho!
  • Archie: Stop it, Veronica! You're scaring him!

… Am I the only one who keeps watching the first few seconds of this video when Niall said “fuck” in THAT voice?! I mean, he’s adorable throughout most of the video but those first few seconds… damn it.

Promenons-nous dans les bois

pendant que le L(o)up n’y est pas

  • Remus: Could you not stand so close? You're making me claustrophobic.
  • Peter: What does 'claustrophobic' mean?
  • James: It means he's afraid of Santa Claus.
  • Remus: No, it doesn't!
  • Sirius: Ho ho ho!
  • Peter: Stop it, Padfoot! You're scaring him!

The official Twitter account of Yoongi’s parents’ restaurant 큰맘할매순대국 (“Big Mom’s Blood Sausage Stew”) @BIGMOM_GYEMYUNG

Address: 대구광역시 달서구 신당동 서당로9길 37 / Daegu, Dalseo-gu, Sindang-dong, Seodang-ro 9-gil, No.37 (near Keimyung University’s Seongseo Campus East gate, across Mango Six)

Opening hour: 10AM ~ 10PM (close on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month)

  • Tim: Could you not stand so close? You're making me claustrophobic
  • Jason: What does 'claustrophobic' mean?
  • Dick: It means he's afraid of Santa Claus
  • Tim: No it doesn't!
  • Jason: Ho ho ho!
  • Dick: Stop it, Jay, you're scaring him!

My Valentines gift to you is a dumb Andromeda Age crossover comic. Your gift to me can be pretending to laugh. Thank you.


Confirmed: Fai half-heartedly brushed it off knowing that Kurogane wasn’t actually going to press him too hard about it. 

Which, in a way, is another interesting glimpse into the fact that Fai only ever seems to the bare minimum of effort a task requires. If he knows a terrible lie will do the job, why bother with a convincing one? If he knows Kurogane isn’t going to ask him for the truth (yet), why bother coming up with excuses? 

Is it because he’s too comfortable in his happy go lucky persona that he can’t bring himself to drop it - especially when he hates his actual self? Or is it because some part of him actually wants Kurogane to push him for answers? 

Is he tired of the facade? Or is he increasingly desperate that someone shatter it and like him for real, the way he likes them? 

How will he react when Kurogane actually does?

All these and More Unanswered Questions: endlessly rolling through my mind for all of the foreseeable future!