will you two stop flirting and bickering

dating yuta!!


also thank you @that-little-asian for helping me w trying to find ideas

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3/? for the nct dating series


- oK ofc i always gotta start off on how y'all start dating

- aight so you and yuta are on this co ed rep soccer team (also knows as the best)

- and y'all r both the best on the team

- so u guys are always competing for the #1 spot

- its pretty serious lmao




- “what the fuck does that have to do wi- you know what? never mind” - you


- secretly though, yuta has the biggest crush on you 

- same w you

- y'all r good at hiding your feelings tho

- yuta didn’t really interact with you outside of soccer he wanted to tho

- you guys have 0 classes together 


- anyway back onto the story

- so yuta goes to his friends (the other guys on the team) and you go to your friends (the girls on the team)



- “WE KNEW IT” - everyone

- so they devise a plan to get you guys together (without y'all knowing cause ur blinded by love)

- so during the next practice, jaehyun “accidentally” bodychecks yuta who falls onto of you

- his arms are on either side of your head and his legs are in between yours


- your heart bbbeats

- “,,,,,you can uh-like- get up now” - you


-  both of ur faces r so red

- he just awkwardly helps you up and you guys have moment

- like y'all r staring into each others eyes

- what u didn’t know though is that the rest of the team filmed it

- even the coach was in on it cause everyone ships u two

- time skip

- after that moment, y'all stopped bickering


- “hey bbygirl ;)” - nakamoto yuta



- but that changed on one very special day

- aka the day he asked you to prom

- aka the best day of your life


- with like hearts n memes

- and when u opened it, it says “go to prom w me loser”



- ok so now y'all r technically dating

- and when he goes to your house to pick u up he had to do a double take


- you almost fell down the stairs lmaoaoao

- cause he was so handsome (not like he isn’t everyday though)

- he gives like the best kisses


- not to rough, but not too slow ya feel

- and he is so caring for you

- like he always asks in between periods how you’re feeling and ugh goals

- once a guy from another school tried to hit on u during a tournament


- “hey you. this girl is my girl friend so if you bippity back the fuck off that’d be great” 

- that was just quick sample

- all the girls love him and can’t get over the fact that he’s taken

- the always hug him and cling onto him and he’s like 

- “ewwwww’

- cause the only one doing that should be you

- he accidentally tripped u during practice one day

- “omg baby r u ok?!’

- “do you want me to carry you babe?


- yo but he is so cocky and shit sometimes

- like he doesnt even try to tone down his flirting w u

- “those shorts look good, but they’d look even better in the storage room floor ;)))” - yuta

- u aint gonna disagree w that

- cause sexy time with yuta is the best time

- its either super rough n hot or sweet n caring there is no in between

- you’re not complaining though

- y'all r still competitive w soccer though

- “bAbe get out of my way”

- “nah babe i got this”



“SHUT THE FUCK UP” - everyone

- its the hard knock life for u guys

- his lock screen is a photo of you after a soccer game with the first place medal

- you just looked so good

- you had like a loose ponytail, a flushed face, and a smile so big it would rival his “healing smile”

- yours is the same (him with the first place medal, a flushed face, big smile) cause y'all r like that

- this girl once tried to steal him away from you


- he literally told her “stop trying to be hot, you’re not y/n’

- she cried and ran away

- lol 00ps


- “yours first perfectly with mine”- him

- “bitch no ur hands r sweaty” - you

- you guys are both so petty,,,,,,people wonder how u can stand eachother


- when!he!first!said!i!ove!you!

- cutest thing ever

- it was your 500 day anniversary 

- and he came to practice w a bunch of flowers and gave u the biggest hug

- he spun u around and was like

- “god i love you so much”

- you almost peed ur pants

- the coach almost peed their pants

- the team almost peed their pants

- the school almost peed their pants


- your first date was a mess though lol

- he set up this picnic and EVERYTHING IT WAS SO SWEET



- then it rolled down a hill and was never to be seen again

- “jfc yuta”- everyone including himself


- in conclusion

- yuta is a babe and everyone should love him

- he deserves everything and all the love in the world

- osaka prince <3



by the way i know my master list is rly messed up, I’ve been trying to fix it for like 2 hours but its not working :( 


- emma


This was a drabble inspired by this post by @uncharted-imagines because 1) the idea of sam and nate fighting over you is glorious and 2) someone needed to write it B) 

 Hope you like! xx

Words: 1324

The Drake Brothers were undoubtedly an inseparable pair. You had been alongside the boys as they grew through their delinquency at St. Francis Orphanage, after they came back from a trip to Columbia, and now. Five years’ difference between them, Sam and Nathan disagreed on many things. They fought about food, plans, almost everything that came across their path. But there was one thing you never thought they would fight over.

They fought over you.

Nate was the youngest of the two, only 22, yet the most sensitive and innocent of the two.

Samuel was the eldest, at 27 years and was the typical, flirtatious, older brother. 

Watching them grow up was entertaining, the pre-pubescent awkwardness of each boy blatantly obvious by the pimple filled faces and scrawny bodies. When they were younger, Sam was the first to grow out of his amateur ways, but Nathan was soon to follow.

To your benefit, they both grew up to be exceptionally handsome, the years of climbing around the inner city and Columbia toning their bodies, and giving them time to develop into the attractive young men they were today.

The day you found out that they both had feelings for you was the night they invited you to one of Victor’s black tie events. They were accompanying him in a heist, yet they both had intentions to finally tell you how they felt, unknowing of each other’s plans.

The party was unlike one you had ever seen, the elegance of the room overtaking your senses. Sam and Nate, however, were not fazed by the party. Instead they were both focused on you.

Sam was the first one to make a move, bringing you a glass of champagne with a smile. You took it and thanked him, before he slid his hand on down your spine as you followed him to a secluded corner.

Sam was always a handsy guy, and it was obvious to you as you watched him flirt with girls in grade school and with his former partners. He was also one to use his words to charm, and you picked up on his motive as he started talking to you.

“You look beautiful tonight.” He scanned your body, savoring each glance of how the dress you wore hugged your body.

You pressed your lips together after taking a sip out of the crystal glass.

“Are you saying I’m not beautiful every other night?” You faked your offense.

Sam became flustered and it was eminent in his facial expression. He shook his head quickly, reaching and touching your shoulder.

“No, no, no, that’s not what I meant at all! You’re always beautiful, just tonight you look—“ He stuttered, the look of panic on his face fading as he noticed you laughing.

“Yeah, very funny. Keep laughing. I was actually trying to be nice and compliment you.” He teased, and you sipped the champagne once again.

“It was nice. Very sweet of you.” You leaned against the wall and tilted your body towards Sam, watching him examine your body once more. It only made him more nervous.

“I have plenty more where that came from.” Sam moved closer to you, his arm brushing against yours as you both glanced out to the crowd.

Your eyes stayed fixed on moving bodies as you heard Sam begin to speak once more.

“You know, after knowing you for so long, I’m surprised you’re still single.”

You turned your head, the confused look on your face causing Sam’s eyes to widen at the fault in his words. He really was nervous.

“No, that’s not what I meant.” He corrected himself. “I just—how are you still single?”

You pursed your lips as you watched him make a fool of himself. This wasn’t the smooth-talking Samuel Drake you knew. Somethings was off.

“Sam, what is going on?” You asked, touching his arm and he took a deep inhale.

“Y/N, I’ve—“ He paused, thinking about his words before continuing. “I’ve had feelings you for awhile…”

Your arm slid down his arm and he stared out into the crowd as he talked.

“Growing up with you and having you by my side all this time made me realize how much you actually mean to me…”

You smiled softly at Sam when your attention was brought to Nathan who pushed his way through the groups of people, calling your name.

Disappointment flushed Sam’s face as Nate began to speak.

“Sully wants to show you something for a sec.” Nathan said, and you looked to Sam before he nodded you off.

You walked alongside Nate and Sam went back to the bar, ordering a stronger drink.

“What does he want to show me?” You asked, and Nate shook his head.

“Nothing, I just needed an excuse to take you for a second without Sam knowing.”


You followed Nathan out onto the balcony, where the both of you were secluded and alone. The sound of crickets was the only noise and your eyes were drawn to the openness of the sky.

“Breathtaking, isn’t it?”

You nodded and set your glass on the marble railing, crossing your arms and leaning forward. You looked over the balcony and Nathan followed your motions, his arms brushing against yours, just like Sam’s had.

“So, what did you want to talk to me about?” You asked, and Nate silently enveloped your hand in his.

Your eyes glanced at your hand and met with Nathan’s gaze, and you felt your breath stifle as you realized what was about to happen.

“It’s funny to think that we’ve known each other for so long but I’m only now getting feeling like this.” He laughed, trying to shake off the nervousness in his voice.

You stayed quiet, listening to what Nathan had to say. The band had changed songs to a more upbeat tune and it was muffled by the doors closing you off from the inside.

“I really, really think you’re amazing.” He said, and it left you with a smile. “I just don’t know if you feel—“ Nate was interrupted by the doors opening outside, the band’s music flooding onto the balcony.

“There you are!” Victor exclaimed, walking out onto the balcony.

Nathan let your fingers slide out of his and you gave Victor a smile as he stood by your side.

“Nate, Sam wants to tell you something, he’s at the bar.” Sully said, tucking his hand under his arm and taking a drag from his cigar.

Nathan left without a word, giving you a last glance before turning away. Sam was watching from the bar, his eyes following Nate as he made his way across the room. Sam said something inaudible, and stood up to walk to Nate.

“You figure it out yet?” Victor asked, pressing his back against the railing, watching the boys bicker inside.

“Yeah…” You said, watching intently as the two continued to argue.

“They don’t shut up about you.” He exhaled the smoke into the air and crossing his legs. “I’ve never seen two boys fight over someone’s affection as much as they fight over yours.”

You shook your head in disbelief with a smile. Sure, the boys had their share of innocent flirting and playful banter with you, but you never thought it would lead to them fighting over your affection.

You watched as they stopped talking inside, both turning to the door and looking past the crowd at you and Sully.

You waved, giving them a smile from behind the glass doors, and the two waved back, love-stricken smiles on their faces.

You and Sully saw Nathan turn back to Sam and begin to speak again, unknowing of what he said.

“She totally waved at me.” Sam took a confident sip out of his glass.

“No, she was definitely looking and waving at me.”

“Her eyes weren’t even looking at you!”

“They sure as hell weren’t looking at you!”

  • - Moodboard here- 

  • now, let’s picture Wizard Jin for a second
  • remember car door guy ?
  • that was coven! Jin 
  • until that day of the potion incident ™ turned his hair pink
  • he liked it so much he kept it that way
  • Jin’s the sweet sweet wizard fortune teller who specialise in Tarot card reading and hand reading
  • he likes to go out of the house a lot
  • so everyday he goes to the busy streets or open markets
  • and offer his services for free
  • You want to know if your relationship will last ? He’ll read the cards for free
  • Because he just love people
  • so making them happy with his “ special ability” is something he likes
  • was the 3rd one to join the coven not long after Namjoon
  • those two frequently bicker about which is better
  • Cards or stars reading
  • since their special ability is similar in a way
  • “ my cards NEVER LIE Namjoon”
  • yoongi always ending their banter 
  • “ can you two stop acting like an old couple for 5 sec I’m trying to read”
  • Literally the mum of the coven
  • always checking everyone is alright , has eaten and brushed their teeth
  • Dress up as a fairy godmother for Halloween
  • and gives a lot of candy to the kids who comes knocking
  • Probably flirt a bit with cute customers
  • intense gaze while he holds your hands to read the lines
  • that’s why he also has so many customers
  • Is also well known from the open markets because he buy all those local fresh product there

- [ Namjoon ] -[Yoongi ]- [ Hoseok ]
- [Jungkook ] - [ Taehyung ]- [ Jimin ]

“On My List”

This fucking JMR fic took me forever, so I hope you all like it. If not … I’m just sticking with Cockles, because … damn.

“Lindsey Lohan.”

Ew, really? Oh my god. I’ve lost all respect for you, man.”

Misha chuckles and shakes his head “I don’t think she’s that bad.”

Jensen scoffs so hard, he probably dislodged a tonsil. “Bad or not, she’s really your first choice? The one freebee, no questions asked—good to go lay? Her?”

Rob watches his two friends, amused—comfortable and warm nestled between a throw pillow and his generous stack of empty beer bottles.

“Well, now that you mention it, I’m thinking Audrey Hepburn might be a better choice.”

“Isn’ she dead?” Rob slurs, which pulls a pleasant little laugh past Jensen’s just-licked lips.

“Yeah she is … and even if she wasn’t, she’d be like a hundred and two by now. Can you think of anyone age appropriate who currently has a pulse?”

Misha ponders this for a moment, seeming to think long and hard, like it’s a question for the ages. “Justin Beiber” he finally says with fervor.

“Okay, if you’re just going to fuck around, I’ll stop asking” Jensen snips back. He’s soon leaning forward in his chair to snatch up his own beer, taking a swig before plopping it down again—all with a disappointed shake of his head.

Sor-ry” Misha sighs, throwing up his hands. “I didn’t realize this game was so serious to you.”

The green eyed man looks to the far side of the room, shrugging with an air of forced-nonchalance. “It’s not, but I was curious and you’re just dickin’ around.”

“Well, I can’t say I’ve ever actually thought about it that much.” He seems more sincere now and Rob thinks that he’s probably telling the truth; Misha Collins doesn’t live through scenarios after all.

“Oh c’mon! Now I know you’re lying!”

Jensen apparently, does not agree.

The two men are soon tilted towards one another, gesturing harshly over the coffee table between them—casting angry shadows on the convention schedules spread out across the glass. Rob smiles to himself, feeling the drunk slosh about his brain, fizzing like warm waters of a jacuzzi. He loves watching Jensen and Misha bicker like this—drunk or not. The two act like an old married couple half the time he’s around—and like flirting teens the other half. All in all, they’re just really cute—no better way to describe them than that, and Rob can’t stop the grin that grows with his friends’ volume.

“Well, fine—since you’ve given it a lot of thought! Who would you do then … if Danneel  and I—uh if she gave you a free pass?” Misha peeks over at Rob a moment, as if to see if he’s still listening.

He is—but he’s fading in and out, falling helplessly into the soft give of the armchair beneath him.

“Sofia Vergara” Jensen answers quickly.

“Typical” Misha spits back steamed and tender, with an eye roll on the side.

Jensen hunches forward some more, propping a defensive elbow atop his knee and puffing out his chest. “What?”

“Oh nothing—just, Macho Jensen going for the biggest boobs he can find. It’s just … typical.”

“Dude … she’s hot.

“I realize she’s hot, but I mean, is that all you’re thinking about? Not personality, just looks? Don’t get me wrong … if she presented me with the opportunity, I’d be a fool to pass on it, but—”

“But nothing! See, you’re exactly as perverted as I am so don’t try to pull some high and mighty bullshit!” Jensen hisses, leering heavily at blue eyes that now avoid his gaze.

Rob let’s out a bubbly laugh with that one—how could he not? His friends get so silly and stupid over one another—over silly, stupid things; so much so that they’re just some brightly colored fur away from being Muppets.

“What?” Misha asks him suddenly, a smile pulling at his cheek once he finally faces the very drunk third wheel keeping them company in the green room.

“You two’re funny” Rob garbles, and watches warmly as Jensen and Misha deflate, smiling back and forth to one another, laying out a new common ground with the sight of the man melting into his own beard.

“And you’re wasted” Jensen counters, standing up from his chair. “We should get you back to your room … it’s already—” he glances down at the watch on his wrist. “Shit, it’s already two in the morning. Fuck, flying tomorrow’s gonna suck.”

“Always does, sleep or not” Misha agrees, pulling himself up as well.

“You didn’t ask me.” Rob’s beer slicked voice pulls both the men’s ears back down, curving their attention to him.

Wha?” Jensen laughs, taking a step closer just as Rob’s eyes begin to flutter.

“You din’ ask me” he chirps again and Jensen turns to Misha, confused, shoulders gathered in a shrug.

“I think he wants you to ask him who his freebee-fuck would be” Misha clarifies, in a tone that makes it seem likes this is a totally normal conversation. Then again, for their group—it kind of is.

Jensen’s eyebrows smash together as another laugh clamors from his throat. “Jesus … give the guy a few Sierra Nevadas and he’s fucking toasted.”

If Rob had the energy, he’d correct Jensen. It was six Sierra Nevadas—thank you very much.

Soon, Jensen is bending down, laying a heavy hand on Rob’s shoulder, shaking him a little to make sure he’s even still awake. “Okay, bud. Who would you do, then? Ya know, if Mollie would let ya.”

Rob peeks back into the questioning face in front of him, and then slumps his eyes to the right to see Misha standing at Jensen’s side. “She’d let’me” the man giggles, finally dropping his head and nestling his cheek against Jensen’s hand.

The action doesn’t seem to faze the guy though, because all Jensen does is lift his other palm and pat Rob’s cheek. “Oh yeah? You two already talk about this or somthin’?” Jensen asks, and Rob blinks slowly as he nods.

“Was this one of those ‘you each make a list’ things?” Misha chimes in, sounding genuinely curious.

Rob nods again.

“Okay, well don’t leave us hangin’ here, man. Who’s on your list?” Jensen asks, giving Rob’s beard a little rub with his thumb.

 “You two” Rob yawns, slipping easily into the press of Jensen’s fingers and smiling as the world goes dark.

-Keep Reading-


“what is it now?” you sighed, turning to look at the Mikaelson. you two liked to bicker… and flirt, and then bicker some more. but at the ball, you werent really in the mood for a fight.

“i just wanted to tell you how lovely you look tonight.” he said, “and to ask you if you would do me the honour of dancing with me.”

you smiled before you could stop yourself, “yeah, sure.”

he smiled as well. Bonnie and Damon watched from the bar and Bonnie grinned, “i knew that dress would make him crack and just ask her.” she turned to Damon, “pay up, you lost the bet.”

SCM: A Goddess flirts with you

“Anonymous said: Do you do yuri request because if yes can you do leon, hue, scorpio and dui reaction to female flirting with mc in front of him but she obvious to them flirting?”

Requested: Yes

For: Anon

Smut: No

The King was having a party and you were invited. At first you weren’t sure what to wear because this is the first party that were you going to attend. Your boyfriend told you that you’d look good no matter what you wear. You blushed on how straightforward your boyfriend is. 

He held your hand and the two of you walked inside the hall where the party is held. The Gods and Goddess’ turned towards the door and they stared the two of you in awe. “They’re all looking at you.” You told your boyfriend.

“No my Goddess, they’re all looking at you.” Walking towards the other Gods they complimented on how beautiful you look. It was quite flattering to hear him compliment you and it was quite rare for Leon or even Scorpio to say something nice.  After a small chitchat with each other the other Gods left you and mingled with the other Gods and Goddess that were at the party. 

Dui excused himself and went over the food table to grab some food for the two of you. In that moment a Goddess walked over to you and made small conversations with you. “I love what you’ve done to your hair! It’s simple, but classy. And the dress your wearing really emphasize your body.” You thanked her for the compliments you were getting but at the same time you felt a bit uneasy. “Sorry I didn’t quite catch your name.” The Goddess asked. “Y/N.” You replied and looked for Dui. “That’s a beautiful name. A beautiful name for a beautiful Goddess like yourself.” She winked. 

Before the conversation could even go Dui appeared between you and the other Goddess. “I’m sorry but I’ll be taking my Goddess away, I’m sure she’s hungry now.” You silently thanked him. When the two of you got far away from the crowed Dui said somethings that you oblivious about. He mentioned that the Goddess was in fact flirting with you but you were unaware of it. He was a bit pissed but he couldn’t stay mad at you and your beauty. “It’s bad enough that I have to other guys look at you but now you’ve attracted the Goddess’ as well. What am I going to do with you.” He leaned in and kissed the top of your head.

“Hmm I’d like to think otherwise.”
 He smiled at you. He knew that they weren’t just looking at him but you as well. Your beauty has caught everyone’s attention and Huedhaut kept a calm face. He brought you over with him to greet the other guests in the party. 

However you were totally unaware that one of the Goddess has taken an interest in you. “My, my Huedhaut, you’ve caught an eye candy huh.” She smirked as she looked at you from head to toe. Huedhaut could only smile at the Goddess. After he finished his greeting he walked with you to the food table. It was weird because you recalled Huedhaut saying that Gods don’t need food and yet there were lots of food that were prepared. 

You were having troubles choosing with that you should put on your plate. Everything looked so good, it was hard to decide. “I suggest that you try this.” The same Goddess came behind you making you flinch. That scared the heaven out of you. The Goddess then wrapped her arm around your waist and you didn’t even notice it. Huedhaut in the other hand still kept a calm face even though he was very irritated. The Goddess was about to recommend a wine for you buy she was stopped by Huedhaut. “Please excuse us, my Goddess and I will be sharing the foods that you’ve recommended to see how good they are. Plus, I can give her better wine than what they have here.” And with that the two of you left the Goddess at the food table. 

“Tch of course they’re looking at me. Who wouldn’t?”
Leon was now smirking, only to receive an eye roll from you. “Still full of yourself I see. But sorry to break it to you Leon but I’m pretty sure that they were all looking at this gorgeous Goddess by your side.” You couldn’t help but blush at the comment that the Goddess has made. Does she not know that you’re just a human? But even if she did, would she act different around you? Would she tease you that your a human attending a party in the Heavens?

Shaking off that feeling you made small conversations to lessen the awkwardness you were feeling awhile ago. You learned a lot from the group and couldn’t help but smile at them. Leon watched you as you mingled with the other Gods.

It didn’t bother Leon much that you drew a lot of attention to yourself. He was glad that you were his and that they can’t do anything about it. In a way this is how Leon showed you off to the other Gods and Goddesses. He’d smirked at the compliments that they gave you. 

Once he had enough he cut off their conversation with you. “Alright I’m taking my Goddess back. You can back off now and find your own happiness cause I’m not planning to share my happiness with anyone else.” With that, the two of you left the group holding hands while walking. 

He kept glancing around the ballroom on why the Gods and Goddesses looked towards the both of you. He had an idea, one was that they were shocked to see him bring a date to the party, two was that they were shocked of how beautiful you were. 

He knew very well that it was the second option. Within that moment a Goddess stopped in front of the two of you and introduced herself. Scorpio didn’t really care who she was but he pretended to just listen to your conversation. “I’m quite surprise that Scorpio here brought a lovely lady like you to the party. We all thought that he was gay for Leon or something because of their constant bickering but I guess we were wrong.” Scorpio’s eyebrow twitched in annoyance. The Goddess was definitely getting under his skin   

Scorpio could only glare at the other Goddess and she tried to impress you and flirt with you. It angered him more that you couldn’t tell that you didn’t notice it. It annoyed him how oblivious you were at this situation. “Y/N and I will be leaving now. Goodbye…” He trailed off because he forgot the name of the Goddess. Not like he cared in the beginning. 

He snapped his fingers and the two of you appeared at your apartment. Before you could even ask him why did he do that, he crashed his lips onto yours. “I didn’t like the way she was taking your attention from me. I don’t like the way she was looking at you, you’re mine alone.” He hugged you to hide his blushing face.

Doll face (Jimin the Tease)

*I don’t even know what to call this lol*

“Correct, Miss Y/N.” You smiled triumphantly and felt a pencil hit you in the head as your teacher turned around.

“Sorry, doll face. Didn’t see you there.” You rolled your eyes, him laughing at your annoyed look.

“It’s not funny.” Such an idiot. Tsk.

Park Jimin.

The school’s heartbreaker, and the King of getting into any girl to drop her skirt. He acted like he ruled the school with him and his friends.

You on the other hand was unimpressed by him, he only had his looks and his ability to dance. You weren’t going to deny him of both talents but it didn’t stop you from almost hating his guts.

To make matters worse, he has a cute baby face and you were unfortunately shorter than him, making him tease you for your height.

His friends were nicer to you, not joining with him sometimes when he picks on you. Or stopping other kids from picking on you. It was strange how they would only protect you from everyone else except Jimin.

“Tsk.” You turned back to the front and spent the rest of class, taking down notes. You answered more questions during class than your class’s genius, Namjoon.

He was part of Jimin’s group, oddly enough. He wouldn’t stray from doing his work but still managed to hang out with them. He’s the one that doesn’t put up with Jimin, making them bicker sometimes.

“Done.” He said, finishing the homework assigned 20 minutes ago. You had one question left from the homework before, someone snatched your book.

You could tell from the hand that grabbed your book and the body of the person that was Jimin, who strikes again.

“Hey, doll face. You mind if I borrow this?”

Another thing you’ve grown to dislike about him, he’d never call you by your name. Just ‘doll face’.

“Give it back, Jimin.”

“Talking back today, doll face? You usually glare at me.”

“Jimin, leave me-”

“Could you two stop flirting, I’m trying to study.” Namjoon said, annoyed by you two.  He turned back to reading his book, ignoring you two again.

You opened your mouth to snap at him when Jimin grabbed your hand and took you into a empty classroom. He pushed you in and locked the door, with his back against the door.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing, Jimin?”

“I love how feisty you are, doll face.”

“And can you quit calling me doll face, I’m not one of your little fuck toys.”

“No can do, doll face. And you’re much more than my little play thing.” He moved closer to you, making you move back.

“W-What are you doing-”

“Stuttering now, aren’t we?”

“Shut up-”

You hit a desk,and he prowled on you. You put your hands on his chest to stop him from leaning in.

“Don’t want to kiss me, doll?”

“I-I’m not going to kiss someone like you.”

“Is that so?” He pulled you by your collar, you were so close to his lips that you could feel his breath hitting your lips.

“You’re blushing, doll face.”

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You and Junhoe on Roommate would be like

• “is it junhwe? or junhoe? or j-”
“it’s oppa,”
*crazy blushing*

• him trying to act cool infront of you but while hes fronting you he slips amd falls on his butt

• tries to cover it up by saying “see i fell for you” then screaming internally at his cheesiness

• you catching him jam to your group’s song in his room then he immediately slams his laptop shut and acts cool

• you think its really cute so you decide to teach him the dance

• he acts like hes not interested then a couple minutes later he’s more into it than you

• he wakes up early to secretly help you do your chores before going for his schedule

• sometimes he packs little lunches for you that taste really bad but you still appreciate his effort

• you guys going out for bulgoggi together while the family is sleeping ( because as idols yall have really ling schedules ) and making raps about the bulgoggi and the kimbap

• you two visit his dorm to get to know his members and he introduces you as “just his friend” which breaks your heart a little but you dont wanna rush to things

• you guys make ramen and watch movies and while you and bobby are washing the dishes he whispers “you know he has feelings for you right. he wont stop talking about you”

• in front of the camera you two bicker like brother and sister but behind the scenes yall are flirting to no end

• so many “ friendly ” backhugs and the familys just staring like somethings definitely up

• the family decides to separate you and him into two separate rooms one night as a joke and interrogated the both of you

• in front of the camera he says you’re just his noona then the camera turns and he whispers to his hyungs “…that im in love with” and they all just shake their heads

• when the family makes kimchi together he steals some and you tell-tale on him and he pouts all sad and then turns to you with his mouth open and kimchi still there all childish like “FINE WHY DONT YOU TAKE IT BACK THEN hmph”

• the family just rolls their eyes and you guys are now named “childish couple”

• the family goes shopping together and he buys a beanie from a shop by the road but then realizes that he forgot his wallet and only has his card so he just runs away and makes you pay

• you get really upset and give him the silent treatment and hes all like “im sorryyyyyyy ill pay you back! plEaSe lOve Me”

• the next day he shows up in front of your room with a dozen roses and shrugs like its nothing and goes “to pay back for the beanie y'know” and theres a small card that says “ if ______ takes this bouquet of roses she has promised to be junhoes new girlfriend ” and you take it and he smiles like hes going to die then prances away and calls all his bandmates to tell them

Nut Up or Shut Up

Characters: Dean, Reader, Sam, Crowley

Summary: Sam finds a case that winds up being a coven of witches possessed by demons and the boys decide to call in Crowley to help out.  The reader and Dean both wind up cursed and the cure puts them in a rather intimate situation.

Word Count:2023

Warnings: Squirrel-y activity, a bubble bath, and slightly suggested smut.

A/N: This is my Christmas present for @tree-of-blue-squirrel, who requested a fic that would combine SPN and Gravity Falls and squirrels.  It was a lot of fun being your Secret Santa all month.  I hope you enjoy this, but if not, please let me know and I’ll give it another try.  Also, this is my first try at writing a crack fic so feedback is appreciated.  A thank you goes out to my wonderful betas for this @idreamofhazel and @torn-and-frayed.

Originally posted by marksheppardischarming

“Hello Moose, Squirrel.” Crowley greeted the boys, not paying any attention to you.

“Did he just call him…?!” you asked as you hopped excitedly up and down; frantically looking back and forth between Crowley and Dean.  

“Squirrel,” Dean said, bowing his head and nodding.  

“But I’m Squirrel!” you exclaimed energetically.   

Dean looked at you like you had lost your marbles. 

”Oh great, now there are two of you,” Crowley groaned.

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“Why is your shirt always unbuttoned like that?”“Does it distract you?”

All I want in life is a buddy cop show about these two trying to stop crime in Storybrooke.