will you two stop flirting and bickering

why do ppl act like lucaya have a bickering/antagonistic relationship……..are u sure we’re watching the same show? lucas literally got expelled for violent behaviour, he can defend himself. if maya was just making fun of him he would stop her??? he hates when ppl simply make fun of him or his friends yet instead..he retaliates/flirts back wth her, it’s a two-way thing and FRIENDLY. and it’s canon that maya does it because she likes him, and he lets her because he finds it funny??? like don’t throw around terms like “toxic” and “abusive” around a flirty/bantery relationship between 15 year olds. sorry r/ucas don’t interact with each other ever but it doesn’t mean u need to make an innocent relationship between lucas and maya seem unhealthy. bc it isn’t.