will you stay away forever

Cuddling (Newt Scamander x Reader Imagine)

You and Newt sat on the small sofa in your apartment in New York. Your head was resting on his shoulder and his was leaning on yours slightly. Your hands were intertwined and there was a big thick blanket covering you. The fire in the fireplace was cracking softly while the cold wind was howling outside and the snow almost seemed as if it were dancing on it. You could feel Newt’s warmth and cuddled closer to him as he put his arm around your shoulder. You felt that you could stay like this forever. After some time you started to drift away and closed your eyes. When he saw that you were sleeping Newt kissed your head and whispered: ‘I love you.’

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Fangirls of mass shooters are bad enough, but racist mass shooters? Someone who shot up a black church, because they were black, and made this abundantly clear in every interview and trial since? 

If you’re a Dylann Roof “fan” you are unbelievably disgusting and I want you to stay far as fuck away from me forever. I don’t give a shit what weird excuses you tell yourself, you are toxic and your “fandom” is toxic.

Like The Sun

She is like the sun;
far away
so hard to be reached
to be touched,
but when you do
you feel yourself on fire
burning down
turning into ashes and dusts,
carried by the wind to
abandoned houses
and empty streets.

She is like the sun
your world is
brighter with her,
alive because of her.
You cannot leave,
cannot stay away
but also cannot stay close.

Be with her and she’ll burn you,
stay away and you’ll live in darkness forever.

in this story, you stay parked two houses down from my heart. always. i leave the doors wide open and don’t worry about the thieves. the cracks in the windows let the sunlight in. when i beg you please, come in, stay for tea, stay forever, you drive away. always. chasing other things. rabbits, headlights, that one part of the sky that leaks like a tap.