will you please marry me benedict

What Were You Asking?: A Benedict Cumberbatch x Reader Drabble

You woke up slowly, relishing the warmth coming peeking through the curtains in your bed. You pressed your face back into your pillow, reaching out your hand to move in closer to Benedict. However, your hand only met cold sheets. You gripped the sheets, sitting up in the bed to look around and see if Benedict was in the room. When you discovered that he wasn’t, you frowned.

”Ben?” You called out, beginning to climb out of the bed. You ran a hand through your hair, rubbing the drowsiness out of your eyes with your right hand. You smiled when you heard Benedict’s footsteps coming down the hallway. You sat back down on the bed as he came into view. “There you are.” Benedict smiled at you, looking down a bit. After spending two years together, you could tell when he was nervous, and he was nervous right now. You raised an eyebrow, extending your left hand towards him. “Come h-“ The word died in your throat as you noticed a sparkle on your left hand. Your eyes widened a bit as you pulled your hand back towards you, inspecting the diamond ring. “Benedict.” His name came out in a breath, and you looked up at the man who was moving closer to you now.

He had a smile on his face as he kneeled beside you, “You only just noticed?” He chuckled as you nodded, eyes flickering over him briefly before looking back at the ring. “I’m sorry I couldn’t think of a better way to ask.. There wasn’t any way that was worthy enough for you, so I just..” Benedict took your hands in his own, thumb grazing over the ring.

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Alexander Hamilton on marriage, Part 3

I have previously posted an overview of AH’s marriage ideals, followed by a focus on the time period 1777-spring 1780. Here, I’ll focus on AH’s letters in the summer and fall of 1780, during which time he was engaged to Elizabeth Schuyler. My focus here is not so much on the AH-ES relationship itself, but on what can be gleaned about AH’s thoughts on marriage from the letters he composes to her.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t comment on some biographers’ interpretations of AH’s marriage: that it was a cynical endeavor designed to improve his social station and ensure financial stability. I think more recent work has called this into question to the point that this interpretation is slowly being abandoned, although work integrating the Hamiltons’ marriage, 18th century companionate marriage, the role of marriage in that society, Hamilton’s views of honor, and further examination into Hamilton’s personal life still needs to be done. My posts are really drafts, or works-in-progress, in that area, that I hope to further flesh out as I’m able. I also feel the need to state that I don’t intend to erase ES’s voice on marriage, but as most of the letters we have from her that speak to her marriage are from after AH’s death (with a few very notable exceptions I’ll discuss later), they aren’t my focus right now.  

In the letters that we have from the time period July-October 1780, AH reveals himself to be deeply concerned with ES and their love, writing at times that he can think of nothing else. He expresses love, longing, eagerness to be reunited with her, and his insecurity. For those who have read all of the AH-ES courtship letters, the quotes below are probably very familiar. But I copy them here because I think they are necessary to try to get at AH’s thoughts as he approaches his December 1780 marriage to ES.  

From these letters, what can we glean about the qualities that AH wanted in his marriage?  

First, let’s look at the qualities he seems to value in ES.  He praises her for the following (I’ve tried to keep his original language as much as possible): innocent simplicity and frankness, beauty of person and mind, having unpretending good sense, good nature affability and vivacity, sweetness and charms, and the sweet softness and delicacy of your mind and manners. She is gentle and tender. He likes that she is sensible, and appreciates her candor. In a letter to MS, he praises her as unmercifully handsome and lacking in pretty affectations, vanity, and ostentation. To Laurens, he praises ES again for practical matters, and he notes his sexual interest in her.  

These descriptions put emphasis on ES’s value to him as a life partner - she’s honest, sensible, good natured, and loving. She doesn’t value vanity - which may be of concern given his financial situation. There is plenty in the letters that also expresses his sexual attraction and tenderness for her (and the delight he feels in her tenderness for him), but it’s interesting that AH, in describing her, praises her especially for her practical qualities, or rather virtues. He may also be signaling that his interest in her is not driven solely by lust or infatuation, but by a mature and thoughtful evaluation of the kind of partner she will be for him.  AH admits to “having moments when I feel a disposition to make a more perfect discovery of your temper, and character” 3Sept1780 and sends her questions designed to uncover these qualities. Considering that they are engaged about two months after her arrival in Morristown, he may have seen this as a way of also indicating to her his own suitability as a partner: he’s a practical and mature man who has thought carefully about their prospective union to arrive at the conclusion that, “I think we know each other well enough to understand each other’s feelings, and to be sure our affection will not only last but be progressive” 13Oct1780.

I’m going to break this down into somewhat clumsy and debatable categories that are often used in the ideals of marriage in that time period.

Social/religious function of marriage

I have ever since you gave me leave to do it, considered loved and cherished you as my own; but the prospect of your being so by those sacred ties which society has established and heaven approves has something delightful in it….How often have I have with Eloisa exclaimed against those forms which I now revere as calculated to knit our union together by new and stronger bands….A sincere passion takes pleasure in multiplying the ties by which it is held to its object. .. With transport will my heart answer to the question, will you take this woman to be thy wedded wife? 27Oct1780  

This is a the strongest statement we have, in this period, about AH’s belief in marriage, in its social and religious function. He speaks of it as “sacred ties” for society (this line of thinking will be confirmed in a future post with an AH quote), that he now “reveres” marriage, and he notes that it will further and more strongly tie them together, which he views with “pleasure.” He ends with an emotional statement of his feelings when he takes his wedding vows.

Life-long attachment

I alleviate the pain of absence by looking forward to that delightful period which gives us to each other forever; and my imagination serves up such a feast of pleasure as almost makes me forget the deprivation I now experience. 6July1780

The lovely partner of my life. 6July1780

[L]et our hearts melt in a prayer to be soon united, never more to be separated. Aug1780

In the quotes above, AH indicates that he expects their union to be life-long. Although the standard of the age, this probably wasn’t a simple notion for him - his mother had two unsuccessful romantic partnerships. Nor was divorce an impossibility for ES, given her own station, although she would have likely not had custody of their children.

Shared goals

I know too you have so much of the Portia in you, that you will not be out done in this line by any of your sex, and that if you saw me inclined to quit the service of your country, you would dissuade me from it. I have promised you, you recollect, to conform to your wishes, and I persist in this intention. Aug1780

An indifference to property enters into my character too much, and what affects me now as my Betsey is concerned in it, I should have laughed at or not thought of at all a year ago. But I have thoroughly examined my own heart. Beloved by you, I can be happy in any situation, and can struggle with every embarrassment of fortune with patience and firmness. I cannot however forbear entreating you to realize our union on the dark side and satisfy, without deceiving yourself, how far your affection for me can make you happy in a privation of those elegancies to which you have been accustomed. If fortune should smile upon us, it will do us no harm to have been prepared for adversity; if she frowns upon us, by being prepared, we shall encounter it without the chagrin of disappointment.  Aug1780

For after all the proofs I have of your tenderness and readiness to share every kind of fortune with me it is a presumptuous diffidence of your heart to propose the examination I did. 3Sept1780

[B]ut I want to know, whether you would prefer my receiving the nuptial benediction in my uniform or in a different habit. It will be just as you please; so consult your whim and what you think most consistent with propriety. If you mean to follow our plan of being secretly married, the scruple ought to appear entirely your own, and you should begin to give hints of it. …5Oct1780

These quotes on quite different matters indicates that AH sees their relationship as a partnership in which they both have opinions, and ES is expected to offer input into matters that affect them both.


So far My Dear Betsey as the tenderest affection can compensate for other inconveniences in making your estimate, you cannot give too large a credit for this article. My heart overflows with every thing for you, that admiration, esteem and love can inspire. I would this moment give the world to be near you only to kiss your sweet hand. Believe what I say to be truth and imagine what are my feelings when I say it. Aug 1790

I have no time to indulge my heart by dwelling on those assurances which it delights to be ever giving you of its admiration, of its esteem of its love. My life shall be a continued proof of the unbounded affection of your [remainder missing] 31July1780

Self-love will never per⟨mit⟩ me to be unkind to you; for are not y⟨ou the dearest⟩ part of myself? 31Aug1780

I entreat you my lovely girl to believe that my tenderness for you every day increases and that no time or circumstances can abate it. 25Sept1780

You cannot conceive my avidity for everything that would endear me more to you… 2Oct1780

[I write you so often] to indulge myself and to comply with that restless propensity of mind, which will not allow me to be happy when I am not doing something in which you are concerned.  This may seem a very idle disposition in a philosopher and a soldier…and goes on to use Achilles as an example of devotion to a woman, for he had liked to have sacrificed Greece and his glory to his passion for a female captive. 15Oct1780

I feel it is essential to my happiness that the period should arrive when all my moments will be softened, enlivened, and blessed by your company.  I almost pine after peace.  Then, if ever I suffer you to be out of my sight, it will be an unwilling sacrifice to decorum. 27Oct1780

Prepare my charming bride to crown your lover with every thing that is tender, kind, passionate and endearing in your sex. He will bring you a heart fraught with all a fond woman can wish. 27Oct1780

Here, AH expounds on the importance of affection in their relationship. Indeed, based on his numerous statements about it, it seems of utmost importance to him that their relationship be loving, tender, and marked by deep affection.


I know you will be ready to justify her conduct and to tell me the ill treatment she received was enough to make any girl of spirit act in the same manner. But I will one day cure you of these refractory notions about the right of resistance, (of which I foresee you will be apt to make a very dangerous application), and teach you the great advantage and absolute necessity of implicit obedience. Aug1780

When I come to Albany, I shall find means to take satisfaction for your neglect. You recollect the mode I threatened to punish you in for all your delinquen[c]ies. 8Aug1780

[Y]et [husbands] still retain the power of happiness and misery; and if you are prudent you will not trust the felicity of your future life to one in whom you have not good reason for implicit confidence. 13Oct1780

It’s difficult to tell, without knowing the mode of punishment, if AH is joking in the middle quote. All of the quotes note that husbands have the “power” to decide what is judicious. But it’s also notable that he’s warning her of this before their marriage, and in last quote, asking her to again evaluate his suitability.

Mutual satisfaction

Tis not the vanity of excelling others, but the desire of pleasing my Betsey that dictates these wishes. In her eyes I should wish to be the first the most amiable the most accomplished of my sex; but I will make up all I want in love. 2Oct1780

For your own part, your business now is to study “the way to keep him”—which is said to be much the most difficult task of the two; though in your case I verily believe it will be an easy one, and that to succeed effectually you will only have to wish it sincerely. May I only be as successful in pleasing you, and may you be as happy as I shall ever wish to make you. 5Oct1780

Take more care of my happiness, for there is nothing your Hamilton would not do to promote yours. 13Oct1780

As with shared goals, AH places emphasis on the importance of ES’s personal happiness to him, and indicates that their happiness is to be mutual.  


Could I forgive Arnold for sacrificing his honor reputation and duty I could not forgive him for acting a part that must have forfeited the esteem of so fine a woman….Indeed  my angelic Betsey, I would not for the world do any thing that would hazard your esteem.  'Tis to me a jewel of inestimable price & I think you may rely I shall never make you blush.  25Sept1780

The forfeiture of ES’s esteem will again make an appearance in AH’s very last letter to her. This quote seems to speak to the importance that ES see him as a gentleman.

Erotic attachment

A spirit entering into bliss, heaven opening upon all its faculties, cannot long more ardently for the enjoyment, than I do my darling Betsey, to taste the heaven that awaits me in your bosom. Is my language too strong? It is a feeble picture of my feelings—no words can tell you how much I love and how much I long—you will only know it when wrapt in each others arms we give and take those delicious caresses which love inspires and marriage sanctifies. 5Oct1780  

AH is not only sexual attracted to her, but he believes in, and looks forward to, the blessings of marriage sanctifying their sexual activity.

Before finishing here, I’ll note that AH also began developing relationships with other members of the Schuyler family in 1780 to whom he’d also enjoy a life-long closeness. CS is in Morristown for the spring on 1780; AH and MS meet and seem to develop a fond and joking correspondence, and PS was frequently with AH during the campaign in the summer and fall and became a correspondent on more than military matters. As he writes ES, “Mention me affectionately to your Mother and to Peggy. Tell all the family I love them” [27Oct1780]. As he refers to his own father as “our father” and CS as “mama”, AH demonstrates that their marriage also includes considering each other’s families as their own.  

I will do a separate post on the 16Sept1780 letter to Laurens, as it seems to get a lot of attention. I will also move on to discuss AH’s thoughts on marriage from the 1781-1804 period using specific quotes, and the Reynolds pamphlet.


Inspiration: Rebellion is when you look society in the face and say Iunderstand who you want me to be, but I’m going to show you who I actually am. (Anthony Anaxagorou)

Word Count: 4,968 (Sorry it’s so long!)

Warnings: SMUT. BENEDICT SMUT. And I do mean hard core SMUT, NOT for the faint of heart. FLUFF. (It’s not in reader’s perspective! This was an early writing, so just bear with me!) 

Summary: A random one shot that I cooked up one day watching an extremely handsome man on a motorcycle… This was my first attempt at smut! haha, a good while ago! I hope you enjoy, my pretties!

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Imagine going home and suddenly you are feeling dizzy. You remember the cofee you just drank in your favorite in coffeeshop, it tasted a little odd and also the barista looked somehow bad. But you didn’t want to hurt him and just thought it would be your tastebuds that would be strange today. But now you see you were right, but it is too late, you are already falling down to the ground, but before you touch the street someone gently catches you. The next thing you remember is waking up in a cathedral. It is beautiful and it totally remembers you of those russisian achiteture. As you look down you see you are dressed in a white dress, mermaid-style, just like you always wanted it to be if you allowed yourself to think of weddings. But who would do this to you? Drug you and then put you in a weddingdress in your dreamplace? You don’t even have a boyfriend at the moment, the last one was Sherlock, but you did split just a week ago. He said you would want more from him as he could give, that you would overload him. You sign and decide to explore the place since you aren’t bind or anything. “Hello?”, going out you see the whole church, people are sitting in the benches. “Don’t worry! Everything is fine!”. Suddenly your best friend stands besides you and takes your arm to walk you to the altar. And as you go nearer you see him: Your dream man! Tall, pale, with perfectly brownish, curly hair and eyes to sink in. Sherlock looks at you as if he played a trick on you. “Darling! I am sorry, I didn’t want to scare you, but a traditional proposal just wouldn’t be our style. So, do you want me? Because I want you more then anything on this planet, you are the only thing I really want! Only you can give me those feelings as deep as I never felt them. I was afraid at first, but not anymore! Please, love me, marry me, be there for me as I will be there for you! What do you say?”


John…I’m sorry. I cant live knowing that the one I love most doesn’t feel the same. 

What? Sherlock what do you- Oh no! no SHERLOCK! LISTEN TO ME! I do feel the same! I LOVE- SHERRRLOOOCKKK!

Please. I love you. PLEASE don’t be..don’t be dead. I need you, Sher. I NEED you.


I’m coming, I’m coming! What do you-

Hello John. Willyoumarrymeplease?I don’t think I can live without you, Imissedyousomuchpleasesay-


*when i meet my favorite celebrity*
  • Me: hi can you please do me a favor?
  • Celeb: yeah of course sweetie, what is it?

I decide to go to the courtyard to read my letter from home. I sit on my favorite bench and open it carefully.

I read.

“Dear Lee Lee,

Have you been doing well? We’re sure you have! Nothing can bring down our brilliant witch.

So Mum’s got a big case right now! She’s in the midst of divorcing these american celebrities, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. I know those names mean nothing to you, but they were very famous when Mum and I were your age. Frankly, I’m surprised they stayed married this long.

Anyway, Lee Lee, you will NEVER believe who came into the restaurant the other day! Benedict Cumberbatch. In the flesh, Sherlock Holmes, in MY resturaunt! I got him to record a message for you on my phone for when you get back.

He won’t say it, but Ryler misses you too.I know you won’t believe me, but its true. He got a new job, but when he’s home, he just skulks and plays video games. He’ll come around Lee Lee, I promise.

Please write back soon! We love you!


I chuckle and gasp and roll my eyes at the appropriate moments in the letter. Then, someone comes up and blocks my light.

Fic: The Sound of Silence
Summary: Written off the back of 3x20 ‘Kansas’. Rumpel comes clean to Belle about what he did to Zelena, and together, they begin to work through it all… A little angsty, but I promise there is a happy ending. I will go down with this ship, so let’s #keepthecupalive “Where have you been?” Belle’s voice is perfectly neutral, but her face is guarded. It’s not an accusatory expression; it’s not confrontational. It’s as if she’s bracing herself for an answer that she doesn’t want to hear. So Rumpel gives it to her. They’ve already started their engagement on the wrong foot and there’s no sense in perpetuating it. “I killed Zelena.”

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Things that could make me dislike/hate a celebrity:
- drugging and raping coworkers and friends.
- robbing banks
- being nasty to children
- paedophilia
- any act of violence against animals
- treating fans like trash

- killing someone

Things that don’t make me dislike/hate a celebrity
- dating someone who is happy and consenting and of proper age
- lying to the press about their private life to keep said relationship between two consenting adults private.

We as fans are not entitled to know what’s going on in some celeb life. They are allowed to lie us about their private life, and by what happened in fandom like twihards about Pattinson and Stewart or in the cumberbatch fandom when he got engaged and married, they have all the reason to lie and keep their private life even more private. If some of my followers have something nasty to say about certain celebs and their private life, unfollow me and block me, thank you very much. And please, tell E who you are so that I can unfollow you.

Thank you for your attention.

Mom today though

Mom: Please help me put the new vacuum cleaner together!

Me: I have no idea how to do such a thing, Mom.

Mom: You are smart you can figure it out.

Me: Half the time I just pretend to be smart

Mom: -gasp- you are not just pretending. And you’d better not say that. How do you expect to marry an intelligent and beautiful man like Cumberbuns by pretending?

Me: I’m too amused to be offended by that comment right now.

Comic-Con Adventures

Yesterday 5/04/14 I attended Oz Comic-Con here in Adelaide.. I bought a weekend pass.
By far the best day and experience of my life.
9:30am I met Dean O'Gorman for an autograph. He was so positive and bright. I said he was so beautiful in person and he was so happy I said that. We then started having a big conversation. (Which was the best thing ever!) What a beautiful man to meet. I love saying that I admire him.

10:00am I got my Dwarf Duo photo with Stephen Hunter and John Callen. Omg what funny guys! I’m wearing my Kingdom Hearts top and they literally ask me what the hell is on my top.. So I tell them that it’s my favourite video game and they were like “Ohhhh.. It’s a video game..” Then we had the photo and I said “I probably look spastic in the photo and they said "I’m sure you’ll look beautiful!” AHOMGJHJKDH! They were funny and down to earth! Love them! (And yes I’m aware my arms look crazy haha)

11:00am I met Benedict Cumberbatch… Yes what a beautiful man! I must of looked so nervous because he said “Are you okay?..” Nawww you cutie Ben! His arm was around me and I died.. He was so polite and beautiful.. I wanted to cuddle him. He said to me to have a good day and I said he was beautiful and he just did this perfect little “Aw thank-you.” He really is a lovely soul.

After this I walked around a bit and bought a Sherlock poster and a Kingdom Hearts key blade :)

4:30pm I lined up and had my photo with Dean O'Gorman! He really is so handsome. He remembered me from that morning from the autographs. I was honored, I couldn’t believe it. He said to me twice “It was a pleasure to meet you.” Please marry me Dean!! OMG! Love him to bits!

aivazovski  asked:

hello! i've found your blog by accident, i was just reading about the 1d fandom and someone mentioned this whole mess about benedict and his wife. i've just finished reading some posts about this but i still don't understand one thing... why. i wouldn't be so shocked if i knew those people are shipping him with martin freeman or some female co-star but they are just very very angry??? could you please explain me shortly what are the origins of this ridiculous situation? thank you! c;

It’s a little hard to explain because I don’t totally understand it myself, but it really boils down to one thing: jealousy. It’s a group of females, one teenager for sure, some a few years older, and at least 3 women that we know for sure are close to 50 or even older, that simply can’t stand the idea of Benedict being with anybody but them. It’s as if the fact that he got married totally ruined their lives, and they have an extreme need to punish him for it. They act like they’re entitled to tell him what to do and how to do it, and because he didn’t ask their permission to marry Sophie, he needs to be shamed for that. 

If it was just a bunch of females just sitting around bitching about it, it wouldn’t be so bad. But these females have gone way beyond that. Making up lies about Sophie, that she was a prostitute, a high class escort, that she’s lied about her work, that she faked the pregnancy, that she’s a heroin and/or cocaine addict, that Christopher is actually another man’s baby, that she’s blackmailing Benedict…. The list goes on. They’ve mocked her looks, belittled her clothing choices, wished her dead, and some have even made posts that sound uncomfortably close to wishing Christopher were no longer alive either.

They’ve also made up lies about Benedict, that he’s a weakling, a coward, a closeted gay man, a child molester, a wife beater, has frequently used underage prostitutes, is also a heroin and/or cocaine addict (who went through drug rehab in the middle of rehearsals for Hamlet!), was in on the fake pregnancy and carries a rubber doll around town, got one of the underage hookers pregnant so Christopher is the child of that hooker…. Again, the list goes on. Oh, and they also predict and/or hope for every single one of his artistic endeavors to crash and fail. They predicted Hamlet would play to an empty theater. They predicted The Abominable Bride would fail (because, they claim, he was high on drugs and disrupted the filming). They’re tagging Marvel in a lot of their posts because they want him fired from Doctor Strange. They also believe that Disney is going to force him to banish Sophie from his life sooner or later because she’s such a horrendous person.

And yet they call themselves fans, which makes zero sense. Fans don’t hope for the object of their adoration to be publicly humiliated and shamed, to be jobless, homeless, alone, in jail, alienated from his family and friends, to basically become so toxic and untouchable that no one could possibly love him.

All because he married Sophie Hunter and started a family with her.

Because they can’t stand the idea of him having sex with her and not with them.

Because he didn’t ask their permission first.

Because he didn’t follow their instructions or expectations.

Some of these females are young and incredibly immature. I hold out some hope for them that they’ll grow up and look back on their behavior with some shame and regret the things they’ve done. But the ones that are older…I honestly don’t know for sure what’s wrong with them.

Some of them do exhibit signs and symptoms of the psychological disorder erotomania and actually believe that Benedict has been sending them silent messages begging them to help “save” him. More than once they were certain that he wore certain items of clothing while doing stage door autographs after Hamlet performances because he’d read their blogs.

Gatorfisch is one of the leading haters, and I really don’t know how to explain her and her behavior. I do have some opinions but I just don’t want to go there. But something is definitely wrong with her. She’s the one who has spread some of the most vicious rumors, including the drug rumors, then tries to dismiss it as simply discussing gossip. She claims to have multiple sources, including friends of Benedict, who contact her through her blog. She blames everything on a friend of Sophie and Benedict named Gambles. She’s convinced that Benedict and Sophie read her blog and that Sophie sends her anonymous hate. Everyone and everything is manipulated by public relations, nothing is for real. Her usual response to anyone asking her for proof of what she’s posting about is “it’s in somebody’s archive somewhere, I don’t have time to look for it, fuck off!” She has made multiple posts that she could most definitely be sued for, most recently posts accusing the vicar who performed the Cumberbatches’ wedding as having faked the ceremony and then being rewarded with another position for it. She has basically slandered the entire Church of England, and that’s just for starters. Why she does this, I don’t know. What I do know is that this is something that regular happy people simply do NOT do.

I know this has turned into a really long post that in the end really didn’t sufficiently answer your question. But in some ways it truly is inexplicable. And it does seem to infect multiple fandoms, unfortunately.

The one really good side effect of this whole situation is that the haters helped turn me into a fan of Sophie Hunter. In a perfect world, I would have liked her anyways because I wish Benedict nothing but happiness, but she would have meant nothing to me outside of that. But thanks to the scorn heaped on her and the way she continues to live her life privately and quietly and with grace and dignity, she has impressed me, and I like her a lot. So in a strange way, I have to thank the haters for that.

Please tell me somebody made a gifset when Martin said “also liked when we did really rough stuff…thinking violent thoughts” and Amanda touched his face and Benedict said “like when you were gonna getting married” OH MY GOD IT WAS THE BEST PART

anonymous asked:

sucks being in benedict cumberbatch's fandom now. finally no more benedict cumberbatch on my dashboard now since benedict is GETTING MARRIED!

Please be reminded that those who make edits/graphics/gif of him or any other celebrities are to be called the artists / the picasso of the world wide web a.k.a genius. No amount of his personal life is going to disrupt our creativity.Hell, thanks to him that I get to know and be inspired by many wonderful artists on Tumblr. I get to teach people how to photoshop like what my bf sent to me just this morning he needs help. We dont need you to belittle the artists.