will you never leave me

excerpt from a book I’ll never write. (13)

“I know I don’t say this enough, and I didn’t mean to wake you up, but thank you,” my right hand resting on the side of her cheek as her eyes flutters open.

“Thank you for staying by side even though I’m always away. Thank you for putting up with me and all my crap. Thank you for loving me despite my countless flaws. Thank you for never leaving me no matter how much I push you away,” she smiles at the unexpected, he was never one to be so cheesy.

“Thank you for inspiring me to be better every single day. Thank you for showing me that love is something I should never take for granted – especially not from someone like you.”

He tucked a few strands of hair before leaving a tender kiss on the tip of her nose, saying his final gratitude, “But most of all, thank you for giving me a reason to wake up every morning feeling like the luckiest guy in the world.


Gladio Headcanons (Request)

-Gladio would be completely hurt and upset that you would keep that from him.

-He asks you why you felt as if you had to hide it from him.

-This huge man would wrap his arms around you, and hold you close.

-“Don’t ever feel like you have to hide stuff from me. I would never judge you or leave you. Please, let me help you.”

-He would help you with your heart problem anyway he can.

-Need your medication? He’ll pick it up for you. Going into surgery? He’s driving and staying the entire time.

-No matter what happens to you, he will always be there for you.


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This bitch is not spending the holidays alone. (Or whatever it is :))

He had mentioned somewhere along the way that he was planning to go back to Pickering for Christmas. The expression on her face as she watched him pack clearly showed that she hadn’t committed the thought to memory. She pushed her bottom lip out in a pout, walking over to where he stood and plopped down on the bed next to his suitcase. He looked up from the shirt he was folding briefly, the expression on her face puzzling him. 

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The hardest thing is when you don’t want to, but you have to. It’s like you have to break your own heart. Like you have to take away your own happiness. It’s doing the worst thing that could ever happen to yourself, because you have to. So believe me when I say, I never wanted to leave you.
—  P.G.G ; jxd
I hope one day you regret everything and realize things weren’t so bad between us and maybe you realize I did my best for you every single day. However, when that day comes I’ll be gone, and we missed a perfectly good chance to find happiness together.