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Begin!AU - Reflection Series : Snowdrop

Snowdrop | Lilac

// o2.18 Happy Birthday J-Hope!

mini messengers.

Voltron fic recs, the threequel


I’m sorry I’ve been so absent recently. Excuses, excuses etc. etc. but basically I’ve had a bazillion work socials, commissions up the wazoo and am severely lacking in sleep. These things combined do not make for good artings. 


Have some more fic recs! Knock yourselves out. See if you can spot the thing I said I wasn’t interested in and would probably never read >__> Ahaha ha look how that turned out…

As with any rec list, please pay attention to the tags and warnings <3

all we have to do - 19.5K; klance; Keith gets hurt during a mission, and Lance is not sure how to handle that.

equations for a falling body - 25k; klance; Keith, Lance, an alien drug and an enclosed space, and what happens after.

To the Universe and Back with You - 10k (WIP); klance; When Keith took off after the Galra empire fell he left Lance with a broken heart and a whole lot of resentment. Fast forward seven years later and Lance is the only paladin living on Earth, with his cat Peaches for company. It’s not perfect, but he’s happy. That is, until Shiro summons them to form Voltron again…

it’s quite bizarre, and will remain this way - 16.5k; klance; Keith is determined to keep his head down while serving out his community service volunteering at the Rex Alfor Memorial Space Muesum, but one rather loud member of staff won’t leave him alone…

shining like the stars - 139k (WIP); shklance; In a bid to help strengthen team Volron and their lion bonds, Allura takes the paladins on a pilgrimage to face the trials in the paladin temples. Keith unexpectely presenting as an omega rather throws a rather large spanner in the works…

Stormchasing - 18k; klance; Lance never intended to spend his vacation chasing after Keith’s premonitions, but here he is. Keith makes bad decision, Lance makes mistakes, and both of them are stuck together on a space pirate adventure neither of them asked for.

Purple Marks and Bleeding Hearts - 46.5k (WIP); klance;  Lance’s newest job is not what the sniper signed up for when he joined team Voltron. This mark shouldn’t be any different from the other Galra, but he is.

Feel the Bonds - 53.5k; klance; Being a paladin of Voltron is honestly the coolest thing that ever could’ve happened to Lance, but the people who should know probably never will. And despite their fighting, Keith is there for him when Lance is feeling particularly homesick. 

I hardly see any posts out there about this so I guess I’ll be the one to do it. 

To all my beautiful followers with eczema, vitiligo, birthmarks, psoriasis, or any other skin condition-you are beautiful. 

For all my lovely guys, girls, and non binary friends going to prom this year and feeling self conscious as hell-I love you & you are beautiful. You slay in that dress or tux. I know it’s not easy but your skin condition does not define you. 

hello hey hey hello eyy

i thought i might do a little update since it’s err.. i have a little energy left before bed

university is giving me a super hard time and sucking all the energy i have for drawing/posting/being active in a nutshell

i’m super thankful for the people in my life who back me up, for the fact itself that i have people in my life to fall back on ( thank you senpain for constantly being there *clap clap* your patience is priceless)

also thank you everyone who sticks around :’) honestly i was expecting you all - can i call you friends, its weird to say followers- you all friends to unfollow my inconsequential ass :’’) 

i want to offer more to this blog but as i am right now.. i don’t feel like i have something worthy of offering - i just wish with all my heart to get in a better phase of my life so i could just draw

haha wow this became a rant

anyhoo please have this..old..super sketchy…CG redraw of yoosungie - remembered i made it after i saw @itscutiepieyoosung dedicating a moment of silence to it and damn did i agree lmao

i drew it at an early stage of mysme syndrome, ahh i was happily in love and and angry he didnt have a damn nose : ) look now he has a cute one!! *boop it boop boop*

that’s all folks!! i hope you have a super duper day/night! *fingerguns wink wink*

Just a quick psa to let you guys know that I’m alive and well and that I’ll be back very soon *hugs*


So I know durinswizardwheezes just made a powerpoint but she inspired me to make one too because YOU CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH AND OMG THIS SHOW I SWEAR

This is inspired by durinswizardwheezes’ powerpoint and ninthfeather’s post quantum-angel’s powerpoint and and envy-loves-you’s post (spoilers in the last two)

Thanks to @durinswizardwheezes@ninthfeather​  envy-loves-you @quantumseraph​  dannyboymw and KingOfStupidElephants


I was tagged by @goodness-gracious-great-balls-of to post 3 pics of yourself: 1 from 7 years ago, 1 from 3 years ago, and 1 from this year! 🌵🌵🌵just to see how much you’ve changed 

 it took me 7 years but I finally got cute lmaooo thank every single god and it’s weird seeing my hair down to my shoulders?? past me was wild 

I tag: @trieizieme @catmoons @chiarathekiwi @pkindude90 @nakadoodle @mymusicaloasis @iamtherealcactus @toshikijeevas @newtbrain @ambulatoryhoodie @ittybittytidbit but only if you guys want to tho !


some warmup sketches from earlier this month!! i usually forget to post these and they get buried under wips ;;  

guess who didn’t sleep and has class in two hours


the digimon original gang all older and revamped im going to cry  

Musings time! (Basically, be ready for quite some rambling because I'm having a Shinya moment)

Ok so, i have never done this kind of thing, but I was scrolling through tumblr and suddenly I had a Shinya moment, or just call it epiphany, if you wish? Anyway, in spite of all those who just consider him a pure little soul, a precious cinnamon roll to protect (okay maybe protecting him wouldn’t be a bad idea?), I just wanted to focus on how really strong and potentially dark this character is. Gonna put it under cut because it’s really long, so read at your own risk…

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((A few people have shown interest in having threads with Low Sanity Warner(LSW) so to keep things a bit organized and tidy, I’m going to make an ‘event’ for it(idk what to call it) Just so there aren’t posts and asks for normal warner and LSW at the same time and it’s not confusing for everyone. I want a bit of time to make a few more drawings to post for it so I’m going to shoot to kick it off this saturday. 03/25 in the evening.

How does that sound?