will you give me free pants if i tag you

shine-star123  asked:

Can you make me a Sim please I love your cc by the way ❤️❤️

thank you and here you go! I hope you’ll like her :)


this is Leah Currie - a Sim for @shine-star123​​ as she asked me for her :) for future reference, please send me your needs (race, sex etc.) as it’s easier for me to make a Sim that will fit your likes :*  it’s not required tho, you know :)  feel free to use this Sim a base and change whatever you like, also tag me if you decide to give this Sim her own personality and story - I would love to see!

note that I use this mod completely deleting EA eyelashes, so if you haven’t installed it the Sim might have default eyelashes, but I’m not sure.


skin / eyelashes / hair / eyes (default)


lips / eyeliner / blush


bodysuit / pants / flats

download (tray files)