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Flowers In Darkness: Chapter 4

Ch 1     Ch 2     Ch 3

Pairings: Logicality/eventual Prinxiety

Warnings: Death, mention of gruesome murder (there’s a bad dude who did bad things being judged, and Logan’s punishment is uh…pretty graphic, but this is a Greek Mythology AU so it’s in keeping with the source content)

Chapter Four: Cold and Judgement

Virgil paced nervously, glancing between the clock and Roman, who was idly strumming a tune on his harp. Patton was late. He always met with them at this time every day. It was one of the few times he could get away from Demeter, and the three of them looked forward to it. In all the time they had known each other, Patton had never been late. Not once. And he was extremely late today.

“What do you think happened to him?” Roman stopped playing at Virgil’s quiet question, and the Muse shared a sad look with him.

“You know what happened. His mother probably went batshit insane when she heard Logan was sniffing around her baby boy, so she’s got him under lock and key again. Who knows when he’ll see freedom again?”

“It’s so unfair.” Virgil muttered, scowling at the floor.

“Life often is, or so the mortals say.” Demeter’s voice sounded from the doorway, and the pleasant tone of her voice immediately put both of them on edge. Roman covered beautifully, offering her a beaming smile.

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Thank you to everyone who sent in fic recs. Happy Holidays!!!

all the lights are full of colour by infinitelymint (26k)

So, fast-forwarding eight years from the day Harry met Louis, he is now a twenty-seven year old owner of one of the most up-and-coming eating establishments on the London restaurant scene, father of two wonderful boys and… separated from his husband. Now, that last part definitely was never a part of the original plan.

Or, Harry and Louis are separated, but for the sake of their two sons, they choose to spend Christmas together. It may just lead to a Christmas miracle.

all those chandeliers of hope (or, four shit christmas presents harry received, and one that turned out alright) by usedtothebeach (8k)

Harry’s friends keep surprising him with terrible Christmas gifts. He’s less surprised that Louis is the reason.

Candles On Air by isthatyoularry (29k)

A Christmas AU ft. Pining, Heartbreak, and maybe A Happy Ending.

Chestnuts Roasting… And All That by elsi_bee (46k)

Louis is apparently the only person at his new job who is single as can be. It’s not a big deal to just tell his new colleagues that he has a boyfriend, right? Until he has to make this imaginary boyfriend magically appear at the office holiday party. Cue fake relationship antics with a certain someone who is more than willing to play along.

Everything I Need I Get From You by moodlighting (8k)

Historical AU. It’s two days before Christmas, and Harry has only two pounds and thirty pence to his name to purchase a gift for Louis.

Frozen Hands to Hold by hickeystyles (41k)

Christmas AU where Harry is spending the holiday alone until he meets Louis who invites him to spend Christmas with his family and friends. Harry may or may not be in love with him at first sight.

Home for Christmas by haloeverlasting (22k)

The one where Harry didn’t think he wanted a family, but with a little Christmas magic (and maybe one Louis Tomlinson) he realizes that he is very, very wrong.

If My Yesterday is a Disgrace, Tell Me That You’ll Still Recall My Name by Trytoescapeit (16k)

Harry and Louis are childhood friends for only a year when Louis moves out of town. Fast forward to the future and Harry is a used-to-be rich kid who cut off his family’s inheritance to build a life of his own and Louis owns the small cafe that’s hiring. Harry spends three days trying to get Louis to remember him (because he never forgot)

If Only in My Dreams by jupiter_lou (13k)

The one where Harry’s new flatmate, Louis, needs a place to spend Christmas, so he invites him to spend it with his family. When they arrive, everyone thinks they’re dating.

If the Fates Allow by afirethatcannotdie (13k)

Louis yells at a stranger in a shop and a few days later, needs his help. Desperately. Then he discovers he’s kind of in love with him.

Like Candy In My Veins by littlelouishiccups (31k)

“Um…” Harry said slowly after a moment. “Okay. That’s… this is… Let me get this straight.” He lifted up a hand and swallowed. “You told your family that you have a boyfriend… and my name was the first one you thought of?”

“Harry Potter was on TV, alright? It wasn’t that much of a stretch.” Louis pinched the bridge of his nose. He couldn’t believe he was explaining himself to Harry fucking Styles. He couldn’t believe he was stooping this low. “Forget it. I’m sorry I even thought about bringing you into this.”

Harry snorted. “What? Did you want me to pretend to be your boyfriend or something?”

Or the A/B/O, enemies to lovers, fake relationship, Christmas AU

love is a word (you gave it a name) by hattalove (21k)

It’s christmas. in between snowman building, tree shopping, and ill-advised skating on a frozen lake, louis and harry get ready to take the most important step of their lives.

Make My Wish Come True (Baby All I Want For Christmas Is You) by larrymylove (29k)

Louis has just agreed to spend the holidays with his family, and to bring Harry along with him. There’s just one problem…he and Harry have broken up, and are wanting to avoid telling everyone until after the holidays. The fake/pretend relationship AU with a twist.

Night Changes by louhearted (29k)

Harry is buying last minute Christmas gifts for a party on Christmas Eve and gets snowed in the store with cashier!louis. Featuring side ziall and Liam, Niall and Zayn as Louis’ best mates.

O Christmas tree! O Christmas tree! (thy candles shine so brightly) by throughthedark (9k)

“So Harry,” Louis said solemnly. “My sisters and I are determined to find the very best tree this place has to offer. Do you feel up for the challenge?”

AU where Louis needs a Christmas tree and Harry just so happens to work at a Christmas tree farm.

the impossible now by stylinsoncity (54k)

A wish on Christmas Eve sends Louis to an alternate dimension where Harry is a member of One Direction.

Wait for the End to Change by lululawrence (8k)

The one where Harry has the Worst Day that won’t stop haunting him, but Louis might be more than just the silver lining.

With You I Found My Place by fairytalelights (4k)

The one where Harry and Louis are flatmates, Harry loves Christmas and Louis thinks the holidays are a great opportunity to finally tell your best friend that you’re in love with him.

Yet in Thy Dark Streets Shineth by juliusschmidt (57k)

Louis’ life has become the very thing he’s always dreaded: routine. His job is steady, his bills are paid, his friends are preoccupied, his siblings are mostly old enough not to need him, and his mom keeps pestering him about attending church. Apparently, the new minister pulls rainbows and unicorns out of his robes.

Advent arrives three months into Harry’s first call as associate pastor at St. Andrews. Life is… not perfect. He’s still figuring out how do his job and the holidays bring a whole bundle of extra stress. On top of which, he has no friends or family nearby with whom he can decompress. Louis Tomlinson shows up to worship in the nick of time.

Yours In Fractions by FullOnLarrie (23k)

Louis and Harry are strangers who, because of a mix up, share their mutual friend’s apartment and bed over the holidays.

D-15: Where’s my Mistletoe? - Jisung Fic

Originally posted by kai-planet

Day 1 of 15, NCT christmas writing countdown.

summary: Renjun invites you to a dumb Christmas party, and you only go for a chance to kiss your crush, Jisung Park.

word count: 1.7k

genre: fluff, semi-angst, christmas (taeyongtown’s christmas countdown 2017)

A/N: I haven’t written something since August. its dec 10 today. Anyway’s i haven’t proof-read this, and feedback and constructive criticism is always appreciated 🌟

christmas countdown masterlist | masterlist

You didn’t even want to be at this dumb Christmas party anyways, but ofc Renjun dragged you along anyways. Well okay he didn’t drag you along, more like guilted you into coming.

  • “Oh Y/N, you’re my favourite underclassman, and I do so much for you!”
  • “Renjun when have you ever—”
  • “like remember that time you got detention and I got you out of it? Or that time you would’ve FAILED that fundraising project if I hadn’t bought all the left over cupcakes or when—”
  • “Renjun I don’t even go to your school and besides he’s gonna be there—”
  • “and you’re telling me you won’t even come ??????? Jeno and I didn’t DIE for this disrespect”

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Reality in Motion - Chapter 1 - AkaiaOwl - Stranger Things (TV 2016) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works


Wednesday 29th, November 2017

If there was something El Ives put her mind to, she was sure to accomplish it. Always.

Well, most of the times.

As a matter of fact, today was one of the few rare exceptions to that rule. This, since Will Byers, El’s best friend, had managed to convince the otherwise socially awkward El to finally come with him that weekend to some party at a friend’s house.

They were both currently seating on the beige colored carpet of her dorm room, supposedly trying to be productive by getting their History 102 assignment done before the due date.

“Pleeease El! I’m about to beg you, it’s almost Christmas break and, for once, I’d like for you to come meet my friends and not stay locked up here again like a loser”, Will had been pouting at his friend for over two hours.

“Hey, I happen to like being a loser”, said El feigning indignation and scowling at her skinny best friend.

Will managed to hold back his smile at his oldest friend’s antics and maintained a serious expression for the sake of getting his point across. They’d been friends since the age of twelve and both knew just how determined the other could be. Holding each other’s stares defiantly in a silent challenge, neither of them wanted to give in.

As she stubbornly stared into Will’s lively brown eyes, El suddenly felt a wave of nostalgia wash over her. She had been having a few of those for a while now, especially whenever she thought back on their high school days on Hawkins High School. Actually, the biggest irony was thinking about how much she had looked forward to graduating and moving as far away as humanly possible from that hell hole she called hometown. Whereas, now, she couldn’t help feeling strangely homesick. As a matter of fact, lately, El was often ambushed by random flashbacks from her teenage years and usually found herself wishing she could somehow go back and do it all better.

She regretted everything, actually, except for her friendship with Will.

Their friendship was yet another reason El kept thinking back in nostalgia to her high school days: even though Will and her had managed to get accepted into their dream college together and even lived in neighboring dorm buildings, she felt him more distant than ever before. Worse than that, El was painfully aware that she was the reason of the increasing (figurative) distance in their friendship and she loathed herself for it. Now, more than ever, she hated herself for her apathetic and awkward personality. Why couldn’t she be a normal eighteen year old? Why couldn’t she just stop feeling so nervous around other people? Because of this she was finally managing to drive her best friend away, her partner in crime, after being the closest of friends for over half a decade.

For most of their first semester at college she had declined Will’s enthusiastic invitations to parties and any social events, preferring to skip them in favor of spending her afternoons in the solitude of her room either reading ahead or watching some movie or TV show. It was just easier that way, it seemed. El had never really been a social butterfly and she knew how much Will loved meeting and bonding with new people. So, she just figured that she could give him some space by making herself scarce.

However (and she’d never admit it out loud), as Will started spending less and less time with her and his invitations became rare occurrences, El began feeling terribly lonely (which was weird). She usually cherished her alone time, often glad she wasn’t out there fake smiling and making small talk, getting emotionally drained after overthinking and worrying over every tiny detail of her social interactions. Nonetheless, now, it just felt like a very different kind of loneliness.

El felt lonely in a bad way, a way she hadn’t felt for quite a long time: the kind of lonely she used to feel before meeting Joyce Byers and befriending her son, Will.

Finally, after glaring at Will some more, El lowered her gaze in defeat. Mostly because she missed spending more time with him, and also because she was a bit curious about going to a college party.

“Ok. Fine, I’ll go. BUT I’ll only stay until a reasonable hour and you better not be dragging me up there so I can be your designated driver”, answered El with an annoyed huff, hurling one of her fluffy pillows on Will’s general direction and feeling quite annoyed (mostly at her pathetic, abnormal self).

Her friend easily managed to catch the pillow midair and offered El a sympathetic smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes. She knew he was worried about her spending so much time by herself – the fact that she had no roommate made it easier for her to just hide away for hours on end without any excuse.

“I’m only doing this for your own good El, you know I look out for you and it’s about time you start having a normal college experience and, you know, getting to know people. After all, the semester is almost over”.


Friday 1st, December 2017

El bit her lip as she stared at her reflection on the mirror critically. Was her top too revealing? Was her midsection looking gross and bloated? Should she put any make up on? Was her hair ok? Were jeans and sneakers too casual for the party?

Man, I badly needed a School of Life 101 crash course, El thought with a groan.

It was always on times like this that El really wished she had a roommate or a best friend who could actually give advice on these kinds of things. It was also on times like these that El regretted not learning about this stuff back on high school. Finally, after examining her reflection some more, she decided to change her sneakers in favor of her black leather boots and apply some lipstick to her dry lips.

Feeling quite nervous, she turned her phone screen on and was surprised to see several messages from Will.

8:02 pm U excited yet for your first college party?

8:03 pm Totally getting drunk as skunks 2nite.

8:46 pm Waiting for the guys, we’re coming to pick u up

9:29 pm On our way, expect a call in 15

9:44 pm Almost there

9:59 pm Ok, let’s go

*3 missed calls from MY FAVORITE PERSON IN THE WORLD*

10:03 pm Pick up the phone

10:11 pm We’re waiting downstairs

10:27 pm What the hell u doing? We’ve been here for ages

El was surprised to find out how long she had taken to get ready, her nervousness was really not helping. As quickly as possible, she grabbed her tiny purse and keys and made her way out. At that very moment, her phone screen lit up and the contact name Will had programmed for himself popped up.

*incoming call from MY FAVORITE PERSON IN THE WORLD*

Smiling, El answered.

“I’m sorry, I completely lost track of time, that’s all. I’m almost there”, she said breathlessly while making her way down the flight of stairs.

“No problem El, just making sure you were still up for it”, answered Will sympathetically.

“Wait. So did I actually have an option?” replied El only half joking.

She really was terribly nervous, like she always was whenever she had to face a new social situation.

Will laughed at her lame attempt at making a joke and was silent for a bit, maybe trying to empathize with his best friend’s nervousness.

El could hear Will’s friends talking loudly on the background:

“We need to hurry if we want to get wasted before the night ends, that’s kind of the point of tonight”, a loud male voice whined pathetically.

“Hey, I’m actually enjoying watching this show”, another male voice answered in fake annoyance.

“Booooooring”, someone else interjected.

“You’re too lame Wheeler”, the first voice teased.

The conversation on the background grew faint as El realized Will must have walked away from his friends to talk to her privately.

“Everything will be fine and you’ll have fun, you’ll see. If you feel uncomfortable or something you have us”, finally whispered Will before hanging up.

El had really tried to avoid meeting Will’s friends for a while now, feeling resentment and jealousy towards them because her best friend spent most of his time with them now and talked all the time about how fun and loyal they were.

It actually made sense that they spent time together since they were all taking science related careers and had most of their classes together – Will was an engineer major, like Lucas, while Dustin and Mike were physics majors.

It was silly, she knew.

Calm down El, it’s going to be ok, Will’s friends are probably as nice as him.

Finally, El got to her building’s common area. She saw four guys sprawled comfortably all over the beige couches, two of them were fighting over the remote and the other two were trying to watch whatever show was on TV.

They didn’t notice her presence until she started timidly approaching Will, who was gazing at the screen with mild interest. He was the first one of the group to notice her and his face was instantly filled with a broad smile.

“You’re finally here!” he exclaimed, startling everyone.

“Guys, this is El”, Will said loudly. Then, pointing at each of the guys next to him, he introduced them, “These are Lucas, Dustin and Mike”.

“Thanks for waiting”, El managed to smile at them without making eye contact. She hoped they didn’t notice her nervousness.

“No problem”, said the smallest one of them, Dustin, “honestly, we were all dying to finally meet you”.

“Yeah, we had a bet going on about Will’s friend being imaginary”, laughed Lucas.

Upon hearing that last comment, El snorted while trying to contain a laugh and turned to look at Will with amusement. Her friend merely shrugged.

“See how you make me look bad El?”

“Oh, it was only for the sake of making the bet more interesting”, answered El with a laugh, “it would have been no fun without the mystery, now would it?”

The guys smiled, amused, and the air significantly relaxed. She felt a tiny bit more comfortable, and the voice in her head repeating her own doubts and fears in a loop grew quiet for the first time that night.

“So, who won the bet?” asked Will, looking at his friends.

“Me”, said the tallest boy, Mike, smiling.

He was the only one who hadn’t spoken up yet, but she recognized his voice from her phone call with Will – he was the one who claimed to be enjoying the TV show while they waited for her to arrive.

Overcome by curiosity, El risked a glance up at him and was surprised to find him already looking at her, matching her interest. They made eye contact.

“So thank you for being real, I guess”, he said smiling kindly at her.

She quickly averted her gaze, not knowing what to do or how to respond, and tried to keep her upcoming blush from actually showing on her face. It wasn’t even a compliment, why was she reacting like this?

Social awkwardness truly sucked.

There was a short moment of silence, which was (thankfully) quickly broken by Lucas.

“Ok, let’s get going”, said Lucas enthusiastically as he strode to the nearest exit.


That time again [HOPPER X READER]

A/N: this was requested by anon. Reader is on her period and Jim takes care of her. Hope you enjoy! Might not be my best work, I’m sorry

Jim knows something’s off the moment he parks his car outside of your house. Normally when he tells you when he’s coming around you’re already on the porch to greet him by the time he arrives. He had just dropped Eleven off at the Wheelers’ place, the party was going to play D&D, followed by a sleep-over. Jim had only begrudgingly told El that she could go, it wasn’t that Mike was a bad kid, Jim just feared Eleven was growing up too fast.

Jim quickly jumped out of his car and walked up to your door. He knocked a few times, but you didn’t answer. For a second he thought that you weren’t home, but he had called you two hours ago and you hadn’t mentioned anything about going out.

Now panicked he goes through his pockets, frantically searching for his copy of the key to your place. When he finally finds it, he puts in the lock and is inside within two seconds.


You reply with nothing but a pathetic whimper. Jim steps closer to the couch, where he can only just make out your curled up form.

He kneels beside you and quietly rubs your back, pressing a kiss to your forehead.

“That bad again?”

You only nod and Jim grunts when he gets back up from the floor. He makes his way to your bathroom, you hear him go through your drawers, you know he’s searching for some kind of painkiller. Quietly humming to himself he walks to your kitchen, filling a glass of water.

He motions for you to sit upright when he gets back to the couch, which you do carefully. Your whole body is aching, but the pain in your back is killing you especially.

“Let’s get ya to bed.”

Jim carefully picks you up from the couch, you can only just muster the strength to wrap your arms around his neck. He sits you on the bed and you immediately get under the covers. He hands you the glass of water and painkillers, which you gladly take.

“Try and scoot over baby.”

You do as your told and watch as he gets undressed. When he lays down, you don’t have to ask him to hug you, Jim immediately gathers you up in his arms.

“Why didn’t you tell me that you were hurting this bad?”

“I didn’t want you to worry.”

“If you don’t tell me anything, I’ll just worry that you keep things from me.” he grunts and you nod, kissing him on his cheek.

“Sorry Jim.”

“It’s okay sugar. Now, let’s get some sleep ‘kay?”

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Holiday Meet Up!

This Thursday (12/14/17) I’ll be hosting a holiday party at 6 PM (US Central Time)! Meet in realm troll area 1 Wizard City Library at 5:30 PM (US Central time) to be added and come to the party!

House: Massive Fantasy Palace

Activities: PvP, tag, socializing

Catch what’s going on at the party on my twitch, I’ll be streaming

Once it hit’s 7 PM I’ll be streaming some Wizard City to Polaris (the name for my Wizard101 walk-through I do with The Friendly Necromancer aka Dworgyn, One eyed Jack, Tom Perdue, Stingite, ect.) which you can find all the episodes here!

I hope you can join us! 

anonymous asked:

The thing is, sex is mostly about wanting your partner to be happy and feel pleasure? But seeing as both parties want that for each other, it's not one sided? A lot of people go by the line "whatever you want, I want", because they want to do whatever makes their partner the happiest, but I think it always comes with the asterisk of WITHIN OUR BOUNDARIES. But you're not going to say that every time!! I think your writing has the clearest consent I've ever read, so I wouldn't worry at all, love!

Oh, thank you very much <3 This means so much to me, I’m really thankful that you like my writing and this is what you have taken from it! 

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  • I can’t wait to show you guys my Christmas photos! I have been posting them slowly on Facebook and Instagram but Tumblr has to wait.
  • I have done all my Christmas shopping! Family Christmas was on Saturday so that’s done, I am in three secret santas and they’re all done!
  • My dogblr secret santa is in two stages so I hope they don’t get one and get disappointed! I was gonna send an anon but their askbox is closed.
  • The work Christmas party this year is the weekend at a lake! We are bringing Luca (I am sure they will come to regret allowing me to do this) and I’ve ordered him a life jacket so I hope it arrives before Friday!
  • Some of my Christmas presents this year are new equipment for filming because I have a big dog project idea for the new year and I needed a good microphone and a tripod to do it. Now I have them!!
  • That’s all. I just like doing bullet points sometimes.

anonymous asked:

You are baaack yeeeey! Let's do the Christmas prompts, for Hitsugaya do theee numbeeer 5! Thanks!

Thank you for the enthusiasm of my return, it’s very nice to feel wanted! I hope you like this one!

Hitsugaya stands leaned against the wall, arms crossed, brows furrowed. How he managed to allow Rangiku to talk him into coming to this party is beyond him. Surrounded by intoxicated shinigami, not to mention their human allies, he sighs heavily. The room is covered in gregarious Christmas junk, the amount of artificial sparkle making his eyes hurt.

“I’ll be outside,” he says to his lieutenant, fairly certain she hasn’t heard him when her boisterous laugh booms out.

Just as he walks through the threshold of the living room, he’s shocked when someone steps in his way.

“Wha-” he begins eyes widening as ______ leans up, arms wrapping around his neck and lips planting against his.
His body goes rigid but when her tongue teases his bottom lip warmth erupts all over, loosening his limbs. Caught up in the moment, he draws his arms around her waist, tugging her closer, mouth opening more to welcome her into his own.

A low groan threatens to escape but before it manages to get out, Hitsugaya remembers they’re in a room full of people.

Drawing back to suck in air, cheeks flushed crimson, he grunts, “_____-chan, how much did you have to drink?”

She smiles smugly, pointing above his head. “Enough to make me take advantage of you walking under that,” she confesses. He follows her gaze, eyes narrowing at the spring of green leaves and white berries. When his face registers confusion she giggles, drawing his attention back to her face. “It’s mistletoe,” she explains.

Heaving an irritated breath, he grabs her hand, pulling her the rest of the way out of the room and through the front door. Outside the air is cold, helping to cool down his overheated face and body. He’ll scold her more properly later but right now, all his wants is her lips back on his; this time without an audience.

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Okay I think I might've found a potential SD!!! He's perfect. I haven't met him yet but the sound of it, he wants to spoil me rotten. It also helps that I'm part Asian and he loves that. We're meeting at a hotel bar Wednesday. I mentioned that I have a few holiday parties coming up. And he even offered to buy me the dresses. Now what's the best way to go about it? I don't want to disclose my address and I doubt he will just hand me over his card info. Do I ask he venmo me money?

Is it too risky for him to TAKE you shopping? I’d suggest a mall far away, or any mall on a weekday MORNING when you both won’t run into anyone you know. Or calculate the amount it would cost for your party dresses, double it and ask for the money–I’m guessing they would be averagely priced like Zara dresses? unless you meant high end brands at Nordstrom/designer, then I’d just tell him to take you shopping so he can’t negate the amount you ask for as unreasonable, he’s just paying for them at the register. 

But if they’re less expensive like Zara prices, I would ask for the money (via venmo or whatever–I prefer cash), but this way you can get MORE money than you need and buy what you need & use the surplus cash for your nails/hair/alcohol/gas/savings/whateverthefuckyouwant.

I used to do that a lot with my last guy lol. “I need $200 for leggings!” *spends 50, and pockets the rest*


Hello everyone, my names rose and please ignore how late I am to the party. I have accepted the fact that I am literal garbage !! Anyways, here I am to introduce you to my overgrown child Jongmin, a piece of trash with really nice legs. You can read more about him on his about! page and also I should come on here later to announce when I finish his plot page. I’ll give a brief summary of him below, but as always if you want to plot you can like this post and I’ll shoot you a message <3

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chijiokeibe726 replied to your video: feel my juicy coochie♪♫♬ inspired by this twt…

@thegdragonsdungeon @mintymochim *PLEASE READ THIS!* JESUS CAME TO RESTORE YOU! If you reject Jesus and stay in your sins YOU WILL BURN IN HELL! Turn from your sins! Masturbation, porn, cursing, premarital sex, partying, smoking, drunkenness, bisexuality/homosexuality, and more WILL DRAG YOU TO HELL! You must be born again! This is spiritual rebirth! Receive the Holy Spirit! The pleasure of sin is temporary! Hell is forever! Catholic=lie!

…is this for real? idk if this is a joke or not but i’m crying laughing? i will absolutely not stop making cupcakke memes, swearing, beating my pu**y up or pretend i’m not pan for jeebus? i’m already going to hell sorry man @thegdragonsdungeon ready to go to hell with me?

myke-kompton  asked:

Juliet: Hey Star, *Pulls out glossaryck* I Found Your Little trainer in our Universe Globgoring Us for Pudding *hands star glossaryck* but we don’t have him glossaryck: GLOBGORE Juliet: I am not lying glossaryck!! *Looks up to star* Anyways, Imma Go Back Get Some Rest, Oh and My Family and I Are Having a Dinner Party and Invited you and yours to come, Can all you come tonight?

Star: Oh I’m sorry. Turns out reforming into existence isn’t always a perfect process. thank you for bringing him back.

Glossaryck: GLOBGORE! *flies into the house where sudden yells fill the air*

Star: And we would be honored to come! thanks! 

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Oooh for the holiday asks can you do the New Year's kiss one for Arumika?

is it too early for new years the answer is no especially if it includes Arumika also new years is a weird word for me to write idk why

The Best Way to Warm Up on New Year’s

Arumika. College AU.

2011 words.

He knew coming to this party was a mistake. He should listen to Eren less often, he knows, but Eren’s confidence is infectious and he thought that perhaps going to a college party would turn out alright. Really, Armin should have known he’d eventually end up sitting out in the cold freezing his ass off while everybody else crammed their warm bodies in an overcrowded house, laughing too loudly and spilling their drinks on the floor.

That’s fine, he thinks as he shivers in the cold. At least it’s not snowing. It rarely ever does in Shiganshina. Or maybe he’d like freezing his ass off more if there were some snow to appreciate. He can’t tell.

“Want a drink?” A glass of yellow liquid appears under his nose. It smells vaguely of lemon and strongly of cleaning alcohol. “It’s pretty cold out here. Alcohol could warm you up.”

It’s a common misconception. “It warms up your body while you’re drinking it, but it actually lowers your body temperature,” Armin says, looking up to address the speaker. His voice fades when he realizes who he’s talking to. “Because your blood vessels…dilate…and..”

Mikasa Ackerman stands before him, a glass of alcohol in each hand, and tilts her head at him curiously. “I guess I’ll drink both of these then,” she says.

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This Isn’t You (Estela x MC)

[Note: I’ve noticed a lack in Estela fics or maybe I’m just terrible at looking and I wanted to rectify that. This is my first ever writing post (yay?) and in celebration of book 3 coming out later this month, I wanted to write something Endless Summer. That being said, judge away! Just kidding, I lied. I’m fragile, be gentle.]

[Summary: Takes place during book 1, chapter 2 if you choose to stargaze with Estela during the pool party. Estela POV.]

A rogue strand of hair obscures her vision as Estela eyes the festivities unfolding beneath her from the cliff’s edge overhead. They are loud, too loud. Blaring music pulsating in time with the strings of brightly lit fluorescent party lights that are slung over the pools canopies and alcohol induced shouting that reverberates off the islands uncharted corners. She clenches her fists in frustration every time one of Michelle’s giggles carries up to her, too forceful to be genuine and timed perfectly to keep those around her fixated on herself.

It’s easier for them to pretend that nothing is wrong. Easier to live in this ideal illusion that all is as it should despite the obvious irregularities of their situation, and while she didn’t expect them to be battle ready within a night or two, throwing a poolside party is hardly a top priority given current events. They’re going to get themselves killed.

She watches as the muscle-bound, tallest student helps the bigger one maneuver block after block of cheese chunks inside his mouth. The pale boy observes them from a distance with his arms stiffly crossed and that permanent scowl marring his sharp, long features. Then she feels it, the tingling that travels from her spine to the tips of her fingers, all the way down the extremity of her toes and makes the little hairs on the back of her neck stand straight. She turns her gaze to the right and locks eyes with that boy. Leith. His expression is unreadable and unlike the rest, he’s fully clothed, standing off to the side with another boy that stands a head shorter than him. She watches as his friend murmurs something close to his ear, his eyes never leaving hers. Her mind flashes back to her dream. The one she had the night before they departed to the island of La Huerta, before she met him.

The algae retracts as Estela lightly touches its powdery, glassy surface with the tips of her fingers. The cavern goes pitch black, leaving them in an eerie silence save for their breaths that mingle in the surrounding damp air and the occasional disruptions of the warm lagoon around them. Then, ever so slowly, the cavern shines once again with the soft glimmering of sapphires, maroons, and cadmium yellows, one after another. She marvels the alien flora as it glows cheerfully, reflecting off the rough jagged walls of the isolated cave.

She feels him standing next to her, a presence that demands her attention in nearly all situations. The heat of him grazes the side of her arm, causing goosebumps to break out over her exposed skin and her breathing quickens. She feels his calloused fingers slide down the smooth skin of the inside of her wrist before he laces his fingers with her own and squeezes her hand once, a gesture she returns before turning to look up at him. He smiles softly down at her, palm burning against her own, and takes in every detail of her face; every line, every freckle, every curve, before his gaze settles on her mouth.

Her heart thunders in her chest as she reaches up and laces her fingers in the short hairs at his nape, bringing his face down to hers. Her lips press against his, softly at first, then more demanding as he wraps an arm around her waist to draw her flush against him. She smiles against his kiss and folds her arms tightly around his bare shoulders.

His face shifts. His eyebrows pinch together and his lips thin in a straight line. She feels the tips of her ears grow hot before breaking his gaze to look over at the others, banishing the thoughts swirling like smog inside her head to the far back corner of her mind. Raj turns to give the group a big grin with the wedges of cheese replacing his teeth. His friend nearly keels over, clutching at his stomach and howling loudly. Estela stands up and moves to sit on the furthest edge of the cliff away from the events below as their laughter follows her.

Below her dangling feet the Caribbean rolls against the rocks brutally. Above, unfamiliar stars glitter like little jewels against the blackness of the sky. She studies them for a long time until footsteps from behind cause her to glance over her shoulder at the intruder. Leith approaches her, a blanket draped over his shoulder.

“What do you want?” She asks, sizing him up as he steps closer.

“I just thought you might want some company.” He gives her a lopsided grin. Ignoring the narrowing of her gaze as she regards him cooly and the unwelcome energy radiating off of herself, he sits down next to her, thigh brushing against her own, and hands her a woven navy blue blanket that smells of pine needles and campfire smoke. “I figured you’d be cold.”

On instinct, she flinches away from his touch, putting distance between themselves. “…Why?” Suspicion laces her voice.

He raises his eyebrows. “To be nice?”

She doesn’t say anything, just stares at him. And he stares back, that mischievous smirk curving his lips once again the longer her look lingers. She takes the blanket from his outstretched hand and drapes it over her shoulders, offering him a small thank you. “Where I come from people don’t do things for you without expecting something in return,” Estela tells him.

He pauses as if considering his answer. “Well maybe some people just want to be liked in return,” he offers.

She snorts. “Isn’t that pathetic? How lonely we all are? How desperately we reach for acceptance?”

“I guess,” he says. “But at least I’m honest about it.”

The corners of her lips raise slightly. “You’ve got something going for you then, I suppose.”

They sit together in silence then. Her gaze returns to the infinite field of stars above, letting it engulf her, looking for any sign of familiarity but finding none. Foreign skies for a foreign world. A pair of shooting stars streak across the heavens before vanish just as quickly.

She can feel his gaze on her, assessing her silently, and turns her head slightly to regard him. Taking in the line of his slightly stubbled jaw, the curve of his full lip, the edge of his nose that looks to have been broken more than once. The night sky reflects in his eyes, adopting golden flecks to his smokey iris’s. He is handsome, she thinks to herself. In that boyish charm sort of way. He offers her a smile that makes his eyes crinkle slightly in the corners, and she feels the strong pull to return it when it fits her, crashing into her headfirst.

This isn’t you.

The mission. The reason she joined this trip from the get-go. No diversions, no obstacles, and no complications. Nothing to keep her from accomplishing what she has set out to fulfill, what she must fulfill, even if it kills her. She owes her family that much.

Estela bolts up and away from Leith, the blanket a forgotten pile in the long overgrown grass. “I have to go,” she tells him curtly. His smile drops, his face transforming before her into a mask of neutrality. “Look, Leith. People who get close to me usually end up getting hurt. And I don’t just mean their feelings.”


“You seem like a good person, and maybe in some other life we could have been friends. But not in this one, not now. If you know what’s good for you, don’t follow me.” Without waiting for a response, she marches off, disappearing into the twilight of the untamed vegetation of the jungle. He doesn’t follow her. Her heart beats a mile a minute and an unexplained ache lodges itself in her ribs, making every step more painful than the last.

This isn’t you.

Halloween 2016

its friday

person: hey you should come to my party,it’ll be superb

me: nah no thanks,i got some work to do, homeworks ,essays etc

person:ugh too bad,alright goodluck on your tasks!

me: *goes home*

me: *bingewatch shows/movies and read fics until 5am*


♪ It’s not difficult to define Miss Douche ♪


I love you, Alec.
       I love you too.