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           To the sweetest, most caring and loving puppy person i’ve had the luxury to know,
           Happy Anniversary!


All I want to get is a little bit closer
All I want to know is, can you come a little closer?

Temperance and Cora Forever, no heteronormative bullshit is getting between this love. 

Thank you @anafigreen for fulfilling my #1 fantasy, well… PG fantasy.


if you want to see me cosplay as my own period then click here


You always talkin’ about what you give and what you don’t have to give. But you take, too, Troy. You take…and don’t even know nobody’s giving.

Fences (2016) dir. Denzel Washington

So I have a bunch of sketches I was doing traditionally of you but I was too embarressed to show those so I sketched up two of them digitally! You are just a huge inspiration to me and I really look up to your like sense of humour and so on? ( my pal @terror-in-the-dream convinced me to actually send these to you so hahah)- Crashandburrnart

I am going to have a heart attack

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Hi there. I'm new to tumblr and would love some recommendations on more Billie blogs, TenRose blogs, David blogs, hannah hardy blogs, and DavidxBillie blogs. Please and Thank You. <3

Hey welcome welcome welcome dear! I’d love to share some blog recs! Some may appear more than once where applicable. 

About blogs on these lists:

  • They’ve been friendly/positive to everyone, and/or made positive contributions, and/or have been inclusive or supportive of everyone in the fandom
  • They have least a couple original content and/or news/reviews/recs/prompts of original content of Ten/Rose, David Tennant, and/or Billie Piper (Some celeb blogs on these lists are reblogged content as well but good to follow for updates and/or excellent archiving :) 
  • To my knowledge all these blogs use proper sourcing and/or don’t support reposting
  • Note that many of these are also multifandom. Some may keep most or all of their content on other sites like AO3 or deviantart, and some may no longer be active in the fandom but - in theory - still include access to their content

Ten x Rose Blog Recs 

are in their own list here 

Billie Piper Blog Recs

(Billie Photos, edits, news, BTS, non-DW character content)

@allegoricalrose ~ @andbilliepiper@billiendanneel ~ @billieppiper ~ @billiepiedpiper@billiepiperphotos@billiephotos ~ @bittyblueeyes ~ @bpaulpizzle@bpiperphotos ~ @dailybilliepiper ~ @deansmom@dimensionhoppingrose@doortotomorrow@dxvidtennant ~ @fadewithfury@fashionofdoctorwho ~ @jynandor ~ @lilyfrankensteinappreciation@lilythedarkqueen ~ @lostinfic@mizgnomer@perfectlypiper ~ @phoebeweatherfieldcaufield@piperettes ~ @pipertennant ~ @rosevtyler ~ @rows-tighler@thebadddestwolf@thefantasticmisspiper ~ @tinyconfusion ~ @travelingrose ~ @whcvians 

David Tennant Blog Recs

(David Photos, edits, news, BTS, non-DW character content, Broadchurch) 

@anniviech ~ @cartersreese@cooltennant ~ @curiositykilledtheslug​ ~ @davidtennantblog@david-tennant-gifs ~ @davidtennantinplacesheshouldntbe@davidtennantphotos ~ @davidtennantssideburns ~ @doctortenny ~ @dovtorwho@dr-10-rainwaters ~ @dtennantdaily ~ @dtennantphotos ~ @dtqanda​ ~ @dunderception​ ~ @dunderklumpen ~ @dxvidtennant ~ @dxvidtennxnt@halorvic ~ @hazelcmist​ ~ @heartbreakingtennant ~ @ifheavenllhaveme@isolatedhysteria ~ @jeeno2@jem-scribbles ~ @joi-in-the-tardis@julia-the-fan

@ktrosesworld ~ @licieoic ~ @lizann5869 ~ @madabouttennant@mizgnomer ~ @moltobenebananas ~ @nannyogg123 ~ @pillie-biper10@pipertennant@rundalek ~ @starsovergallifrey ~ @studio-forty-two@tennantaddict ~ @tennant-tuesday ~ @tenscupcake@thedeliriumtennants ~ @thegoodshipaidenmaiden@themadvigilantist ~ @thingsdtwears ~ @violetta-kiss@weeping-who-girl@whatisthepointofyouhardy ~ @whatisyourlefteyebrowdoingdavid ~ @whovianfloozy ~ @zhirley

David x Billie and Teninch Blog Recs

(Teninch refers to fanfic, fan art, edits, etc. of non-dw David x Billie characters, including Hardy x Hannah. Most of these are teninch writers and artists, so if you’re looking specifically for David x Billie the actors, 




 are great to start with) 

~ @allegoricalrose ~ @aneclipsedhabitue@dimensionhoppingrose​ ~ @fadewithfury ~ @faithosaurus-fics ~ @fogsblue​ ~ @goldcaught ~ @excusemewhileiwagmytail​ ~ @hanluvr​ ~ @hardyrose​ ~ @hardyxrose ~ @kelkat9​ ~ @ktrosesworld ~ @leabharlannkay ~ @licieoic@lostinfic ~ @natural–blues@ofstormsandwolves ~ @perfectlyrose​ ~ @pipertennant​ ~

@rudennotgingr​ ~ @skyler10fic​ ~ @studio-forty-two ~ @teninchfic​ ~ @teninchficawards​ ~ @teninch-network​ ~ tennantmeister (AO3) ~ @tenrose-s ~ @timepetalsprompts​ ~ @thebadddestwolf ~ @thedistortedmirror​ ~ @theimpossiblepossiblegirl ~ @travelingrose​ ~ @whatisthepointofyouhardy​ ~ @whatwecanfic​ ~ @whoinwhoville​ ~ @wildwinterwitch​ (wildwinterwitch’s content is also on LJ here) ~ @wordsintimeandspace

Do you post original Ten/Rose, David Tennant, or Billie Piper fanworks such as recs/rec lists, prompts, fanfic, tagfic, headcanons, fan art, photography, graphics, edits, gifsets, news, etc? Contact me so I can add you to this list ♥ Likewise, if you wish to not be on any part of this list for any reason contact me and I’ll remove your name :)

i’m sorry but more people need to talk about nct 127 and the fact that they did THAT with this last album they put out. like i’m sick and tired of hearing about “but nct u had one of the best debuts” look my guy no one is taking that away from them but the 7th sense can’t compete with the audio masterpiece that is the limitless album.

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Did you read Andy's interview? What do you think about it?

Yes, I read it and all I remembered is Andy telling us to be patient because even if he’ll not be in the the next episode, other Richonne scenes are coming soon (7x12 of course).

I mean “a little fun and hijinks yet to come with Rick and Michonne” ???  Yeah you’re right Andy: sex and carnival are definitely fun! 😂😂😍😍

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