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So I'm Going to Egypt

Hey I know things have been a bit quiet on this blog as of late and there are two reasons for this.  My work week has been absolutely crazy as of late and I’ve been working a lot of over time. On top of that I’ve been gearing up to take this awesome two week trip to Egypt. The end result being, I haven’t had much time for art or video games. 

I’m not giving up on this blog or my comic by any means but needless to say I won’t be around for the next few weeks. I look forward to getting back into the swing of things when I get back.  Until then I hope you guys don’t mind waiting a bit.  

I coulda made this smoother but its 1 am and my hand hurts so take it

So, I have somewhere between moderate and severe(?) depression and as of late my mom’s been giving me plushies with smiley faces on ‘em (one is a smiling rainbow star and another is the sunglasses emoji, for examples) and I’m not sure if it’s just her way of helping with my low days, but I really love them and they do actually help in a way? Like they just sit on my bed and smile at me, but it’s oddly comforting.

Tired Teacher

3 hours. The meeting started three 3 hours ago. Still, Genos couldn’t bring himself to shrug off the comforting weight of his sensei and get ready. He had been absolutely mortified to wake up and find that he’d fallen asleep during dinner, and in the middle of Saitama’s story no less!! He had quickly moved to try and find the older man only to be weakly held down by a light weight. He turned to see what said weight was and almost short circuited.

“S-sensei?” He mumbled to himself.

It was odd to see the bald man asleep this late in the morning. It was a little known fact, and by little known it’s meant only Genos, that Saitama was a very restless sleeper. Saitama only slept for a few hours a night before being awoken by strange, off the wall dreams and then going to train. The most Genos had ever seen Saitama sleep was 4 hours, but looking at the clock it had been almost 6! A new, and definitely improved, record! Genos decided that it was imperative to let his friend sleep. But that had been 3 hours ago and now the meeting was probably over, he was probably in trouble - not that he cared - and he was beginning to worry about Saitama-Sensei, someone doesn’t go from sleeping an average of 3.46 hours a night to 9 in ONE DAY.

“What should I do, I don’t want to wake him, but I’m worried. Sensei what would you do..?” He whined to himself.

Genos contemplated for another half hour before deciding it was best to make sure Saitama was alright. He took a deep breath and steeled himself.

“S-sensei!” He stammered out, in a manly totally non cracking voice.

Saitama inhaled violently as he whipped his head up and looked around in a confused manner.

“W-what? You- you good Gen? What up man?” He grumbled as he wiped drool from his face as if he was confused as to how it got there.

“I’m fine Sensei, I was just beginning to worry about you, you’ve been sleeping for almost 10 hours!”

“10 HOURS!?! GENOS WHY DIDN’T YOU WAKE ME??” He cried quickly jumping up and rushing to get ready.

“DON’T YOU HAVE A MEETING TODAY?? YOU’RE GONNA BE LATE DUDE!!” He scolded while trying to pull on his pants.

“We’ve already missed it Sensei… I’m sorry” the Cyborg mumbled quietly.

Saitama paused. He felt bad, he didn’t mean to make Genos feel like he’d done something wrong, Saitama just felt partially responsible for Genos and wanted to make sure he was successful at whatever he tried to achieve.

“Genos, you’re not in trouble, I’m sorry I was yelling. I just want you to do well y'know? I care about how things turn out for you.” He mumbled honestly, going a little pink in the face.

Genos smiled coyly, “I know…Saitama-San.”

Saitama blushed fully now, it was hard for him to feel fully attracted to Genos when he called him ‘Sensei’ it was a turn off for him. But hearing the younger male call him by his name was one of the most exciting things for him. He cleared his throat.

“Well if the meetings, already over, we have no reason to go out today. Let’s just go back to bed.”

Genos nodded. Saitama changed back in to his pajamas and laid next to the blond. In just a few seconds Genos had him wrapped tightly in his arms, as strong at he was, he liked feeling protected too. They laid silently like this for a few minutes before Genos broke the silence.

“Why did you sleep so well last night?” He asked gently.

“I guess because I didn’t get any sleep while you were gone?”

It was Genos’ turn to yell.

“WHAT?? SENSEI THAT’S NOT GOOD FOR YOUR HEART!!!” He held Saitama a few inches away while he said this.

“Sorry, I just kinda forgot how weird it felt to sleep alone, it felt wrong without you here.”

Now it was Genos’ turn to blush like a beat.

“I-I see.” Was all he could muster. They returned to their close position holding each other and within a few minutes their breathing had synchronized. Just as he was about to nod off Genos mumbled out,

“Please take care of yourself.”

And he could’ve sworn he heard a mocking

“Yes sensei”

Random sentence from a thing:

“Ryan can’t help the small flutter of… something in his chest at seeing Gavin so happy. He isn’t sure exactly what it is- 

he’s lying to himself, he does and it’s love.

*slaps @azure-mei with dis* I got you covered~ ヽ(⌐■_■)ノ


While You Were Sleeping | HA HA Cloud Machine 

While you were sleeping, the humor themed illustration show HA HA Cloud Machine, curated by Dave Van Patten, opened over the weekend in MADE by Millworks, Long Beach, CA. The show featured the hilarious handiworks from various Los Angeles and Long Beach based artists as well as the awesome works of Daniel Johnston. Other artists included Matt Furie, Penelope Gazin, Luck McGarry, Michael Hsiung, Travis Millard, Dave Van Patten Jeff McMillan and Charlyne Yi. HA HA Cloud runs till April 30th, so there’s plenty of time to grab one of those special Daniel Johnston pieces!  

Photographs courtesy of Dave Van Patten

Mochizuki answered my prayers for more Louis. The chapter was so precious and now I love him even more which means I’m hurting more.

PS I read this online since on Kindle it says it’ll be released on the 29th(??) and there’s no way I’ll be able to avoid spoilers for that long Never mind I just bought it. Why does everything have to be confusing with buying this manga?

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20 & 40 ^-^

20. what is your favourite song at the moment?

Rm, Wale - Change ( cause i love this song so much and i’m so freaking proud of Namjoon!)

40. favourite memory

Well this wasn’t really pleasant when it happened but now when i think about it, it was really hilarious. So it happened on my trip to China :D there was about 400 people in our camp and we were divided into 20 groups while we were visiting Forbidden city in Beijing. It was our last day in Beijing and we had flight to catch to Kunmng right after tour to Frobidden city. So while our guide was explaining something about imperor’s palace two Chinese boys came up to me and asked if they could take picture with me (btw this happens really often in China, if you’re foreigner there will be a lot of people who would want to take picture with you lol) i didn’t want to seem rude so i didn’t reject them, so after we took couple of pictures they started conversation with me in Chinese and while i was talking to them, my group left :D everyone in our camp was wearing green or yellow jackets so we would be able to find each other easily in crowd, but when i looked around i couldn’t see anyone with those clothes and i panicked :D i knew that if i wouldn’t be able to find my group in an 2 hours , whole camp would have had to miss flight :D can you imagine 400 people missing their flight because of you??  i couldn’t just stand there so i went in random direction :D and of course it turned out the direction that i shouldn’t have gone to :D so after half an hour for walking alone in this huge Frobidden city, i finally saw someone with green jacket :D it was a boy from our camp and i swear i have never been this relieved after seeing someone. I went up to him and i found out that he was lost too lol :D so we started searching our group together, while searching for them we got to know each other and we really hit it off, i really enjoyed talking to him ( we still keep in touch, it was like 2 years ago) So after  1 more hour of walking around we finally saw people from our camp, apperently all the groups were looking for us and they even announced our names trough speaker but none of us heard that :D When my mentor saw me, she came rushing towards me and i thought “ oh shit i’m done for” lol. But when she came close to me she hugged me with bone crushing hug and started crying lol :D everyone was thanking us for returning safely 

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I love seeing how people aren't worked up about Louis and E being a "thing" and it's calm. Like they thought people would freak and the only people freaking out are E update accounts because there's finally something to update about, and everyone else knows this shit is fake so it's honestly like why bother with the old


Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Ok but Eleanor is literally a fucking joke if she thinks she can beg Louis for everlasting promo. Her loser ass will eventually have to use her own two hands and do something on her own to earn things herself. Her poor blogging partner she just makes him do everything while she sniffs the powder looking for the next thing to be handed to her like she’s Mariah Carey.

lol she can’t even manage a blog, imagine do stuff for herself that aren’t being nasty 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:is it just me or does it feel like they’re setting all of this up again to *** **? this just feels so transparent and deja-vu-y and louis was wearing a direct rbb/sbb reference. i really truly believe this is the start of the end


Anonymous said to shadyshit91:All of my friends are antis hejakaha the things they say 😂😂

Poor you!!! 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:OK but you think Louis wearing a “I FEEL LOVE” sweater is him being a shady sassy hoe™ or what, I need to know ☕️😴

Did you saw the post about what the sweater is about? I reblogged, you can find it somewhere lol I think louis went SBB mode again for sure