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player 1: “what do i have to roll to kill myself to design a new character”
player 2: “hold still, i roll to shoot (player 1) in the head”
DM: “critical miss, u hit (player 3)”
player 1: “i attack (player 2) for his stupidity”
DM: “critical miss, you also hit (player 3) instead”
player 3: “i’d roll to attack back but at this rate i’d end up killing myself”

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how did it feel to see the championship?

That’s a big question haha. 

For anyone who has looked up to or idolised someone, seeing them triumph anywhere fills you with pride. But to see them inspire on the biggest stage possible, it’s beyond.

And Federer’s victory was layered with all these storylines which made it even sweeter. Just the fact that he did it like that would have been incredible enough for me, so to see it there with my own eyes, it’s just ridiculous.

I can set the scene on the day it happened. By extreme luck I was seated three seats next to Federer’s players box, and seriously they go through every emotion a fan does tenfold. The most nerve inducing four hours ensued, and sitting with them right there actually made it even worse haha. Every break point opportunity, every break point saved, even every hold of serve, the emotions are so raw when you are in there experiencing it. I cried when he got the break back to make it 2-3 in the fifth, then against when he broke for 4-3. At the first championship point I held my breathe, and then at the second I swear I was bordering on fainting. When hawkeye showed that the ball was in, I couldn’t stop shaking. I don’t know what people mean when they say it all goes in slow motion, because my heart was flying out of my chest. 

Like any Federer fan of course it was a dream of mine to witness him winning a major in person. I thought about scenarios and possibilities of it actually coming true, but fundamentally it is something I can only control so much. So I just kept supporting him as best I could. And somehow, he made the dream reality.

Not to be unecessarily dramatic, but when it was all done and I looked over at Roger kneeling on the court, I saw my life as a Federer fan in front of me, just momentarily. The wins, the losses, the late nights, the agony and the the joy. I think it happened like that because in my subconscious everything seemed to cumulate to the moment right in front of me. 

TLDR; I feel happy, I have been given a lifetime of inspiration, honestly.


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1. Cupid Carries a Gun - Marilyn Manson
2. Love - Lana Del Rey
3. David - Noah Gundersen
4. Sparrow - Tom Odell
5. Quelle Surprise - Enter Shikari
6. Gravel to Tempo - Hayley Kiyoko
7. Empire of the Clouds - Iron Maiden
8. Lay You Down/ Song For - Matt Corby
9. Here and Hereafter - If These Trees Could Talk
10. I Can’t Breathe - Bea Miller

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Does CXP even count as end game? I mean, I guess you do have to be max level, but it’s not like anything I can think of in any other game.

CXP is kinda the only way for non-operations players to really get the gear they’ll need to tackle 5.2 and any other Uprisings they release from now until 6.0 And IF you’re an ops player, I know on Harbinger at least it’s damn near impossible to even get into an ops group if you DON’T have full end game gear as is.

You could, in theory, just do the whole thing undergeared, but MMOs are power fantasies and I for one sure as shit don’t want to run around on my already squishy no-matter-the-stats Marauder and have weak attacks when I’m supposed to be playing the biggest, baddest Sith in the galaxy. 

With the old currencies, gear was definitely hard to get, it’d probably take you a full month to get the 208s but they were enough to get you through the game and it wasn’t on an RNG system that might never drop the gear you needed.

Bottom line, it’s a game, games should be fun; this isn’t fun anymore.

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DIRECTIONS: You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to! Put your MP3 player, iTunes, Spotify, etc. on shuffle & list the first 10 songs, then tag 10 people

1. Red Carpet and Rebellion by The Distilers
2. In My Head by Alice Donut
3. Off To The Races by Lana Del Rey
4. Time by Blind Melon
5. The Only One by The Cure
6. Doesn’t Remind Me by Audioslave
7. Lola by The Raincoats 
8. Power Trip by Soundgarden
9. Döneceksin Diye Söz Ver by Yüksek Sadakat (turkish song lol)
10. Pretend We’re Dead by L7

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Lost mines of phandelver. 2/3 players are newbies. The party reached the crevasse were the telepathic nothic lurks. The party started to hear the whispers within Thier head. This freaks out everyone including the expirence half orc Barbarian player.

Barbarian: on my god we need to book it

Rouge(newbie) : *panics* UM, I ROLL FOR SPEAKING!

Rouge: *NAT 20*

Me the DM: ……

DM: The nothic wants to know if you have thin mints


this has been chillin in my folder for awhile so finally wrapped it up. forgot tho tumblr doesnt like longways posts so i had to break it up weirdly.

ANYWAY some time ago id talked with friends about my fallout player character’s different motivations/self-perceptions despite all being played good-aligned and then decided to draw it out simply because having some sort of lineup is nice too.

you know what really fucking grinds my gears? the fact that amazing organizations like You Can Play can spend so much time, money, and effort doing their best to make hockey inclusive - they can get players to use rainbow tape, they can have players and coaches release statements, they can encourage players to speak up against homophobia - but all of that means jack shit when a kid can still be watching his favorite team play and see some douchebag like andrew shaw using the f-slur. i know it was a while ago, and i know he apologized, but that doesn’t undo the fact that, no matter how hard YCP works, kids will still see shit like that and think “yeah, it still happens on the ice” or “yeah it probably happens in the locker room.” it’s fucking bullshit that so many people can work so hard just so that people aren’t scared to play hockey and be open about their sexuality, and some dumbass can fuck it all up in .2 seconds bc he didn’t agree with a fucking tripping call.

Chant Chant the Special Cultist

Level 2 Party: *enters the lair of Lorghoth the Decayer*

DM: Shadowy, black-robed cultists materialize around the room, chanting in sync. Lorghoth stirs. Roll initiative.

[Fighting Ensues]

Dwarf Ranger: *retreats through one of the shadow-cultists*

DM: You take 2 necrotic damage.

Dwarf Ranger: Blargh. Okay, are the cultists actually doing anything?

DM: Just chanting, as cultists do. One of them repeats the wrong line, the other ones all stop and groan at him, you know.

Tiefling Warlock: Oh, God, it’s Moon Moon the death cultist

Party: *gleefully dubs this cultist “Chant Chant”*

[Fighting Continues]

Tiefling Warlock: Can I cast Crown of Madness on one of the cultists [to take control of them]?“

DM: They’re insubstantial, but sure, go for it.


DM: Oh, God.

Tiefling Warlock: *rolls* *succeeds* I order him to give Lorghoth a great big hug!

DM: Chant Chant makes a flying leap, yelling, “I LOVE YOU LORGHOTH!” and…

DM: *rolls a natural 20*

DM: …fuck me. Gives it an enormous hug for…

DM: *rolls a hilarious number of dice*

DM: …30 damage.

Party: *through tears of disbelief and laughter* How does Chant Chant feel about this?

DM: Chant Chant is hugging his god. This is the BEST DAY OF CHANT CHANT’S LIFE.

Week 2: Mystery Item

Summary: the second installment of my month of sex games with Cas! this is called “mystery item” where one player is blindfolded and tied up while the other teases them with different objects until they guess correctly.

Pairing: Castiel x Reader (obviously)

Word Count: 1.8k

Warnings: bondage, blindfolds, angel blade!kink, sliiiight dirty talk, language, smutty smut

A/N: soo I didn’t proofread this before I posted bc Im sick and I just dont feel like it haha. I’ll go back and fix any mistakes later on, promise!

Sex Games Masterlist

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“What’s next?”

You grinned into your pillow, peaking up at Castiel and seeing the eager look on his face.

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Voltron High School Host Club

I was thinking about this last night re-watching Season 2.  Pidge is obviously our Haruhi, but the rest of the characters just don’t match up 100% so some things need shaking up.  here are my thoughts.

-Allura could be the founder of the club and its charismatic “princess”, but less airheaded than tamaki obvs.  I say this with love.  consider: she’s the reason the voltron team came together in the first place.  I think it’s appropriate.  and as an added bonus, you get Allura being a charming host to all genders!

-(Lance wants really bad to be a player and a possibly a leader but since he isn’t either of those, I’m sticking with Allura)

-side note: I’m kinda meh on shipping as a whole tho so I’m not really interested in carrying over parallel relationship stuff from OHSHC to this crossover/au thing?

-Shiro doesn’t quite fit “the cool, wild type” but he’s the closest thing we’ve got to a Mori and obviously he has his own appeal.  also he’s now apparently a high schooler?  idk, everyone is high schoolers now.  you heard it here first.

-I guess we could also age down Coran but I think it’s more likely he’s the club butler (or just Allura’s personal butler), so…

-no Hani equivalent but that’s fine with me tbh.  I like Hani but…yeah, don’t think we have or need a Voltron character to parallel that whole dynamic.

-unless it’s a horribly hilarious subversion with Slav

-again, not a shipper, but in the place of Hikaru and Kaoru’s weird play-acted(?) “forbidden love” appeal (never my favorite thing anyway) you could always just…use Keith and Lance’s apparently-irresistible animosity instead?  just tsundere it up.  idk.  this one’s weird but it makes me laugh, mainly because I like the idea of the club guests acting like the fandom.

-alternately I know they have their own individual appeal–Keith’s tough-yet-vulnerable loner attitude, Lance’s special brand of charm based around corny pickup lines and fun-loving personality, they could totally rock it solo.

-Hunk is of course the only one without any clear parallels to make, b/c you don’t really…find characters like him portrayed as appealing in manga, for the most part?  or anywhere.  but WE’RE GONNA CHANGE THAT.  Hunk’s appeal comes from his strength, his kind nature, and his baking skills.  I guess he’s like…the husband-type??? is that a thing??? it is now.

-I had more thoughts than I expected!  I’m sure someone will turn up to suggest I shuffle the roles around some way, anyway, so who knows what will stick.



Hey guys, it’s finally here! I couldn’t upload one gif, but there’s another pose, so 9 couple poses in all. Love is… amazing, and it inspired me. For all the poses, it’ll indicate bed or couch, but to pose you’ll need Andrew’s Pose Player, and Teleport Sims mod. Place 2 knights in the same place in the middle of the bed, or in the middle of the couch. Teleport your sims there, and play the poses. For Infinity pose, place your knights a box away from the edge, without using alt, and pose. Simple. Thanks guys! Love ya :D (you can get the two links for the two mods required in my GRIEF posepack post)

I also added a tutorial lol.


simple QoL suggestions I’d make for Overwatch

-Have a blue outline show around allied Junkrat traps to help players tell them apart from enemy ones.
-Give Reinheardt a count of nearby players like Lucio has, so he can more easily tell if nobody’s currently behind his shield.
-When Zarya shields an ally with low health, have her say voice lines like “I’ve got you covered” or “Fall back” rather than “Charge in there with my 2 second shield, asshole”

Natural Death

For a touch of context , this is my girlfriend and I’s first rpg ever. I’m playing a necromancer and the team is fighting a big ass werewolf currently menacing an NPC ratfolk. I have two skeletons ready to flank.

Me: alright first skeleton attacks *rolls a nat 1*
DM: Ok, your skeleton attacks the werewolf with so much power, he disintegrates as soon as his bony limb makes contact.
Me: Well crap. Skeleton number 2 attacks then. *the attack hits, but only rolls a 1 for damage*
DM: The Skeleton strikes the werewolf with all his might, however, the beast doesn’t even notice. The Skeleton looks back to you expectantly.
Me: I give him a Thumbs up.

Infatuation (pt8)

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“Another whistle blew, stopping the game. I could feel my heart slamming against my chest now, what if it was one of they guys? The referee rushed to the crowd of people now surrounding the fallen player. I watched as they propped his head onto someone’s lap, and started to slide the helmet off of his head. My eyes widen in horror as I see the green bangs spilling out of the helmet. “Taehyung!””

A/N - this chapter sort of repeats last chapters events, but in Y/n’s point of view, so don’t get confused, okay?

Genre: Fluff | Angst
Members: Taehyung x Reader
Word count: 1981

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