will you all hate me if i post that in the tags or

smol psa

@silver-89 and I are taking off to pick up @alannastara on Thursday, and then heading to Atlanta on Friday to tacklehug @carol-on and @faith5by5-1013 . Until then I will more or less be losing whatever’s left of my mind trying to make sure I get at least the absolutely *essential* shit done. (Omg, pls let me not forget to bring Melissa’s EW cover for her to sign! What should I wear? What shoes do I need? Will Melissa hate her present? AHHHHHHHH!)

Anyway, my queue will be running, but I will only be popping in and out for three seconds at a time. I hope you guys all have an absolutely *fanfreakingtastic* weekend (and Halloween!).

If you want to blacklist all the stuff I’ll be posting from Walker Stalker, my tag for that is: #walker stalker atlanta 2016. Hgjdskahgdjksahlg SO EXCITE!!! 😱😱😱

          ( look at my smol sons ) home from work!! gunna be lurking for a bit while i tackle some starters/memes etc, but i’ll get to im’s before i sleep! i just get distracted v easily so i can’t multitask (rip).

also apparently?? tumblr has decided to flag my blog as adult oriented?? and there’s nothing i can do about it?? like the switch thing in my settings is off, but in the tags you have to ‘show adult oriented posts’ for them to show up. it’s not only me either, searching the ‘twd*rp’ tag uncovers quite a few blogs when you go from hidden to showing these posts. 

such a pain in the ass tbh, it must be the genre?? although why not all walking*dead blogs are affected i’ll never know. clearly the beard game is too strong.

anonymous asked:

"im not sorry lmfao pro templars are gross and deserve negativity in their tag""in related news, pro-templars are so gross, looking at them makes me roll my eyes" "if you hate anders i hate you" (All tags or content of posts you made) You constantly drum up resentment and rage in your echo chamber at anyone who's outside of it. Look (actually look) around tumblr and try to find pro-templar people who disagree with you who use your kind of language. hell, how many pro-templars will you find?

Alrighty, I apologize for the first post, because it was pretty mean (I know I made it after I was angered by people coming directly at me for a post I hadn’t tagged). Happy? I’m ACTUALLY sorry. It was gross of me to say that.

It is my opinion that pro templars are gross after seeing the kind of bullshit they say. Did I tag that second post? I didn’t.

The third one was humouristic and an exaggeration showing my mistrust of people who dislike Anders because they usually are ableists and are assholes who harass others. Should I tag humour now? Again, was it tagged with pro templar tags? No. It wasn’t.

I constantly talk about how I am angry at pro templars because I am allowed to because this is my blog. Do I go into people’s inboxes like “you’re gross I keep rolling my eyes at you” when I disagree with them? I don’t. Do I go into the pro templar tag and post “pro templars are gross I hate them” ? No. Do I go into the anti Anders tag and post “if you hate Anders I hate you” ? No. I don’t.

Has anyone come into my inbox like “Yo that was shitty of you could you please apologize” when I posted that first post? No. Nobody has. If they had, I would have looked back on my actions and tried to reflect on them.

Again, I do actually apologize for the first post. The other two, not so much. I’m allowed to find people gross without actually wishing anything negative upon them. I was a dick in the first post, and kind of an asshole in the other two, but at least didn’t wish negative things upon them in these last ones.

And finally, trust me. I’ve seen people be assholes to me and calling me all kind of names. So fuck off.

hey yall just a heads up i started tagging stuff from horror films/media as “horror tw” regardless of how mild the set in question is!! i know around this time theres way more of it being shared and can heighten anxieties. ALSO i dont post jump scares or anything of that nature. i hate pranking all year round but pranks this season are all so fucking mean spirited and shitty so just an extra heads up that you dont have to worry about that here. i tag insects, spiders specifically, death, gore, blood, and horror, if you need anything else (like bats or demons) tagged hmu ill start doing it. I dont do anon but i wont publish or interrogate, ill just thank you for letting me know and start tagging accordingly

Move on, leave, run away, escape this place… but don’t forget about me, about us, about this town. Always remember where you come from so you can appreciate how far you’ve come.
—  c.j.n.
You claim to love her, inside and out, but the only time you call her beautiful is when it’s 3 in the morning and I’ve already turned you down.
—  girls tell each other everything, c.j.n.