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Signs at Night
  • "Look at the stars!": Aries, Gemini, Leo, Aquarius
  • "Look at the moon!": Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn
  • "Look at the sky!": Cancer, Libra, Sagittarius, Pisces
Signs described in 2 words

Aries: Going places

Taurus: Food-Sexual

Gemini: Needs stability

Cancer: Mother Hen

Leo: Queen Af

Virgo: Likes Parfume

Libra: Party Pooper

Scorpio: Mysterious Door

Sagittarius: Serious Funny

Capricorn: Money Addict

Aquarius: No Homo

Pisces: Lovely Flower

“But then I met you and it felt like everything was going to be okay”

Aries x Saggitarius
Taurus x Leo
Gemini x Aquarius
Cancer x Virgo
Libra x Pisces
Scorpio x Capricorn

the signs flirting
  • Aries: You're hot *tells you everything they're thinking about you*
  • Taurus: *internally flirts with you* Them externally: Hi friend
  • Gemini: *shoots you with their flirt gun*
  • Cancer: Stares at you and imagines things in their mind
  • Virgo: Silly, passive comments, "Hey, you should try..." *suggest something that sounds like a judgement*
  • Libra: *murders you with their flirt knife*
  • Scorpio: Hot!! Cold!! Crazy....You're honestly going a little crazy bc u don't know what they're thinking
  • Sagittarius: Lets fuck!
  • Capricorn: Your eyebrows look funny...:/
  • Aquarius: *Talks non-stop about how different they are to impress you, really just seeing if you'll say somethng valid back*
  • Pisces: *blushing* *the whole* *goshdarn* *time*
The opposite signs as iconic movie couples

Aries x Libra: Han Solo and Princess Leia

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Taurus x Scorpio: Jane and John (Mr. and Mrs. Smith)

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Gemini x Sagittarius:  Johnny and Baby (Dirty Dancing)

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Cancer x Capricorn: Allie and Noa (The Notebook)

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Leo x Aquarius: Sandy and Danny (Grease)

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Virgo x Pisces: Jack and Rose (Titanic)

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“You say you’re not perfect, but you’re my kind of perfect.”

Aries x Virgo
Taurus x Aquarius
Gemini x Saggitarius
Cancer x Leo
Libra x Scorpio
Capricorn x Pisces

Relationships between signs and SAGITTARIUS ...
  • Aries: Best friend
  • Taurus: Protective older sibling although low key jealous of their younger golden child sibling
  • Gemini: Thinks Sag is so fascinating
  • Cancer: Watches Sag's every move
  • Leo: Soul mate
  • Virgo: Finds Sag annoying sometimes because Sag is the only one they wish they were more like
  • Libra: Likes Sag because they are the only person they are sure about
  • Scorpio: Lowkey obsessed with Sagittarius in a good way
  • Capricorn: Hates Sag's optimism and hates that they are drawn to it and hates that they low key like Sag regardless
  • Aquarius: Likes Sag but sometimes feels like Sag is better than them
  • Pisces: Just down right jealous of Sagittarius