will x allan

I’m 100% certain that when “Spider-Man Homecoming” drops, Zendaya’s character will be referred to as Michelle through most of the movie until it’s revealed she’s Mary Jane at the end. That’s a very Marvel-ly move.

Like, I can see it going like this.

Vulture is defeated and Peter is hanging out at Michelle’s place. Liz Allan, despite some flirting between her and Pete, decides that she just wants to be friends with him. Michelle sees Pete bummed out and tries to console him.

Just then, her mom comes in and says, “Mary Jane, come inside, food’s ready!”

Then Peter smiles and says, “Hmm…so it’s not ‘Michelle’ Watson, it’s Mary Jane Watson? Where’d Michelle come from?” And then Mary Jane gives some explanation, like it’s her middle name, her online name, the name of her favorite rockstar, she hates the name Mary Jane, etc., etc.  

Mary and Pete are about to go inside but then they hear a bunch of sirens coming from down the street. Pete looks at Mary, looking for the okay, and she rolls her eyes before playfully saying, “Go get em tiger.” 

And the movie ends with Pete swinging off. 

(Then the mid-credit scene shows the symbiote landing on Earth and the post-credit scene shows Mary Jane bumping into Gwen Stacy) 


Imagine being in a relationship with Jaime and Bart.

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  • Out of the three of you, Jaime is more mature.
  • You are second.
  • Bart is 100% childish.
  • Ok, not 100% but pretty close.
  • Your Zatanna’s cousin.
  • You save those two almost all the time.
  • “I told you to need to follow the plan, Bart!” You tell him.
  • “But the plan was for me to sit still.”
  • “Ya! Because it was supposed to be a covert mission!” Jaime yells.
  • Bart is scared to lose you because you die in the future.
  • He only tells Jamie this.
  • The two make a pact to protect you no matter what.
  • They always try to get partnered with you.
  • At first, you find it sweet.
  • But when they start wanting to come on missions with you and Zatanna.
  • It starts to get annoying.
  • You have to sneak away from them to go on missions with Zatanna.
  • One time you did this you came back severely injured.
  • The boys never left the waiting room.
  • Bart was totally still.
  • When you can see people Zatanna goes in first.
  • After her, it’s Bart and Jaime.
  • You scold them for not getting any rest.
  • They scold you for going on a mission without them.
  • You argue with them that you chose to he a hero.
  • “Stop treating me like a little girl!”
  • “We scared to lose you!” They yell together.
  • “You keep treating me like I’m helpless then you will lose me!”  
  • “You die in the future!” Bart yells.
  • “Ya! W- I what?”
  • “You die. It was in the middle of everything and-”
  • “God and here I thought it was because you thought I couldn’t handle myself.”
  • You chuckle and look at the two.
  • “I’m not going to die on you two. You need someone to keep you both in line.”
  • They smile and kiss your forehead.
  • You send them to get some sleep.