will winter


Beachrat details! Some things that I love:

  • The “Kids & Rats” sunscreen oh my gOD I love that he is both a. his own category as a goddamn rat and b. uses kids’ sunscreen, bc he’s just as fucking hyperactive as they are
  • “Junk” on the back of his waistband. I feel like he took cues from McCree omg
  • He can’t even keep a pair of board shorts in one piece, they’ve got a tattered leg too. What kind of shit are you getting up to at the beach, Junkrat
  • The shark tooth necklace! I’m sure it means nothing, shark tooth necklaces are like beach douchebag culture 101, but the Mako/Sharkbait skins are my favorite Roadhog skins so I was like !!!! SHARKS!!!
  • But then his pegleg and arm are also sharks so, definitely making it a motif
  • The sunburn lines!! Not just the boot one, you can see the straps of his harness and shit too. It really makes you realize how fucking pasty he is normally, all his other skins are pre-sunburn
  • I love that you can see just how fucking patchy Junkrat’s hair is when he pulls it back into a ponytail. He’s basically bald with odd clumps of hair sticking out everywhere, and it’s passable most of the time, but drawing it back like that just exposes everything. I love it
  • Pop-a-roo! grenade launcher! It really looks like he stole a kids’ toy gun and modded the shit out of it lmao
  • There’s a warning on the rubber ducky tube that rats can swim, but. Look at those floaties. He cannot.
  • And most important of all: “If found return to Road[hog].” This absolute walking disaster. Has an “if found return to Roadhog” bracelet. I’m dying. I’m dead. How have they not been confirmed canon yet.