will we ever see him with this color


Hey, can I ask you a question? Sure. How do you know if a guy you’ve been hanging out with likes you? You like him? Uh-huh, but I think he hates me. Ask him. Doesn’t want to talk about it. No guy ever does. How do I know, then? Does he get that look in his eye when he’s with you? What look? You’ll know it when you see it.

Taliesin, and by some extension Percy, must be so jealous that Vax fell ass-backwards into being the gothiest motherfucker in Vox Machina. Dude wears all black, is associated with ravens, is the Champion of the Goddess of the Moment of Death, and wrestles with dark emotions on the regular. 

Meanwhile, Percy, played by Mr. Executive Goth himself, is at his happiest we’ve ever seen him, and his character has become lighter and lighter ever since the Briarwood arc. He makes seashell jewelry for his friends. He hasn’t gotten the chance to wear the cool plague doctor mask in ages. He still got a chance to bathe/drown in the pool of blood during the Duskmeadow episode, but he’s barely been involved with the Raven Queen since then. 

Next thing you know we’ll see Percy in pastels (and I mean, after all, apparently one of Whitestone’s colors is lavender). 

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Serious question: have we ever encountered a colour that doesn't look amazing on Harry?? I just saw your reblog of him in that red shirt and was like, "Damn, boy looks good in red" but really when doesn't he...

nO he looks good in every single color see 

1. red, as you said (ha that rhymed i’m a poet & i didn’t even know it)

2. orange

3. yellow

4. green

5. blue

6. purple

7. pink

8. black

9. white


ayto 5

I HATED to see Tyranny and Osvaldo weren’t a perfect match! (STILL BITTER) They were the cutest couple ever. But my overall favorite moment in this episode is where Osvaldo was HURT/ANGRY/DISAPPOINTED AF and punching the bag/about to cry, and Eddie just grabs him and HUGS him. Like a genuine HUG. 






I can’t even say how touching this moment was. I was already crying about Tyvaldo, but this moment DID IT for me. 

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On October 8, 2016 I married the most amazing man God could ever create for me. It’s so wonderful to see all the plans He has, and how He orchestrates them so beautifully. Sadly, To this day I still have people ask me “what I see in a white man”. “Why him? He’s white”. Why him?! Because he’s the most loving, patient, caring, Godfearing, strong, humble man I have ever met. Because he loves me unconditionally. Because he is my best friend and support. Sadly, we still live in a world where instead of seeing the love we have for one another people see the color of our skin. I’ll just let them continue to hate, meanwhile we will continue to love, and one day bring some pretty beautiful mixed babies into the world. ❤

His favourite witch

Remus Lupin x Reader

Request:  Halo can i get remus x reader about her being total badass and him being in love with her

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Potion was your first class in Tuesday. Professor Slughorn showed you potions, and you have to guess what’s in the cauldron.

“Ah, who can tell me what is that?” - he pointed at an orange colored potion.

“That’s a pompion potion, that is.” - you said immediately.

“Ugh will she ever stop being such a know-it-all?” - you heard a slytherin girl’s voice behind your back.

“Maybe we should use it on you to see how it’s work. “ - you started. - “It turns the drinker’s head into a pumpkin, so it’d fit for you well, since we already learn that in our first year.” That was you, never know when you should shut your mouth, but for that, the other Gryffindors loved you. 

You were bored in the rest of the class when you spotted a boy, stared at you so hard he probably didn’t even notice you started to looking at him. You smiled and waved lightly, which woke him up. He instantly started to take notes, even if the professor didn’t say anything at the moment. And that was Remus Lupin, your friend, clearly in love with you, but too shy to do anything about it.

The next lesson was Defence Against the Dark Arts, and you practiced nonverbal spells. Not it was hard, it felt like it’s impossible to do it. Since you were one of the most talented witch at the school, you were able to do that, so the professor asked you to help the others. You heard some swearing from one of the corner in the classroom, so you were heading there.

„It’s rubbish. How we even supposed to do that? And, mind you, we could practice some more useful spells.” – James Potter complained, and the next moment, he was bound by his ankle, while you stepped closer. „Let me go, Y/L/N, it isn’t funny.” – he said.

„Oh, even I am surprised that it was succesful, I couldn’t really hear my own thoughts over your whine.” – you said jokingly. The marauders loved you, you knew that, especially because you were the only girl who could understand their “way of life”. The others laughed before you let him away with an another nonverbal spell. You started to explain them again how it’s work, but the bell rang, so you left them.

„She is so awesome.” – Remus said in a wondering voice when you couldn’t hear him, but it’s still made the others so surprised they frozen. It just wasn’t like him, talking about girls and how he felt about them. „I mean – eerm – she’s not.”

„Blimey, our little Moony in love!” - Sirius yelled proudly.

„No, I’m not.”

„Oh, yes you are.” said James.

„No, I’m not.”

„Go and ask her out.”

„Padfoot, I won’t do that.”

James and Sirius bothered him all the morning. At lunch, they were sitting next to you with a remarkably big smile on their face. „Hello Y/N, how are you?”

Without answering, you turned to Remus who just sat down in front of you. „What’s wrong with them?”

„Don’t even ask.” – he said with a tired voice.

„We’re just wondering, you know. You’re so smart and pretty, a lot of boy fancies you here. Like, look at Remus, he’s so crazy for you.” – Sirus said, matter of factly. For a moment you were surprised, glance at Lupin who looked like he’ll either explode or kill them both.

„Are you jealous, Padfoot?”

„Why should I be?” - Sirius asked with an almost huffish voice.

„Because, you know, a smart and pretty girl, like me only will be interested in a boy who smart and handsome, like Remus.” – you winked at Remus who now nervously eat his lunch. As you were already finished, you left them in a hope it was enough push to Lupin.


It was the middle of the night when you decided you sneak out for some hot chocolate. Fortunately, you didn’t meet anybody, and of course the house elves was happy to gave you some hot beverage. After you finished, you were on your way back to the Gryffindor common room. When you turned around a corner, you almost bumped into someone; not anybody – a prefect. Moreover, Remus Lupin.

„Oh, uh, hey, Y/N, what are you doing here at this time? It’s curfew.” – he said a bit distracted.

„I just, you know, had some stuff… to do…”

„Some stuff. To do. I-I should take ten points from Gryffindor.” – he said and tried to be serious, which he obviously wasn’t.

„From your own house? Don’t be such a McGonagall, Rem.” – you stepped awkwardly close to him. – I’m going back to my dorm, please don’t punish me.” – with a lot of innocence in your voice, you wrapped your hands around his biceps, making him so nervous you almost felt sorry for him. He murmured an „Okay, just go back now” in a low voice and you kissed him on his cheek. With that, you were on your way, but you were sure that heard him let out a big sigh.

Half hour later, you sat in the common room with a book, when Lupin stepped in. You smiled at him and he smiled back at you on his way to the boys dormitory, when he turned back and sat down in front of you.

„Erm – so..” – he started. You stood up to sat down next to him, close enough so your shoulders were touching, smiling up at him. You didn’t know why, but it amused you so much to see him how embarassed he became next to you.

„Yes?” – you asked with your so-innocent voice.

„Y’know… it’s a Hogsmeade trip on Saturday and, I was just wondering if, ifyoumaybewannacomewithme.” – he spoke so fast you almost didn’t understand him, but you already knew what he wanted to ask.

„Yes, I’d love that. But promise me you calm yourself down. I won’t eat you.” You smiled at him and kiss him again on his cheek, before leave him in the common room. As much as you were nervous around him, too, you were really good at hiding it, and when you fell on your bed, you let out a little shout in your pillow – yes, he’s finally asked you out.


I know that one of the main concerns of a welcome to Night Vale movie would be that people don’t want to see a canon representation of Cecil.

So think of this. A movie about the citizens of Night Vale. Cecil is never shown, but is an ever present voice. Beneath a mauve colored sky characters like Janice and Earl and John Peters (you know, the farmer) go about their daily business and crazy Night Vale things happen while Cecil’s voice narrates from their radios. The only glimpse of him we get is a hand clasped in Carlos’ at the end of the movie as everything is resolved.


This is Lucifer–he is a 4 month old anthrax reticulated python. Anthrax’s are dwarves and will only get 9-12 feet. Most of the brown you see on him now will grey out and darken; he’s going to get even better with age. His father is a stunning, stone grey color and his mother is almost black, so we’ll see who he takes after. 

I’ve noticed that he is a lot more defensive than Dante and Virgil–neither of which have ever struck at me outside of feeding time, whereas Lucifer starts popping off quick strikes if the wind blows the wrong way–so unlike them, I have some work to do with him handling wise and hopefully he’ll mellow out with age. He’s already had a couple of weeks to settle in, multiple meals, and I have one of my shirts in his tub so he’ll learn my scent and hopefully come to trust me faster and stop seeing me as a big scary predator. 

(excuse the bad lighting and the color being off in photo #2, it’s winter and he’s too unpredictable right now to bring outside for natural light anyway) 

I just got into another debate with a Destiel shipper insisting Megstiel isn’t canon, and at this point I can’t even take them seriously because we have all seen their meta, we’ve watched them argue that beer bottles and shirt colors and the fact that gay people exist are proof that their ship is real and the writers mean for us to see it, and we all know that:

- If Cas had ever pushed Dean up against a wall and made out with him

- If Cas had ever called Dean beautiful

- If the roles were reversed, and Meg had referred to the two of them onscreen as “Destiel”

- If Cas and Dean had sat in a room together, reminiscing about that time they kissed

- If Dean, in this conversation, had called Cas “cute”

- Or “hot”

- If Dean had suggested they have sex once the battle was over

- If Cas had nodded in agreement

- If Dean had referred to Sam’s lost love who had the power to change him as “a unicorn”

- If he had later called Cas HIS unicorn

- If Cas had named himself after a pet name Dean used for him when he needed an alias


trc probably has the Worst poc representation ever i hate it so much. i love henry cheng but like why did she have to make him hate himself and literally be racist to himself that’s so fucking shitty of her. like yeah there def r poc who hate themselves for being not white but like ,,,, if we actually had poc rep w characters who love themselves and their culture & ethnicity then maybe we wouldn’t hate ourselves so much ?????? bc we’d see that we shouldn’t hate ourselves for being ppl of color like idk ????

Ok, I’m yelling about this on twitter for pretty much weeks now and I realised that sooner or later I’m going to do that here too, so:

- ever since I saw that villain from newest ‘One Piece movie Gold’, Gild Tesoro, on first sketches/drawings that we were shown by Oda, I was immediately like - …so..this is pretty much how a Dofladile offspring would look like…-

Because, seriously:

The glasses - the rings, flashy colors - Croc-like hair, pink-green color scheme, etc. It screams DoflaCroc fusion. Or as I like to say - Dofladile offspring. (…….)

- Then the trailer got released and it convinced me even further in all this. Examples:

Like fathers, like son. (….)

- Then, minus Crocodile-like hair and ascot, just how much this is Doflamingo:

just for example.

- Then, this face:

so Crocodile:

And so on. I mean, at this point I’m pretty much telling the obvious but whatever - to somewhat sum it up - he’s Doflamingo-like eccentric, while having expressions like Crocodile. While also having parts of the clothing-styles, or whatever kind of stlyes, of both of them. And that’s just for now, who knows what more movie can give us. (I’m so eager to see it, I can’t believe)

- And also, shipping-googles or anything shippy aside, I’m so glad Oda decided to make a villain that will be such an obvious combination of these two. I’m just so glad and I’m having so much feels and again I’m. so. glad.


Violet opened the door slightly and whistled. ‘It’s Stroud’s office’, she whispered to Raven, that stood next to her, solid and emotionless as a rock. ‘We need to check it. I see his PC in there; it could be useful.’ She felt the rush of excitement like an adrenaline injection that made her body stronger, her mind sharper and the colors around her brighter. ‘Let’s go’. She grabbed Raven by the shoulder and dragged him to the room… tried to drag him because in reality he just stayed where he was.

She turned around and glared at him. His green eyes were mischievous as ever, his lips were crooked with predatory smile. He slowly leaned to her, opened his mouth and said, ‘It’s crazy, Violet. You’re a police officer; do you remember this little inconvenient detail? You need a warrant for this. You can’t just go and do this… trespassing’. He waved his hand at the door. ‘One little trespassing won’t kill anyone’, Violet whispered, making the second attempt to move Raven. ‘If you don’t want to go with me, you can stay here and watch’. With this she let go of his shoulder and slipped into the office.

She barely made it to the Stroud’s PC when strong hands grabbed her, turned her over and push her back, nearly making her sit on the table. ‘Have you ever heard of personal space?’ she hissed, trying to break his hold on her forearms. He was so close, and so big, and so hot it was almost impossible to breathe. She felt dizzy. He leaned even closer. ‘Do you understand that you’re jeopardizing not only your position, but mine as well?’ His voice was a little bit scary, his eyes darker than usual. ‘There can be no reason for us to be in this private part of Stroud’s mention. If anybody finds us’–

‘We will use your mighty sexual…’ she made a helpless gesture trying to express the general idea of her strategy, ‘…reputation as an excuse for being alone. Now let me go, I need to fire this thing up; it may tell us couple of interesting stories’. He stared at her for a moment, then squeezed her arms and whispered, almost touching her lips with his, ‘Make it quick, Violet’. Two seconds later she was free, and he moved closer to the door.

She booted up Stroud’s computer and fiddled with her holster, fishing for her tiny USB stick. If there were some account files, they all would be copy to her magic flash wand. She smiled, quickly going through documents of various sorts, copying photos, videos and Excel files. There had to be something useful. There had to be– ‘Violet’, Raven whispered, and she suddenly heard voices, right next to the closed office door. He approached and lifted her from the chair like a puppet. ‘We need to go,’ he said, taking hold on her arms. ‘No!’ she hissed, fighting his grab silently. ‘We need to stay and listen! That’s why we are here!’

‘I need the money, Ryver, and it’s in your interest to help me,’ women voice said on the other side of the door. ‘Otherwise your precious Perry will now you took them, no, I’m sorry, you stole them; let’s call things by their proper names, shall we?’

‘It’s Covington’, Violet whispered in shock into Raven’s neck. She was pressed between him and the table again; and he was squeezing her so tightly like he was trying to hide her within his hard body. ‘It’s Covington’, she repeated, not really able to believe what she was hearing. ‘And she’s blackmailing Ryver Greene!’

People always ask me why I dislike blue so much
what they don’t understand is blue is the eye color of the first boy I ever fell in love with
I see blue everywhere
I see it in the bedsheets that we used to tangle ourselves in
And sometimes I can still smell the absence of him when I walk through the mall and catch a hint of Ralph Lauren’s ‘Polo Blue’ cologne that used to saturate his skin.
Blue is the color of my record player that we used to have on repeat when they days were long and the nights were hard
Blue was the color of the sky he undressed me under
Blue is the color of the m&m’s he would pick out for me because he knew they were the only ones I would eat
Blue blue blue
I see blue on my walls, on my doctor’s scrubs, and even my favorite fucking sweater is tainted because it’s blue
and now I can no longer go to the grocery store to buy blueberries without the clerk giving me a sympathetic look because he knows I’m still in love.
So no, it’s not the color I dislike, but the goddamn memories that come with it.
—  blue isn’t just a color, but a feeling
A match made in Skaia?

Oh god. John, those were not the best choice of words to tell him. This is just gonna set him off even more… and I wonder if Karkat is secretly feeling more complete now than ever.

Oh boy. Now we get to see Karkat make his case for the kismesis between him and John. It’s probably going to be logically well-thought out and filled with colorful metaphors. 

So, basically, like normal.

“Mr. Anderson! Surprised to see me?”
“Then you’re aware of it.”
“Of what?”
“… Our connection…”

DAY6 as the Top 6 stupidest things I’ve ever done

Jae: got drunk and insisted on watching Jackie Chan bloopers at 4 AM

Sungjin: drank expired milk for a whole week without realizing because my coffee always tastes like crap so it wasn’t weird at all that it tasted bad

Junhyeok: breaking up with my boyfriend and telling him that we didn’t have time to talk about it because I had to buy colored construction paper (and it was true)

Young-K: sitting in the bathroom at 5 AM with no pants and toilet paper shoved up my nose because I had a nightmare and tried to turn on the light so fast that I hit my face against a wall

Wonpil: saw the person I liked and got so excited that I tripped and fell on my face, dragging a chair and a table with me

Dowoon: getting into k-pop

All For A Woman - Chapter 11 - TEASER!

Matthew pulls out a list from his pocket and hands it to me. “You made this a couple nights ago,” he says, looking confused that I don’t remember.

“Oh,” I say. “Right. Pregnancy brain.” I take the wrinkled piece of paper from him and see that the first thing on the list, scrawled in my loopy handwriting, are pacifiers. And from there, the things we need seem to go on and on forever.

We get a cart and slowly fill it up. From pacifiers to bibs, diapers to nail clippers, little booties to boppy pillows; it piles higher and higher.

Matthew is enjoying himself, but I’m feeling drained and heavier than ever before. When we stop in the clothing section and are looking for a onesie to bring her home in, I can’t take it anymore. All I’m thinking about is what colors Jackson would like, what he would think is cute and what he would think is just plain silly.

I can’t keep this secret anymore.

“Matthew,” I say, as he flips through a rack of tiny, folded clothes.

“Hm?” he says, raising his eyebrows without looking up at me.

I stop flipping through the little hangers and rest my hands on the metal part of the rack. My mouth goes dry, and I have to open and close it a few times to create enough saliva to actually speak. “I need to tell you something,” I say finally.

Look for CHAPTER 11 of ALL FOR A WOMAN coming out either tonight or tomorrow! 

Critical Role liveblog

Episode 52- by all things good and holy that may be the most beautiful map I’ve ever seen.
THEY TAKE 3 HOURS TO DEFFEAT KEVDAK. So many crits, both hits and fails.
It’s so nice to see Grog shine, especially because we can see him without Craven Edge now. I really want specs on that new axe, and now vestige count is 2. They apparently want to go kill the red Dragon now, and color me very concerned


You act as though you have some right to judge. To declare me and mine wrong for the world. And yet everything I’ve shown you – all I’ve said and done – should clearly demonstrate otherwise. We did not harm your people. We did not support the Crown. We worked to see this land united and at peace. Under our rule all will be equal.

The fireworks bloomed into the sky bursting out multiple colors. Her eyes trained on the night sky.

“Isn’t this the most amazing thing you have ever seen?”

“Yeah.” He replied dreamily

She turned her head to see that he was looking at her.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” She asked him

“Like what?” He said not phased

“Like you want to kiss me.” She said

He shrugged “maybe I want to.”

That made her heart skip.

She smiled “maybe I’d like that.”

He leaned closer to her so that there faces were just inches apart.

“Even though we have so many reason why we shouldn’t. Even though we agreed that we just be friends. Even when I’m just going to leave again. I still want to kiss you and I’m trying so hard it too.” He whispered

The sound of the fireworks just became faint to her now. She just got lost in his eyes. She couldn’t look away and neither could he.

“what if I told you that I didn’t care about any of those reasons?” It’s not like her feelings just went away that easy. She just thought it would be easier for them to be friends but that didn’t mean she didn’t still love him.

“I-I don’t know ash.” He stuttered but didn’t look away “fuck I really want to kiss you though.”

“Then shut up and kiss me.” She leaned over and put her lips to his. Slowly moving in sync as the fireworks were still bursting over there heads.

He pulled her closer to him and she held on to him like she depended on it.

They eventually pulled away resting there heads against each other. The fireworks stopped and everyone was cheering.

She totally forgot about the fireworks and that’s why they came here in the first place.

“God you drive me crazy.” He whisper chuckling a bit

She smiled at him “good.”

—  excerpt from a book I’ll never write #230/Colin and Ashley

Michael Dante DiMartino: “We hadn’t mentioned Hiroshi during the previous two seasons, but I always assumed his actions still haunted Asami, so we decided to give them some closure. Here, we discover that Asami hasn’t read his letters or ever visited him in prison. When she finally does, she sees her father has become a very different man, mentally and physically.” 

Storyboards by Ki-Hyun Ryu from “Enemy at the Gates” (The Legend of Korra: The Art of the Animated Series, Book 4: Balance, p. 66.)