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life is a fist fight
and you’ve given the devil a gun.
—  oh, sinner, you better run | a.m.

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if he wants to live in the middle of nowhere let him

Opposites Attract {Reader Insert}

Imagine: Flower crowns and pastels are her thing, and both Archie Andrews and Jughead Jones fully accept her for that. Who would have thought that the elder Jones man would feel the same, and much more.

Summary: {Y/N} is ecstatic to be reunited with her two best pals, but it seems alcohol is not her favourite. Getting away from the stink of beer, and the heat of dancing teens, she escapes to the garage. When confronted by her best friend’s father, she discovers a long-kept secret that he’s dying to act upon.

Request?: Yes! A nonny wanted a fic that had the clash of polar opposites between the reader and FP. I do hope I’ve done your request justice.

Warnings: F/M Smut, Unprotected Sex (wrap it before you tap it, kids), Reader is about 18 (so things are kinda okay, right?)

Word Count: 3236

Taglist: @theserpentgod 

Disclaimer: I do not own the gif, credit to the user that made it. The Riverdale characters are not mine, credits to the writers and producers of the franchise. If smut is not your thing, do not read this.

A/N: The idea of flower child!reader being best friends with Archie and Jughead is so cute to me, and the fluff between them all was fun to write. I hope I did FP justice in his ‘bad boy’ perspective. Enjoy, my little bookworms 🖤

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Stress Reliever (Matt Imagine)

“Matt please tell me whats wrong!” I called to him but he didn’t even look at me. He sat at his desk and typed on his laptop and just ignored me. I hated when he acted this way, if something was wrong why can’t he just tell me. I just wanted to help.

“Matt, baby, please just tell me whats wrong you can tell me anything.” I came up behind him and touched his shoulders.

“Get off me Y/N. I said I’m not in the mood.” He shouted and pushed my hands off. I’ve never seen him this way. All I could do is cry, a silent cry

“All I want to do is help you, Matt!” I said with a single tear running down my face. Right as I’m about to walk out, he grabs my arm.

“Don’t go, please. I’m sorry” The look in his eyes was genuine…and real. He really was sorry. “Listen, I’m sorry for yelling at you. I was acting like a dick, and I should have never took it out on you." 

"Its okay, now can you tell me whats wrong…please?” I begged. I grabbed both of his hands and intertwined then together.

“I’ve just been really stressed out lately. I just need something to take my mind off things for a while, that’s all.” He said looking my deep in my eyes

“What is it? What do you need?” He came closer to me and licked his heart shaped lips.

“I need this.” Then he pressed his lips onto mines. This time it was more rough than usual. With our lips in sync he pushed me towards the bed followed by laying me down, and pinned me down.

Matt took complete control over my body, and I surrendered my body to him loving every second of it. His lips trailed from my lips to my neck kissing my sweet spot right above my collarbone. I moaned softly as he left bite marks on my skin.

“I think these clothes need to go.” he said deeply, looking at me with pure lust in his eyes. He sat me up and pulled my shirt off and threw it to the ground, the same with my pants. I did the same to him leaving us both in our underwear that were soon to come off as well.

He gave me a devilish smirk then went back to where he had left off. He grind his hips in between my legs as he left more hickeys all over my neck, I felt him grow larger in his American Eagle boxers. His head went down further along my stomach leaving a trail of soft wet kisses that led to the hem of my panties. Before he took them off he slid his hand under them running his fingers across my throbbing heat. With total eye contact, I let out an exhausted moan making Matt grin.

“Should I take these off, Y/N.” he said holding the elastic, followed by biting his wet bottom lip.

“Stop teasing me Matt, please.” He took that as a sign to continue his works of pleasure and slowly pulled off my panties revealing what he’d been wanting for so long. I saw the top of his head between my thighs and felt his warm breath on my heat sending chills all through my body

I let out a deep exhale as his tongue flattened, exploring my thirsty slit. He brought his hands over to grasp my hips holding me in place as his skilled tongue moved quickly, making circles around my clit. His tongue moved in every single way possible making me arch my back when he put one of my legs over his shoulder giving him a better angle. I gripped a handful of his soft hair when my thighs tightened as I felt my climax rising, my moans and screams filling the air.

“Matt, Oh my god, Matt!” I yelled when he slid one finger inside of me. He looked me directly in my eyes as his fingers went deeper, as I searched for something to hold onto. My orgasm was just seconds away, he could tell by me clenching around his large fingers.

Disappointment arouse when he removed his fingers from inside. He leaned up and removed his boxers, I was anxious for more.

“Matt, please don’t make me wait any longer” I pleaded him with innocent eyes. “Patience baby girl, patience. ” he said in return, followed by him slipping on a condom. He came back onto the bed kneeling in front of me trailing his fingers across my legs and up my thighs making me shiver. He pulled me in closer and placed each leg one of my legs onto his shoulders “Are you ready?” he asked me before his entrance. “Please, just do it, Matt. Please” I begged getting more and more anxious to feel him. He lined himself up with my heat and slowly slid himself inside of me. We both let out groans of relief as he closed his eyes and went in all the way. 

I let out a deep sign followed by a small moan when he thrust himself out then in again, hitting all the right spots. My deeply arched back came off the bed while Matt held me for support and sped up the pace, which drove me over the edge. He swung both of my legs off his shoulders and around his waist bringing him in deeper than before, which I didn’t think was possible. 

He continued to hold me up with both arms as I held onto his lower back feeling droplets of sweat rolling down his heated skin. I pulled myself up causing me to ram into his bare sweaty chest and grind my hips in sync with his. He grabbed the back of my neck bringing me up for a heated kiss whilst ramming into me. He wraps his arms around me holding me close so I'm straddling him, and I can feel warm puffs of air heating up my neck.

Our moans and groans filled the room as we stayed a bliss in each others arms. I threw my head back as my climax was just seconds away. I felt my walls clench around his hardened member, “I’m close too baby.” he says to me with furrowing eyebrows and tight shut eyelids. I tried to wait for him, but the intensity was too much to bare with. “Don’t hold it back, cum for me Y/N.” he says while biting my already bruised up neck skin. I responded with a loud gasp as a rain of euphoria washed over me, my legs trembled, and my nails sunk deep into his back as he helped me ride out my state of vertigo. His was seconds after mines while he grabbed onto my hips so tightly guaranteed to leave bruises. He let out several loud groans then landed down tiredly on the bed next to me

“You feel better now?” I said in between breaths still coming down from my high

“That was amazing. Do we get to do that every time i’m stressed out? Cause’ damn!” I cuddled up under his neck with my legs over his torso

“Whatever you want babe.” leaving a small peck on his jawline

He chuckles and says “Hmm, my own little personal stress reliever.”

“Shut up and go to sleep.” we eventually do drift off into a deep but peaceful sleep

******WHOA! That was my first smut..I hope y'all liked it. Just as a reminder I didn’t forget about the other imagines that were requested. Yes I know i’ve been slacking, and yes im giving you all permission to kick me in the throat. Im sorry, blame school work I guess…k love you guys… bye…******

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I’m not crying… Shut up “we knew it would happen eventually.. //ib below//”

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Fast food workers plan biggest US strike to date over minimum wage

Workers from McDonald’s, Burger King and other chains to hold walkout protest on Thursday as battle to unionise escalates

Sep. 1 2014

America’s fast food workers are planning their biggest strike to date this Thursday, with a nationwide walkout in protest at low wages and poor healthcare.

The strike is the latest in a series of increasingly heated confrontations between fast food firms and their workers. Pressure is also mounting on McDonald’s, the largest fast food company, over its relations with its workers and franchisees.

Workers from McDonald’s, Burger King, Pizza Hut and other large chains will strike on Thursday and are planning protests outside stores nationwide, in states including California, Missouri, Wisconsin and New York.

The day of disruption is being coordinated by local coalitions and Fast Food Forward and Fight for 15, union-backed pressure groups which have called for the raising of the minimum wage to $15 an hour for the nation’s four million fast-food workers.

Dana Wittman, 38, works for Pizza Hut in Kansas City, Missouri, and will join the strike on Thursday. She makes $9 an hour working night shifts and said she takes home about $600 a week. Her rent is $650 and she is reliant on government subsidies to make up the shortfall. Last month her electricity was cut off for a week when she could not pay the bill.

Wittman was recently promoted from chef to shift leader and given a raise from $7.50. Her new responsibilities include organising deliveries, customer service, paperwork and making sure the restaurant is cleaned up and closed down at the end of her shift, which can be as late as 2am.

“The company should pay me more. I am worth more,” she said. “They make billions a year and I don’t even get health insurance. The CEO gets health insurance.

“I intend to do whatever it takes to make this company pay a wage that lets me pay my bills without having to go to the government. I don’t think that right now these corporations are listening. They think we will just shut up eventually and go away, but they are wrong.”

Thursday’s strike will be the seventh since fast food workers in New York walked out on their jobs in November 2012. Each walkout has been bigger than the last and have been credited with spurring President Barack Obama to focus on an increase in the minimum wage.

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Call of the Wild CKR: A Story of Previously Unknown Summoning Skills, Unbelievable (and Unbelievably Atrocious) Timing, and a Bush

or, How I Broke My Best Friend In All the Best Ways

It started with a rumor, a plan, and a very expensive excuse.

The rumor said a certain celebrity we know and admire

was in his hometown filming, and had been spotted in a particular neighborhood.

The neighborhood was nearby. It had a restaurant we wanted to go to, and (as does everywhere up there, apparently) a London Drugs.

We wanted to pretend we had a chance in hell of seeing CKR. And maybe get cheap lego.

We went.


We went, we ate, we scared the patrons hanging out and laughing loudly and plotting the downfall of the US government (kidding) (probably). We paid too much for too spicy food but got – thank gods – food with vegetables in, an option sorely lacking in our all-snacks-all-the-time car and con prep.

We, of course, did not see CKR.

But what the heck, we’re in the neighborhood: we went looking for London Drugs, and ended up walking the entire way around the large city block, to wind up very nearly where we started (thanks, confusing signs!). Inside, there was a Nikon sales event, including a Why To Print At Home presentation and Q&A by The World’s 4th Most Boring Man (he wasn’t even interesting enough to land first place – that would have been better, this was just terrible), on a sound system set up for one hundred in a space that seated ten and two people were attending. He was, of course, right by the lego.

We spent far too long trapped inside this nightmare of fluorescent lights, droning voice, and bargain hunting/grocery shopping/condom buying crowds, trying to convert CAN$ to US$ and add sales tax and subtract the loss of lego VIP/Fred Meyer points and I might have died there for a while I don’t know this part of the story might be a biiit different if told by someone else.

But then we gave up on lego, declined hauling back a case of kindereggs (someone said they were too horrible tasting to make up for the thrill of smuggling contraband), bought fair trade vegan chocolate and a 4 pack of (Nestle owned baby killing) Smarties, and declared it done.

Shockingly, we didn’t see CKR in there, either.

We crossed the street, and while waiting for the light, @hereeatthiskitten spotted a street mural. We had time – I said go for it, and she went off the beaten path and around the bushes to get a better shot.

This is where shit gets weird, y'all. But hand to God, Canada, and maple trees everywhere, every single word of what follows is the absolute truth. (Unlike the bit about the Smarties – we got those at the Safeway two nights previously.) (Nestle really does kill babies.)

Now, y'all gotta know that never have I seen hetk wear anything other than house slippers (IDK APPARENTLY THESE ARE A THING?) and sneakers. But she wore these super attractive (faux?) suede boots this day, this one day, because all the con running around the day before had given her blisters.

Maybe they were magic boots. Maybe it’s all her fault.

Because next I knew, I looked back, and there she was, fallen half into the bushes, and getting deeper by the flail.

I calmly, quietly, and with very little fanfare, helped her out.

…okay I promised the truth, sorry, SORRY.

I laughed my fucking ass off (after verifying she was okay and she reassured me so and that the bushes were surprisingly non-prickly I AM NOT A MONSTER OKAY), and tried, and failed, to help her out. But I got myself half into the bushes to lend, at least, moral support. (Laughter is totally moral support, shut up.)

Eventually, we staggered out again, half falling down still but clinging to each other, hetk covered in bush sex pollen and tiny bits of leaves. We might have been calling very loud insults and fuck yous at each other at this point between the laughter, I don’t know.

Because what I did next, was point back in the direction of London Drugs and, just to annoy her further, shouted “Look, there’s CKR!”

She almost certainly shouted something along the lines of shut the fuck up at that point.

But it was eclipsed in my memory, as everything else for the rest of time will be, by turning back toward the crosswalk, back toward the street, back toward the way we needed to go, and seeing

subtle grey beard
well lined face
humoured, slightly smirking smile

astride a yellow motorbike



there was CKR.

Not where I’d pointed, but there, stopped at a red light, looking over at these women falling all over themselves trying to climb out of the bushes and laughing at and chirping each other louder than a pair of fictional hockey bros and punking each other by invoking his initials and there he was.

I clutched hetk’s arm. “Look in the street!”

Hetk: “Yes, I know!”

Me: “No but he’s really there!”

Hetk: “Uh huh!”

The light: *turns green*

Me, pointing like the completely out of control fangirl I definitely am not ever shut up: “NO BUT IT’S HIM!”

Hetk: Idek, that might have been when the incoherent fanscreaming started.

(I’ll let you know if it ever stops.)

We crossed the street.

We clutched each other outside the transit station for ten minutes, trying to stop hyperventilating. Every time one of us (hetk) would get under control, the other (me) would whisper, “But that just happened.” and the cycle would start all over again.

(I’ll let you know if it ever stops.)

Things we have decided, based on this adventure (which really, honestly happened, even if we half disbelieve it and we were there) (so was CKR omfg….):

  • I might be a genie.
  • Those might be magic boots.
  • With great power comes great squeeage and loss of breath and composure.
  • Vancouver is the actual, literal best.
  • CKR on a motorcycle.
  • (yes that totally gets its own bullet point)

(*There might still be debate on this one.)

So to sum up:

on a motorcycle
smiled at us

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a pillow much in need of receiving some further screaming.