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Sebastian Stan as Hal Carter and Maggie Grace as Madge Owens in William Inge’s Picnic (2013)


april 11, 2017 - vivace

working on some rhythms for my musicianship class with a whole bunch of changes in time signature + doing it all at a ridiculously fast tempo = a challenge…challenge accepted!

currently listening to: “symphony” - clean bandit ft. zara larsson

in which sage makes another edit for these rad dudes

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high necklines make me emotional now bc thIS SCENE

its 11 and ive been blasting Michael in the Bathroom since like 6pm, help me

for @misterpoofofficial !!! (this is like,,, only ¼ of what i planned on making)

myawseomeuniverse  asked:

Does PJ like Widow Maker from OverWatch ? xD

((will temporarily use Paint for reaction sketches to asks - but yeah he doesn’t know what Overwatch or Widow Maker are))




Heya guys..! Remember when I said I currently working on a little comic based on this post? well it’s this onee! ;;w;;I haven’t acctually name this comic- but I’m starting calling this ‘DEAD END’ because honestly my mind was reaching the state ‘dead end’ of creativity and suddenly the name stuck- thus It does related to the story soo…

Anyway it will be a small one shot comic- not one with hundreds of pages cuz i learned my leasson.. This is the story of what happened IF Papyrus got determination… There’ll be pretty much drama & hurt/comfort.. ;;w;;

I’m thinking to update this once a week.. so I hope u enjoy!

All Dead End Comic


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And I don’t know how to draw Matsuda. Actually, I never drew him before, so that’s maybe why?
Here’s a sketch:

Mmmh… There’s something off… Oh! Maybe his eyebrows? (not angry enough?)