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Sebastian Stan as Hal Carter and Maggie Grace as Madge Owens in William Inge’s Picnic (2013)




Heya guys..! Remember when I said I currently working on a little comic based on this post? well it’s this onee! ;;w;;I haven’t acctually name this comic- but I’m starting calling this ‘DEAD END’ because honestly my mind was reaching the state ‘dead end’ of creativity and suddenly the name stuck- thus It does related to the story soo…

Anyway it will be a small one shot comic- not one with hundreds of pages cuz i learned my leasson.. This is the story of what happened IF Papyrus got determination… There’ll be pretty much drama & hurt/comfort.. ;;w;;

I’m thinking to update this once a week.. so I hope u enjoy!

All Dead End Comic


^ If you use this, please credit me.

And I don’t know how to draw Matsuda. Actually, I never drew him before, so that’s maybe why?
Here’s a sketch:

Mmmh… There’s something off… Oh! Maybe his eyebrows? (not angry enough?)


the only place i could find the new chapters had this watermark so yeah…..

later qin shiyao comes in and duanmu calls her by her name for the first time and thanked her for helping him. she later tells jinghua that duanmu had actually begged her (i think) to help him save jinghua and held a hand out to her

the chapter ends with her taking his hand and saying “that was the first time i ever held hands with him”

hello HI i’m not dead ;v; been devoting all my days to my zine piece and wow i’m slowly dying. but took a break and doodled some of @frogopera’s witch au because cute witch/wizard designs are my weakness omfg;;;;

ive been doing this for an honest 10 years (shout out to any old ;) Nexopians from 2006/2007) and yet i still struggle to break in to this community because the big dogs sometimes tend to cast shadows of doubt towards the credibility of content that us smaller blogs release, especially if we beat them to the punch. 

its happened to me many times before but today lowkey upset me for the fact we got put out like we aren’t credible, even though​ we credited the tumblr sources & provided their proof. we never release things we are unsure of and put a disclaimer if there is any doubt. 

so i genuinely thank all of you who support smaller bloggers out there. your support makes us keep doing this season after season. 

additionally, i know the people who give out taping spoilers arent doing it for any personal gain but shit, i appreciate the fuck out of you too. 

you help keep the community alive and diverse, even if you don’t know it.