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Happy holidays @whyarewehereman !! I’m ur secret santa for the @vldplatonicsecretsanta :D! Not holiday themed but I was psyched for a Lance and Hunk friendship pic so pls enjoy a little comic type thing abt their first meeting and all that destined to be bros 4 life garbage I adore

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Make 2018 a year of optimism! You can’t control the events that occur, so it’s up to you to make an effort to see life through a positive lens! Sometimes this will be difficult, sometimes it will seem impossible, but with hard work and dedication, you can make 2018 the year you want it to be!

i hope that 2018 is fruitful and you love and are loved, that january brings you a comforting sense of innocence and nostalgia, that february brings you enthusiasm and motivation, that march is a month of liminal space, that in april you stand your ground, that may brings you focus and opportunity, and that june allows you inner introspection

my wishes for you this new year

  • a spontaneous adventure
  • improved health, in mind, body, and soul
  • new genuine friends; a reliable support system, no matter how small
  • a successful project; effort rewarded
  • an epiphany regarding self love
  • a new skill
  • safety
  • a majority of good hair days
  • more frequent moments of pure joy catalyzed by the simplest of things
  • to experience unadulterated love, and be distinctly aware of it

- 🍂

Anxiety plays tricks. It tells you that everything you feel is serious. Depression paints everything in black and white. Together, they skew perceptions.
—   Moyan Brenn
because being with you is like finally turning on the light after nights spent alone in the dark. it’s like coming home after a long day and kicking off your shoes. like a steaming cup of tea that warms you from the inside. it’s like waking up to sunshine spilling into your room, the feeling of the first drop of rain trailing down your skin. it’s everything that i thought was missing in the past, that one piece i could never quite figure out. it’s realising that everything i’ve been fighting for was worth it.
—  being with you / n.j.