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@eriecanary: I literally just found your comic and binge read all of it and? It’s so freaking cute? I love it and your art style so much I made a quick compilation of some of my favorite panels :D I either chose them for their cuteness or the amazingly hilarious faces. Like I swear Flowey makes some of the absolute best face ever. AAAAAA also your Underfell Pap is my favorite take on him ever!


Oh my! A new reader! Welcome, deary <3 Glad you like the comic! 

I can see many beautiful panels there <3 Wow, you sure took some effort on this, didn’t you? I’m flattered <3 I hope you’re not too sensitive and like what’s going to come! Thanks for sending!

so I personally think that the balloon squad didn’t hurt Even, at least not intentionally. Even genuinely wanted to know how Elias is doing, what he’s up to now. do you ask about a person who hurt you like that? no, you usually don’t. you avoid the topic and move on. It’s a pretty common theory that when Even had his episode, he didn’t even talk about it with his friends because he was too embarrassed and just transferred school. Even is avoiding his problems, which is a common theme on the show. so it wouldn’t surprise me that he avoided it back at Bakka too and just left, without talking to the other boys about it. maybe they even tried to contact him but he ignored them, avoided them because he felt ashamed. he’s lying to Isak about it now, avoiding having to talk about what happened with Mikael. he’s making sure that Sana didn’t spill anything. he’s trying so hard to avoid the truth and not to have to face his problems. so this is why I think Even just left without any explanation. like I said, you don’t ask about someone how they were doing the way Even did - genuine, smiling, sincerely interested. he obviously still cares about them, otherwise he wouldn’t have asked and had just left after Sana confirmed that she didn’t say anything to Isak. so either Even is a really forgiving person or the balloon squad didn’t do anything too harmful.

“And yet for the past four years, somewhere between five and fifteen times a year, I make grown women shake and young girls squee (and maybe a couple of guys get sweaty palms).” - RSJ on being in cons, Fangasm interview 2014 (photo from same interview)

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today’s lesbian visibility day, so i’m turning off the invisibility machine~