will upload a slow at some point

Sorry for the inactivity here, we’ve all been busy or distracted by life things.
I’m here to update you all on progress (at least as much as I can publicly say so hold onto your horses).

Wanton recently re-uploaded the second half of episode 3 with edited audio so that it didn’t get struck down by copyright. We still hope to remaster the other parts at some point too!

As for Episode 4; we’re still working on it but as usual progress is slow due to college projects and life happenings. A lot of our staff are busy students and this cannot be helped. They must put their education before SSS.
Wanton has stated that he would like to aim to try and get the episode done over the summer however this is a TARGET and not a definite release date or promise. It’s mostly to try and set an aim to get a lot further with the progress of the episode. As of now, production is almost at a stand still due to approaching finals. Any messages asking or demanding to know where the episode is will as always, be ignored. I will try to update you as time goes on.

As for now, we thank you for your patience and hope you continue to watch us.

- Blue
(Now excuse me while I go back to play persona 5. huehuehue)

A big hello and welcome to all of my new followers! I’m glad you’re enjoying my Star Wars art and @theladynoir‘s ideas!

Just wanted to give all my followers, new and old, a quick update! Other than commission work (and I’m working on another one which should be pretty hilarious), other projects are kind of slow going right now. I’m really hoping to hear back from my editor about The Voyage of the Kaus Media any day now, so I hope to have news on that very soon. I also forgot that sometimes I draw in actual paper sketchbooks, so I’ll try to remember to do an upload of those sketches at some point.

Hope everybody has a wonderful autumn or spring! Me, I’m looking forward to some cooler weather up here in the Northern Hemisphere, and I’m nearly done knitting a red-and-black-striped scarf to show my Vuk pride! (Not that anyone else besides me and Syrine will understand… but I’ll understand, that’s the important part.)

Fic under the cut!

Prompts above, by Nyanshadowforce and Kingsferriswheel - and geesus, can someone please tell me how to ‘ping’ someone? I know there must be a way but I literally do not know how to do it because I am tumblr-dumb.

This one is a bit of a mesh of both prompts; there’s no dancing (Sorry, Kings! I promise to incorporate that at some point!) but there’s clumsy May! It took a while to write, because again, I’m slow, and just yeah, I’m slow *hangs head in shame* BUT hey! It’s actually like, twice as long as the other ones I’ve done, so there’s that too.

Also, the redorbshipping undertones here are… much more overt than the other ones. Enjoy!

Also uploaded into Ao3.

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penny for your thoughts. i hope you accept paypal. it is one thirty two a.m. on a wednesday. thirty first of august two thousand and sixteen. the only light in this room is coming from the phone i am typing this on. how none of this would make sense to jesus.

he has no need for copper. or zinc. he wouldn’t know how to drive. unless divine intervention. god could upload driving skills into jesus’ brain. matrix-style without all the unnecessary hardware. but there is no god so the point is moot. all religions are based on a false premise.

what if the universe is a god’s brain. god in this case just being some entity as opposed to some omnipresent and omnipotent being that gives a crap about your migraine.

suns acting as neurons. gravity as neural pathways. us being just a figment of imagination. or maybe a memory. the earth is just one giant hard drive. not static. slow like the ones that spin. which are really fast compared to the magnetic tapes that came before.

we are memories. stuff that’s already happened. that would explain fate. and why santa claus isn’t real. but still wouldn’t explain why suffering still hurts. okay so that doesn’t explain why santa isn’t real.

i said penny for your thoughts. not mine. i don’t accept paypal. it’s two ten a.m. and i’m
making sure i don’t capitalize anything because that wouldn’t be very hipster of me.

the baby is crying. i should stop writing bullshit and change her poopy diaper. or breastfeed. i am lying about the crying baby.
i also can’t breastfeed. penis and all. i guess breastfeeding has less to do with penises and more to do with hormones. give a guy enough hormones and he’ll start lactating.

it’s two sixteen a.m. and i should end this. not my life. just the bullshit. i need the sleep. have to get up at five thirty and go to work. have to. have. to.

freedom and the american dream. a memory. fate. locked in. trapped. there is no can’t in destiny. live it. breathe it. die from something else. autoerotic asphyxiation. it’s how all the cool kids go. kung fu.

it is two twenty four a.m. should have stopped and posted at two twenty two. like six six six minus four four four. i know jack about numerology. i should google it.

darn. i capitalized Something.

Lulu the Black Mage from Final Fantasy X.

I’m playing the game for the first time right now and I’m having fun. It did have a very slow start but I wasn’t really bored at any point (well except for the tedious Blitzball tutorial). 

I will be away for a few days but when I return I might upload some stuff to the International 4 Workshop. Please be excited.