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Fun Things to do with your pet: Green Bean Test

One of my neighbors had a REALLY FAT golden retriever she adopted, that needed to be put on a diet, but even super-low-cal food wasn’t working, becuase Ella was still hungry and would open the cabinet to eat the whole bag.  Vet suggested that she needed a filler Food so she could feel full without the extra calories, and suggested canned green beans, which are mostly fiber and lean protein.

Ella fucking LOVES green beans.  She does a dance for them if you mention them.  Her ‘sibling’ the police academy washout shepherd, thinks she’s insane.

Even if your pet doesn’t like green beans*, offering them a canned green bean is inevitably HILARIOUS becuase they’ll either be thrilled or otherwise make strange faces.  Results so far:

Ella (golden retriever): Overjoyed.  gets up on her hind legs to dance without prompting.

Sampson (Black shepherd): Offended, yells until you give him REAL treats.

Cody (Gentleman shepherd): is concerned, becuase this is Obviously Not Food.  Gently takes it to be polite, leaves it out in the yard.

Minx (Domestic Shorthair cat): Smelly Toy Is Hilarious, batted under the couch.

Tiger (Really Fat Domestic Shorthair cat):  Total disgust, hissing and sulking in the Prosciutto box.  Came out and ate it later anyway.

Wanda (corn snake) we didn’t expect her to be interested but she spent like three minutes licking it.

Sadie AKA Marquis De Sade (Hyacinth Macaw)  ignored bean in favor of dumping can on the floor, sticking head in can and screaming.  Did not attempt to bite, which is Very Nice for her.

Arwen (Australian Kelpie): ate bean, waited until humans were out of the room to consume rest of the can, got costco-sized can stuck on face and pooped green for three days.  Regets nothing.

Empanada/Anderson Cooper/#3 (Plymouth Hens): Excited screaming, kickboxing tournament over possession of beans/can.  #3 was ultimately victorious, becuase She is Fattest.

Big Angus (scottish highland cow, I know, ironic): very polite and delicate acceptance of beans for appx 1700 lbs of beef, will now run full-tilt across pasture to meet me, which scared the crap out of me tbh.

Will post further updates as I am allowed to try.  

*Please always cionsult a vet before making any dietary changes or offering your pet new foods, but green beans are pretty safe for most pets you can keep in America

whoa okay so how do you think that conversation went when RJ went back to their boys with newfound gender identity knowledge

because ten to one Stephen and Ollie and Johnny were like “oh my god WHAT IF I’M NOT A BOY WE HAVE TO TEST THIS” and they all spent days trying different pronouns to see if it Felt Right and poring over RJ’s zine and Having Revelations

Stephen DEFINITELY whipped out a dress and threw it on, like, immediately because “gendered clothing is a conspiracy I ALWAYS KNEW IT” and Johnny went around spreading the word that RJ’S PRONOUNS ARE THEY/THEM, IT’S A THING, LOOK IT UP KIDS, I’M BEING DISRUPTIVE FOR A GOOD CAUSE THIS TIME MISS BAXTER, and god help you if you forgot and misgendered RJ, Ollie would LOOM, they all fought so many kids that week

And eventually all three were like “sorry dude I think I’m still a boy” and RJ was like “obviously that is okay” and it took them all a little while to unlearn subconscious things 


that’s how Johnny got his heart shirt! because he saw it in a store or something and for ½ a second was like “nope I’m not allowed to wear that it’s a girl shirt” and then he remembered “oh right clothing is arbitrarily constructed symbols and gender stereotypes are fascism and my friends will love me no matter what” and so he took the shirt

and Stephen sometimes still wears dresses


Look guys it’s been a month since I updated Off The Rails you’d think I’d have come up with a better joke than “akaashi’s inner monologue upon meeting Bokuto’s new college friends involves self-inserting into the ouran high school host club opening sequence” but here we are

I firmly believe though that akaashi’s inner monologue is a) loud and b) hyperbolic, because how else do they stay so calm on the outside really tho

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The news is telling people to call around local hotels, because so far 50+ minors have been taken in, and also to check for further updates on Twitter and Facebook, as a number of locals have also rushed to help in taking kids and young people into their homes to keep them safe. 

A second device has been found near to the first, and police are moving people out of the area, so if you’re still near the concert hall, MOVE. 

Hope and best wishes to you all, babies <3

“Never would Peter had thought that the beautiful eyes of this boy would be able one day to terrified him as much as the fire that burned his family alive." 

(And another update before I go to bed.)
Other WIPs of this works. 

FOUR DAYS UNTIL @yuuriweek2017 [JULY 23-29]!!!

(today’s artist contribution is from @kriscynical

We’re now halfway through our countdown, which means we are getting so close. 

We hope you’re getting excited and we hope to see you all here participating and enjoying the fanworks once the event actually begins!

Remember that have seven days of themes outlined (as well as optional secondary themes), and you can read our guidelines here.  

We have a few things to cover today:

First off is the official Yuuri Week twitter account: yuuriweek @ twitter

If tumblr is appropriately functional, all @yuuriweek2017 posts will link there like a feed. Please follow it if you’re active on twitter so you can keep up with the event. 

Secondly is the Yuuri Week AO3 collection: 2017 Yuuri Katsuki Week

Please try to add your fanworks yourselves! When you’re posting on AO3, right below the title/summary/notes section there’s a box that says ‘Post to Collections/Challenges’. Just type in ‘yuuriweek’ or ‘2017 Yuuri Katsuki Week’ and it will pull it up automatically, then select it! This does NOT stop it from showing up in the main YOI search it all, by the way. It’s just a neat little mini archive/collection for people to find everything written for this event.

Thirdly remember that we still have Work in Progress posting open!: You can read more about it here

Please follow the blog for further updates. We can’t wait to see you all on Sunday!

- @accioharo

Some rumored leaks of upcoming FFXV update:

“1.05 update makes Somnus play through final dungeon (Insomnia) through fights. Further development of FINAL FANTASY XV is ongoing.

- Additional cutscenes with Ravus and Niflheim to be added into New Game mode in addition to EPISODE PROMPTO content.

- Additional cutscenes with Noctis and Luna to be added into New Game mode.

- Additional cutscenes with Cor Leonis and Regis to be added into New Game mode in addition to EPISODE GLADIOLUS content.

- PLATINUM DEMO to be added to main game as bonus mode.

- EPISODE IGNIS to be released Q4 2017.

- Unannounced expansion, "WORLD OF VERSUS” to be unveiled at E3 2017 (release Q1 2018.) Expect this to be of a much darker tone than the base game. Covers “The demons Noctis faces during his 10 year slumber.” This is the “VERSUS” world, the world of dreams that Noctis can enter in his slumber. Themes of loss and tragedy will be developed and expanded upon.

No further updates at this time.“


A Kris A Day, Keeps Me Sane [bonus anime sketches]

will be continuing day 5 when I get back

Dan and Phil’s New House! (Map #1)

*puts on my detective glasses* *dragging out my investigation cork board*

Since we’re getting neither a TABINOF-style map nor a house tour, it’s all up to us to map out their new home, so I thought I’d summarise what I could tell from today’s liveshow (the first live show in this house) - especially for the people who didn’t get to see it!

I don’t know if this makes sense to anyone but me - we honestly don’t know much. We didn’t get to see any more than the “TV snug corner”, which is the same corner that this creep shot of Dan was taken, and the rest is mapped by description.

Here are some notes:

  • A room being a “not filming room” does not mean they’re never going to film there or that cameras are forbidden or anything. An example is Dan’s bedroom, which he is not going to film in anymore, but as he mentions, he’ll still film stuff in there if he needs it for a sketch. The upstairs lounge will not be filmed because it’s up the stairs and they are lazy. We’ll still see pictures of it soon, most likely.
  • Phil’s bedroom will look basically the same (and he’s still filming in it), but Dan is totally redesigning his to something he feels represents himself more. It “looks like the moon”. The only things he really kept from his old room are silver, apparently.
  • I don’t know what the room with Dan’s new filming corner is, they didn’t specify what it’s used for except for that. You can see some stuff and furniture through the mystery glass in the liveshow if you want to investigate it yourself. 
  • The gaming video room is originally a bedroom that they’ve just put a desk in. It’s (according to Phil) “about 25% bigger, so we can move the lights around”.
  • “The Hallway Plant” and “The Couch from the Lounge” references their old apartment and where these items were located there. I’m not entirely sure about the plant but it looks like the same one.
  • We have heard no mention of a kitchen or bathroom, so they could be anywhere, and there could be even more rooms.
  • There is apparently plenty of storage closets.
  • Phil introduced the idea of getting a fish in the liveshow. Dan was not ready with a settled answer, but did not seem to be opposed to the idea. He left it up to Phil.
  • “When will you get a dog?” “When a house is bought, I guess”
  • We do not know if they have a garden.

If I missed anything, please tell me, I shall update further when we know more. Evidently, we have to do the job ourselves this time.

Introducing WIP Week (Work-In-Progress Week)!

Do you have a mountain of unfinished fics or art? Do you need motivation to finish that AU that all of your reviewers are begging you to update? WIP Week is here to help. Each day of WIP Week (Dates TBD) has a theme (such as Oldest WIP, Canon WIP, AU WIP, etc.) to help you update those fics and art pieces that have been sitting in your drafts folder for ages. WIP Week is open to all fandoms and anyone can participate. Check this blog for further updates.

sassoffrass  asked:

Prompt! And also kinda a question! In your NHL!Bitty au, do all the Falconers know that Jack and Bitty are dating? If they don't what sort of "rivalry" do they think Jack has with Bitty that he is always chirping/flirting with him on the ice?

The Falconers all know Jack and Bitty are together, this AU is canon through the latest update (probably further but who knows???)

“There he goes,” Poots says, as Jack tries to get close to Bittle. “I’ve got $50 on Bits scoring on us because Jack’s making goo-goo eyes again.”

“Make it $100,” Tater counters. “But B is going to be the one to miss shot.”

Marty slides up beside them with a huff. “Imagine how many games we’d win if that boy was in the stands instead of on the ice.”

NurseyDex Week 2017: Themes

Hey y'all! I’m here to announce the themes for NurseyDex Week 2017! We used themes last year too, which seemed to work really well for us. This year, I revisited last year’s themes, added a couple and combined a couple others. So here they are!

  • July 16: Get Together/Mutual Pining
  • July 17: Bedsharing and Room Sharing
  • July 18: Alternate Universe
  • July 19: Gender/Sexuality Headcanons
  • July 20: Hurt/Comfort
  • July 21: Soft™ 
  • July 22: Future NurseyDex

Oh course, these are just suggestions and you’re in no way required to stick to this schedule. Additionally, these are subject to change depending on how the comic progresses between now and July, so be sure to check back here every now and then for further updates!