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WriteblrConnects--it’s happening--plus TAGS!

Well, it looks like there’s a great deal of enthusiasm for WriteblrConnects (see more here!

So, I’m going for it.

This is going to take a little time to get things together, so instead of simply opening up the blog, I’m going to use a tagging system through this blog while I build the other.

First, anything I do for the WriteblrConnects blog will be tagged as #buildingwriteblrconnects. Track/follow the tag and you’ll have every update from me. I may also open a Trello board if anyone is interested in seeing progress that way. 

Second, if you have any feature suggestions for me, comments or anything like that, tag your post with #writeblrconnects. I will be tracking/following this tag to get updates and thoughts from the rest of the community.

There will be a few more tags that I’ll edit to include here, but those will come later today with their accompanying posts. 

EDIT: Couple of new features have tags. 

For Writeblr Connects Translation Corner (more info on that here), the tag is #wctranslationcorner

For Writeblr by Region (more info on that here), the tag is #wcbyregion

To get your member profile to me (more info on that here), tag it with #wcprofiles

Reblog this post and/or the original WriteblrConnects post and/or the Writeblr Community Questions post (here) and spread the word! I’ll need to hear from all of you soon! Tags under the cut!

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I have some things to update still, but will hold off a few days

Reasons for waiting? well

  1. I am drained from the current batch of fixes
  2. Need to make sure there are no more issues with the updated content
  3. After yesterday I need to let my murderous demeanour subside before I attempt anything else that may be considered masochistic 
  4. I really want to get Lofte Living done and uploaded.

Basically, I have my basegame sofa recolours to fix, Blanco kitchen recolour, and Nordshine addons that I can think of. I have done that much content that I need to have a decent look to see if anything else needs doing while I am at it. So those will probably be up after this weekend given its Australia day here, and ontop of that I have 2 birthdays and an engagement party to go to. So yeah, busy, busy, busy. 

This may change if I feel up to it and if something is updated, I will post here and on my blogger. 

hey i got way too many asks about the update today, so I decided the update is going to be postponed

This is My world has received an update instead. 

When Reid Doesn’t Get It

sorry i’ve been unable to update SWA, i’ve been really busy with school! Here’s a little blurb that showcases the adorably clueless Spencer Reid-

“You don’t like coffee!?” Derek Morgan asked me as he poured himself a mug. Morgan, Prentiss, Garcia, Reid and I were all in the break room enjoying our last few minutes of freedom before having to go onto the jet for a case in Florida.

“That’s just…unheard of around here,” Prentiss said slowly, obviously shocked.

“I want to like it, I really do! It’s just that I can’t drink it because it…does stuff to me, if you know what I mean,” I said to the team. They all formed O’s with their mouths as they got what I was trying to say. Except for Reid, who sipped from his mug with a confused line on his forehead.

“What kind of stuff?” Reid asked.

Everyone rolled their eyes at the genius who struggled with social ques and understandings. They loved him to pieces, but the boy could be really thick sometimes.

“You know…stuff,” I said again, not wanting to explicitly say it out loud. The team is close…but not that close.

It was like you could see the wheels in Reid’s head turning as his eyes lit up once he got what I was trying to say.

“Oh! Well it’s most likely not because of the coffee, but something in your body that reacts to it. Did you know that people with irritable bowel syndrome-”


Diamond Dogs (Part 10) [a Barry Allen AU]

Request: Hi there!!! When do you think you’ll be updating the mob boss Barry AU?? I binge read it in about an hour and I am SO IN LOVE WITH IT. I’d love to see the reader be in a bit of trouble with Zolomon, maybe if she leaves with Cisco to go get something for Barry since he’s so tense, and Zolomon ends up hitting their car and taking the reader before they can do anything about it?? Or I’d love to see some domestic Barry and reader, cause I feel like the relationship Is really one sided at the moment - and I’d love to know why Barry loves the reader so much, and what he does besides like the fancy dresses to keep her happy. Really, like, what happens in their relationship that makes it so great. Thanks for being an awesome writer!! 💕💕💕

a/n: well, this is a lot..PLEASE RETWEET MY VIDEO!

| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 |

Mob boss’ tend to be cold hearted. Barry is different though. He likes to think he was cold hearted once upon a time, before he met you. Somehow, you broke him. When he first met you, Cisco made a joke about him being ‘puddy in your hands’ because of how upset he got without you. Cisco didn’t make that joke again. But it’s true, he knows that.

His fingers card through your messy locks, brushing stray strands off your face. Your cheeks are flushed, puffed out slightly because of sleep. He sighs softly, hazel eyes glazed over in a daze, mapping out every crack and crinkle on you. His pale torso is twisted toward your body, arm drawn over his chest, curling underneath his side. “So beautiful…” he murmurs, fingertip outlining your cheek.

Fluttering your eyelashes, your eyes slowly and gradually peel open, adjusting to the stream of sunlight coming from the dark red curtains. Barry grins at you, rubbing circles on your skin. “‘orning.” you hum against his shoulder, making his heart soar. “Do you have a-…” you yawn, cutting yourself off, “any business today?” you ask in a tired voice, batting your eyes up at him. The loose white dress shirt hangs off your shoulders, exposing your upper back, the crease in between your shoulder blades crinkles.

Barry smirks faintly, “I’m all yours today, babydoll.” he mutters, hand roaming your sides. “What do you wanna do? Name it and we’ll do it.” he says quietly, light brown locks getting fuzzy from the velvet pillowcase under his head. Anything, he’ll do anything for you.

“What about… baby shopping?” you quip, nibbling on your lower lip. Slowly, his hand moves to cradle your growing bump, thumb rubbing against the skin.

His smirk turns into a smile and he pulls you closer, mindful of the baby. “Anything you want, doll.” he says softly, naked chest rising and falling. You grin brightly, fingers curling on his chest as his lips pucker at the top of your head.


Barry has never been shopping in his life. So, to say he’s a bit lost, is an understatement. Not that he’s…you know, going to admit to that. Instead, he continues to follow you around…what is it? Babies-R-Us?

“Don’t you think we got enough onesies, dollface?” he mumbles, gesturing the bundle of clothes in Cisco’s arms. Mob boss’ don’t carry their own stuff. Fact. You just ignore him, sorting through baby outfits. His black loafers scuff on the floor and he sways his black bomber jacket over his shoulder, red button down rolled up to his elbows. “He’s a fetus still!” he chuckles when you pick up a stuffed animal.

Scoffing you put the animal back in its place, spinning in your heel, baggy light blue sweater swaying. “I know that!” you roll your eyes, “I’m just looking.” you say curtly, nodding your head. Your sneakers squeak down the aisles while you glance around, picking up an item every now and then. “I’m hungry.” you pout suddenly, turning to Barry.

He cups your face, rings meeting with your warm skin. “Whatcha feelin’, babydoll?” he muses, nodding to Cisco to buy the clothes. The bodyguard staunters off and green eyes focus back on yours. Your brows crinkle together and you bite your lip. “Whatcha want?” he asks again, thumb padding across your cheek.

“IwantBigBellyBurger…” you mutter under your breath, words stringing together. He cocks an eyebrow. “I want Big Belly Burger.” you say more slowly, punctuating every word as you get closer to his face.

Barry laughs, brushing his nose with yours, “Okay, princess.” he says, voice airy. Oh, he really is puddy in your hands.

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The FAQ are forbidden in my country :0 what do I do?

Wait, as in like, you can’t go to that page on the blog? I could always make an FAQ type blog post and just update/reblog it from time to time? Would that be helpful?

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The boys s/o was in combat with them, Noctis was about to get hit from behind but so was the their s/o. The boys decide to protect Noctis first since he is the prince. S/o was injured but not badly. How do the boys react and make it up to their s/o?

This might not be what you wanted, but I always try to write them as realistically as possible and this is how I see it going down. I haven’t been very active lately so sorry about that. Hopefully I can update a bit more this week.

Noctis: The moment he realizes one of the other boys helped him instead of their s/o He’d feel terrible and would only see his status as the Prince even more burdening than he already does. After the incident he’d pull the guy aside and tell them he appreciated it but if it happens again to help their s/o because they should be their main concern. He would understand that because he’s the Prince stuff like this would happen, but this is one thing he’d hate and would pay even more attention during battle to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

Prompto: I honestly can’t see him doing something like this, Noct is his closest friend but he also knows two other people are looking out for him, the only way he’d do this is if someone was close enough to help his s/o or if Noct was literally about to get a blow big enough to kill him and his s/o was only going to get a small blow. If the latter did happen he’d pamper the fuck out of his lover and apologize over and over, and make sure they’re given medical attention as soon as possible. He would probably cry about it because he would feel so guilty, but his lover would know that if he didn’t do what he did Noct would have been dead, and they’d remind him of that to calm him down and show they weren’t angry.

Gladio: He would be very tormented after choosing because he knows his job as the prince’s shield is exactly as it sounds, to shield the Prince so as he moves to save the Prince only to see as his lover get hit, releasing a pained scream he would feel dread spread through his body. Prompto and iggy would be the ones to run to them first to give medical attention before Gladio runs after them. Falling to his knees he’d apologize while cursing the gods for the position he was put in and for a while after he might even curse his destiny as the royal shield. While it might take time for his lover to forgive him they wouldn’t hate him because they knew his job was to protect Noct and that it would always be that. Iggy: it wouldn’t happen because his job is literally to observe and react, he’s been groomed for this sort of situation. The moment he sees both Noct and his lover about to get hit he either yells at Gladio and Prompto to cover Noct while he covers his s/o or yells at someone close to his lover to cover them while he helps the Prince. If neither is possible then he’d throw a spell out in the direction of Noct to shock the enemy and allow him time to escape while he protected his lover. Iggy is simply too prepared and quick on his feet because he was raised to be exactly that.


We’re excited to be making a few changes at TimePetalsPrompts :)

- All weekly prompts will now be in ONE post on Mondays! Our ficlet and drabble prompts, etc., will all be in our Monday prompt post! 

- We’re going to keep fic bingo going! With new bingo cards every so often. 

- @ktrosesworld and @pipertennant would like to welcome @natural–blues to our crew of admins 

- We’ll now rec: fanfiction, fan art, graphics, and gifsets 

Why? Because supporting all talents that creators in the RTD Doctor Who Era, David Tennant, Billie Piper, and Broadchurch community can bring fits what we’ve always tried to do here - get people creating and get your work seen. 

Our prompts are still named writing prompts, and this doesn’t change how much we revere and adore all you tremendously talented writers out there. We’re simply opening our doors to more creators like you. :)

How we’ll find your posts: 

As always, simply mention @timepetalsprompts and tag your post with #timepetalsprompts in the first five tags. (For fics, also use #timepetals 100 and #timpetals ficlets as well.)

Important: Please only tag/mention us for posts that are entirely yours for content you’ve made yourself.

If you have any questions, our askbox is always open! 

Alternately, “How Wrong Can Emily Be?”

Okay so riding the high of having accidentally predicted the S4 poster I’m going to do something I swore I wouldn’t do and compile a list of predictions I’ve made for the upcoming season in order to write Resolve and compile my speculative S4 Kabby Mix and S4 Marcus Mix. @fandammit​ has put it into my head that there might be an alternate me who works for the show that I’m subconsciously connected to, so let’s collect the possible proofs, shall we? I’ll update this as the season goes on:

+ Luna’s tribe is the first to get sick, bodies wash up onshore (looks very likely)
+ After running off, Octavia goes to Ice Nation (confirmed) 
+ The Eden Tree is somehow part of the solution (unlikely but like… space trees and phytoremediation. IT’S A THING. USE IT.)
+ Luna becomes Commander (unlikely)
+ Kane becomes her advisor (unlikely)
+ Kane is unsure of his capabilities as Chancellor, Abby affirms him (likely)
+ Kane takes the lessons he’s learned about forgiveness and second chances and applies them to relations with Ice Nation (likely)
+ Clarke waits until they all get back to Arkadia to tell everyone (likely)
+ They build a dome (likely, based on concept art we’ve seen)
+ They go underground (likely)
+ Arkadia is destroyed (looks very likely thanks to that poster)
+ They are forced to migrate somewhere safer (very likely; bonus if they go to Canada)
+ Kane and Abby take time early on to love on each other now that they’re reunited (pretty much confirmed)
+ Kane proposes (ehhh… unlikely?? But getting likelier by the day????)
+ Kane goes on a mission that brings him too close to the radiation and he gets affected (please god no why did I do this to myself)
+ Kane and Abby spend the second half separated, reunited in the finale or just before (likely)
+ Bellamy comes to Kane for emotional support as he starts to take on more leadership (likely, thanks to Bob’s interview)
+ Kane has some sort of existential “was any of this worth it” breakdown to Abby, referring all the way back to life on the Ark (likely)
+ Tesla Station makes an appearance (unlikely)


Ellen’s Bar and Tab

Sam’s Lost Shoe Updates aka @ellen-reincarnated1967

I’m taking this from my friend’s post, basically a clean up of sorts, both mentally and physically.

I’ve been battling myself emotionally, mentally, and physically, and things are starting to creep into this crazy brain of mine, where medication just isn’t enough.  Writing is usually my “go to” cure all, but I have found that where I have signed up for challenges, I have lost all lackluster desire to write.

From here on out, I will be doing giveaways of my art, to boost morale, continue with the best friend letters, and my AUs.  I will pump out the last of my challenges that I signed up for, because I don’t like letting people down.

Other than that, if you still want to be on my tag lists, search for the google doc under “forever tags” in the search menu, add yourself, put no, where you don’t want to be, and then you’ll be notified of when I post.  Even if they are just blurbs.  

I am continuing Don’t Shtup the Babysitter (Jensen and Reader AU), Down the Rabbit Hole (YOU AU), My Best Friend’s Gal (Jensen x Reader, Misha x Reader, Jared x Reader, AU) An Avenger’s Flaw ( @letsgetoutalive Mental Health Awareness Challenge) and @impalaimagining Kink Celebration, called Backseat, Windows Up (Sam x Reader).

I will then focus on my YA Novel that started as Pens, Sharpies, and Promises on here as a Sam x Reader Dystopian AU.  Please feel free to donate a coffee to my page, for the art supplies, jewelry making, and my publishing.  

I love you all and I hope you can respect my decisions to take care of myself one story at a time.    



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Update on the freezer bunny…

I re-did the lower part of the body. I’m happy with the arms now. I am going to be redoing the ears after I pick up a darker pink for the insides of them. Eyeballs are done (debating on making them a bit bigger) and need sewn on. Working on bunny tail now for the back.

I can’t do much more with it until I can pick up more yarn on Thursday. Going to need a lot of pink because I need to make enough freezer bunnies to sew together for a scarf.

Debating if I should make up one to put up for sale on Etsy and/or a writing up the pattern and putting it up for sale.

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So, the main question is, should I go into hibernation for one or two weeks? Per Yuuri fashion, I'd rather avoid the growing feels until the next chapter is out 。(*^▽^*)ゞ

Omg dude I need your next update asap i’m gonna die. Will ot be next week or 2 weeks from now T^T. Is Yuri P. appearing in the next chapter? I was really thinking this chapter would include up to the grand prix but overall, it was great!

Hi ! I just read umfb and i absolutely loved it !! How often do you (usually) update ? I can’t wait for the next chapters, even tho i love slow burn fics it can be so frustrating sometimes :’) 

  Chapter 11 was everything!!!!!!! No pressure after you just gave us such a long and amazing chapter but do you know if you’ll be able to update this weekend or if it will be the weekend after? Just so I can plan when to get excited!! It’s okay if it’s longer, just a rough estimate will do :) 

  When will you upload chapter 12????? Pleeeeeaaaassseeee!!!!!! 

Right, I’m gonna answer all of these in one because it’ll be the same answer for all of them. 

I neglected a lot of work and deadlines that are rapidly (gulp) approaching in order to get chapter 11 up when I did because I didn’t want to make people wait more than 2 weeks but it probably took me between 40-50 hours to write. As you can imagine this isn’t just something I can do on a whim and so now that chapter 11 is published I will be taking some time off to catch up on actual irl work so I don’t get chucked out of uni or fail my exams. I would estimate the next chapter will be up in 2 weeks. My aim is to not delay it longer than that and I am 90% I can stick to that but it wont be up next Sunday that is for sure.   

Hi followers, you may have noticed my extremely long hiatus. That’s gonna continue indefinitely. If I come back I’m going to have to do a serious cleanup of my dash, which is a hefty task.

Anyway: right now I’m writing my senior thesis (on dojinshi lol) in preparation to graduate college. I’m also having lots of nervous breakdowns over politics. Still depressed, anxiety seemed under control until the last few days but now I’m not so sure. Good stuff! Haha!

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I know many people tell you this, but you are seriously one of the best people I've seen in the BTS tumblr fandom! Thank you so much for everything you do. It's much appreciated and I always go to your page to keep up with updates and such! :)

thank you so much, i really try my best so this means a lot!!


This mornings workout pic and a general snap shot of the morning so far!

Got to the gym around 6:50 and ran 2 miles, then stretched and headed home! I am gonna make time for a lifting session this afternoon!
I was happy with my weigh in this morning, and I haven’t

I have officially decided to go low carb (keto) for a little while, it is the first diet I did to start my weight loss in 2009. I have tried many since then when my body plateaus, I will keep y'all updated!

Breakfast cups are a success, especially paired with some avocado! So easy to make, I don’t know why I don’t do these all the time!

Hope y'all have an awesome day!

37 weeks 2 days.

When I feel like it, I’ll take my bumpie pic for this week. I’m just so incredibly drained and the nesting hits me at random ass times like right as I’m telling myself I’m gonna go to bed. I never have energy to do much during the day anymore but as you all know, the day is the busiest time for most of us. 😴😣
I just want to sleep. a lot. I sleep ok at night but remain exhausted throughout the day anyway. I’m assuming this is normal for 37 weeks with an almost 3 year old and a lot to do around the house.
Anyway. This has been an update.

Monday Morning PSA

I think I’ve finally got my head back on straight. I spent a much needed night away with my mom and aunt on Saturday and I feel like I’m ok again. That being said, I do have the motivation to write. With that, though, means that there will be some changes coming to the blog.

I’m starting to realize that my work has been suffering because I’ve been feeling like I need to write something to get it posted. Due to that I am going to try and get back to writing for me. Meaning that I will be writing what is inspiring me and that’s it – so there may be lengthy stretches of time between the posting of the next parts of series. All in all, I really think this is going to benefit all of us. I will be much happier with my writing and what I’m putting out and you guys will be getting the quality of writing that you followed for. 

On top of that I will say that there will be a lot more Cas/Misha on this blog now. My inspiration and focus has been there lately so that’s really all I want to be writing. I’m not saying I will no longer write Dean/Jensen or Sam/Jared, I’m just saying it probably won’t be as often as it was before.

I’ve also decided that once I complete the two challenges I signed up for I will no longer be signing up for challenges. I’ve noticed that they tend to stress me out because I have to reach a deadline and then I end up with writers block that trickles down into literally all of my other writing. So, no more challenges for me. If you tag me in your challenge posts I will gladly reblog them to signal boost.

One last thing and then this long ass post will be over. I’m going to be revamping my master list. I’m feeling like it’s a little cluttered and confusing so, once I make a few graphics I will be splitting it up into character/actor rather than the jumble its in now. Hopefully that will make it easier for you guys to find stuff.

It feels good to be back. 

I love you all! xoxox

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To be honest I was kinda surprised and sad to discover that not all the dads out there are like mine, a dad that would see me laying down and ask me if I’m feeling ill, me being able to tell him (without a second thought) that I’m indeed feelin ill cos I’m having my period, and he going “oh! do you want some ibu? water?”.

Same with my brother.

The concept of men being irked or afraid of periods is just so alien for me.

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this is probably going to come out wrong but I love that you don't update BRD regularly? Like sure I love it and would love updates like every hour, but when you do update you can tell that you've put so much time/effort in so it's the best it can be! And also it gives me an excuse to re read the whole thing every time you upload 😂 also I love corre but I hate you for turning me into a Draco fan girl??? That was not expected

Haha updating BRD regularly is too hard and I wish I could be more inspired to write it more often. But omg about making you a Draco fan… I don’t regret it one bit.

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