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happy 100th birthday, ella fitzgerald // april 25, 1917 - june 15, 1996 // “just don’t give up trying to do what you really want to do. where there is love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong”

“The best way to start any musical evening is with [Ella]. It don’t get better than this.” Frank Sinatra

“Man, woman or child, Ella is the greatest of them all.” Bing Crosby

“Ella’s amazing! My daughter says that every time she makes a mistake, it becomes a hit record.” Lucille Ball

“It is so much fun to sing with Ella. It is so nice to sing with someone who does more than make a pretty noise.” Jo Stafford

“If you want to learn how to sing, listen to Ella Fitzgerald.” Vincent Minnelli

“The one radio voice that I listened to above others belonged to Ella Fitzgerald. There was a quality to her voice that fascinated me, and I’d sing along with her, trying to catch the subtle ways she shaded her voice, the casual yet clean way she sang the words.” Doris Day

Dear brown eyed girl, 
I know every love song compares her eyes to the ocean,
but your eyes are amber and onyx.
They are the gold that people so desperately try to pull from the ground
Your eyes are the treasure of the earth.
I know every love poem compares her eyes to the sea,
but your eyes are the galaxy. The crash of her waves will never be strong enough to wash away your magic.
Your eyes are the most delicious shade of chocolate and caramel I’ve ever tasted, 
and trust me, my brown eyed girl,
I can never get enough.
I know everyone has told you that blue eyes are beautiful,
But your eyes are so much more than that.

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Why have been posting a lot of Overwatch recently?

Cuz I like overwatch 

like don’t get me wrong undertale is great but whats wrong with some expansion yknow? Like I try to cater to what yall ask for but it’s been really hard to get excited for undertale stuff just cuz its been done so much, there are only so many variations on the universe one can do before they all start to feel samey and it’s just been difficult to feel any motivation for undertale

I really wanna push more overwatch stuff in the future and I know a bunch of you are gonna bitch at me because I’m not doing AU compilation 17 but its like I have interests and things I wanna do that aren’t undertale yknow? I made a kobayashi comic dub in japanese about 3 weeks ago and I haven’t posted it because I know in my heart its gonna tank and people are gonna scream at me that ‘this is weird this isn’t undertale WHERE IS DRUNK CHARA EHHH” and I dont even read the comments anymore cuz with everything happening to Camila and Ania and everyone else I’ve come to the resounding conclusion that yall just care about our work and not our interests and lives and maybe thats why I’ve been so depressed lately

idk, sorry for the rant yall I haven’t been in a good place recently )_) I’ll try to keep it positive here after this lel

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Jesus Christ, why do find Ozai hot?

Umm, this is an ambiguous question. You’re missing a noun there, so I’m going to try to answer this as generally as possible.

If you’re asking why I, Seyary, find Ozai hot? It’s because he is.

Look at the man:

Appreciate the smoulder. The perfectly manly jawline. That fucking ridiculously lustrous hair he probably gets combed thrice a day because he’s a diva. DEM CHEEKBONES.

I’m sorry. Even better smoulder. (I did not tweak this screenshot somebody please help me I can’t stop laughing!)

And he’s ripped as heck. Dorito proportions, six pack, wtf Ozai. Stop working out so much, you need to give other guys a chance.

Now, that’s my personal opinion on him. But since I’m not sure if you were asking about me, I’m going to address all possibilities from your question:

“Jesus Christ, why do you find Ozai hot?” could mean you’re asking Jesus Christ instead of me. No intent to offend any Christians with this answer of course, but Jesus has always been a man who was very kind-hearted, loved everyone even if they hated him, advised his followers to love even their enemies. Jesus Christ would tell you, Anon, that Ozai is hateful but you don’t have to be. The kingdom of heaven will be open for you if you’re not as hateful as Ozai. So hating Ozai is not something Jesus Christ would approve of (I went to catholic school, I’d know!), and denying his hotness just out of spite is a hateful practice. So don’t do it.

More importantly, the Bible’s ten commandments also establish that you mustn’t lie. The ninth commandment, was it? So Jesus Christ would not have lied and claimed Ozai wasn’t hot when Ozai is actually hot. He would have said Ozai is a very cruel man who needed to see the light from God, but he would have never thought Ozai was ugly out of spite for all the hideous things he did. So this is why Jesus Christ would hypothetically not deny that Ozai is hot.

Now, maybe the problem isn’t me or Jesus Christ. Maybe the question was meant to be: “Jesus Christ, why do I find Ozai hot?!”, alluding at you suffering from a severe crisis where you’re realizing Ozai is in fact hot as hell. Well, all the previous explanations apply. If you’re having such a crisis, don’t feel bad. We all know he’s hot. Doesn’t make him less of an asshole.

Nickelodeon say he’s hot too, see?

So maybe you were asking why did Nickelodeon say he was hot? I mean, I did post this screenshot once before so maybe that’s what prompted this ask… 

Anyways, fact of the matter is, Ozai was indeed designed to look like an older, scar-less Zuko. It was a cruel play from Bryke to make Zuko fans scream in outrage because they wanted to hate every little thing about Ozai, but if they hate his looks out of spite, they’re hating the image their beloved Zuko will have in the future (just, Zuko is scarred, of course). So yes. It’s hilariously cruel but it’s actually pretty funny. Ergo, even Zuko fans are forced to say Ozai is hot despite how much they may hate him, because if you were to think Zuko is hot and Ozai is not, it means you’re into teenagers only and if you’re over 18 years old you probably should be more interested in fully grown men instead of teenagers…

Lastly: SCIENCE proves Ozai is hot.

See this?

Just look at all that fire. A candle’s fire, according to wikipedia, is at 1,500°F, 829°C. Just how much heat do you think this shithead is creating through his bending? Yes, Azula’s fire is way hotter but that doesn’t mean Ozai’s isn’t. Try putting your hand in a fireplace and don’t get burned. You can’t. You can’t touch Ozai without getting burned either. Cuz’ he’s hot and his fire is hot, too (and hella aggressive, I don’t think he’d like being touched by strangers). Get it?

Long story short, Anon, if you’re actually indignant that people find Ozai hot, if you are simply not attracted to hot maniac bastards who want to set the world on fire

Originally posted by anoutlandishidea

well that’s on you, really. But it’s not every day that Jesus Christ and Science would agree on something. I’d say regardless of which one you prefer, you should believe them. Just sayin’.

hey my buds, just an update about what’s going on in my life:

As of Friday, our writers room on Shannara ended for the season which means as of this friday, I’ll be grinding on the unemployment train. That means lots of looking for jobs and shows with openings (which could take months and months and months to pan out) and lots of looking for freelance work as well as trying to gear up support and content on my patreon and coffee pages here, give y’all some content worth supporting, and trying to get all of my own writing projects to a point where they can actually be useful to my career or as publishable content and not just drafts. I will be both really busy and around a lot more so hopefully that starts making my voice and my blog of some value to you again. As always, your support on this long and often frustrating but amazing process is so ridiculously appreciated. Thank you and much love. 


I’ve been craving for a Weequay OC for a while so… :D
Meet Kastor Jax, also known as Arachne, he’s a smuggler and a poison expert who works for Panguur. He’s a real douchebag, hence why he gets along so well with his boss. :’) There’s a rumor going around Nar Shaddaa that Kas once disrespected Pan and Pan had him lick the Blood-Poison off his sword, and Kas somehow survived - probably because he’s a poison expert and thus, can’t be poisoned. It’s probably a load of bollocks, but Kas isn’t denying it. :P

So yeah! Here’s Kastor. Hope you guys like him!

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GOM's reactions to finding out their crush likes Kuroko!

Kise: “Kurokocchi…you say…?” Would try to laugh it off, but would be kind of chill. Sure he’d push himself away, but he’d quickly get back on his feet and move on.

Midorima: “Really now…” He wouldn’t like this at all, but wouldn’t go that far as to not talk with Kuroko anymore. He knows when to draw a line.

Aomine: “As long as it’s Tetsu.” Pretty chill, but still tiny bit upset, though shocked would be much better word. He’d try to play it off cool despite anyone could see he’s not okay with this.

Murasakibara …. Poor Kuroko is all I can say..

Akashi would be the most chill about it.. or so he tries to believe his own thoughts. Wouldn’t do anything drastic about it, just accept it as it is even though he would try to gain his crush’s attention whenever Kuroko’s beside.

I can make it feel better

Summary: Helping the twins film their latest video, Ethan ends up getting hurt in the process. You help him with his injury and he’s thankful for it. You in up confessing your feelings getting caught up in the moment. 

Warnings: Blood but only a little. 

A/N: So this is my first imagine so bare with me, please. :) 

I was helping Grayson and Ethan set up for their latest video. Cooking with the Dolan Twin part 2, they claim they actually were going to try this time. But I seriously doubt that the most they’re going to do is mess up the kitchen…and themselves.

I was a year older than the twins so when Cameron wasn’t around it was my job to make sure the twins didn’t get into much trouble. I knew the twins for about a year and we been close ever since. I was a fan of them ever since Vine and it was a dream come true when I met them at the restaurant I’m working at. They always stopped to get pancakes.

“You have the camera set up Y/N?” Ethan asked.

It was something about his voice that made me go weak in the knees. It took me awhile to admit it to myself that I actually have a crush on Ethan. Even though it wasn’t a huge age difference, I was not too quick on liking someone younger than me.

“Yeah, it’s focused now,” I replied giving him a thumbs up. He smiled in return. What this boy does to my heart, it’s just a smile calm down.

“Okay, we can record now,” Grayson said.

I nodded and hit the record button.

“What’s up guys we’re back!” Grayson shouted.

“I wanted to say it,” Ethan pouted. I giggled at the face he was giving Grayson.

“Fine let’s say it together.”

“What’s up guys we’re back!” Both of them yelled throwing an arm around each other’s shoulders.

“For today’s video we’re going to be cooking up some nice delicious meals,” Ethan said.

“It’s like the cooking challenge we did a few years ago but we are professional chefs now,” Grayson added. It took everything in me to not laugh.

“So, we’re both going to be making pizza and whoever makes the tastiest pizza wins. The loser has to sing a song of the winner’s choice at the end of the video.”

“Now let’s get cooking!” Ethan yelled.

They started getting out the dough from the cans, they claimed they are professionals but used can dough. But it was quicker to do since waiting for the yeast to rise would take to long. They sprayed their pans and laid the dough down.

“See this is easy,” Grayson bragged. He flashed a smile at the camera surely make the fans go weak.

Ethan elbowed Grayson then Grayson put his finger in the sauce wiping it on Ethan’s nose. The red sauce dripped onto his lips and he licked it.

I hope they don’t make a mess in the kitchen because I’m going to have to help clean it up. Soon they started cutting up the toppings, of course, Ethan had to have pineapples.

As they both were cutting Ethan let out a scream. I looked up from the camera.

“What happened Ethan?!” Grayson asked with a worried expression.

Ethan held his hand up, blood oozing down his finger. “I cut my finger nothing too serious,” he joked but the pain was written all over his face.

I turned the camera off. “Let’s go clean it E,” I said.

He nodded and we went towards the bathroom, I turned the light on and told him to wash his hands. They usually kept their medical supplies under the cabinet. I opened it and pulled out what I needed. He sat down on the toilet after washing his hands.
I took a cloth and dried his hands then got a good look at the cut. It was deep but not too deep. It was still bleeding so I put the cloth back on to add pressure.

“Just have to stop the bleeding,” I said. I looked up and he was staring back at me, it was intense. Like he was thinking hard about what he was going to say. I turned away looking back at the cut, taking a slightly deep breath to calm my nerves.

After a few minutes, I took the cloth off and saw it stop bleeding which means he didn’t cut anything important. I got a Q-tip and some Neosporin to prevent an infection. I put the cream on the Q-tip and applied it to his cut.

“Thanks for helping me,” he said breaking the silence.

“No problem, just be careful next time,” I responded.

He laughed, it was something I could listen to every day. It made my day better to hear him laugh. After I was done applying the Neosporin I started to get up to go get him a bandage. But he pulled me down stopping me from going any further.

“What’s wrong Ethan?” I questioned.

“Um…listen I always wanted to tell you this but I just didn’t know how to say it,” he stammered.

My heart started beating faster, he had a serious look on his face. I bit my bottom lip to distract me from jumping up and running out of the bathroom.

He continued after a pause. “I like you…like a lot and I know the bathroom is not the most romantic place to confess my feelings. But I couldn’t hold it in any longer.”

It felt like my eyes were going to pop out of my eye sockets. My crush actually likes me back, when does that happen? I probably look like a fish without water with my mouth opening and closing.

“Say something!” Ethan begged.

“I li-like you to…for a long time actually,” I confessed.

It felt good to finally get it out, especially since I know he likes me back.

“Why didn’t you tell me Y/N?”

“I didn’t know if you would feel the same way so I decided to keep it to myself, kind of hoping the feelings would go away. But it never did.”

“Well good it didn’t,” he replied with a chuckled.

“Yeah,” I said with a smile.

“Can I kiss you?” He asked grinning like an idiot.

“Go for it,” I beamed.

He lifts my chin gently and started leaning in slowly. I had to stop myself from biting my lip since that calms my nerves, so I just settled on placing my hand on his knee. His lips finally touched mine moving slowly to savor the moment. His other hand moved to the back of my neck pulling me closer. It was a gentle kiss but it was everything I could ask for. His lips tasted like pineapples since he ate a few before cutting his finger. Pineapple tasted better on him.

“Sucking faces…gross,” someone commented. It couldn’t be anyone but Grayson.

Ethan and I quickly pulled apart catching our breath. My lips still felt tingly from his kiss.

“Way to ruin the moment Gray,” Ethan grumbled as he frowned at his twin brother.

“I only came to check up on you guys because you were taking to long. To my surprise, you were making out.” Grayson explained crossing his arms leaning against the frame of the door.
I turned away embarrassed about the situation. Not kissing Ethan but with Grayson walking in on us, this is just awkward.

“But I’m glad you finally made your move E, took you long enough,” Grayson laughed. “You can go back sucking faces when we’re done with filming.”

With that Grayson walked out and I turned back to look at Ethan whose face was a bright red.

“Well let me bandage your finger,” I said getting up from the floor my knees aching from staying on the ground for that long.

“I can’t wait to get him back,” Ethan retorted while holding out his injured finger for me to put the bandage on.

“I’ll help but first could I steal another kiss?”

“Of course you can,” he smirked.

“God I love your smile,” I praised as I leaned in tasting his lips once again.

Was that awkward? Too much cliche? Well, I always wanted to write imagines just didn’t have the heart to do them. But I hoped you like this and if you want to request something about the twins feel free to do so! If you want to chat also send something. :)

gayhura replied to your post “Real legit question: why did it become so popular in fanon for Keith…”

i feel like it’s just fanon that got out of control…and mainly i think ppl associated “keith lived in a desert shack for a year” with “keith has no hygiene he’s a rustic nature man that’s never heard of chapstick” idk i get where ppl are coming from but it can get extreme and i feel u…

yeah, that’s been my impression. and like?? my main issue with that line of thinking is that? he was in the military?? for at least a year? probably longer? like, idk how much y’all know about the military, but personal hygiene has to be decent, at the least. and like, military training like that tends to stick with people through the years, so while he might go lax, sure, he would probably still keep it up… like, i don’t mind people having headcanons, it’s just sometimes it’s like?? why are you taking this to such an extreme when it doesn’t really fit the character? idk, that’s my personal opinion, i’m not trying to invalidate other’s headcanons.

@shieth replied to your post “Real legit question: why did it become so popular in fanon for Keith…”

in the space mall episode, you can hear the toilet flushing when keith leaves the bathroom but you dont hear a sink, so obviously he didnt wash his hands. as far as i know thats the only canon example of bad hygiene on his part. it’s p much just a fanon thing and i dont really like it either

oh, haha, totally missed that. though, i’d personally attribute that to a “we wanted to indicate he used the bathroom, but didn’t want to waste precious time waiting for him to wash his hands, too”. like, they only have ~20 min per episode, why waste a solid 30 sec or more on something that most people aren’t even gonna think about? also, i’ve been seeing this hc since before s2 aired, so like??? idk

but yeah, the consensus seems to be it’s fanon. but where did this come from, and how did it get so popular? like, honestly, i legit don’t understand why so many ppl seem to like it so much? I’m really honestly not saying anything super against, like sure I’m personally not a fan of it, but like, to each their own and everything, but I really and honestly don’t get why this of all things is so popular

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I feel like Dark and Warf are the most dangerous especially to each other. I love the idea that they can warp reality to the point of disaster, but are both precise and selfish enough to keep things in balance. And that because they are equally powerful they DESPISE each other, constantly trying to one up the other. I love my scary drama queens 🖤

yES absolutely! they’re very powerful beings, that much is for certain, but their personalities and interests often clash. like, dark gets annoyed with how childish wilford can be at times. and wilford constantly pokes fun at dark for being so stiffed and sophisticated all the time.

wilford is definitely the one you will mistake underestimating, whereas dark you can see how powerful he is from the get go. but heaven forbid should these two ever team up…

pharoahfox  asked:

Do you know much on Lowborn Demons? I'm trying to find as much info as possible and if you knew anything it would be great. Thanks in advance!

Sorry this took so long to get to, I really wanted to give it the proper time to write up a response for you! I don’t work with a whole bunch of lowborns now, but I have worked with several in the past, so I can give you my observations from their realm everything like that!

So out of all demons, (and really many spirits in general), lowborns are going to be the most similar to humans in many ways. They form families similar to we do, have a social structure similar to us, and all that fun stuff. You have probably heard this elsewhere but I will repeat it again: while they are similar to humans in that aspect, they are demons and have a completely different moral code then we do.

Family wise, the ones that do form families, hold them very dear, from my experiences. They are very caring and love their offspring, and are often happy to talk about them with those that they trust. While mating and forming families for power does happen with lowborns, its not as common. They will form families similar to how we do, as the family acts as a support structure for each other.

They have jobs and social functions, there are political issues, all of that is sorta similar to how we have it here. Many enjoy art and music as well, and while many do try to raise their own power within the world, you will see starving artist types as well too.

Now as far as working with lowborns themselves: they are really all going to be fairly different. Like any spirit. Work with them as individuals and not as a race just as you would with anything else. Good luck! I hope that gave you some new info at least! :)

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Hello Mod! I have Volume I of TPoH and I love it soso much. I would love to throw money at you for a second volume. Is that something that will ever happen? I know you're busy doing art! But I thought it couldn't hurt to ask. Have a great day!

I really hope so, but I am still trying to find someone who can distribute the books! the manual effort of parcelling and carrying them to the post office is getting too much for my hands to cope with and a second volume would make a huge surge in work on that end- if all else fails I’ll self publish again like with Volume 1 but I am really hoping to find some pro help for the task

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The s/o showering TFP Bots with affection (reciting everything they love about them and maybe kissing them in the end). Maybe they do it when they are alone, so it would be private. How would they respond to it? I can already Smokescreen overheating or like going silent and not being able to respond XD he is so cute~

This is such a cute request x3

Optimus Prime:
-He loves it and compliments you back
-He doesn’t get flustered though
-Since you’re alone he’ll give you a kiss

-He flusters easily and can’t form words
-He keeps covering his mouth and trying to leave but just can’t because he wants you to keep showering him in compliments
-The poor doctor doesn’t know how to tell you “thank you” and how much he loves you too

-He beeps excitedly encouraging you to keep going
-He picks you up and spins you
-He compliments you but it’s too fast for you to translate from his excited beeping and buzzing

-He laughs nervously and keeps asking “really? You mean that?”
-He thinks you are the sweetest thing ever
-After you’re done, he’ll hold you and tell you everything he likes about you

-She is as hard as a rock when you’re telling her so it’s hard to know if she likes it
-She only nods and says “okay”
-She then kisses you and tells you everything that she loves about you

-He takes everything as suggestive
-He strokes your head smirking the whole time
-He thanks you and then suggests what you can do with all the things you like about him

-He’s so blushy and overheats almost immediately and his cooling fans remain on the whole time
-He is extremely cautious if you mention his doorwings, those things are so sensitive
-He holds you to him and thanks you for all the compliments with kisses

Ultra Magnus:
-He’s working still and not really listening, or so you think
-He starts slowing down when he realizes you’re talking to him and showering him in compliments
-He then turns to you sporting a shade of red you never seen on him before, and asks you to please stop lying to him… there’s no way what what you’re saying is true

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Yuri On Ice and your blog are some of the only reasons I get genuinely excited. I know that sounds sort of depressing but I was just trying to convey how much happiness this blog has brought me in these past few months. And congrats on 10k! I read about you feeling like you didn't feel like you belonged at school and I just wanted to tell you I felt the same way until I started to become friends with people watching YOI at school. I can't tell you how much YOI has brought positivity into my life

This is so, so nice to read. You are so sweet, thank you! I’m so happy to hear how much YOI has brought people together, it has really brought me so much more happiness into my life! I hope you can find even more happiness anon, you deserve it! <3

A Sky full of Stars

A Gladio Soulmate AU

I was really inspired by @nifwrites amazing soulmate AU in the last few days, enough to try myself at my own multi-chapter fic even if it scare the shit out of me. I still have lot to write and add to be able to really flesh out my OCs and their relationships, but consider Ch.1 as an introduction. This was not proof-readed whatsoever and english is not my first language, but I hope you can still appreciate it even if it’s probably packed with mistakes. I’d be glad to get any feedback on this so you can fill my askbox as much as you want!

Word count: 1877

Insomnia was always calm in the morning, at least, in Cassiopeia’s part of town. She was always waking up early, drinking her usual coffee on the balcony of her apartment, in nothing but an oversized t-shirt and some shorts, enjoying the warm breeze on her body. Inside, she could hear the sound of the shower running, her cousin preparing himself to go to work, just like her. He was a couple of years older than her and welcomed her in his house when she decided to move to the big city to go to university.

As she went back inside to finally put some clothes on, she heard him get out of the bathroom, calling for her. “Cassie, am I still dropping you at work today?” Shit, she thought to herself. She was totally running late. She ran out of her room with her uniform in her hands, dashing to the bathroom to get herself somewhat ready and presentable for the rest of the day. Looking at herself in the mirror, she stick out her tongue in a sign of annoyance. Her hair was a mess of platinum – almost silver-like - locks that she braided rapidly, putting a bit of mascara on her lashes, making her sky-blue eyes pop a little bit more. She put on pearls earrings and her mother’s bracelet, brushing the tattoo that was ornamenting her wrist at the same time. She had this mark since she was a baby. A soulmark, her mother told her. She used to tell her about those special marks, about how everyone, somewhere, has a tattoo that matches another and how the two individuals sharing them have a special bond that cannot be broken. Her cousin had one too. Hers was an intricate and beautiful design of flowers with two letters, which she could only assume were the initials of her said soulmate. “G. A.” 

Keep reading

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hey I don't know how much you play D. Va on Overwatch, but in a few weeks they're running a promotion where you can get an exclusive skin for her if you play five Heroes of the Storm matches with friends (It's a really nice, one, too)

Yes I’m going to try and get into heroes and get it!!!

mayor drawings!! im quite happy with them huhu~ @minisparrows @mayor-aby @mayorintheshadows @acnl-peachy

(want one? reblog a ref ~here~ and i’ll try to get as many as possible ^^)

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Hi Emma! I am in my A-levels now and since I am in school I really don't know how to learn. This is such a problem for me cause I am constantly just reading some notes that I made in the lessons. So I feel like just reading this stuff isn't enough and I can have better grades. Do you have any tips to overcome this? And how do you start to learn?

Hi! You should try finding out what kind of learner you are. If you can tailor your studying to the way you learn, you’re going to get much better results from your study. Try doing this quiz. This is a really awesome infographic that can provide you with some tips once you know the way you learn. That way your studying is going to be much more effective since it is actually going into your brain! For instance, I find copying an example the best option but I don’t do so well if I’m just hearing something! I think having a positive attitude is also super important. Although you’re struggling a little you should make it a goal to improve! Hope this helps xx

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I can't believe you get a lot of crap for your chat screenshots (as you mentioned in a previous post). They're the reason I'm actively following all of your releases. I don't want to miss even one of them. The haters should just keep quiet and scroll past them. Thank you so much for your amazing work! May you all enjoy equally amazing lives. :D

Thank you! We just try to get laughs out of everyone so that your days will be a little brighter. :)

I had so much fun using my new skates for the first time today. Great fit, blades sharpened at the rink (thank you, thank you, thank you, you skilled and multi-purpose man)…best skates I have ever skated in, and I think I can honestly say the most fun I have ever had skating. I am not materialistic or brand-based in general, but Hot Damn, Bauers are God Tier.

I have so much to relearn, but I am relearning, and it feels good. Hunkering down for speed, turning tighter, improving and attempting more at maneuvering again – way down low and switching directions, or just moving in general better than I could a few weeks ago – instead of just trying to get used to being on skates again. I fell from trying to do more, and it was still good. You don’t improve if you don’t do anything that might make you fall. (Future note to self for when I try to relearn going backwards, switching from back to forth, being able to cross over again, and getting more confident in trying in general, knowing that I am not “there” yet, but also keeping in mind that there is no “there” (or else an “always-there”) when it is not about an end point to be chased and compared to, but about continued practice and progress?)

Then there is more to learn than I could do before, too, and it is exciting, future falls and all. When I fall trying to improve on something, I get back up and laugh. It hurts, and I can feel where the bruise(s) will be as I start skating again, but it’s good, and really, if you’re going to have “incidents” while practicing something fun and that you want in your life, you better be in a mindset where falling and fumbling and inconsistency are part of it, or you’re going to be miserable. (Other note to self: past, present, and future.)

The times when I almost fall trying something but get re-balanced, slowed, and stay upright instead, I smile like crazygonuts and start going again. The times when I execute something with no issues, I actually rarely smile or laugh. It’s not that I am not happy about it or enjoying how good it felt – I am am am – it is just more internal, and more “good, keep going!”

I love these skates. I love that I am skating. I love that I could feel my improvement today, even though I fell more today than I have since I started going to the rink. The person who took me seemed concerned when she noticed my hand subconsciously on my left hipbone afterwards (and consciously thereafter *not* on my right knee and fibula head), but it’s okay; I’m okay; I didn’t break.

On all of those notes, if any of my doctors switch and say that I can’t keep going after I waited so long and it took so much advocating from some to others that it was a quality of life issue and that I should not be officially kept from everything remotely physical or risky when they could also bring me such much-needed things (and I can get bruises worse than falling on the ice just by walking into door frames…and I do), I swear to Ceiling Cat I will pick up the vitals cart and throw it like a spear into the wall.

This is good stuff. Granted I think I am still on a movement and improvement and the-skates-being-the-best-I-have-ever-been-in high, but this is good stuff.