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Favorite Musical Numbers

Drum Crazy (Easter Parade, 1948)


These were going to be card prints (w/ the Inquisitor’s hand as the back of each character card) for my new shop but I think I burned myself out and maybe was too ambitious….maybe I’ll try again later, but with something more simple ahah. Thought i’d post the ones i’ve done anyway (o´∀`o)ノ

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The Sorting Hat has bad days
  • “Custodial staff!”
  • “Gryffinclaw!" "That makes no sen-" "GRYFFINCLAW.”
  • “The Horde!”
  • “A particularly dingy part of Ravenclaw!”
  • “Try again later.”
  • “Well maybe if you had a personality to read, I could put you somewhere.”
  • “Google Plus!”
  • “Burger King!”
  • “Durmstrang!”
  • “How am I supposed to sort someone that’s just thinking the phrase Johnlock over and over again?”
  • “Your mother’s basement! Don’t quarrel, kid, I’ve seen what’s in your head and I’m just saving you three steps and five bad job interviews.”
  • “New Jersey!”
  • “Lannister!”
Happy birthday Yuu!!
  • Yuu: *sitting alone on bed* I wonder why everyone had to go out today...(Baka Mika) It's not like I care or something.
  • *Mika sneaks in silently and sees Yuu turned the other way with his head phones on*
  • Mika: (mumbling) "I love you" *cough* "I love you" I was out all day getting ready for a perfect night...I'm sorry...but I know today's special.
  • *he's aware Yuu can hear none of this so continues to talk to himself*
  • Shinoa made everyone go away so we could be alone. But I really love you. *holds breath and exhales deeply* Why can't I just say this to his face?
  • Maybe I'm not ready I'll try again later.
  • Yuu: *turned down volume on headphones* *face is completely red* (to himself) did he really just say all that!?! What do I even do..do I turn around or!?
  • They both face opposite directions.
  • Mika: Turns around and walks slowly towards him.
  • Yuu: Oh crap! *turns volume up*
  • Mika: *just a few more steps*
  • Yuu: *should I turn around!?!*
  • Mika: *one more step* (to himself) should I go!? I'm being too hesitant.
  • Yuu: *Breathes heavily* I'm doing it.
  • Mika: *I'm doing it*
  • Yuu: *turns head around and sits up*
  • Mika: *takes one more step and leans forward*
  • Their faces are only a centimeter apart.
  • Yuu: *face is completely dark red*
  • Mika: *just as red* Ha-happy birthday Yuu-chan!
  • Yuu: *pulls off headphones and stares into his eyes* No. Say what you said before.
  • Mika: Happy birthday-?
  • Yuu: No! I lov-
  • Mika: *realizes*
  • Yuu: *Breathes softly against Mika's lips* How long is this gonna take you?
  • Mika: *embarrassed*... I love you, Yuu-chan
  • Yuu: *scoots away* I love you too.
  • Mika: Eh!?! Why'd you move!? I thought we were having a moment! (Mutters) a really awkward one...
  • Yuu: Maybe on your birthday.
  • Mika: But it's yours. *Walks to door*
  • Yuu: *Eyes widen*
  • *door shuts*
  • Yuu: You're so different when you want something, Mikaela.
  • Mika: Happy birthday, Yuu-chan