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For several years, the Tumblr help docs have mirrored the Tumblr experience: clean and simple. And that was fine. But as we’ve added features and choices and compatibility and complexity, the whole Tumblr experience has gotten richer and it feels like our documentation should reflect that too.

Introducing the new Tumblr help center. At tumblr.com/help, you’ll find

  • Better, more thorough search results
  • An improved, much-more-Tumblry look and feel
  • An announcements section at the top of the page for recent changes and news
  • All the same helpful content you know and love

Thanks for using the site and for giving us something to write help center articles about, Tumblr. 💗

btw heres a Transmasc Tip: some cis men have what look like top surgery scars so taking off ur shirt post-top surgery is definitely not the same as immediately outing urself. if anyone asks just say “i had surgery”. like unless ur talking to a surgeon theres no way theyll know enough about surgery to pinpoint Exactly what surgery you had, plus you dont even have to lie! bc u did have surgery!

questions i submit to mr. snyder: in his “braver united” teaser trailer, batman is standing on top of a statue of the grim reaper, but in the corner you will find the tip of a shield that reads “protect”, so i’m assuming this is the GCPD shield. why the fuck is there a fucking grim reaper on your goddamn police department shield. approximately half of gotham’s population is orphaned, why would you do that. secondarily, is this meant to be more symbolic than the classic gargoyle, in that batman is standing on top of the grim reaper in a pose signifying that he’s cheated death, or is it jus

the-princess-punk  asked:

So I'm starting to work out and I've been asking my buddies for tips. But the thing is, they're all guys with prior experience, the exact opposite of me. Do you have any tips? I really want to get into lifting

-start slow and steady don’t just into it thinking it’s about the most weight you can lift at one time, I see a lot of people go into the gym and pick up the heaviest weight they can deal with and when they do the exercise it’s not a complete extension/it’s sloppy

-work out all your muscle groups, I made the mistake of just working out my arms when I first started and so my squats are really weak compared to my other lifts. Don’t be a dorito lol

-try to establish some sort of consistency/schedule, have a certain number of days per week that you’ll go but on that same note it’s okay if you miss a day! Make it up next time

-be conscious of what you eat, now it’s really up to you whether or not you’d like to pay attention to your nutrition but I’d suggest at the very least try to be mindful of what you eat and try to increase your protein intake

Good luck to you friend! :)) if you need more tips check my faq page

Hc: instagram


  • made one after Shiemi bugged her
  • doesn’t use it that often aside from a few pictures she posted
  • she will deny it up and down but she did use it to find out more about a crush


  • solid mix between cat pics, selfies and pictures with his friends and family
  • uses it mainly to get in touch with his family and friends
  • highest follower count of all of them


  • doesn’t have one


  • follows more porn stars than is healthy
  • acts on instagram more like it’s tinder
  • low follower count


  • posts a lot of pictures with his family, and Kuro but then again Kuro is part of his family 
  • gets asked a lot if his top or bottom by several men on various occassions
  • decent follower count, tho he would love to have more girls on it


  • follows others for their workout routine and healthy life tips
  • pretty decent follower count
  • rarely any full body pics of himself; it’s either legs, arms or head


  • Rin got her into this
  • posts pictures of her garden and inspirational quotes
  • follower count when insane after she posted a selfie

anonymous asked:

hi daisy! i wanted to ask about wearing high tops because whenever i wear them, my feet look so big! do you have any tips and also how to wear outfits with high tops because this is the first time i've bought them? thank you!!

the high tops i have in mind are the converse high tops! because high tops give off a sporty/casual vibe, the outfits will be geared towards that side u w u

Thank you for the tag, @elloette!

Tag nine people you want to get to know better:

relationship status: madly in love with a wonderful human and fellow Whovian (and married 21 years this year!)

favourite colour: TARDIS blue

lipstick or chapstick: chapstick, which I need for running, but no lipstick… I do not do makeup

last song I listened to: Got Me Thinking by Maduk, which has been my earworm for over a week now

last movie I watched: Doctor Strange, round two, at home on Amazon (pro tip: the behind the scenes featurettes on this are WELL worth your time)

top three tv shows:
1) Doctor Who
2) Sherlock
3) Battlestar Galactica

top three characters:
1) Clara Oswald
2) Twelfth Doctor
3) Sherlock Holmes

top three ships:
1) Whouffaldi 
3) Rose/Ten

Tagging: @infiniteregress17, @clara-is-brave, @brynabasil, @irish-cumbercookie, @tounknowndestinations, and anyone else who would like to join in.

i got animal crossing a while back and so far my town is pretty underdeveloped ;v; does anyone have some tips?? (right now my top priority is getting money so if you have any advice for that let me know!)

I was tagged by @ladytharen, who’s getting ready to defend her dissertation. Good luck, friend!!! You will be awesome, I’m sure.

rules: answer the questions and tag nine people you want to get to know better

relationship status: happily married 

favorite color: sunflower yellow, orange, turquoise, teal

lipstick or chapstick: lip balm (not Chapstick brand, I don’t like it) or lip gloss

last song i listened to: Tip of My Tongue, by the Civil Wars

last movie i watched: uh…last movie I saw at the theater? Hidden Figures, which I went to see with my friend Erin when she was visiting a couple weeks ago. Last one I watched…is about to be the 2007 Persuasion, which I just remembered I felt like watching last night. :)

top fav shows: My current favorites are Elementary, Brooklyn Nine Nine, and The Expanse. The Good Place and Timeless are right up there, too.

top three characters: Jack O’Neill (Stargate SG1), Data (Star Trek: TNG), Parker (Leverage)

top three ships: Jeff/Annie (Community), Sam/Jack (Stargate SG1), and…it’s a tie between like seven other ships. So of ships that are on current shows, probably either Bellamy/Clarke (The 100) or Nomi/Amanita (Sense8). 

books i’m currently reading: Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly, the Song of the Lionness series by Tamora Pierce.

low-key, no-pressure tagging: @theoreticalbabble, @aspiringpolymath, @momwifegeekbookworm, @stayawakeanddontpanic, @applepiips, @im-talking-physics-sir, @wishingstardust, @myavengingvalkyrie, @stargatery, and anyone else who wants to do this.

“ Cardio, Abs & Obliques - Muffin Top ”.

(So I’m gonna post some workouts like this.. I don’t own any of this, but I’m sure as hell these will help us). Stay Healthy. All the love.


Only to come back….

                                      ….I´ll always come back to you