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For some reason, I'm picturing Graves owning at least five cats - all rescues. He adores them; just - picture it. Graves napping on a couch, absolutely covered by purring cats - Newt is smitten. (Newt: This man is PERFECT.)

awwwwww this is such a cute mental image!

Percival actually smuggled his cats into his office because he always missed them while he was away from home. Plus, they helped in controlling his stress level especially when he cuddled them while writing his report or when he rubbed his tired face on their squishy bellies; listening to them purred and meowed fondly back and licking the tip of his nose.

When things got a bit tough — when Percival decided that he needed a power nap before continuing his report; his cats would be curling on his chest, in the crook of his neck, and at the top of his head.

And that was how Newt found Percival — sleeping soundly, snoring a bit with one cat grooming Percival’s hair, licking it affectionately while another cat was kneading Percival’s belly. The other cats were tucked neatly around his body; sort of like a soft shield to make their humans comfortable, to ward off the bad dreams from him and Newt committed the image into his mind with a fond sigh and a quiet Nox, before he stepped out from the office to let Percival had his rest.

“Hello, Raymond,” comes a cracky drawl.

Ray looks up from his work bench but doesn’t see anyone. He shrugs and goes back to his schematics.

“Boy scout,” he hears the same voice call out.

He looks up again, but sees no one in his line of vision. Until he looks down.

There is a small, green parrot stepping it’s was right up to Ray. Ray watches the bird with wide eyes, eyebrows raised. It comes right up to the tip of Ray’s shoe and climbs on top.

“Uh, hello?” Ray says.

“Hello,” says the little bird.

Ray just blinks at it. The tone of voice is very familiar, Ray can almost put his finger on it -

He hears a husky chuckles coming from the doorway to the lab, and his head snaps up.

“Hello, Raymond,” Leonard says, a small smirk on his lips.

That’s it.

“I see you’ve met Basil,” he says walking into the lab.

“Basil?” Ray repeats.

“Well, look at that,” Leonard says. “You might be able to learn just as quick as he did.” He throws a wink at Ray and clicks his tongue.

The small bird flutters its way up to perch itself on Leonard’s shoulder.

“Leonard, why do you have a bird?” Ray asks. “Where did you get a bird?”

“That’s not important,” Leonard says dismissively. “The important thing is I’m teaching him how to greet every single member of this team.”

Leonard looks rather pleased with himself.

“Nathaniel,” Leonard says.

“Hello, Tinman,” the bird replies.

“Oh my god,” Ray says.

Leonard smiles at the small creature and reaches up to scratch at its head.

“Leonard, you know I’m allergic to anything that isn’t a reptile,” Ray sighs. He looks disappointed as he eyes Leonard’s adorable new pet.

“This little guy shouldn’t be a problem,” Leonard says. “He falls under the category of hypoallergenic, so you should okay.”

Leonard offers his finger for Basil to climb on and holds him out to Ray.

“He won’t bite,” Leonard says, sensing Ray’s apprehension.

Ray lifts his hand and Basil steps onto Ray’s knuckles. He coos and chirps at Ray and the inventor can’t help but smile. He doesn’t feel his throat closing up, his eyes don’t even water. He looks up at Leonard, beaming.

“See?” Leonard says. “Basil, what do we say?”

“Thank you, Pretty Boy,” the tiny thing squawks.

Ray just laughs.

“Okay, we can keep him,” Ray says, although he knew he did’t have much say on the matter. He trusts Leonard to look out for his allergies anyway.

Ray hands Basil back and stands, giving Leonard a kiss on the cheek.

“Never would’ve pegged you as a bird person,” Ray says, smiling at Leonard.

Leonard just shrugs, offers Ray a quick kiss, and makes his way to the door. Ray shakes his head and goes back to his plans.

It’s not so bad. He even gets used to Basil waking him up in the morning with a cheery, “Good morning, Raymond.” in an almost identical drawl.

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KanaMaru headcanoes?

-Maru asks Kanan for exercise/diet help and Fitness Mom™ Kanan is ready and willing to help
-She isn’t overbearing about it, but she gives her all kinds of little tips and makes her protein shakes and stuff
-Maru hates them (but forces herself to drink them bc jfc Kanan that smile isn’t even fair)
-Kanan doesn’t like to read but thanks to Maru sitting in her lap reading books to her she becomes a cultured dolphin
-Kanan is so tall ??? But Maru gets mad when Kanan gets things off the top shelf for her. She pouts and refuses to accept the item unless Kanan picks her up and lets her get it herself
-Maru loves it when Kanan carries her around bc it makes her feel like the princesses in the fantasy novels she reads
-Kanan is like Maru’s own personal mood ring. Somehow she just KNOWS how Maru is feeling and for the most part she finds a way to remedy the situation. Feeling sad? Kanan has chocolate. Feeling anxious? Here’s a warm blanket and hot tea. Angry? Let’s go outside and scream.
-Maru likes to watch Kanan swimming from the beach. Kanan brings her back a sea shell every single time
-They talk about stars a lot. Maru has several astronomy books but they’re way too advanced for Kanan so she mostly just looks at the pictures. The concept of black holes excites Maru and horrifies Kanan.
-They’re both technologically impaired. Kanan knows diving equipment like the back of her hand but she doesn’t know how to send an email
-For Kanan’s birthday Maru gets her a telescope so they can stargaze together and it takes them two hours to figure out how it works until finally Kanan calls Mari and Mari says “have you tried turning it on?”


Big Gay Thanksgiving with @silverfoxlouis and @afirethatcannotdie plus my bro and sis. Pro tip: if you put a pie on to broil too close to the broiler, it will catch on fire. We fixed it though, while the boys played in the background. The pecan pie was rock star and was never on fire.

Ellie: The Apple pie doesn’t even taste like it was once on fire.

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Can we get a snippet of calypso romance? Just a tiny bit. Pwetty pwease with sugar on top?

Intricate tattoos mar Calypso’s skin; they stand out against the rich brown, painting her waist, arms, shoulders, and legs with elegant white vines.

“Do you know what they mean?” she asks, raising her arm for you to get a closer look; each vine connects to one another, a single leaf or bud or flower in between them. “This represents every connection between me and my ancestors.”

You trace over the flow of paint across her shoulders, which lead to the tip of her fingers. “Who are these?”

Calypso grins. “My great-Aunt Nyma, who gave birth to my cousin Fahij. Fahij had two twin boys; Elias and Mohammad. Elias died…and Mohammed named his children after my mother’s Uncles.”

Calypso stares intently at you, her cat eyes inquisitive. You both say nothing for a while, the sound of your breaths filling the silence. Then, suddenly, Calypso speaks.

“Why do you like me?” she blurts out. The sudden question catches you off guard. Calypso pulls her arm away, waiting urgently for your answer.

You consider what you’ll say next, a plethora of reasons arising; then, you open your mouth to answer…

And Calypso swiftly places a warm hand over your mouth, eyes going wide.

“No, no…never mind. I don’t want to know.” She lets out a shallow sigh, then places her hand on your jaw, her thumb gliding over your bottom lip. “Just keep liking me. Okay?”

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What are your top 10 studyblrs you follow?

There are so many great studyblrs out there! I don’t think that I could name them all! I don’t feel like it’s fair for me to list some because of the fantastic way the community is. I wish there was like a list where you could see all the tumblrs you have on notifications, that would make answering this question so much easier haha 

I follow like 1K+ accounts with the main three categories being studyblr, kpop or kfashion/art-related, it’s a bit exhausting to have to go through that list. I looked at the “Tumblr Crushes” section, but because I ‘like’ so many kpop related things, no studyblr related blog ends up on the list. 

It’s hard to tell with studyblrs, because like say for example the BTS fandom, there’s like one or two stand out blogs which are the content creators - 5 of their posts end up trending on most popular, whereas everytime you look at the studyblr tag, there’s maybe one or two names which are vaguely familiar and the rest are new - which is like the best thing about the community tbh, the diversity and variety

I would say, make your own top 10 if you feel the need to, I certainly don’t because even small studyblrs make fantastic content, so the “top 10″ is really a “top 10 of the day” :) 

💪Shoplifting😫🛍 Protip 💵

Step 1: go to ur local Walmrt

Step 2: go to th sports + outdoors aisle

Step 3: locate the weights

Step 4: pick them all up one by one

Step 5: put them all back (one by one)

Step 6: leave the store

Step 7: never come back


How to deal with losing interest in your language class:

As a student in a higher-level French and who is self-studying two other languages, I know for a fact that taking a foreign language can get stressful and overwhelming. To learn a ton of grammar, humongous amounts of vocab, and to know how a mind in another culture works, it can get super hard sometimes. All that stuff that goes into learning a foreign language can make it super easy to get burnt-out. And we’ve all done it. Trust me. But, it’s okay, my dude. We’ve all been there. It sucks, but you’ll get over it. Here are some tips how: 

i. take your time 

Listen, my dudes, it can be so difficult to learn a foreign language and you should already be proud of yourself for doing so!! Even in a fast-paced class, you should take it slow and make sure you don’t beat yourself over not getting it in perfect time. Language takes practice, and sometimes we don’t get it as fast as we want it. it’s okay. 

ii. ask questions/talk to the professor

Are you totally lost? Tell someone. It could be a classmate, a native speaker you’ve befriended, or your instructor. Either way, I highly recommend you talk to someone if you’re stuck on a specific concept or feel unmotivated. You sometimes need a boost from a study buddy in your target language. 

iii. remember why you’re studying

My go-to method for when I’m having a bad day in French or I’m just not getting something is simple. I simply ask myself: “Why am I doing this?” No reason is not good enough for choosing to learn a specific language. Learning languages has its benefits and even if you just like the sound of it is reason enough to learn it! Trust me, I have no incentive for learning my target language. But I love it, and I refuse to give it up when it gets difficult. 

iv. study on your own 

To be honest, this is super super important anyway. You absolutely NEED to practice a language on your own, whether you feel like it or not. Without some practice, you’re going to feel completely lost in class sometimes. You can have fun with this too: take this time to familiarize yourself with the culture more. Personally, it’s always helpful to watch movies in French or listen to music in Spanish. I learn to enjoy my target language more and to have fun with it!

v. take a break

We all get unmotivated sometimes. Yeah, language learning takes a lot of work, but sometimes it helps to take a step back and refresh a little. Focus on other schoolwork or maybe find something new to occupy your time. Being burnt out on learning a language sucks, I know, but sometimes it’s best to ride the wave a little bit. 

So the boys come into my apartment and I’m wearing a robe. I’m only wearing a robe. And I say “why don’t you come up to my boudoir and watch me to a monologue?” and they say “where’s the bed?” and I say “this is the bed right here” and they say “can we sit on the bed” and I say “sure but these are expensive Japanese linen” and they say “but they’re not even soft” and I say “sometimes… things that are expensive….. are worse”

Okay so this sounds random as hell but seriously hear me out

After you and your s/o finish fucking. And you’re both laid cuddling, happy, content and chill. Put on a fallout 3/new Vegas playlist on Spotify in the background and just lay there together listening to it. Sounds random and stupid but it really is chill af even if you’re not a fallout fan