will this get 1000 notes

I can feel it. The switch era will finally be THE TIME

The time of all times. The time we all have been waiting for.
The return of the king.
To reclaim former glory.
To reclaim justice as the IP it deserves to be! 

We will leave behind the lost age of nothingness.
The Dark Dawn will come to an end. 
So we can once again bathe in the almighty glory of the


  • me when i see a funny text post: o cool lemme check this person's blog to see if theyve got any other Funny Jokes to Tell
  • me visiting the person's blog seeing all of their posts are trying way too hard playing way too into the common non sequiter style of text post, only getting 50-200 notes per post, every 50th post breaking 1000, and every 200 posts making it to a sizeable 10-50k: ive misplaced my trust once again

when that bitch you hate in class answers a question correctly

(btw if this post gets 1000 notes I’ll post the pic of my crush’s family recreating the walking dead but I’ll block their faces out so if you want to see what causes me pain you’ll like or reblog)