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Hey Michael um... Why player two?? Why not player one heh

After all those years, calling myself “Player One” just wouldn’t sound right? Like, I don’t know… it feels wrong, I guess.

Besides, as Player 2, at least I can promise that I’ll always have your back! You can count on me!

ok it’s been months but i’m still mad dan didn’t do a video like phil’s “my dna test results” because his grandma was adopted and it would be genuinely enlightening for him and a fun video to watch. of all the ideas he steals from phil and he just lets this opportunity go to waste ! 

I am afraid



Two insults I wrote in fic also showed up in the show. TWO.

1) Amy referred to Buddy as Woody from Toy Story. I gave that joke to Dan in Best Laid Plans.
2) Uncle Jeff called Jonah “The Giant from the Jizz Lagoon.” I had Dan call him “The Giant from the Spunk Lagoon" in Lightweight. (Jizz Lagoon is definitely better mind you it - it has assonance, so rolls of the tongue more easily)

To be clear, I am fully aware that it’s a coincidence. Fully. They’d probably already filmed the scenes at the time I wrote them.

But just how disturbed should I be at my ability to write Veep level insults?

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Dia após dia, morro, disse o apóstolo. Essa era a vida dos primeiros cristãos; eles iam a todos os lugares com a vida nas mãos. Hoje em dia não somos chamados a passar pelas mesmas perseguições tenebrosas: se fôssemos, o Senhor nos daria a graça de suportar o teste. Mas as provações da vida cristã no momento atual, embora longe de serem tão terríveis, são ainda mais capazes de nos derrotar do que aquelas da época de fogo. Temos de suportar o desprezo do mundo - isso é pouco; suas carícias, suas palavras meigas, seus discursos escorregadios, sua bajulação, sua hipocrisia, são muito piores.
—  Charles H. Spurgeon – Dia a Dia com Spurgeon: Manhã e Noite