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What was the funniest thing that happened while composing Hiveswap's OST?

a lot of dumb in jokes happened but this one makes me laugh a lot. i referenced this briefly in the cage fight post but..

we use a lot of spreadsheets at work to organize assets and all the leads (ie Angela, Rah, and myself) had to prepare a sort of master-sheet to show the company heads and producers at viz etc so they could use it as a quick reference etc. 

In the work slack (the program we use to talk to eachother it works a lot like… a single server invite only discord i guess?) I kept saying “kewl beanz” i dont know why i just thought it was funny. thats how a lot of my “jokes” are i just say a stupid thing because i love to be dumb.

anyway i guess Angela had enough or w/e and she renamed my tab in the spreadsheet to fucking like “kEwL BeAnZ” or something and im like 99% sure it went to the viz guys like that before I noticed and changed it the next day. Angela is a chaos demon and not to be fucked with.

anyway kind of a silly story but it makes me laugh!

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hi! I think its really cool how you always have requests open, but dont you guys get overwhelmed by the amount of requests you get? I saw you have a very long list of requests to write and I was just wondering if you ever want to take a break and close requests because I know I would.

Yes, there have been moments where we need a break! And we certainly do get overwhelmed, but we know that our followers are very understanding that we have a lot of things going on, so we take our time! Requests to me are sorta like ideas or suggestions on things to write so we will get to them whenever we can!

- Admin Jewel

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is it possible that plants have consciousness?

this is actually a small sub branch of botany thats been growing and gaining some recognition in the past 5 years or so called plant cognition! we’ve been thinking about if plants can possibly be intelligent to any degree for centuries, but the main paper that started up this huge discussion in the modern era was one called Experience Teaches Plants to Learn Faster and Forget Slower in Environments Where It Matters by Monica Gagliano, a plant researcher in Australia who specializes in it. because the results indicated that plants were possible of learning and retaining information in a kind of memory in response to environmental changes, it received a lot of backlash and denial- generally in science, that kind of intelligent reaction to an organism’s environment is a good indicator of cognitive behavior in the organism. it got rejected by 10 different journals before being published in 2014. 

the experiment worked like this. i’ve talked before about mimosa pudica, a tropical plant that curls its leaves back when touched (they go back to normal in a few minutes):

this is to help deter predators among other things. but in this experiment, Gagliano used it as an indicator of stimulus and to test cognitive function. It’s well known that pudica has a rudimentary nervous system that can even be temporarily inhibited using anesthetics (just like ours can!). she hooked up a ton of these plants in pots to identical rail systems that allowed them to be lightly dropped in an identical way, juuuuust heavy enough to trigger the stimulus so all the leaves drop down when they hit the bottom (a piece of foam so they wouldn’t actually hurt the plants). every time the plants would be dropped, they would close up. 

but after the plants were dropped about 60 times each, they stopped responding to the drop. 

they remembered that no harm was coming from this action and decided that it was against their best interests to keep expending energy closing their leaves. they 200% learned to stop. 

she decided to test it further. she put some of the plants in a shaker and let them receive a more jarring response; the plants closed up as usual. then, she put them back in the droppers and dropped them again. they didn’t close up. they had remembered that response. this dispels the obvious rebuttal to this experiment of the plants just being tired; they still closed up when stimulated differently.

they just chose not to close up when they hit a stimulus they remembered. 

it turns out that not only could they remember to keep their leaves open when dropped on the apparatus, but they remembered after 28 days when she kept testing it!! apparently by the end of the experiment, all the plants had decided to keep their leaves open when dropped!!!!

how do they do this?? we literally dont know. they have no central brain, only a basic nervous system. can other plants do this??? 

well, adding onto that, venus fly traps can count! like. they have three hairs inside their traps, and all three must be touched within 20 seconds for the trap to close. once closed, those three trigger hairs must continue to be stimulated by thrashing prey, or the trap will reopen. 

so yeah like. basically ‘are they sentient’: apparently to an extent???? we dont know exactly why or how but they are??? maybe???? sort of????? at least some of them are?? but they dont have a brain so everyones like????????????????????? maybe its through a signaling network????????????????? but like how would that even work?????????

plant consciousness is still new enough to be dismissed as crazy by a lot of biologists but like. the evidence is there. we don’t know a whole lot and its clearly a radically different kind of intelligence than we know in animals, but it’s there and we 200% dont know how it works yet or even the full extent of how plants use this intelligence (for example: does a redwood have the same intelligence as a venus fly trap?? how does it learn things and use that knowledge???) 

national geographic wrote an awesome article visualizing the experiment here if you want to read more!


I love this teasing tone Peggy uses with Angie sometimes (◡‿◡✿)

na jaemin; a conspiracy theory

if you have been following NCT/ NCT DREAM long enough, you may remember Na Jaemin, the 7th Member of NCT Dream. He debuted with NCT Dream in Chewing Gum. I know because I remember. I remember he was in the music video, was there for promotions, and his teaser photos, etc. But now, there has been no pictures or mentions of him since. He was not present in their last comeback. It’s almost like SM has been trying to erase all existence of him. So that’s my theory. If you search up a picture of nct dream during the chewing gum era, you’ll surely see a photo of nct dream, but with 6 members instead of 7. (see it under the cut)

do you see how there’s an odd empty space beside mark? that’s because jaemin is supposed to be there. if there were exactly six members, there would be two rows of three. or four on the bottom, two on top. as you can see there are two on top, but it is disproportionate. mark and donghyuck should be closer to the center. it would be perfect if someone aka jaemin was on the right side of mark. but instead there is a strange empty space. also notice how badly photoshopped this photo is, look at jisung and renjun’s shoulders. sm should’ve done a better job if they have something to hide, smh.. 

for my second piece of evidence i have a picture from one of nct’s videos on v app.

notice there are pictures of nct dream on the lockers. what era are they from? that’s right, chewing gum. jaemin is a member of nct dream, but they failed to put a picture of him up as well. where even is he? who knows. but ever since chewing gum, there has been no signs of jaemin’s existence.

my next piece of evidence is dm’s i sent. 

here is a dm i sent to nct dream’s instagram. it’s in my belief that one of the members saw it and replied. if jaemin was there/ a member of nct dream this response would be weird. but “who’s that” as a response is just fishy

i sent another dm to sm’s twitter

THEY BLOCKED ME. I don’t see how my question would be an issue if they weren’t trying to get rid of Jaemin…

now this is also weird. if you remember, nct dream debuted with SEVEN members. but the members have mentioned that there are SIX. Isn’t that weird?

“6 of us started”? but they debuted with 7…

again, but with Donghyuck.


And here are other things NCT members have said…

isn’t it strange? Now, I am including a picture of Jaemin below. If you cannot see him then it is already too late…SM has already erased all remaning evidence of Na Jaemin. All is left is our memories. but be careful, we may lose that too…

thank you for reading my conspiracy theory. i hope we can raise awareness about this situation. 

Normal Horoscope:

Aries: Careful aries, nothing ruins a day like being split in half.

Taurus: Tonight will be a good night for any Taurus who needs a little more Latin rhythm in their life. Join the conga line, never look back.

Gemini: People can react to your bullshit however they want. Find people who enjoy your bullshit.

Cancer: Something calls your name, dont worry it just trying to mess with you because its bored. Turn the tunes up.

Leo: Be thorough with your disposal. Some things are good at coming back.

Virgo: The world is an orbit. You will be back around soon enough. For now, enjoy the view.

Libra: It rained human blood cells over Washington in 1994.

Scorpio: Wear thigh highs and drink tea in bed, we deserve to act like Oscar Wilde characters. 

Ophiuchus: We’ve all got a vault. A brain vault. Make sure you know whats in your brain vault.

Sagittarius: You have an eye for detail and an eye for shooting streams of venom. Remember which is which.

Capricorn: All things come to a close at dusk. Have your affairs in order.

Aquarius: The whole story is something nobody can tell.

Pisces: Reverse diplomacy.

  • <p> <b>The Interview:</b> Bruce won't be able to recover from Ra's Al Ghul<p/><b>Fandom:</b> OH MY GOD SO ALFRED IS DEAD WHAT<p/><b>The Interview:</b> Barbara is intrigued with Ed and thinks he is a good equal<p/><b>Fandom:</b> OMFG BABS/ED IS HAPPENING WE HAVE TO LEAVE THE SHOW<p/><b>The Interview:</b> Ed and Oswald's love for each other is so strong that it could basically destroy them<p/><b>Fandom:</b> <p/><b>Me:</b> <p/><b>Fandom:</b> <p/><b>Me:</b> come on<p/></p>

Dude do u guys have any idea of how much shit Paramore has been through since the end of the Brand New Eyes era? Zac and Josh left, they had to find strength and inspiration to start over, they did, made the most fabulous album and the most beautiful tour, won a Grammy, Parahoy, things were finally going just fine and everything seemed ok and we had the most happy Paramore we ever got… and all of sudden everything went wrong in every single way, Jeremy left, Jeremy sued, losing friends, pmore almost came to an end, Hayley left the band, depression and now divorce… They are SO STRONG i dont even know where to begin, after every single difficulty they faced they had the guts to start over and fight… I am so proud of them i have no words to express it, i guess there’s nothing left for us to do than to respect them and show love and support ALWAYS cause if there’s something they do deserve it is love above anything else

Thanks to

-Fanfiction writers
-Voice Actors
-People who share other people’s content on their blog
-Reposters who ask for permission and share artwork from other sites
-Heck, also the people who create just simple funny text posts
-Mods running blogs

…of the fandom!
I probably sound cheesy as heck but I seriously want to thank people for creating content and also spreading content by reblogging or liking things and showing your appreciation.
It’s all valuable!


pride month challenge
a marvel couple + a mlm couple + a palette of your choice


Ok I’m bored so ima tell y’all a wild ass story that happened to me first semester of my college experience; the story of when I got laced by a wild thot with some CRACK. Let’s get into the tea gorls

So I went to art school for communications design. I dont go there no more because it was hella racist, but a different story for a different day. The campus I went to was way up north, in Utica. Never heard of it? Didn’t think you would. Just imagine if the worst neighborhood in Detroit was an entire town with like no people and cows. I don’t know about y’all but at my school we had this thing called late night where we get snacks and shit in the cafeteria after dinner. I was one of 6 black boys in my entire school so it was always dry. So this particular late night I had got a pink wig and started fucking around and giving these crackers some life to entertain myself. My extra ass being who I was did stand-up for the entire night. Since it was early in the school year tho I aint really have no solid friends, so the people who I was gonna go smoke with finished their food and left me like some fucking snakes. When I was done I was deep in my feelings lol because bitch…..you gon spark up…..without me???

I was like “y’know what idgaf, I don’t need you niggas” because I’m likable, right? I could talk to anyone I wanted and make friends. That’s what my dumb ass thought even though I knew damn well these all were some back woods ass white people from Cousin Fucker Nowhere. So I’m standing in front of the dorms like “ok, if I was a white person who loved giving free weed to negroes, what would I look like?” and as though Satan himself heard me, this girl wearing dem Jerusalem B.Cs (you know what I’m talmbout) and a bright jacket that had to be from the thrift store because it smelled like pickled dick and horse radish extract walked past. I was like DING DING DING, gotcha Becky!! So I was like “omg hi sis, I always see you in class and I think your style is so cool blah blah” and all that fake shit. Naturally Linda felt gassed af and immediately offered to let me smoke with her. Yeah, yah boi got it like that.

But mama ain’t raise no fool and I seent Get Out so I don’t go nowhere with a white person without at least one other poc with me. So this couple I’m good friends with now was walking out of the dorms, we just gon call them Peanut & Jelly. They were quiet and both shy people so they didnt hang out much yet. They were also native and latino which was good enough for me so my loud ass was like “Aye, y’all smoke??” it’s 2017 so of course they smoke and I invite them to come smoke some of Margret’s weed. Consider it reparations. Since they ain’t have no friends they were happy to come join us. Smh y’all if you see this I’m so sorry I got y’all into this lmao. Anyway Trisha was like “Super duper the more the merrier, let’s go :))” with her wild ass. But I remembered I still had some of my own weed left so we ran to my room and got it, but I ain’t have no bag to carry it in. So Ingrid said “Oh, I have a bag you can put it in” and pulled out this ashy ass ziploc bag. RED FLAG NUMBER ONE. But my clueless ass thought she just had some plaster or some shit in there before since we went to an art school. Smdh.

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Shortly before we depart Peanut and I are getting everything together and making sure there’s no smell. While this is happening Jelly watches Rebecca spread some “dust” on her gums. RED FLAG NUMBER TWO. This nigga thought it was candy dust or something. No one in this equation is particularly bright. But anywhore, we started making moves to this parking lot/roof that we usually hung out at. I was hoping my friends fake asses would be there so I could ditch Jill’s ass. Peanut & Jelly I ain’t mind because they were cool once you got them to talk. I could tell they weren’t feelin Harriet tho lol and tbh neither was I but would your ass turn down a completely free spark up??? Didn’t think so. We get to the roof finally and I start checking my jacket to find I forgot my mini bong in my room. So Elizabeth is like “Oooh awesome we can smoke out of my pipe!” and I’m like lol you bougie ass bitch just call it a bowl. But my fake ass just said “Litty gorl, load that shit up!” thats exactly what I get. She starts loading her “pipe” up and I notice both my weed and hers lookin a lil ashy. AND THATS RED FLAG NUMBER THREE

It’s like 11 at night tho and we only had street lights so I didn’t wanna call Susan out and end up lookin a fool if it was nothing. So I just let her do her thing and pull out my lighter so we can make it do what it do ya feel? So we smokin and I’m having a pretty good time. I feel proud of myself and shit for scamming little Mary Ellen and getting a full spark up after my niggas rolled out on me. I’m like “haha bitch you did that and you high as fuck”. Me being the funny nigga I am in my head, I make myself laugh. Then I realize for someone who smokes pretty regularly and only had two hits, I was already shmizzed for some reason. I look over at Peanut & Jelly and both them niggas lookin like

“Already??? Huh, that’s weird”, young nigga Kam thought to himself. But once again it was free weed so I shut my Nancy Drew ass up and let it go. Debra passes the “pipe” to me and I hit it harder this time because I ain’t pay for it so ima get mines. Because I hit it so hard I kinda taste it and bitch, that shit tasted like Mary J. Bliges leather boots and plastic. So I’m like “yo Amanda, what’s good with your bowl the weed taste weird?” And it ain’t like weed has a particularly good taste but I know it damn sure don’t taste like that. Emily proceeds to say “I don’t think anything’s wrong with the weed, might be the other stuff tho” As soon as she said that shady shit Peanut and I’s heads snapped to look at her like “Bitch….what other stuff??”

Jelly at this point is checked the fuck out, like this nigga is walking through space or some shit. That might just be him tho cause that nigga always acts weird when he high smh. That ain’t the point tho. This raggedy Ann ass hoe starts giggling and laughing like someone said something fuckin funny. I’m sitting there confused and high as shit still got the fucking pink wig on, Peanut got her ass riled up and with good reason because we both know we just asked ole girl a question. So Peanut says one more gain “Did you put some shit in the fucking weed?”. By now I think Amber realizes the joke is nay and she’s close to getting stomped out. Here comes the climax of the story y’all. This bitch gon roll her eyes like we being extra and say “lol it’s fine, we just smoked out of my crack pipe and I haven’t cleaned it yet” When I tell you the entire world went silent, I heard SZA wheezing into her microphone miles away. My ass, Peanut ass, and even Jelly incapacitated ass was all like


Jelly just started laughing like he just heard the funniest thing ever in his whole life. Peanut was staring at Tina like she was preparing her alibi for the police when they find that lil girl’s body. And me, you ask? I was just thinkin bout my girl Whitney. Like sis, is this how it started for you? I was looking at Rachel all hurt. Et tu Becky? All a nigga wanted was some weed and now my ass sitting on a roof high off crack. Suddenly time returns to normal and the only thing my faded ass can muster is a “Pardon me???” Helen continues to chuckle like she Tiffany Haddish up in this bitch and tells us that she smokes crack and weed out of that bowl sometimes, and that we had placed the collective weed in her coke bag. Jelly stupid ass still in the corner laughing to keep from crying because I knew that baby voiced nigga was scared. I’m so astounded at this point that I can’t even drag this wild ass bitch. Peanut however, is not me. Lort I never seen anyone but my momma yolk somebody up so fast! She smooth slid across that asphalt like

Grabbed Ellie, and said “BITCH HAVE YOU LOST YOUR FUCKING MIND?? ARE YOU SERIOUS??” and started shaking that bitch like she was tryna give her shaken baby syndrome. Jelly managed to get himself together enough to try and keep his girl from going to jail. What was I doing? Well I knew I had a choice, I could help Peanut throw Taylor off the roof, or I could help Jelly keep our good sis from catchin a charge. So I chose the smartest option. MY ASS STARTED TO HIT FOOT.

That shit wasn’t none of my business no more!! Bitch the link up is over! The deck is DONE. I could already hear my momma belt whoopin my crack head ass in my mind, no thank you ma’am! My black ass was done for the night. As I’m running back towards campus I hear footsteps behind me. I turn around to find Jelly running behind me, dragging Peanut along by the hand. Chloe however, is nowhere to be found. I ain’t stop running tho. Was it fear, was it anger, was it the adrenaline pushing me to run? Nah I was on crack so it was prolly that lol. We run until we’re two blocks away from campus and I’m finally too tired to run, which surprised me because I always assumed crackheads were just like the enegizer bunny. So we’re catching our breath and I’m tryna keep from falling over because I feel hella whoozy, but I manage to ask “What happened to Bobby?” Peanut proceeds to tell me she took one good fist, and dropped Katy like a bad habit. I was proud of sis too because she’s twig thin and I thought she was meek af. We start walking back to the dorms and all 3 of us are just silent. Ain’t nobody got shit to say bitch we on crack. Peanut and I lived 2 doors down from each other so they go in her room and I go in mine after we say our good nights. I go in my room and my roommate is there with his boyfriend. Immediately my roommate is like “lol you’re high af” and my overly trusting ass gon tell him “This girl laced the weed with crack”. This cracker ass bitch gon look at me and say “oh really…..are you ok?” like I just got into a small argument. Like nigga….I GOT LACED WITH CRACK DO I LOOK OK???

So I sit down and start watching videos on my laptop to try and distract myself from my anxiety because a nigga was SHOOKT to the core. My roommate and his boyfriend were just watching me like I was a good ass episode of something. I don’t blame ‘em tho, I looked wild af. I was twitching, teetering, and sweating like shit even though it was late September in upstate New York. Now this fake ass bitch gon take a snapchat video of my crackhead ass trippin and put it on his story for everyone to see. Needless to say after that day ain’t nobody fuck with Molly ever again. One good thing did come out of it tho, Peanut, Jelly, and I became real tight after that. And what became of Becky you ask? She made sure to steer clear of all 3 of us and my friends lol because they threatened to cut that hoe. Moral of the story children? Don’t trust white people.

i hate the fucking. like 6 degrees of purity needed on this website. ive literally seen callout posts about how a person is a known supporter of a person who once liked a post that was made by a Problematic Person.

like fuck i dont monitor everything all my mutuals like and do not like, and i sure as hell dont monitor the sources of every post that happens to cross their dash.

how is this a tenable idea? we live in a thing called society that means we must interact with a lot of other people all the time. and on social media, that’s like tenfold. if you want to live in a completely monitored bubble where you know exactly what everyone is doing and why at all times and can rest easy that no one has come in contact with people you dont know, I think you’ll find its a population of one.

Okay rant time:
I DONT LOVE THIS AT ALL!! Not even a little.

•Don’t get me wrong, I adore the Reyna x Annabeth bromance, I think it’s absolutely great but there is just so many things wrong with this specific interaction.
•When Percabeth fell into Tartarus they did it going in to survive as a unit. They depended on each other but still had their independence as individuals.
•We know Percy isn’t as smart as Annabeth but that doesn’t make him immediately and irrationally dumb.
•Annabeth didn’t know anything about Tartarus either; both her an Percy fell into that pit blind to the dangers that lay ahead.
•percabeth are great together because they make each other stronger. Percy is not dependent on Annabeth to tie his shoes and keep him alive and same applies to Annabeth— Percy is not there to keep her protected and shelter her from anything that may cause her harm.
•they work because they understand that they can protect themselves and do things for themselves and when they’re together it makes two strong forces unstoppable
•Reyna made Percy a praetor on his third day?!? Why on gods green earth would she do that if she thought Percy was a dumbass
•I’m sorry this interaction makes me so mad because Percy is more than an impulsive little adhd, dyslexic kid who fights monsters and is constantly getting into sh*t
•he’s such a complicated character who figures things out in his own way.
•Annabeth researches The Labyrinth and tries to figure out a way to maneuver through it; Percy knew Rachel could guide them.
•Annabeth used smarts and wit to defeat her enemies and complete her journey following the MOA; Percy used impulse and instinct to work his way through battles and to get through the SON
•I mean there’s a reason that Hera chose Percy to be the link between the camps. It could have been Annabeth, she was smart, she was a quick thinker but Hera didn’t.
•it makes me so mad when I see Percy being portrayed in a “dumb” or “not-smart” kind of way?!?
•where did we get this idea??
•please can we abolish it right now!!!!!!
•you too Uncle Rick

Okay some of y'all are getting seriously touched about this post and how I don’t understand that it’s “just a joke.”

•Firstly: I know this scene was a joke, probably tons of them are. I chose this situation simply because I found this picture. I was not about to search through fan fictions, and scenes where the idea of “dumb- Percy” wasn’t a joke, when this was here already. It just so happened that this picture was a very intended jokey interaction and was unfortunately subject to my rant. Most of what I say is a generalization as to how we should stop calling out Percy as a dumbass.

•Secondly: Yea yea I should probably chill but I don’t have any of that. I am not a calm person. I freak out over everything, happy sad, annoying, amazing— doesn’t matter. So the likelihood of me “calming down” or “talking a chill pill” is slim.

•Thirdly: Yes guys I know what teasing is, I know how to take a joke, I have friends and we tease each other all the time. This was not meant to portray that teasing is wrong and that they can’t have fun being friends and doing what friends do. Oh my gods this was just AN EXAMPLE. I love the PJO/HOO series because of how close and fun the relationships between the characters are but I needed to make a post about this idea of Percy being dumb and how that’s not the case it just so happened that it was a jokey scene that became the root of the post.

•Okay thanks for your time. I love y'all and I love this blog but damn this post caused controversy. Hope this edit cleared my intentions up a bit :)
friendly reminder

hello tumblr just a friendly reminder abt a few things that i have been thinking of lately

we all know that dan and phil take photos of each other but like.. what about the ones we dont see?? the cute 3am ones with bedhair, the ones where dan is asleep with the sun perfectly catching his face, the ones where dan is snuggled into phil on the sofa with his head resting on phils shoulder, phil wearing his glasses whilst making coffee in the morning shooting a lazy smile at dan, probably some really fucking aesthetic photos of phils collarbone or something because dont tell me that dan wouldnt be that kinda boyfriend, really fucking stupid photos of them together doing those overrated couple meme things like the sunset painting on ur s/o’s back except dan would probably slosh around the colours and then it would all just be one giant mess and by the end of it there’s probably paint in dans hair somehow

oh and dnp laying in bed, phils glasses on as he reads a book, his hand running through dans hair, who’s laying beside him with his head on phils chest, scrolling through tumblr, and every so often dan will giggle at something and phil looks at him and he just does that thing, you know that look, smiling and gently kissing dans hair who would then scoot closer to phil looking up at him and i swear that boy can see the universe in his eyes

but! whatever ! you! do! dont! think! about! 2009! and! all! the! cute! shit! they! did! like! texting! each! other! *nuzzles and moves closer to u* xDD! or! all! the! cuddles! in! bed! and! 3! hour! breakfasts! and! definitely! dont! think! about! eskimo! kisses!

AND the really late nights at the dnp household, ones where they both get home from an event and dan is piss drunk and phil carries him whilst dan blabbers on about god knows what probably the history of the universe lets be real here

 and the days where one of them is sad and they just hold each other.so close because fuck theyve been through so much together and they know all the heartbreaks and heartaches and sad eyes and really i know theyre adults but they deserve to be protected please i swear the only people they deserve are each other

meetings and anger and stress and deadlines and no time and bad hair and wrinkled clothing but every night, no matter what, they return to each other in the same bed and soft whispers of i love you and gentle reminders of everything’s going to be ok because with each other they know it will be 

also to you, dear reader, i would just like to remind you in a time of violence in our world, that you are valid and important. thank you for being you, because there is no other person like you. treat yourself nicely, because that’s what you deserve. i hope youre having an amazing day, and i hope you know that you are loved. even by dan and phil. you dont have to know every star in the universe to appreciate them all. and on a final note, it was recently RUOK day, so i would like to take this opportunity and ask, are you ok? i would love to get to know some people, and i would love to help out. please send me a message, its pretty lonely in there. if youre struggling right now, i know that everyone says this, but it’s only because its true; everything will be ok. life gets better. i promise.

I want to tell the boys that “It’s okay to cry. Crying doesn’t mean you’re weak. We are all human. It’s okay.”

I feel like all the people calling Will’s speech “anti millenial” weren’t listening close enough. He didn’t imply anything against younger queerlings, just reminded that we need to remember who and what came before us. Remember how bis were attacked with a certain gatekeeping rhetoric, which was then reused on trans individual, was then used in on aspecs? Ever notice how it’s always the older people in the community who have to remind us this shit has happened before, and when we don’t remember and don’t actively try to prevent it, it creeps back in?

“I just dont want you to forget those who were fighting for rights you don’t even know you didn’t have”

The show said it was going to be tackling more modern queer topics, and face it, our generation not knowing shit about the history of the community until a self described “community gramdma/pa” steps in to teach and remind is something that happens. A lot. It’s not about insulting and disparaging millenials. It’s about appreciating those who came before us for the way things are now, and reminding everyone that there is work we still have ahead of us.