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Its only been three hours since you left Thomas in the parking lot, yelling at him over what now feels like pointless worries. Every minute you’ve been aching knowing this time the fight is your fault. His broken face when you drove away is still embedded in your mind, the way he slammed his fists against the hood of his car and rested his head defeatedly in his hands. He was broken, and you had to fix him.

You knock softly on his bedroom door, biting your lip and waiting for him to answer.

“Go away Dylan I told you I’m not bloody hungry!” He yells, assuming you are his roommate.

“Thomas it’s me,” you say softly, resting your hand against the door.

There is a moment of silence before he mumbles, “just come in.”

You hesitate, opening the door to see him laying on his back, staring at the ceiling with a blank stare. He doesn’t move when you shut the door behind you.

“I’m sorry for getting mad at you earlier - for yelling,” you pause, waiting for a reaction from him, but he doesn’t flinch. “I just - I’ve never let myself get close to someone, and I was getting scared Thomas. I was getting scared because when you told me you loved me - I - I wanted to say it back, and I’ve never let myself get that close to anyone.”

“You can’t let your past haunt you from moving on,” he mutters, eyes still set on the ceiling.

“I know, thats why I’m here.” Your voice trails off. “I love you Thomas and I need you to know it.” Thomas sits up slowly, his eyes wide and mouth slightly agape. “I want to show you, how much I love you.”

“We don’t have to-” he scrambles to sit up, staring at you.

“Thomas-” you cut him off, walking towards the bed as his eyes grow wider, “I want to.”


I couldn’t sleep last night so I just randomly thought of this. It takes place after 12x02 but I kind of didn’t include Mary in it because I just couldn’t figure out a good way for her to be in.  She’ll probably be in the next one if I make a part 2, depending on if you guys like it.  Let me know everyone!  Sorry I’ve been gone for so long but I’m trying to get back in the swing of things!  XOXO

Sam x Reader, Dean x Reader (friendship)

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“(Y/N), duck!” Dean’s voice yelled from behind your shoulder and you hit the floor without a second thought. After hunting with the boys for over three years you had grown accustomed to trusting them entirely.  

            Dean’s bullet soared over your head, embedding itself into the shapeshifter’s chest.  Its eyes widened as the silver burned through its skin and into its heart, within moments it was dead.

            You pulled yourself up quickly, dusting the dirt from your jeans and sighing when you saw the way the fabric had ripped open on your knee.  Another perfectly good pair of jeans ruined to the life.

            “You get him?” Sam’s voice echoed from the other end of the house, “(Y/N)?  You okay?”

            “Yeah Sammy, I’m good!” you shouted back, knowing that he doing his best not to come running to check on you, “Dean got him!”

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Felicity Helps Oliver With His Wood

part two in the continuing olicity vacation drabble series

unbeta’d and on AO3

“I think you’ve been away from arrow-ing for too long if you’re making this much fuss over a splinter.”

“This is not a splinter, Felicity. It’s a branch.”

Oliver was leaning against the hood of the car as the sun beat down on them from above the Pacific Ocean while Felicity stood between his legs to get a better angle on the splinter she still wasn’t sure how he’d managed to get embedded in the palm of his hand.

“I’m just saying, I’ve stitched up worse than this and you didn’t say a thing.” She pushed up her glasses, made a mental note to get her contacts refilled, and raised her head to meet his gaze. “Well, almost never. There was the one time when you yelled at me for hurting you.”

When he just titled his head she tapped a finger against his warm skin, over a long, thin scar. “The wound on your side?”

He nodded as if remembering. “Yeah. That didn’t really hurt as much as I let on.”

Felicity’s hand paused with the tweezers between her fingers. “Say again?”

“You were spending a lot of time with Barry,” he informed her as if it explained everything. Which it didn’t. Unless…

Her eyes widened behind her black frames, “Are you saying you, Oliver Queen, former billionaire playboy, were jealous of forensic scientist Barry Allen?”

“You spending a lot of time with him.”

Felicity laughed, leaning in close to his hand to work out the piece of wood. “Wow. Wait till I tell Barry.”

“He’s aware.”

His voice was so dry Felicity couldn’t help laughing again. “I can’t believe you faked being hurt just to get my attention.”

“I did not fake being hurt,” he reminded her, hissing when she tugged on splinter. “There was an actual wound involved.”

She nodded, trying her best to look very solemn. “You’re right. Very pain. Much hurt.”

He narrowed his eyes the way he did when he was aware she was making a joke he didn’t understand but she waved it off, not prepared to explain Doge to someone who barely understood what a meme was.

“There, all done.” She held up the splinter for him to see, and she had to give it to him, it was a good two inches long and had gone deep into his hand. “Want to keep it for a souvenir?”

“No, I’m good.”

Felicity let the splinter fall to the ground as she brought up Oliver’s hand to kiss the wound better, her stomach growing warm at the look in Oliver’s eyes as she put a Band-Aid on his palm.



“Want to go back to the hotel?”

She met his eyes with a smile, felt her knees go a little weak but managed a nod. “Yeah. Yeah, hotel is a good idea.”