will there every be anyone more attractive than him


REQUEST (ANON)Will you please do Steve x Reader smut involving muscle worship like biting his bicep or some thing like that? Or maybe this has been written before would you rec these kind of fic? I love muscular men Jesus help me . 

I personally don’t know any other fics like this , but I hope someone can help you out . I hope you like this nonnie. 

A/N - Thank you Taw @supersoldierslover so much .I love you .

Also I decided to jump on the A/B/O bandwagon with this one-shot because why the fuck not. I love reading them and this is my extremely poor attempt at writing it. But I still hope you like it.

WORDS - 2.2K

WARNING- Smut, oral (mr/fr) , vaginal sex.NSFW GIFS (that’s it I guess. If I missed anything , feel free to tell me , I will add it.)

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“Urghhh ,Hrmph ….” The sounds of grunts and groans , thudding of the punching bag and clinking of the machines filled the gym . Everyone watching from the sidelines as Steve tried to relieve his frustration. Every omega that tried to walk towards him he’d just hiss and scare them  away . It was a little comical to you . To see Steve who was usually the most calm , just going through tens of punching bags , sweat dripping from his face and his perfectly toned abs , down his juicy thighs.

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mj is still a little insecure of himself and he’s not as confident of his looks as he keeps saying he is and he’s still worried about how he’ll hit his notes when he stands up on stage to sing. i forget sometimes that he’s the oldest and he can feel just as pressured and stressed as anyone else because he’s always this loud, happy ball of sunshine that lights up rooms and smiles on everyone’s faces, and i just forget sometimes that he has his own worries too. it makes me so sad and frustrated that he cant see? how much he means to us??? how i gasp and clap my hands when he hits his high notes and the way his laugh rings out brightly, and how his dumb antics never fail to pull a laugh out of anyone, be it in the same room as he is or through a screen all across the world. he shines brighter than any sun out there in all the galaxies combined and that makes him 10x more attractive than he already is, and i wish he could see that im so sad

“I have no knowledge of babies” - Sherlock Holmes x Reader

#9. Shopping for baby supplies. Yay some more Sherlock ! I fucking love that show…anyway, I really hope Sherlock isn’t OOC, I really tried to make it as in character as possible…AS USUAL, ANY FEEDBACK IS WELCOME :DI really hope you guys will like it : 

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Before meeting you, Sherlock never thought about having children. 

Hell, he never even thought about having sex at all ! It just wasn’t something that ever interested him. He always pegged such activities as a big waste of time, utterly useless. And yet, when he met you, all of his strong beliefs in the subject shattered. He already felt very strange when he met “the woman”, Irene Adler, but you ? Oh it was something else. 

For starter, you were way smarter than Irene, and that was saying a lot. You often found solutions to problems before Sherlock, which he thought was infuriating…and yet which also made him extremely attracted by you. You quickly plagued his every thoughts, and he found himself craving for your presence more than once. When he confessed those weird things he was feeling to John, the ex-military doctor chuckled and told him :

-There’s nothing weird in what you’re feeling Sherlock, you’re probably just sapiosexual. Which would explain a lot. 

-Excuse me ?

-You’re sexually attracted by intelligence. Only, so far, you never met anyone that was smart enough to take your fancy.

-My brother is more intelligent than me and I don’t… 

-…Of course you had to make it weird. You know damn well what I mean, and you’re lying to yourself if you say you don’t feel something when (Y/N) is around. 

-I feel things alright, I just don’t know how to explain them.

-Some feelings cannot be explain. They’re just there. In your heart, in your mind, everywhere in your being. 

-That’s ridiculous. 

-Whatever you say Sherlock, whatever you say. 

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Merlin to different shippers

Merthur – “Heterosexual” glances, how much Kilgharrah basically ships them, Arthur constantly telling Merlin to shut up but then being worried when he’s actually quiet, the innuendo lines, each of them shielding the other without a second thought, “Just hold me”, the song A Thousand Years being perfect for them, the fact that Merlin is basically constantly around an Arthur wearing minimal clothing/nothing.

Arwen- Sunlight kisses, him picking her up, every time she sits at his bedside after he’s managed to injure himself (again), “With all my heart”, that adorable little comb scene in S5, her going up on her tiptoes to kiss him, Arthur being willing to give up his place on the throne to be with her, the way he says Guinevere, Merlin totally shipping it, Arthur normally being so confident and cocky but he just turns into a teenager with a crush around her and can’t stop smiling, him trying to cook dinner for her.

Mergana- THE S3 UST THOUGH, darkness to your light metaphor, them being the same and Merlin not telling her about his bloody magic, the fact that during their first meeting she just starts taking her clothes off (I know she doesn’t know he’s there but work with me), “Why are you looking at me like that?” her constantly turning to him for help, 6 second long looks, him holding her when he poisons her and as she dies, they are the most aesthetically pleasing couple ever, Mordred looks like their son.

Morgwen– Gwen always being the first person to comfort Morgana, being there in the middle of the night when she has bad dreams despite the fact that she has her own home and must be tired, when Morgana grabs her arm in that S1 tournament scene, how furious she is when Uther doesn’t want to rescue her, the fact that she doesn’t just enchant Gwen in S5 she makes her remember their friendship, at some point they each wear the other’s clothes.

Freylin- Holding hands, “You really don’t know how special you are, do you?”, “You made me feel loved”, the fact that he remembered the lake, the strawberry/flower thing, him being willing to run away with her so whole-heartedly, how short-lived but sweet they are, that he never really feels the same about anyone afterwards, “I’ve missed you”, keeping herself away from Merlin because she doesn’t want to hurt him.

Armor- How protective she is over him in S1/2, Uther not actually doing anything to stop their obvious attraction in S1 despite knowing the truth (don’t know what was going on there), “I could have saved her”, her concern for him in every tournament, love turned to hate, and who doesn’t love incest?

Merwen- Wanting to hit Merlin over the head when he keeps chasing Morgana and Gwen couldn’t be more obvious, the S1ep4 kiss, “Sorry…I thought you were dead”, “No, it’s fine! It’s more than fine”, Merlin using magic to heal her father, how adorably awkward Gwen is, “I’d do anything for you…I mean…not anything anything”, when she gives him the flower and “purple suits you”, when she teaches him about armour.

Merwaine- “I wasn’t talking about Arthur”, how happy they always are to see each other, Gwaine going with Merlin to the Crystal Cave to protect him in S5, the fact that they each believe in the other so much.

Gwenelot- Fuck you all we are the OTP in the actual legend.

I could go on, and I’m sure I’ve left things out, but this is long enough. Add your own!

Heaven Scent Chapter Two

Heaven Scent | Dan Howell rarely leaves the house unless he has too, too socially awkward to function normally around other people, and generally making his only friends through Louise, a sweet beta who took him under her wing a few years back when they were both still in college. It’s no surprise, then, that the omega has yet to find a mate, despite craving one rather a lot. It’s not until he attends Louise’s birthday party and gets accidentally-on-purpose set up with an attractive alpha named Phil Lester who smells absolutely heavenly that Dan starts to fall into a proper romance, complete with courting and scenting and the like. | Phan | Mature | A/B/O dynamics (Omegaverse fic), Fluff, Getting Together, Eventual Smut, Courting | 4,523 Words this chapter

I’m so, so happy with the feedback on the last chapter and your guys excitement for more of this fic!!! I can’t wait to see what you guys think of all the things I have planned as I bring to life a more healthy version of a/b/o dynamics that still includes some of my favorites parts of the trope!! I also decided I’m a maniac so I’m going to post Wednesday and Friday instead of just Wednesday, so enjoy the next chapter ^.^

Disclaimer: In no way do I pretend that this is real or cast aspersions on Dan or Phil.

(Ao3) (Previous)

Chapter Two

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Request: “An imagine where reader and Opie have a one night stand and the reader leaves Charming for 3 years and return with a baby that is Ope’s.”



You’d grown up around SAMCRO, considering your father was a first nine member. You grew up with Opie and Jax, all of you trying to juggle being kids of the first nine. All three of you were raised to live the SAMCRO life, never being shielded from anything. While Opie and Jax took their roles and ran with them, becoming prospects as soon as they were old enough, you chose a different path.

You decided to move off from Charming and be something other than a part of SAMCRO. It would always be a part of you, and you loved every member with your whole heart. You were always an adventurer though, and you wanted to experience something other than the life you had been accustomed to. Of course, SAMCRO wasn’t going to let you go off without one last family dinner at Gemma’s house.

           Pulling up to Gemma’s, you could see that everyone else was already there, starting your party without you. You laughed and shook your head as you got out of your car, heading inside after greeting the few members who stood outside. “My baby girl,” you heard Gemma say as she wrapped her arms around you. Gemma was not blessed with a daughter, so you were treated as her own from the time you were born.

           “Hey Gem,” you said, returning the hug before being led into the living room. “The guest of honor is here,” Chibs announced, pulling you into a hug and giving you a kiss on the cheek. Hoops and hollers were heard all around as you were passed around for hugs and kisses. It made you feel a mixture of feelings. These people had been all you knew since you were born, and you were about to leave them.

           The dinner was spent sharing stories about your dad and you, with everyone drinking and eating. After the party was dying down, you walked out to the back of Gemma’s house to get some air. “Fancy seein’ you here,” you said to Opie as you sat down next to him on the steps. You smirked at him while taking a drink of the beer you had in your hand. “When you leavin’?” he asked, looking up at you.

           You shrugged, “Sometime in the morning, no specific time really”

           He sighed before standing up, “Why are you even going, Y/N?”

Out of everyone, he had been the one who didn’t handle it the best, not understanding why you would leave the only family you knew.

You rolled your eyes, “There’s more out there than SAMCRO, Ope. This is my family, but I’m not meant to stay here and be someone’s old lady. I’m just not, I refuse.”

He went to walk away when you grabbed his hand, “No. You don’t get to leave like that. I am not leaving tomorrow with us like this, Ope. I can’t.” He stopped so you continued, “Take me for a ride.”

“Where do you wanna go?” he asked, leading you towards his bike.

You shrugged, “anywhere.”


The reservation didn’t look any different than you had remembered. A lone tree casted shade over you and Opie as you sat together. There had always been attraction between the two of you, and if you were being honest, you’d probably miss him more than anyone.

           “I know you don’t want me to go,” you told him.

           “I don’t, but I guess I can’t stop you,” he said.

           “You can’t,” you agreed.

The two of you sat there like that for what seemed like forever. You couldn’t help but look at Opie and take it in, this being the last time you’d see him for a while. Maybe that’s why you grabbed his face and kissed him with every ounce of passion you had in your body, him returning the kiss immediately. “You sure about this?” he asked you, leaning over you as you laid back. You nodded and he leaned down to kiss you again.


*3 years later*

“Mommy!” Y/K/N screamed from the backseat. You smiled and continued making faces at the toddler in the car seat behind you as you drove past the “Welcome to Charming Sign.” You had gotten the call last night that Bobby had died, and Gemma suggested you come be with your dad and the rest of the crew.

You had left Charming three years ago, and despite a few fleeting phone calls, you never came back to visit really, the reason being in the backseat at the moment. You tried to get a babysitter, but there was no luck, so here you were, headed to the place you grew up.

You felt sick at your stomach as you parked your car and moved to get your child from the backseat.  Walking into Gemma’s house, you smiled at the familiarity of it all but the nervousness was still there as you were solemnly greeted by the SAMCRO men in the living room.

“Hey baby,” Gemma said, eyeing the toddler in your arms before hugging you.

“I know I know I should’ve told you, but,” you paused, “it’s complicated.”

“Mhmm,” she said, “How old’s the kid?” She reached out to hold him/her.

“Three,” you stated only to gasp as Opie grabbed your arm, walking out the back door with you in tow.

“What are you doing?!” you yelled, jerking your arm away from him.

“That kid in there is three years old?” he asked, running his hands through his hair.

Tears filled your eyes, “Yes.”

“Is he mine, Y/N?” he asked.

You shook your head as a sob broke out, “He is. I’m so sorry Ope.”

He nodded his head, “Yeah, me too.” Silence ensued for a long time after that.

“God, please say something,” you begged, tears rolling down your face.

“What do you want me to say?” he asked.

“Say anything, damnit Opie,” you told him.

“You kept my fucking kid from me, Y/N. I told you I didn’t even want you to leave, and you did. Then, you’re gone for three years with MY kid,” he seethed.

“I wanted to get away from all of this, and then the baby came and shit got super complicated. You were eighteen Ope and a prospect for the MC. You couldn’t handle a kid,” you said in an attempt to explain yourself.

Shaking his head, he walked a few steps away from you, “You don’t get to make that decision. That’s my kid too.”

“I was wrong,” you admitted, “but my intentions were good, Ope. I swear.”

“I missed a shit ton of stuff,” he said.

“Well, you don’t have to miss anymore,” you told him.

  • Word Count: 1,396
  • Characters: Bendy x Chubby Reader
  • Theme: Yandere

Walking through the abandoned building, your small feet shuffled on the wooden floor while trying avoiding the ink puddles that painted the hallways. As you pressed your Bendy plushy closer to your chubby body, your sense of panic began to grow at the realization you were lost in the hopeless maze.

You mentally scolded yourself for even walking in here to begin with, all because you were such a fan of the old cartoon that you just had to go to the place of origin where the Dancing Devil was created. Your innocent six-year old mind did not even think about the possible dangers of even going to such a dangerous place alone.

However, after your personal tour around the abandoned animation studio did you finally realize something. Someone else was there with you, watching and following your ever move. Although you couldn’t see it, you felt and heard it. You heard the unknown presence follow you with heavy footsteps, a pair of dull inky eyes observing the small child.  

Although you did not know it, this voyeur kept you safe from all the damned souls from harming you, not even getting close enough to make it known you were in danger in the first place. The black creature didn’t know why it kept protecting you, following your ever step. You were the same species as the creator, a traitor! Yet, you held an innocent aura. Something it has never known or witnessed before, it wanting to bask in that holy light that umbrellas around your chubby body.

The inky body knew you were nothing but a mere child, having done nothing wrong but bring beauty and innocence into the cruel world filled with turmoil and unrighteousness.

However, it wasn’t until he heard your whimpers escape trembling lips did he realize how frightened you were in the abandoned building. Of course, this was no place for an innocent child such as yourself. He wanted you to escape this place, go back to your parents to carry on your beautiful life compared to his damned creation.

But there was one problem, how could he present himself to you? A child, without frightening you? So the cogs within his mind began to crank and formulate a plan, to lead you out without him revealing his demon-like body.

“Don’t worry, little one.  You will return home soon enough” he thought to himself, while leading trails to the secret back door to leave his personal Hell. Like following a cookie crumb trail, you eventually found your way out of the scary building to have the cool summer breeze caress your chubby cheeks.

Wiping the tears that stained your rosy cheeks, you finally walked your way home in time for dinner. Unknown to you, the inky mass covering the Bendy plush within your grasp, possessing the vessel. He was finally out of the Hell that taunted his black mind, images of the past flowing through his memories every second of the day.

Although he was now impressed into the plush, he had never felt such warmth before. The silky smooth feel of your skin on top of the synthetic fur on the doll, stimulating his every sense causing the demon to heat up.

Every since that fateful day, he has always been with you. Always watching you, through the eyes of a plush doll covered in black ink. Every night he watched in fascination as the child slept peacefully, without a care in the world or worry that something so dangerous was so close and within her small grasp.

He knew absolutely everything about you, your likes and dislikes, every insecurity you possessed and fantasy you dreamed. It was all his to devour, you were now his. Even are you grew into your teenage years, he was always there to wipe away every tear shed. It boiled him inside to see you upset, wanting nothing more than to reveal his true form rather than the damned doll he possessed.

Now that you were older, you have abandoned the Bendy doll. Tossing him aside as if he were trash into the corner of your room, forgotten of all the memories shared between you two. Really, he was your best friend so how could you throw him away?

When others threatened to take you away, he was always there. The devilish creature ready to pounce on anyone who dared look at you suggestively.

Your body attracting wandering eyes, drinking in the curves of your heavy body that made Bendy itch with lust. The dancing demon wanting nothing more than to devour your body, caressing every roll and crevasse on you.

Your first heartbreak, oh how it pained him to see you spill tears into your pillow night after night. Your first boyfriend had supposedly abandoned you, yet to your ignorance he simply disappeared.  When he was pound, nothing but black inky filling his lungs mixed with blood.

Bendy will always be there for you, whether you liked it or not. How could he allow some other man treat you in such a vulgar way, no one deserved you but him.

Every day, you ran through his inky mind and made his black stained heart beat faster at the thought of you. He knew he just had to have you soon, or else he would go insane.  Wanting nothing more than to bathe in your presence, feel your burning skin against his true form.

Every night he would hover over your bed while you slept peacefully, his gloves hand tracing your skin delicately as if you were a masterpiece. You were like a plant sheet of parchment, and he wanted nothing more than to stain you with his dark ink to claim you as his. Oh how beautiful it would be to finally have you within his arms, to love you like you truly deserve.

“You’re the only one for me…” he said softly, somewhere inside wanting you to hear his pleas of love and affection. He knew you would return his feelings, he just knew it deep inside. Why would you have kept that doll in the first place? Why would you have gone into that abandoned building to see all the left over Bendy merchandise in shambles.

You have done this to yourself, truly. Now it was time for you to pay the price. His mind began to construct a plan, to make you his forever so you both could be happy.  This world was too cruel, full of sins and damnation that he did not want your beauty and good nature to be tainted. Wanting nothing more than to capture the beautiful butterfly in a glass jar for his own greed.

After months of plotting, it was finally time.

He waited a couple of minutes after slipping a powdered substance in the glass of water you kept on your nightstand every night. You were so predicable, it made him crave you even more.

Carrying your limp body into the night and finding its way into the once lively building, he walked toward the room that consisted of his nightmares. Opening the door, with a prolonged screech of the worn down and rusty opening.

His black eyes scanned the deteriorating room, stopping on the one thing he hated more than his very existence.

The Ink Machine.

Opening the hatch where he gazed into the black abyss, the machine still pumping full of cursed ink that created his very being. Feeling you shift within his arms, he looked down to see you are awakening just in time. His cheeky smile grazing face as he watched your eyes blurred with sleep trying to adjust on your strange surrounding before a forceful kiss was pressed upon your plump lips.

Your chubby body starting to panic and whither in his grasp, trying to escape the unknown offender that was claiming your lips. After a moment, he released you. Just as you opened your mouth to let out a scream, he pushed you into the machine and closing the hatch to lock you inside.

He watched, mesmerized by your chubby body flailing through the ink filled tank. Your lungs breathing in black liquid, the beginning of your drowning to blissful death.

Soon, you will be just like him. Immortalized, where you both will be together forever with no escape.

Your own personal Hell, surrounded in black ink.

game of thrones preference - what being with Oberyn Martell would be like

requested by anonymous

  • Him seeing you at a market in Dorne and not being able to take his eyes off you. You ask him if he wants anything and he immediately replies “You.”
  • Your first kiss together happening in the middle of the busiest place in the market, and he explains that he wanted everyone to see him loving you.
  • Trying to calm Oberyn’s temper. It worked most of the time, but if someone tried to flirt with you in his presence there was no holding him back.
  • Him first calling you “my love,” but he soon gets bored with the generic nickname and starts calling you a different one every time like “wildflower,” “little dove,” or “sunbeam,” just to see if one sticks.
  • Hating to watch his fights since you didn’t like seeing him hurt, but you adored hearing his stories about the grand battles he’s won.
  • Laying in bed with him from dusk till dawn, and whenever someone comes knocking on his door he yells, “Not now, I’m spending time with the most attractive person in the Seven Kingdoms.”
  • Whenever he goes off to a battle or another land you always meet him at the gate and kiss him like you’ll never see him again, but every time he laughs and assures you he will come back to you.
  • Him treating you like a royal, with the finest clothes and more Dornish wine than anyone could ever want.
  • Whenever you felt sad you would come to him, and he would spend the entire day with you, whether it was talking to him about your day or walking the streets of the city arm-in-arm.
  • Oberyn giving you gold to do whatever you wanted, whether it be fighting in wars or tending gardens at home. He says he would do anything to see you happy.
Never Have I Ever

Word Count:1,753
Warning: it’s all just smut

This was a request from @phandomsub and I really enjoyed writing it. If you have any request feel free to message me.

Dan and Phil get drunk and play never have I ever. Phil says something that triggers Dan’s defensive side. Smut ensues…


Dan and Phil didn’t get drunk often but when they did stupid thing usually ended up happening, but this time it wasn’t so much stupidity that occurred but rather some sexual escapades. It started when Dan poured himself a small glass of whiskey and Phil decided join him, and eventually one class turned into two and two into enough that they decided to play a game.

“What about Never Have I Ever?” Dan slurred slightly feeling the alcohol buzzing through his veins.

“Sure,” Phil replied with a giggle his tongue sticking out of the corner of his mouth, “what’s the forfeit?”

Dan contemplated for a bit putting a long slender finger up to his chin brown eyes darting around until they landed on Phil’s phone, “How about a tweet?”

“Daaaan,” Phil drawled before giggling, “okay let’s play. You start.”

“Ummm okay. Never have I ever made a cover video to the song Toxic,” Dan giggled leaning against the bottom of the couch where they had both ended up sitting.

“Dan that’s not fair,” the dark haired man slurred putting down a finger and taking another drink, “Never have I ever fooled around with a guy.”

For a moment the brown haired man felt a rush of embarrassment but decided to ask a question that had been plaguing him for a while and the alcohol running through his system was enough to finally get him to ask, “What’s wrong with fooling around with a guy? Haven’t you ever wanted to know what it’s like?”

“Sure I’ve been curious,” Phil stated a little more coherent, “but I’ve never really thought that there was much of a difference between the two. I mean isn’t it just the same mechanics?”

“No it’s not,” Dan said defensively, “if anything being with a guy is more fun because they know how to please you.”

“I think you’re lying,” Phil countered.

“Oh yeah then how about I prove it,” Dan retorted throwing caution to the wind crawling over to Phil and straddling his waist grinding down on his best friend’s crotch eliciting a moan from his pale pink lips. Dan continued to grind their clothed crotches together and pressed their mouth together tasting the leftover whiskey on Phil’s lips. His best friend was hesitant at first but slowly began retuning the kiss even placing his hands on Dan’s hips and starting to take control of the kiss by biting down on Dan’s bottom lip causing him to gasp allowing the other man to snake his tongue in. Dan whined and retaliated by running his fingers through Phil’s hair letting his nails drag across his scalp making the older man shiver.

Finally they broke apart for air and a smile gracing Dan’s lips, “How was that?”

“It was good. I’ll give you that, but I’ve done the same thing with girls,” Phil said shrugging his shoulders causing Dan to become angry at the way Phil brushed him off like that. He wasn’t sure if it was the alcohol driving him now or just his pride, but Dan stood up and pulled Phil along with him. Without a word he led the older man into his bedroom slamming the door shut behind them, before shoving Phil down on the bed roughly.

“So Phil,” Dan smirked down at him, “you’ve had an intense make out session with girls like that, but I doubt that a girl has ever given you a blow job like this.”

Phil let out a strangled moan at his words and watched as Dan began stripping in front of him starting with the black shirt that was hugging his torso pulling it up and over his head not caring that his hair was mussed. Next he discarded his jeans and underwear not caring where they landed as he knelt down on top of Phil pressing their mouths together once again letting his hands roam up under his shirt pushing it up and over his head throwing it somewhere in the room. Looking at Phil’s bare chest Dan couldn’t help but marvel at how beautiful he was for several seconds before moving to Phil’s jeans. Even drunk Dan’s hands were deft as he undid the button and zipper hooking his fingers in the waistband of his jeans, and underwear pulling them down disposing of them both in one fluid motion revealing Phil’s entire form for Dan’s hungry eyes to devour.

Pulling Phil to the edge of the bed Dan hooked his legs over his shoulders pressing gentle kisses to the inside of his pale thighs. It wasn’t the first time he had seen Phil naked but this time he could do whatever he wanted to the older man and that meant he could take his best friend’s enormous cock into his mouth. Dan started by licking the tip and tracing Phil’s slit before taking the entire head into his mouth sucking like his life depended on it. The older man’s hands shot to Dan’s head and dug his nails into his scalp as Dan began to take more of him. Dan would take in a little at a time before pulling back and lathering the head with attention. Moans were pouring from Phil’s lips egging Dan on. Deciding he had had enough foreplay Dan took the rest of Phil into his mouth deep throating him and massaging his balls with one hand. In no time Dan felt the older man tense up beneath him hearing Phil mumble, “Dan I…I’m cu…cumming!” No sooner had he gotten the words out when hot sticky fluid shot down the back of Dan’s throat. Dan managed to swallow most of it with a little dribbling down the side of his mouth.

Removing Phil’s legs from his shoulder Dan crawled back up to where Phil was sweaty and panting. Phil wiped the dribble of cum off of Dan’s face smiling up at the brunet, “That was amazing Dan, but I still don’t see the difference between a guy and a girl.”

“Then I guess I’m just gonna have to show you how much better sex with a guy can be,” Dan growled reaching into his bedside drawer pulling out a bottle of lube, “are you clean?”

Phil nodded and looked up at Dan with lust in his eyes watching as the younger man squeezed a generous amount of lube on his left hand. Rubbing his fingers together Dan warmed up the blue gel as he lined up his finger with Phil’s entrance. Looking up one more time Phil nodded his consent and Dan gently began pushing the tip of his index finger past the first ring of muscle. The sensation felt odd to Phil but he didn’t hate more like he welcomed it. After a couple minutes Dan started inserting a second finger, and Phil moaned bucking against his hand forcing both of Dan’s slender fingers fully into his ass the tip of his middle finger barely brushing Phil’s prostate causing him to shiver in pleasure and grind his ass onto Dan’s hand. Not wanting him to cum just yet Dan pulled his fingers back slightly continuing to work the muscles.

Finally Dan added a third finger with no resistance. By now Phil was a writhing mess begging for Dan to just take him already, “Please Dan I need you inside of me. Please just do it already for fucks sake.” Dan rarely ever heard Phil swear like that so he pulled out all three of his fingers with Phil whimpering at the loss of contact. Grabbing the lube once again Dan poured some onto his hand and pumped his throbbing cock twice before lining up the head with Phil’s entrance. In one quick motion Dan was fully encased in Phil’s high hot ass. The younger man began panting in an attempt to control himself so he didn’t hurt the man below him.

“Phil,” Dan breathed grabbing his best friend’s attention, “before we do this I need you to know something.”

“What Dan?” Phil asked looking up with concern in his blue eyes.

“Phil I’ve been in love with you since that first time we talked back in 2009,” Dan admitted, “you were so nice and beautiful and I couldn’t resist falling for you. Ever since then I have fallen even more for you, but I was just too scared to admit it.”

The feeling of Dan inside of him was so right to Phil that he thought back to all those years ago when he first noticed the brown haired boy who was nonstop messaging him. He realized that ever since that day he didn’t want to really date or be with anyone else. Phil felt comfortable around Dan and had always found him attractive. Now he realized that Dan was so much more to him than just his best friend. Looking up into Dan’s worried chocolate brown eyes Phil admitted what he was feeling, “Dan you’ve become so much more than my best friend and I realize how much you mean to me. I love you too Dan. So please make love to me.”

Closing the distance between them Dan locked their mouths together letting every emotion that had built up in the past seven years pour into the kiss. Dan began to move his hips slowly building friction between them. Phil wrapped his legs around Dan’s waist digging his heels into his ass pulling Dan into him even deeper. Grabbing both of Phil’s hands in his Dan began to rock harder into the man he loved. At one point Phil moaned because Dan had hit his prostate and the younger man knew it. With a few more thrusts he felt Phil cum between them and within seconds felt himself cum deep inside Phil ass. For several moments they both just lay there sweaty panting messes until Dan pulled out and lay down on his side facing Phil. The dark haired man wrapped his arms around Dan and pulled him into his chest after using the duvet to wipe them clean. Dan rested his head on Phil’s chest listing to his smooth heart beat.

“Was that better than having sex with a girl?” Dan asked breaking the silence.

Phil chuckled planting a kiss on Dan’s forehead before replying, “That was definitely better than having sex with a girl.”

“I’m glad,” Dan said, “maybe we could do it again sometime.”

“From now on you’re the only one I want to have sex with,” Phil stated pulling Dan closer never wanting to let go.

I heard it was Bi Visibility Day yesterday!

I was debating on whether to write anything at all, but I remember seeing posts from people in similar positions as me and how comforting and enlightening it was, so I wanted to pay it forward, hopefully! I’m a day late, but I figured it was still good to post. 

I grew up in a really strict Catholic family- like, we went to church every Sunday, did the rosary almost every night, went to church retreats, had priests and nuns do exorcisms on our house to “cleanse” it from evil. I wasn’t allowed to read Harry Potter, for christ’s sake. Anyway, my older sister identifies as queer. I remember when she came out to my family, she nearly got kicked out. I remember the screaming matches that would happen between her and my parents. I was around 11 years old, and I’d just hide in my bedroom because I didn’t understand why they were so angry- why couldn’t they just be like the Jesus they claimed to love? i remember my sister just crying when I’d knock on her door later. I couldn’t do much to help her except hug her and let her know that i was on her side. 

Anyway… all I knew was that she dealt with a lot because of how open she was with her identity. As a kid, seeing how she was ostracized at school and at home, hearing how the leaders in our church community talked about homosexuality— it scared me. I thought my sister was the bravest, and I never thought I could be that brave. I was the kid sister who hid in her room and did whatever I could to avoid being the object of their anger. 

I always liked boys, so I just assumed I was straight. I felt relieved, because I didn’t want to have to deal with what my sister went through. Maybe people think that’s cowardly, but I don’t see it that way really– it’s not cowardly to want to feel safe. A part of me always liked girls too, always felt curious about that, but I never dared to admit that. I’d pass it off as “I just want to be like her. I just want to look like her.” 

Meanwhile, I had a really complicated view towards sex. I was raised to believe that it was wrong if it was done outside of marriage, but part of me longed for intimacy, affection. I was really insecure about myself too, so instead of seeking out healthy relationships, I slept around a lot in college. I viewed it like a game– how many guys could I sleep with? How many people could I hook up with in one night? I felt deeply ashamed of this, and really, I just wanted someone to love me, but I used sex as a means to that end, even if I didn’t feel good about the sex. I always felt like, if I didn’t have to have sex but could have a relationship, I’d rather do that.

Eventually, I went through a lot of therapy and did a lot of work on myself, and I grew to value who I am. I met my husband when I was 25, and we got married a few years later. I’m 30 years old now, happily married, and I’m expecting my first child in less than a month. (!!!!)

You’d think that there’s nothing more solidified and set than where I am in life. But, big life events, like being pregnant, make you think about who you are, who you want to be. I remember reading a post about how straight people should explore why they feel so connected to slash ships… and so I did. And I did some research into why I feel the way I do about sex– why, even before we were married, I didn’t really want to have sex with my husband, why our attempts at having a baby felt a bit like a chore instead of fun– to be clear, it has nothing to do with my feelings towards him. I love him more than anything in the world, and we’re really affectionate in every other way. I’m not sex-repulsed– I’ll do it if I feel like it and fortunately, he’s so supportive and never guilts me or pushes me. I experience arousal, but I’d rather just deal with it on my own- I don’t need anyone else around me for that. I don’t really experience attraction that often– I never look at someone and feel the need to have sex with them.  I can see that they’re attractive, but the thought of me acting on it feels strange to me. 

So, this is me, coming out as gray-ace. 

And, as for the bisexuality aspect of my identity…

I was surrounded by people who preached that anything other than being het was a sin. My own sister became born-again for awhile and rejected that part of herself. Tumblr is a blessing and a curse. It’s often a really negative place. But, being on here, and meeting people who are so outspoken about who they are— it’s so amazing to me? It has made me realize that I can explore parts of myself that I had brushed aside and dismissed my entire life. As I mentioned earlier, I feel comfortable identifying as gray ace… but when I do feel attraction, I feel attraction to both men and women. I suppose that makes me bisexual. So… that’s that! 

I’m not comfortable enough to come out to anyone in person. I don’t even know if I’ll come out as bi to my husband… at least, not yet. (that’s a story for another day.) 

But, this is me, coming out where I feel safest. 

I hope this helps people who might feel confused or lost. Someone once told me that labels are supposed to help you feel comfortable, and if they don’t fit, then don’t use them. But for me, being able to put a name to how I’m feeling has felt like cleaning my dirty glasses. It’s been like changing a dim light bulb. I feel like I can see myself clearly, and it feels really nice. 

since i have a pornstar muse i want all the plots for her so here are the following aus that i would love to have.

  • roommates who are broke af and need money so they enter into an amateur homemade video where they fuck for the first time. but no, of course they didn’t feel that passion between the two of them. they’re just best friends. wait what? they won? now they’re offered a multi-million dollar deal to do weekly videos. now they have an excuse to fuck those feelings out.
  • the bright young actress that comes to hollywood but just can’t find a part. in her hands arrives a full on acting part in a porno. at first it’s merely a speaking part, but she watches wide eye at how much fun the actors have, how much money they make, and all the attention they receive. it’s tempting. so tempting that next time she tries out for that cliche school girl role. pigtails and all. the casting directors are so mesmerized by her that they cast her. next thing she knows she’s in front of the most handsome ( and lbr biggest dick ) she has ever seen in her life. a fantasy come true. he fucks her so good that she swears she sees stars and falls in love. the movie is a hit and they end up racking in a multi-movie franchise deal and maybe have to deal with the fact that they want to spend time with each other outside of set.
  • little freshly eighteen high school graduate. miss perfect with a little secret. she earns all those dollars for those fancy clothes ( not because she’s modeling ) but because she’s a cam girl. nightly she strips her clothes off for an audience over the internet. her secret doesn’t last long when her best friend stumbles across one of her live streams. completely enamored by her. at first he doesn’t tell her. watches her lowkey every night. swears he falls more in love with the girl he grew up with. then one night while they sit on the roof top, slightly tipsy, he admits to her that he knows her secret. completely baffled and taken aback, she makes him promise not to tell anyone. but she doesn’t need to worry. he’s very good at keeping things secret. maybe she even invites him in as a guest one night. 
  • king and queen of porn. the household names that everyone rushes to the sex shop to buy their new releases. the a-list of the adult film world. a couple that people swear are in love though they deny it at every chance they get. they flirt during interviews, maybe even hook up on lonely nights. but they swear it’s nothing more than physical attraction. 
  • an inexperienced girl with the hotshot pornstar. maybe she was casted while shopping one day. tempted into trying her hand at the adult film industry. she’s bashful at first because she knows of him. maybe a little starstruck. but the moment she kisses him, she realizes that reality is much better than any of the videos she watched. he, on the other hand, is enamored by her innocent. it’s far different than he’s worked with before. he wants to show her all the ropes. turn her into someone big. protect her all costs. this one is cute, but obviously the sex ends up being mind blowing. and she can turn into that sex kitten that everyone loves to watch.

anyone who says looks are more important than personality is seriously depriving themselves of great relationships and even great crushes. and more than that, i don’t get it. like i feel like if someone has a great personality they just become attractive to you

like two years ago i thought john oliver looked like a parrot come to life, but now after watching his show every week i think he looks like a parrot come to life and i also have a big fat crush on him and find his looks endearing


Genre: smut

Warnings: sex

Word Count: 3,873 (this turned out to be way longer than i thought it would)


A/N: this was meant to be a quick smut fic but ended up as a sort of fluffy first time fic but with rough sex too (ignore the bit at the end it was like 1am when i finished writing this and i was losing my mind) but i tried to make it realistic dont throw things at me pls

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Casual Part 4

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14

Pairing: Jinyoung/Reader

Word Count: 3646

Warnings: Smut (in later chapters), Bad Language

     “He definitely did it.” Jinyoung said nonchalantly.

     “Ok, I know you’ve been right for the last five episodes, but it isn’t always going to be the husband or boyfriend.” As any couple would spend their evening together, you and Jinyoung and you were watching a Swamp Murders rerun on the TV. The lights were switched off and Jinyoung had tossed a blanket over both of your laps to keep warm.

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anonymous asked:

S-Stop looking at me like that! You’re making me blush…....... for the pillow talk maybe ??

“Stop looking at me like that!”

Robert couldn’t help but laugh at Aaron’s protest, his boyfriend’s hair a stark contrast to the pure white bedding of their hotel room. It was the first time they’d managed to get away, just the two of them, since the court case, since Liv, since they’d gotten back together.

Robert had purposely picked a quaint little country house hotel on the outskirts of Manchester, determined not to bring Aaron back to anywhere that might remind him (either of them) of the affair, of the days when Robert would leave and go home to his wife and never chose Aaron.

Maybe one day, they’d stay at somewhere like the Barden Park and not remember how much it had all hurt, for Aaron, more than anyone, but today wasn’t that day. No, today was for a new start, a quiet weekend for the two of them, a chance to be them, no distractions, no sisters, no family commitments.

“Like what?” Robert feigned innocence. He knew exactly how he was looking at Aaron, the same way he’d looked at him every day since they’d gotten back together, as though he was the most gorgeous person Robert had ever met.

He was, really.

That was the thing about Aaron. He was outwardly attractive, of course, but the more you got to know him, the more gorgeous he became, this incredible man who’d been through too much in too short a time, who was somehow still all heart and love for the  people he let into his life.

Robert was lucky enough to be one of those people again, for real this time.

“I dunno!” Aaron shook his head, a light flush to his cheeks. It was late, later than they should probably have been awake, the two of them fighting sleep just so they could bask in each others company, the desperation and the frustration that had them banging into (and on) every surface of their hotel room gone now, replaced with a sort of easy calm they’d only ever had glimpses of during the affair.

It had mostly been physical, the affair, trying to fit everything in during one night away, but there was no limit on them now, no limit on how much and how often Robert got to be with Aaron.

It made more time for moments like these, where Robert could just watch, and admire.

“Stop looking at you like I think you’re beautiful?” Robert said after a brief pause, it clear Aaron wasn’t going to say it. “I can’t do that, you know. You’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever met.”

Aaron screwed his eyes shut, his cheeks bright red now. “Don’t, Robert,” he said, a strange sort of sadness clear in his voice.

“Hey, look at me,” Robert nudged, moving so he was pressed close to Aaron’s side. “Aaron, look at me.”

Aaron opened his eyes, Robert’s heart aching as he took in his boyfriends tear filled blue eyes, the pained expression on his face. He didn’t have to be a genius to know what Aaron was thinking, the setting so familiar, even if it was another hotel, even if it felt like it was another lifetime.

It wasn’t, it wasn’t another life, it wasn’t another Aaron and Robert. They’d been through all that together (or not really ever together at all) and Robert sometimes forgot how hard it must be for Aaron to let go of it all, to believe Robert was with him for real, that there wasn’t a Mrs Sugden waiting at home, not now, not anymore.

“I’m yours,” Robert reassured, pressing a hand to Aaron’s chest, feeling the steady thrum of his heartbeat. “I’m sorry for all the times I didn’t chose you. I’m sorry for everything I put you through Aaron, I am. But I’m yours, now - I am always going to be yours.”

Aaron blinked back tears, looking annoyed at himself for even being upset. “Sometimes I don’t know how to make myself believe it,” he admitted, his voice cracking mid-sentence.

God, they still had so much to work through.

Robert kissed him softly, wishing he could make Aaron see what he saw, what he felt, what he knew in his heart to be true, that he was Aaron’s, only Aaron’s, always Aaron’s. “I’ll just keep telling you until you find a way.”

Confessions to a Consultant Detective - Request

Requested by anon:  hiii, can you do a john watson x reader where the reader is jealous because john have a date, so when she thinks that he goes out she admits to sherlock that she loves john, but john actually didn’t leave and listen what she said? thank you :)

Summary: After John goes out on a date, Sherlock and (Y/N) share an odd conversation about her true feelings for the doctor, without knowing that John hadn’t really left the building.

Pairing: John x reader

Word count: 2,050

Warnings: None.

A/N: Sherlock working as Cupid… An idea I never had until today. This will be fun. Also, I’m so proud of the title I chose… It’s awful, but I love it.


Originally posted by hobbitbilbo

John the Bachelor. With his hedgehog face and bright blue eyes, grey hair and that huge heart he had that made Sherlock Holmes seem to be even worse. No, John the Bachelor wasn’t like that, but Dr. John Hamish Watson was.

Not many people noticed the difference, and the ones that did never cared to remark it. That’s what press does: it turns you into a character, a person with limited, repetitive traits. A soulless monster. Which is exactly what they had made John appear to be to the eyes of the blind.

A man who’s only two purposes in life were following Sherlock Holmes on every adventure and case he decided to take and to flirt with every single girl in England - and maybe even further. He was the womanizer, according to the papers; one that could never be satisfied with just a single woman. He needed many, he needed all of them.

Fortunately, neither Sherlock, Mrs. Hudson, Lestrade, Mycroft nor (Y/N) saw him like that. On the contrary, for them he was that brave, wise and kind man looking for the love of his life… Always in vain.

He wasn’t a womanizer, not at all, but rather a man who’s type was open for any woman to fulfil. After all, love can be found at the most unexpected places, with the most unexpected people.

This is exactly the conversation (Y/N) and Sherlock shared right after John left on yet another date.

(Y/N), who had always had a soft spot for that ex-military doctor and how selfless he was, couldn’t help but to feel jealous when a ginger beauty got his eyes at a bar nearby. Her curvy body and the deepness of her grey eyes had made John fall almost instantly attracted for her, and, as any other smart girl who read the papers, she didn’t say no when he asked her out.

The theatre, the park, a fancy restaurant… It didn’t really matter where he took them. The reporters and paparazzi would always be there, expectant, craving for some news. Meanwhile, the girls would enjoy their five minutes of fame as “another one of the Watson’s girls.”

“It’s unbelievable!” (Y/N) fumed as she shattered – or tried to – the newspaper that Mrs. Hudson had kindly got them that morning.

“It is indeed.” Sherlock agreed, although he wasn’t paying total attention to her words.

“A womanizer, a Bachelor who’s appetite can’t be satisfied… What kind of press is this?” She continued.

“The bad kind.” Sherlock muttered, “Wait, press? I thought we were talking about how unbelievably jealous you are of his date.”

“Not funny.” She hissed. Sherlock smiled widely, mockingly, as his eyes got framed by many crinkles and his pearly white teeth showed.

“I find it hilarious.” He chuckled and the grin vanished, returning to his usual serious face. “I believe you should ask him out.”

“Right, you’re the expert.” She snapped sarcastically.

“Well, I understand how everybody wants a bit of space in the newspapers… And you haven’t gotten much credit in spite of being of great help during our cases.” Sherlock said nonchalantly, “You deserve those five minutes of fame.”

“I don’t want fame, Sherlock!” She exclaimed, “You honestly don’t understand the real deal here, do you?”

Sherlock pouted for a second as his mind wandered to every last bit of information in his brain. “I believe not.”

“Sherlock Holmes. The great Sherlock Holmes can’t deduce something as simple and obvious as this.” A loud laugh left her lips.

“I deduce that you are especially sarcastic today.” Sherlock observed. He flopped on his chair and gestured for her to take Watson’s seat. She obeyed. “Explain to me, (Y/N). What goes on in that little head of yours?”

“You honestly don’t know?” She inquired. Sherlock thought it for a second before shaking his head in fake defeat.

“But I sense that it’s something related to John… Possibly physical attraction involved.”

“It’s more than that.” She whispered as he spoke.

“Explain to me, then.” Sherlock asked once more, making sure to wink at her – or at least that’s what she believed.

“John is… I… uh…”

How to explain feelings to a man incapable of feeling? Sherlock Holmes was heartless, unable to feel empathy for anyone, cold minded and utterly sceptic of the existence of love. Then how would she explain that, whenever Watson said her name, her heart skipped a beat? How to explain that every time her eyes met his she inertly prayed for him to feel the same connection she felt? How to explain that every smile, ever minimal touch or simple the fact of being in the same room made her whole week a lot happier? How to explain that his pain was shared by her, even when she didn’t truly understand it, because just seeing him broken broke her?

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Holiday Happenings

A/N: Requests are officially open! I have a posting schedule! I’ll be posting every other day until winter break is over, and then we’ll see how things end up. Masterlist is here. Askbox is here ((i just ask for no smut, instead go to @myalexanderhamiltonjustyouwait for that, she’s like top 3 friend))

**bonus points if you can guess where I’m from after reading this fic**

I also apparently have a thing with photographs and sending them to people?? help???

Word Count: 4333 ((blabbermouth? maybe))

TW: swearing, sexual innuendos, sexual stuff mentioned, children, babies, fake love ((at first ooooo)), not being politically correct/respectful

Pairing: D. Diggs x Reader

From: Mom
Don’t forget to bring the alcohol and this nice boyfriend you’ve been talking about!

You scoffed.

That boyfriend cheated on you before your parents could even meet him.

Before you could even type out a reply to correct her, a voice interrupted your thoughts.

“You have a boyfriend?” Daveed spat from over your shoulder, his words laced with disgust.

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@anistar1 SFW, but uses sexual language
~Mod Harumaki

Ryoma Hoshi

-Tennis innuendos 

-Like, ok, he’s pretty smooth about it most of the time

-But sometimes his flirting/foreplay skirts the line between sexy and cringy

-Stuff like “my tennis balls are in your court” is hard to listen to, but it’s still just a little hot because his voice is made of pure sex

-Depending on the situation, he can actually be pretty clever with it

-But other times, it’s the fastest way to kill a mood

Shuichi Saihara

-There’s a small part of him that’s into police officer roleplaying

-The idea of being the bad cop who uses less than legal methods to get information out of a stubborn witness has always interested him in a weird way he tries not to think about

-Equipment like ties, handcuffs, and even “truth serum” is a must for this sort of thing

-Having someone resist every technique, and having to use progressively more forceful methods is a major turn on for him

-He’s never actually experienced it before. He’s too shy to suggest it


Kokichi Ouma

-His wealth of information on everyone he knows can be pretty scary depending on the circumstances

-Being really good at reading people? Ok. Figuring out what people are hiding from him? Sure. Knowing every one of his classmates’ schedules for the next week?  Uh…

-He doesn’t use what he knows that often, but sprinkles personal information into casual conversation

-”Are you going to the study session? Oh, wait! I just remembered you have a doctor’s appointment! Never mind~”

-Whenever questioned, he just laughs it off and claims he has informants from his organization everywhere

-That’s a fun thought


-This poor boy doesn’t even notice when he’s being creepy

-Normally, some of his weirder comments can be excused as robot behavior

-Sometimes though, he gets a little too curious about the wrong things

-Kiibo, Gonta really isn’t the right person to try to ask about intercourse. Neither is Himiko. Or Angie  Just don’t ask at all, please

-Learn how to use the Internet, Kiibo. No one wants to explain fetishes in casual conversation

-Everyone forgives him because he doesn’t know better

-Seriously though, boundaries

-Oh God, he just asked Tenko about vore

Rantarou Amami

-Normally, he’s a pretty chill guy

-Sometimes though, with people he’s close to, he can be a little much

-He’s not afraid to call people out on their bullshit or their bad decisions, but sometimes he gets overprotective of his female and younger male friends

-It’s mostly harmless, but his remarks about nutrition or if they’re getting enough sleep can get kind of annoying

-The only time he ever crosses the line is when tries to get involved with their personal lives

-”I’m just saying. I don’t think that that boy is a very good influence on you”

-Ok, mom

Kaito Momota

-As much as he denies it, there’s no getting around it

-Kaito Momota is able to see the aesthetic appeal in boys who look like girls likes crossdressers

-He would never admit it, God no, but the reason he hangs out with Shuichi is to get his fix of hugging someone attractive when no woman wants to touch him

-This doesn’t apply to sexual situations because he would never have sex with a dude. He just doesn’t want the D

-But on cold and lonely nights when he’s managed to isolate every female who (usually) likes to be around him, his only comfort are his male friends who are trapped by the bro code

-Shuichi is too good for this world

Gonta Gokuhara

-He doesn’t understand the appeal of condoms

-”Gonta saw mating all the time when growing up. Gonta doesn’t understand why anyone would want to use anything more than the body parts”

-Everyone tries to gently explain the concept of contraception while Miu and Ouma try to explain not so gently

-Gonta doesn’t understand why people would have sex if they don’t want children

-He goes a very long time without understanding

-Until he loses his virginity, that is

Korekiyo Shinguuji

-Ok, listen

-Whenever I answer requests with multiple characters, I try to keep it balanced between each character

-Even if I’m having trouble with some characters, I try to give them portions comparable in length and quality to the ones I do for the other characters

-But this…this is a special case

-I can’t make Korekiyo’s section the same as the other characters

-For the answer to the question of the creepiest/most sexual behavior of Korekiyo is simply everything he does 

-Anyone who says otherwise is objectively wrong

anonymous asked:

How do you imagine each bts member drunk


Jin – Gets braggy in an annoying way. Every three minutes it’s like “Hi, yes, I’m Jin. Don’t know me? I won Miss America 2k17??” and you just gotta nod your head and be like “oh right, I knew I recognized you!!” even though we all know that bitch wouldn’t even place

Yoongi – Giggly. Also a lightweight. He takes one sip of wine and suddenly he’s blushing and giggling at every damn thing anyone says. Cute while it lasts, but it quickly transforms into Angry Drunk™. He knows his limits tho so we won’t get into that. Kinda a horny drunk but less desperate than Namjoon.

Hoseok – EMOTIONAL DRUNK. I can’t even say more about this, just know that he takes one shot of tequila and suddenly he’s in the bathroom of the club crying to a random girl about how his ex left him, even if he doesn’t have an ex

Namjoon – Horny but in a sad way. Like, he know he won’t be going home with anyone (not because he’s not attractive but because he prefers relationship sex) but he still flirts with everyone. It gets annoying after a while, just go home with someone!!

Taehyung – Ultimate Lightweight. He hypes it up the most too, the entire week before y’all go out he’s like “We’re gunna go hard!! Yes!!” and then the minute he even fucking smells vodka he’s out embarrassing himself on the dancefloor. He told three girls they look pretty even though their eyelash glue is giving out and he tried to make out with the bouncer but honestly? A good time overall

Jimin – Doesn’t even fucking show it. It takes like half a bottle of vodka to even show he’s getting tipsy, but he never lets it get that far. I don’t trust these people.

Jungkook – Fucking down for anything. You wanna go out for pizza? Sure. You wanna break into a pizza shop for said pizza? Why not. Want to see if his six pack can withstand the force of a roundhouse kick? He’s your guy. He’s your guy for everything.

a million universes away (lams oneshot)

summary: Alexander Hamilton was never one for sobriety; all he really wanted was a hookup. John Laurens was quite the opposite, yet they found their way into the same bed on the same night, and perhaps Alexander should have learned his lesson. But he didn’t.

word count: 1724

When the lights flickered at the edges and the world seemed to glow, bathed in a warm yellow light, that was as close as Alexander reckoned he would ever get to peace of mind. He lost his mind under the glow, with one hand clutching a bottle of beer and the other draped around the shoulders of a boy who wouldn’t matter come morning. Every thought had been wiped from his mind, replaced by a hazy cloud drifting about his head.

Alexander lived for these nights. He lived for the pure bliss of it all, for the closeness of another body. A hand to hold, a heart to beat beside his own. Company; someone to share the night with.

He was twenty two, yet he traveled through time as though it didn’t exist at all.

Bottle pressed to his lips, he took a swig, and he was fifteen, drink in hand. The first time he’d ever experienced what it was like to be drunk. It had been a glowing red and white affair of both passion and innocence, for there had been a girl. There was always someone, but back then it had been a girl, one whose name Alexander couldn’t quite recall in his mess of a mind. They’d kissed, that much he was sure of. Red. A red tinted room, the red lipstick smeared on Alexander’s face: a tattoo, of sorts.

Yet, it was the first. The first drink, the first kiss, the first time to have seen a girl in such a manner, wild and free. The firstness of it all added that sprinkle of naivety to the hazy and almost forgotten memory.

“Where’s your mind at?”

The sound of a voice, a real one, broke through Alexander’s mind as he set the bottle down on the bedside table.

“Nowhere.” Alexander’s words came out slurred as he struggled to come up with a satisfactory answer.

“What are you thinking?” The boy tried once more in an attempt to break through the wall of silence Alexander had created.

With arms encircled around the boy, it was as though Alexander didn’t plan on ever letting him go- and despite every ounce of common sense left in him, he would have quite enjoyed that. He pulled the boy closer, pinning him against the cream colored walls of the bedroom, and he let himself kiss him, allowing his body to take control and let go of his mind.

The boy was the night itself. Warm, like the moon, and with the sharp bite of the stars. And Alexander, he was the darkness, the formidably vast blanket concealing the stars from view. He’d stolen them away; for tonight, the boy was his.

Alexander fell back against the mattress, breathless but, at least for the moment, content. Yet the boy remained rooted firmly to the ground, eyes fixed intently upon Alexander’s.

“What’s your name?” the boy asked, words only slightly slurred together.

“Unimportant.” Alexander dismissed the question with a wave of his hand, and he motioned for the boy to join him in bed.

“I can’t fuck you if I don’t know your name.” He was persistent; Alexander liked to think that he was more so.

“And I can’t fuck you if you do,” Alexander countered. His voice came out as a soft whine. Begging, pleading for the boy to join him.

“I’m John.” The corners of his mouth tugged upwards into the hint of a smirk; he seemed to be mocking Alexander, yet he wasn’t quite sure how.

He relented at John’s smile, letting out a defeated sigh. “Alex.” He settled for his high school nickname. It was only a word, after all, a small price to pay to the boy who’d made his world disappear for the night.

And so John joined him, and Alexander found his mind to become a void. There was nothing left, with nothing to be desired.

He distanced himself from his thoughts until his mind and body might’ve been two different things all together. He’d simply chosen not to pay attention to the swirling mess inside his head and to focus instead on the external world.

The room seemed to resonate gold. Not the polished, fake gold that you’d see up on display- not preened and ground down to perfection. It was the sort of gold you found yourself, the great shimmering lumps beneath the earth. A last hope.

Alexander grasped at a handful of the sheet as if hoping for something to anchor him to reality, but the pull was too strong. He surrendered to it.

He let himself feel both what was there and what wasn’t. He let himself feel John’s body pressed up against his, for that was all that was left: two men and a shared drink.

Alexander drew his mind to an alternate universe, one in which the same Alexander and the same John were having sex in the same bed, but in a vastly different context. Perhaps they were dating, or even just friends. They had some sort of relationship, at the very least, one in which they genuinely cared for one another, rather than just for the company that was provided.

With a beautiful face in mind, a beautiful time, and a beautiful place, Alexander came. The place wasn’t perhaps his rundown apartment, and the face not quite matching John’s, but it would do for his late night fantasy.

There was small hint of a smile dancing across his face; it hadn’t seen the world in quite some time, yet this was a mere ghost of one, not entirely real. It was somewhat faked, more for John’s benefit than his own, but Alexander found himself to be content as he lie in bed next to John.

“I should go.” John exhaled gently, breath warm against Alexander’s cheek.

“Don’t.” Alexander let his hands move of their own accord, tracing the shape of John’s face. “Don’t leave.”

He didn’t care so much for John; it could have been anyone in bed with him, but what mattered was that they stayed. Not forever, but the night. It longed for the comfort of someone to share it with.

John gave him the obligatory smile. “You’re quite beautiful, you know.”

It was evident that those words meant nothing; John had only said that because he’d felt like he had to. Just like they both had to smile and laugh and pretend as though they didn’t find anything wrong with this.

Alexander breathed out a shaky sigh. “I’m not beautiful.” He met John’s gaze from behind dark eyelashes, wet with tears that he hadn’t yet noticed.

“Don’t cry, love.” John ran his fingers through Alexander’s hair, eyes full of false concern. “You’re too pretty to cry.”

“Don’t call me pretty.” There was an unmistakable note of anger in Alexander’s voice, causing John’s mouth to turn downwards into a frown, confused at how Alexander had taken the compliment as quite the opposite.

He wasn’t pretty; he was a mess. He was good for a one night stand, good to have a drink with, but he certainly wasn’t pretty. There was nothing to be desired in him, with unwashed hair and empty eyes. Nothing beautiful about the undeniable fact that he couldn’t survive without a drink in hand.

“You are,” John insisted, not yet having picked up on what exactly was going on. “And you’re not bad in bed either.”

It was all of seven seconds before John smiled again; Alexander counted each and every one, waiting for that warm glow to spread over his face. People were more attractive when they weren’t frowning.

“That’s just about the only thing I’m not bad at.” The light, airy tone suggested that he was joking, but his face conveyed the deeper meaning. “I’d love to feel something for you. For anyone.”

“I like you,” John told him, gazing longingly into Alexander’s eyes.

Alexander shook his head. “You don’t know me.”

“I’d like to.” He was hopeful, smiling as though he had already fallen in love.

This wasn’t love; Alexander was smart enough to know that. Love ought to have meant more than just a stolen kiss in the dark, a mindless fuck.

“I think you should leave.” Alexander found himself speaking the words before he’d even considered the affect they might have had. He didn’t want to face the lonely reality of his life, the empty room, the overwhelming silence- but this was more than he’d bargained for.

“I’m sorry.” John pushed himself up off of the bed, gathering his clothes from off the floor. “I shouldn’t have-”

“Just go,” Alexander interrupted, refusing to meet John’s gaze for fear that he’d lose the last shred of self control in him and find himself unable to resist the temptation.

“I…” John trailed off when he saw the look on Alexander’s face.

He dressed himself in silence before giving Alexander one more fleeting glance and disappearing into the night.

Alexander found himself with nothing to do, the walls seemingly closing in as the moments passed.

He was alone, a rare occurrence.

He sat, with little regard for anything at all. Perhaps the time passed, perhaps it didn’t; Alexander paid little attention to such a trivial matter as time.

Searching for something to love, he fell. It was his weakness, loving people, or in this particular case, not loving people.

Perhaps he’d been harsh. Perhaps he ought to have paid more thought to John, to all of his hookups. He jumped up, running in the direction in which John had left, but it had been too long since John had walked out that door.

He stood in the doorway, desperately scanning the street for the boy he knew was long gone. Perhaps he wasn’t meant to love; when had loving someone ever resulted in anything but disaster?

Alexander was far from happy, his pain eating him from inside, yet it was so far from him. After all that time he’d spent distancing himself from his emotions, he reckoned it was near impossible to undo that.

Yet, he allowed himself to smile. He allowed himself to dream of the possibility of loving someone.

And perhaps lost up in the millions of universes out there, was a world in which he could scan the crowd and catch a face that he truly longed to see.