will there be footage of this on the dvd


The sweet Sophie Hunter/Cumberbatch in Friends and Crocodiles (2005)

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Hi! A few hours ago in my country (Poland) aired a Sherlock DVD trailer. I can't send a link, but it's on the official facebook account of the shop "empik". I'm not sure if this means anything, but I'm freaking out. Where these scenes came from??? Sherlock with Irene, Moriarty on Baker Street, Lestrade in front of a mirror... Could you, please, enlighten me? :D Sorry for my English, and also sorry for bothering you, if it's nothing new or there is some kind of a simple explanation for this ;)

Hi Nonny!

Uhm, wow this is quite the commercial!! I’m at work so I don’t have the tools to rip it and show it to y'all here, but here’s the commercial on Facebook.

I didn’t see the Lestrade or Irene one scenes you mentioned, but I feel like they pulled a few scenes from other seasons or added in some footage from 007, LOL. There are a couple scenes I don’t recognize (possibly stock footage?), and they used the credits for a few of them!

As I said, I’m at work right now, but this should be fun for a few of the Tin Hatters! :D


Yuri on Ice BD/DVD Vol.6 bonus footage | Yuri Plisetsky GPF in Barcelona EX “Welcome to The Madness" PV.


“She didn’t hurt him. She just locked him in her old cell.”

Ah, but that was secretly the greatest punishment of all.

Eurus “locked” Mycroft into her old cell–the one with no glass.

And now she has hours of security camera footage of Mycroft not noticing that there was no glass.

Next year’s Christmas present is going to have to be the best ever if Mycroft doesn’t want that to be the next DVD Sherlock gets in the mail.

[Happy Reichencrack Day! This is a #reichencrack theory.]


To Recap

As of now (3/30/2017), Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu has four total shows. 

I’m getting a lot of questions about this lately.  And while I’d like to remind everyone that I have an information page that explains all this: (x) I thought a refresher post would be helpful.  

The shows have only been running for a year and a half; if you feel like you’re super far behind, you’re not really.  The names of the shows are

  1. Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu!!
  2. Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu!! - The View from the Top
  3. Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu!! - Karasuno, Revival!
  4. Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu!! - Winners and Losers

I have explained before that when organizing content from these shows on this blog, I tag them as below.  When asking me a question about a specific show, it is best to mention the secondary title, not the number of the show to avoid confusion.  Many people don’t count the re-run as a show in and of itself.  While Winners and Losers is the 4th play to be made, it is the 3rd play in the plot.  

  1. Shoen
  2. Saien
  3. Revival
  4. Winners and Losers

I provide easy links to these on my Tags page: (x

As always, I keep an updated FAQ Page: (x) in which I answer most questions you might have, including the ever-popular: How can I watch these shows?

As of now (3/30/2017), please keep in mind!!!  The Revival production’s DVD is still not yet released.  There is NO footage for this show anywhere online (except videos of press-showing previews), the DVD is not out yet.  And Winners and Losers has only just started touring; its DVD isn’t scheduled to be released until September 2017.  


Animestyle - issue 011, May 2017
Part 4(out of 5): key frames of Yurio’s EX
(4 pages + some close-ups)

I’m including my own translation for the blurb in the first page (top right image) as well as the original text for reference.

Blu-ray&DVD最終巻である6巻に、完全新作映像としてユーリ・プリセツキーのエキシビション「Welcome to the Madness]が収録される。ここに 掲載したのはそのうちの1カットだ。第一原画を立中順平(たてなかじゅんぺい)が 修正を平松 祯史が担当。A1、A3からA13は平松によるレイアウト修正を原画として使用。A2は立中の第一原画がそのまま使われている。A14以降は他のアニメーターが第二原画を行った。

In the 6th and final volume of the Blu-ray&DVD, Yuri Plisetsky’s Exhibition “Welcome to the Madness” is compiled as completely new footage. Published here is a cut from that. Tatenaka Junpei was responsible for primary key frames*, and Hiramatsu for corrections. A1, and A3 through A13, are layout corrections by Hiramatsu used as key frames. A2 is Tatenaka’s primary key frame that was able to be used as-is. From A14 onward, another animator did secondary key frames.

* 第一原画  (daiichi genga) and  第二原画 (daini genga) refer to the first and second key frames. I translated them as “primary” and “secondary” to express the idea of tiers. Some studios are able to have multiple people refine the key frames before submitting them to the animation supervisor (in this case Hiramatsu-san) who would check them, add corrections, and then send the cut out for in-betweens. The first key frame animators do the actual drawing, and the second key frame animators will clean it up - acting like assistants to the first key frame animators.

Find links to all parts under the “keep reading” as I continue to post them.

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Hi Jenna idk if this has already been addressed to or not but I want to ask something which are bugging me 1) if Rosie is real then why does Mary not address her daughter in any of her AFTER DEATH VIDEO messages 2) Mary in HLV asks John not to read the AGRA drive in front of her because he won't love her when he is finished but there is no such thing about Mary's past shown in season 4 that makes her evil or something (Tbilisi wasn't her fault) sorry it's quite long & thanx in advance

Originally posted by reverendhobo

RIGHT?! the whole thing reeks of ‘doctored footage’/unreliable narrator… the whole series- and especially Mary’s involvement- has been deliberately edited and tampered with. The ‘Tbilisi reveal’ to me absolutely didn’t match with Magnussen’s “Oh, she is wicked” and, as you say, Mary telling John that “you won’t love me when you’ve finished.”

And YES about Rosie. There’s something very odd going on behind the scenes with that- Mary not addressing her in the DVDs at all, John vaguely saying “she’s with friends” in The Lying Detective and we never see who those “”friends”” are.

And also, with Mary’s DVDs, I love how we just see snapshot clips of them- we’re never sure if we’ve seen her ‘whole message’, or what version John and Sherlock are seeing.

The story isn’t over, and all these loose threads are deliberately left, waiting to be tied up, in my opinion.

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On one hand, an engagement + wedding in a half-season does seem of a quicker pace than usual for this couple. However, if A&E did know contracts were up and some mains would not be back, and there's chance the show could just be canceled altogether, I'm glad they're doing the wedding now so we'll see it in canon with the core family. And yeah, like you said, they've been planning the musical since the beginning of the season apparently. The musical with songs relating to the CS wedding.

Exactly! This is NOT the writers figuring out last week that they might be cancelled and deciding to squeeze a wedding into the finale. 

They had this planned. Engagement talk starts THIS WEEK.  In episode 12. That is a full 8 episodes of runway to this wedding.  

Also I just love the idea that songs have been written about Captain Swan. That is amazing.  I love the fact that it’s a big event. I love the fact that it seems like a lot of the townsfolk are at the wedding (and in formal wear!) I love that JMo and Colin were both so enthusiastic on social media yesterday. I love that ABC invited reporters to the set to witness shooting of the wedding.  I love that Brigitte Hales tweeted this today after watching footage from yesterday:

I love that CS shipper Leanne Aguilera was so excited about what she witnessed. (and that she had a great interview with JMo and Colin) I love that she saw multiple songs (which means multiple wedding scenes/songs.) I love that Matt Mitovich said JMo’s dancing was cute and that David and Snow have a great moment and that there was a b-roll photographer on set! (I’m thinking a featurette on the DVD… the making of Hook and Emma’s musical wedding!!!!)

I’m just… there’s a lot to love right now. 


ARASHI LIVE TOUR 2016-2017 Are You Happy?
Release date: 2017.05.31

Limited Edition BR (2BR+2DVD) / DVD (4DVD)
• 4-disc set 
• Special digipak packaging
• 60-page live photo booklet
• Bonus footage: ARASHI “Japonism Show” in ARENA recorded at Yokohama Arena

Regular Edition BR (2BR+1DVD) / DVD (3DVD)
• 3-disc set
• Poster folded in four
• Bonus footage: Documentary Film ~アユハピ~ (A YU HA PI) which is a documentary footage taken during the tour

*Both BR/DVD main contents include Japanese sub.

↓ [Content/Set List Below]

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Mamo Blog - 2017.01.31 (Eng. Translation)

「Bungou Stray Dogs」Volume 8

The anime「Bungou Stray Dogs」Blu-ray&DVD Volume 8 was,

Released the other day, wasn’t it \(^o^)/


Have you already, gotten a copy to hold in your hands yet☆

The bonus footage in volume 8,

『Toast to Stray Dogs』《Sequel》

It, has been recorded♪

With Oda Sakunosuke’s actor Suwabe Junichi-san, and Sakaguchi Ango’s actor Fukuyama Jun-san, the 3 of us,

At the BAR in Ginza, we filmed at「Lupin」, the continuation of that plan!!

By myself,

Drinking quietly…,

It’s Mamo-Dazai☆

なかなか、様になってるでしょ?( ̄+ー ̄)☆(笑)
More or less, don’t I fit the atmosphere?( ̄+ー ̄)☆(lol)


While the Master was making a cocktail for me,

We were able to talk♪

Though I, had a non-alcoholic drink(lol)

In the sequel as well, since the 3 of us,

Had a rather passionate conversation,

By all means,

Please look forwards towards it (*^o^*)

Is it bad I’m still hopeful for seeing that “scruff burn” kiss?

From the kisses we’ve seen so far —unless they shot those scenes many, MANY times (in which case we better get that footage on a S2 DVD or something)— none of them have been lengthy/passionate enough to warrant a swollen mouth and a reddened upper lip.


I’m thinking that must mean we’re getting a Malec makeout session soon. Oh gawd, please, please let me be right on that. Either way, I’ll probably die.

Yeah, these are the things I sit around and think of. I’m such trash.

All I can say right now is that there better be a long-ass “Making Of” featurette on the S6 DVD set for The Song in Your Heart. Gimme videos of the cast in the recording studio, more rehearsal footage, deleted scenes, interviews, EVERYTHING. Make it like one of the 20 hour Lord of the Rings boxsets.

And multiple commentaries on the ep, and a sing-a-long option where the lyrics come up on the screen.  

Invasion of the Astro-Monsters (International version) - Red Menace reconstruction

This fan reconstruction uses footage from Toho’s HD transfer as well as material from various DVD and VHS sources to recreate the International English dubbed version of Invasion of the Astro-Monsters in HD as accurately as possible. The International version’s editing was matched as closely as possible, and the English visuals were carefully recreated wherever possible.


Notes on this release:

  • The Toho transfer had its contrast and saturation boosted to alleviate its flat appearance.
  • This version was synchronized to the UK VHS release of the International version (which was slowed down from PAL speed), and also uses that release’s audio track, which was adjusted slightly for better synchronization.
  • The opening credits were carefully digitally recreated.
  • The expository text at the beginning and the end title card are presented using a combination of the Simitar DVD (to retain the entire image) and the Classic Media DVD (to reduce artifacting around the text itself).
  • The English Toho logo comes from the Godzilla vs. Gigan Blu-ray by Kraken Releasing.
  • The textless riot montage was recreated using a complicated patching/masking process for one shot and reverting to the UK VHS source for the others; the VHS source presents the film in roughly 1.85:1 and so does not fill the entire 2.35:1 frame, but is placed appropriately within it.
  • The Toho transfer is typically missing a handful of frames at the beginning and end of each reel. Where the missing frames couldn’t be compensated for in a satisfactory fashion, the sound/sync reference was trimmed to match what was there.


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David Tennant - Richard II

From the special features on the RSC’s Richard II DVD

myfavfandom  asked:

Thank you for all the translations and pointing out you can still buy dvd/blu ray/soundtrack without a third party. I was wondering and apologized if you already answered it but during Yuri on stage event, Nishigori was telling everyone on the birth of triplets. What was the story?

Hello! I’m glad that a few people seem to have found the information about BD/CDs useful, the ruckus in February seemed to spread a few misunderstandings all over the net unfortunately…

Regarding the birth of the triplets, that happened during Popovich’s talk corner! They showed footage of what the seiyuu had chosen as “best scene” for their character, but they showed nothing for Nishigoori. So when they asked Fukuyama (his seiyuu) about it it turns out that his favorite scene was “when he goes to the hospital because his wife is giving birth to the triplets”, and the details of this scene are something that he made up. I don’t remember all of it exactly, but it involved him saving old ladies from being hit by cars, avoiding rampaging horses and stuff like that, all of which he did by performing figure skating jumps (specifically Axel, Lutz and Loop), and that is why he chose to name the triplets like that.

The MC asked Kubo “is this what really happened?” and she was like “I don’t really remember writing anything like that, but… now that you tell me, I have the feeling it might have happened”, lmao. The other seiyuu were like “sensei, don’t let him convince you!!!”.

Blu-ray Review: The Love Witch

While a plethora of nostalgic filmmakers were busy making tired 1980s horror throwbacks, Anna Biller (Viva) crafted a spellbinding tribute to ‘60s cinema we never knew we needed. The Love Witch evokes the spirit of classic Hammer horror films, particularly in its vibrant visuals but also tonally, while telling an original story that addresses contemporary themes.

Biller is essentially a one-person crew. In addition to writing the script and directing the film, she served as producer, editor, composer, production designer, art director, set decorator, and costume designer. Those latter departments rarely get recognition, as they’re typically successful if they go unnoticed, but Biller’s colorful and creative style defines the picture. She worked on the costumes and decor for over a year, and every painstaking second of perfection translates to the screen.

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