will there be footage of this on the dvd

Things I need on the IT DVD:




-TONS OF BLOOPERS (cause you know this cast was laughing at themselves more than acting)



-CHOSEN JACOBS (Mike) MUSIC VIDEO FOR HIS SONG LOSERS with The Losers Club starring in it



Add what you think should be there too and I will update!

American Gods to be released on DVD/Blu-ray on July 31st.

Over 2 hours of Bonus Features: 

  • San Diego Comic-Con Panel Footage - Showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Greene are joined by Bruce Langley, Yetide Badaki, Pablo Schreiber, Ricky Whittle, Ian McShane and Neil Gaiman at a San Diego Comic-Con panel to celebrate the series
  • Ian McShane Interview - The legendary Ian McShane talks candidly about American Gods, Mr Wednesday and the freedoms a show like American Gods gains by not being on network television
  • Ricky Whittle & Emily Browning Interview - Your new favourite dysfunctional married couple, Shadow and Laura Moon, discuss their unique dynamic and what it means to them to be part of American Gods
  • American Gods Origins with Neil Gaiman - Neil Gaiman returns to Reykjavik to reminisce about how the city fuelled his fascination for Norse folklore, which in turn led to the creation of American Gods.
  • Bruce Langley Interview - Technical Boy Bruce Langley talks about the most unpredictable of the New Gods
  • Ian McShane and Ricky Whittle Interview - Having been thrust straight into the pantheon of great double acts, the men behind Shadow Moon and Mr Wednesday discuss bringing the characters to life
  • Book Vs Show - The defining question when it comes to adaptations, this featurette examines what fans of the book will get from the series and vice versa
  • New Gods - A look at the New Gods of American Gods, including Media (Gillian Anderson), Mr World (Crispin Glover) and Technical Boy (Bruce Langley).
  • Old Gods - Learn about the cultural roots of the Old Gods seen in the series, from fertility god Bilquis through to the deathly horror of Czernobog and, of course, the enigmatic Wednesday
  • What is American Gods? - Exclusive insight into the most exciting television event of the year from the cast and crew behind

The sweet Sophie Hunter/Cumberbatch in Friends and Crocodiles (2005)

Other shows/movies during filming: No spoilers allowed!! We’re not gonna tell you when or where we’re filming. Want behind the scenes footage? Buy it when the DVD comes out.

Carmilla during filming: Here are the dates when we’re filming and here are a whole bunch of behind the scenes photos from the official social media pages and also from the cast and crew’s own personal social media. Enjoy!


Cartoon Network’s The Scooby-Doo Project

a ten minute long parody of the then huge hit The Blair Witch Project, the short uses the ‘98-'99 voice cast (The “Zombie Island” Voice Cast) and unusually animates the gang against real world footage of various locations. It has never been released on DVD or Blu-Ray, possibly because it holds the dubious honor of being the one of the most complained about shows in Cartoon Network’s history.

(watch on YouTube)

anonymous asked:

Hi! A few hours ago in my country (Poland) aired a Sherlock DVD trailer. I can't send a link, but it's on the official facebook account of the shop "empik". I'm not sure if this means anything, but I'm freaking out. Where these scenes came from??? Sherlock with Irene, Moriarty on Baker Street, Lestrade in front of a mirror... Could you, please, enlighten me? :D Sorry for my English, and also sorry for bothering you, if it's nothing new or there is some kind of a simple explanation for this ;)

Hi Nonny!

Uhm, wow this is quite the commercial!! I’m at work so I don’t have the tools to rip it and show it to y'all here, but here’s the commercial on Facebook.

I didn’t see the Lestrade or Irene one scenes you mentioned, but I feel like they pulled a few scenes from other seasons or added in some footage from 007, LOL. There are a couple scenes I don’t recognize (possibly stock footage?), and they used the credits for a few of them!

As I said, I’m at work right now, but this should be fun for a few of the Tin Hatters! :D

[170903] Some Consolidated Fan Accounts “From Happiness” Special Edition at SMTOWN Theatre (Kyungsoo-related only)

A “From Happiness” Special Edition screening was held at SMTOWN Theatre this morning, featuring behind the scene footages of EXO filming photo book “Dear Happiness” in Fiji. The DVD will be released November 2017. 


Must definitely watch Kyungsoo that plays rugby, also Kyungsoo when playing tug while holding on to the camera…


For those that are going for the surround viewing, Kyungsoo’s abs isn’t captured in direct line of sight in the middle of screen, watch out for the background on left while the scene capture the other members.


Really, from the parts when the rugby game started, Kyungsoo is really cute. The moment the game started, he defended so aggressively. When he caught the rugby ball and ran, he fell suddenly. It was crazy, really.


Kyungsoo really is a diving genius! 


Kyungsoo removed his shirt!!! He removed his shirt and was only wearing shorts. He looked really happy while playing with the rest. Why is Kyungsoo so much like a child kkk


When asked if they knew the rules of the rugby game, everyone answered “no” brightly. kkk Even so, they started the game without knowing the rules anyway. In the end, the moment the game started, Kyungsoo used his entire body to block Junmyeon, hugged him really tightly and refused to let him move.


In the 40-minute Fiji BTS film, you can see
Clumsy Kyungsoo 
Slippery Kyungsoo 
ಠ_ಠ Kyungsoo
Shirtless Kyungsoo 
All, it all came out •°⎝(°`ㅁ´ °)⎠°•


You can see Sehun and Junmyeon doing pushups diligently for abs before shooting. Kyungsoo dives really well, Baekhyun tumbling jjang 


In this outfit, Chanyeol and Sehun held Jongdae’s arms and Jongin and Kyungsoo Jongdae’s legs and tossed him into the water

Cr: “From Happiness” Special Screening (2017.09.03)
Chi Trans: weibo @Nacho_都暻秀资源博 and @都暻秀後援會_DohkyungsooCN
Eng Trans: twitter @hyoyeonsubs2, @lollipollipop, @enthralleddd 
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“She didn’t hurt him. She just locked him in her old cell.”

Ah, but that was secretly the greatest punishment of all.

Eurus “locked” Mycroft into her old cell–the one with no glass.

And now she has hours of security camera footage of Mycroft not noticing that there was no glass.

Next year’s Christmas present is going to have to be the best ever if Mycroft doesn’t want that to be the next DVD Sherlock gets in the mail.

[Happy Reichencrack Day! This is a #reichencrack theory.]


To Recap

As of now (3/30/2017), Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu has four total shows. 

I’m getting a lot of questions about this lately.  And while I’d like to remind everyone that I have an information page that explains all this: (x) I thought a refresher post would be helpful.  

The shows have only been running for a year and a half; if you feel like you’re super far behind, you’re not really.  The names of the shows are

  1. Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu!!
  2. Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu!! - The View from the Top
  3. Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu!! - Karasuno, Revival!
  4. Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu!! - Winners and Losers

I have explained before that when organizing content from these shows on this blog, I tag them as below.  When asking me a question about a specific show, it is best to mention the secondary title, not the number of the show to avoid confusion.  Many people don’t count the re-run as a show in and of itself.  While Winners and Losers is the 4th play to be made, it is the 3rd play in the plot.  

  1. Shoen
  2. Saien
  3. Revival
  4. Winners and Losers

I provide easy links to these on my Tags page: (x

As always, I keep an updated FAQ Page: (x) in which I answer most questions you might have, including the ever-popular: How can I watch these shows?

As of now (3/30/2017), please keep in mind!!!  The Revival production’s DVD is still not yet released.  There is NO footage for this show anywhere online (except videos of press-showing previews), the DVD is not out yet.  And Winners and Losers has only just started touring; its DVD isn’t scheduled to be released until September 2017.  


How do they remaster DVD footage like this??? I can’t contact them since their channel has been dead for 4 years. I know of the Wifu2x but it only works for still images.

Entertainment Weekly Fall 2017 Movie Preview

Murder on the Orient Express, release date: Nov 10 2017

“With a cast that includes Johnny Depp, Daisy Ridley, Michelle Pfeiffer, Josh Gad, Judi Dench, Willem Dafoe, and Penelope Cruz, it was easy to become starstruck on the set of this 1930s-era murder mystery – even if you happened to be one of the stars. "The first day, everywhere I looked, I was like, ‘Wow!’” Cruz says. This adaptation of Agatha Christie’s 1934 novel hinges on a series of interrogations as brilliant Belgian detective Hercule Poirot – played by director Kenneth Branagh – tries to find out who aboard the titular Europe-crossing train is a killer. Whenever possible, Branagh shot these intense scenes on the relevant actor’s first day at work, much to the dismay of Cruz, who plays a missionary named Pilar Estravados. “I said, ‘No, this is a mistake, ‘” the actress recalls. “I asked if we could do it at least a week into the shooting and Kenneth said no.” Why such a meanie, Sir Ken? “It brought a nervousness of the right kind, “ the film-maker says. "I wouldn’t ever put somebody in a truly uncomfortable position. But actors have an adrenaline on a first day that can never quite be repeated.” To borrow a phrase from Poirot himself, sounds like someone has been using his “little gray cells.”

(Thanks to @anindoorkitty for the screencap!)

anonymous asked:

Hi Jenna idk if this has already been addressed to or not but I want to ask something which are bugging me 1) if Rosie is real then why does Mary not address her daughter in any of her AFTER DEATH VIDEO messages 2) Mary in HLV asks John not to read the AGRA drive in front of her because he won't love her when he is finished but there is no such thing about Mary's past shown in season 4 that makes her evil or something (Tbilisi wasn't her fault) sorry it's quite long & thanx in advance

Originally posted by reverendhobo

RIGHT?! the whole thing reeks of ‘doctored footage’/unreliable narrator… the whole series- and especially Mary’s involvement- has been deliberately edited and tampered with. The ‘Tbilisi reveal’ to me absolutely didn’t match with Magnussen’s “Oh, she is wicked” and, as you say, Mary telling John that “you won’t love me when you’ve finished.”

And YES about Rosie. There’s something very odd going on behind the scenes with that- Mary not addressing her in the DVDs at all, John vaguely saying “she’s with friends” in The Lying Detective and we never see who those “”friends”” are.

And also, with Mary’s DVDs, I love how we just see snapshot clips of them- we’re never sure if we’ve seen her ‘whole message’, or what version John and Sherlock are seeing.

The story isn’t over, and all these loose threads are deliberately left, waiting to be tied up, in my opinion.