will there be footage of this on the dvd

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Its 2017 and I still wonder about the red dvd. They had professional footage of WANEGBT,EHC,Red,The last time and this whole "Staples center" and "Nashville week" thing on YouTube, but the (allegedly) official statement is "we don't want to destroy the experience for the live audience, because of the equipment ". But as soon as Apple comes for 1989 that is not a problem anymore...

My conspiracy theory is that since the infamous Terry Richardson directed the “Last Time” video, he might have done an entire tour video which they would sit on because he only got more infamous.

Yuri on Ice BD choreography commentary translation - Volume 1

Since I did all the rest I figured I might as well translate the voiceover commentary in the choreography footage too. As this was not very long, I translated the complete script, it’s not partiaI (I actually wrote down all the Japanese and translated it). The commentary is by Kenji Miyamoto & Mitsurou Kubo.

-It’s two people talking, not a written interview, so expect them to hop from one subject to another within the same sentence… Even if it sounds a bit unconnected at times, that’s how they said it.
-I still arranged it a little to make it easier to understand as written material, by removing lots of “ehm” “uuhm” “you know” “yes” (I especially removed all instances where someone says “yes” in the middle of the other speaking) and fumbled words.
-”tn” in square brackets are translator’s notes.
-Amusingly enough both their initials are KM/MK, but I used the surname initials so M is Miyamoto and K is Kubo.
-I put (LOL) when they’re laughing because otherwise some lines might sound serious while they’re actually joking.

Do NOT use this translation for subtitles, in ANY way.
I don’t support the upload of bonuses contained in BDs/DVDs, as they are meant to be (as the word says) bonuses for the people who spent money to purchase them. If you like a series so much that you absolutely need to watch the bonus contents, please buy the BDs/DVDs.

Actually, one of the reasons I am translating all the content (booklet, commentary etc) is to encourage people to purchase the BDs/DVDs. I know many hesitate because they are expensive and they are only in Japanese, but you have the subs online and now you have translations for all the contents too, so it’s not like you will “not be able to enjoy the contents at all because of the language barrier”. The best way to support the series and help in the possible creation of a 2nd season (or a sequel in any form) is to buy the discs.

Miyamoto: Hello, I’m the choreographer Kenji Miyamoto.
Kubo: Hello, I’m the original planner Mitsurou Kubo. Thank you for today.
M: Thank you~.
K: Thank you for coming. Well then, this is Victor Nikiforov’s free skating, “Aria (Hanarezu ni Soba ni Ite)”. So, regarding the choreography, what did you pay attention to when you created it, Kenji-sensei?
M: Yes. Regarding Victor, I created the choreography trying to make his throat and chin look beautiful, like in the stone statues you see in museums.
K: So basically, it’s important to have a clear image when you create a choreography, isn’t it?
M: Yes. When you want to show something, you have to make it so that it comes forward.
K: So that it comes forward.
M: Yes. If you try to express too many things it will just get confusing, so I always try to show the points I want to convey as much as possible.
K: Ok. Regarding this choreography, well, it’s not really the choreography itself, but I would like to explain the reason Kenji-sensei’s clothing style is a bit unfashionable. If the right & left arms and legs don’t look different in some way there is a high chance that they’ll get mixed up when creating the animations, so we asked him to make them look somewhat different, and that’s why he’s like, showing only one sock, using different gloves, and so on.
M: Exactly. And it just happens that I was wearing striped socks that day (LOL). If I think about it now it’s quite embarrassing (LOL).
K: He’s also changing outfits a few times, and this is because from time to time we would like, retake the sequence, or ask him to skate again a part we didn’t have enough material for, and such.
M: This outfit [tn: the white shirt] was used to check how to depict the fabric fluttering because of the wind.
K: Though it was just in the beginning, right? (LOL.) But yeah, Victor’s skating in episode 1 is really, you know, the animated scene was really amazing, but actually “Hanarezu ni Soba ni Ite” is also the first program that was choreographed.
M: Yes. At the time there wasn’t a clear image for it, but I received lots of input from sensei, so…
K: Yeah, we requested the choreography when the story wasn’t completely decided yet, and I was kind of worried that we had made Kenji-sensei uneasy, but he came up with such nice steps.
M: Well, indeed, I did make it so that you could get level 4. In the program I used deep edges, choctaw, bracket, rocker, counter and all kinds of steps, so if you use it in a tournament you might actually get a good score. I mean, you will get a good score.
K: You do?
M: Yes.
K: See, we can feel at ease because we know that Kenji-sensei will think about all these things too when he creates the choreographies… Ah, this is my camera (LOL). [tn: when Miyamoto looks like he’s skating toward the screen]
M: This is when Kubo-sensei asked me to bring out a man’s sex appeal…
K: Yes, that’s right… (LOL)
M: That was really embarrassing (LOL).
K: I was gripping the camera and going “haaaaah” inside (LOL).
M: I see (LOL).
K: But I think that anyone who watches the final footage that was created for the broadcast will understand right away that Victor is a great skater, I mean, we could get a convincing sequence that conveys that. Thank you very much, Kenji-sensei.
M: Well, I’m not Victor, so it was really hard to skate that (LOL).
K: (LOL). Ok, so this was Victor Nikiforov’s free skating, “Aria (Hanarezu ni Soba ni Ite)”.

K: Ok, next up is Yuuri Katsuki’s short program, “Ai ni Tsuite ~Eros~”. Regarding this short program, in the anime it’s said that he’s skating it picturing a katsudon, but actually that’s something I added afterwards, so I never told anything about katsudon to Kenji-sensei when we requested the choreography. How did you create it?
M: I created it expressing the passionate feelings that a person straightforwardly directs to the thing they like.
K: Since it’s eros it’s about sex appeal, so we wanted athlete Katsuki to skate it with plenty of sex appeal. When we were creating the image, you know, I believe there are many child skaters who use sexy choreographies, and I heard that when Kenji-sensei teaches children how to perform the choreographies he tells them to imagine having honey on their hands and such, so I thought, “oh, it’s possible to compare it to food”, and that’s how I came up with katsudon.
M: I see (LOL). It happens pretty often that I teach athletes using expressions such as “like when soft ice cream melts”.
K: As a result, I received quite a lot of comments like “what a naughty katsudon”, so I was really happy to have done it, even though the impression might change at some point. Also, I think you have already noticed from the footage, but here we are shooting the sequence without using the full rink. I think it takes a lot of stamina to skate this using the full size of the rink, doesn’t it?
M: Yes, normally it would take about 3-4 strokes to reach top speed, but here I’m using 1-2 strokes, so if you were to do the same using the full rink I think it would require lots of power and skating skills (LOL).
K: But really, I mean, since we have recorded this footage as a bonus, I really would like some people to try and actually skate it in real life (LOL).
M: That’s right (LOL). I also would like to ask my students to try their hands at it (LOL).
K: (LOL). But yeah, this Kenji-sensei… The footage is made by putting together parts recorded at the Edogawa rink and at the Chiba rink, but isn’t your body shape a little different from part to part? You look like you’re getting a lot thinner… Is it fatigue?
M: No well, that’s because here you were saying, what was that…
K: “Do your best Kenji”? (LOL)
M: You said “do your best Kenji” and so I was doing my best moving around as much as I could (LOL).
K: Thank you (LOL). Ok, this was nice. Thank you. So, this was Yuuri Katsuki’s short program, “Ai ni Tsuite ~Eros~”. Thank you, Kenji-sensei.
M: Thank you.
K&M: See you~.
K: I’m waving my hands (LOL).
M: Waving them a lot (LOL).

Just a final note in case you’re wondering: Yes I am planning to translate all contents of future volumes (from 2 to 6) as well. I’ll be very very happy if at least a few people decide to buy the discs thanks to the translations.

Is it bad I’m still hopeful for seeing that “scruff burn” kiss?

From the kisses we’ve seen so far —unless they shot those scenes many, MANY times (in which case we better get that footage on a S2 DVD or something)— none of them have been lengthy/passionate enough to warrant a swollen mouth and a reddened upper lip.


I’m thinking that must mean we’re getting a Malec makeout session soon. Oh gawd, please, please let me be right on that. Either way, I’ll probably die.

Yeah, these are the things I sit around and think of. I’m such trash.

There’s something about Mary (aka- don’t trust what we see-again!) ;)

Mary- a seemingly heartbreaking Garridebs style death scene. Tears. Redemption. …But is it really? 

It was still a beautiful scene. But, I think something’s rotten in Denmark. By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes…

This episode I feel deliberately showed us a poignant, idealized version of Mary- but then throw hints at something else:
Her shaking her head when saying “Save John Watson.”
And then, of course, telling Sherlock to “Go to hell.” Of course, the literal hell of whatever Culverton Smith’s got lined up… but that post-credit clip shows WE HAVEN’T SEEN THE WHOLE FOOTAGE OF MARY’S DVD. WE STILL DON’T KNOW THE FULL STORY.

So, I’m not giving up on Villain!Mary just yet. After all, no-one stays dead on this show…? ;) 

Mamo Blog - 2017.01.31 (Eng. Translation)

「Bungou Stray Dogs」Volume 8

The anime「Bungou Stray Dogs」Blu-ray&DVD Volume 8 was,

Released the other day, wasn’t it \(^o^)/


Have you already, gotten a copy to hold in your hands yet☆

The bonus footage in volume 8,

『Toast to Stray Dogs』《Sequel》

It, has been recorded♪

With Oda Sakunosuke’s actor Suwabe Junichi-san, and Sakaguchi Ango’s actor Fukuyama Jun-san, the 3 of us,

At the BAR in Ginza, we filmed at「Lupin」, the continuation of that plan!!

By myself,

Drinking quietly…,

It’s Mamo-Dazai☆

なかなか、様になってるでしょ?( ̄+ー ̄)☆(笑)
More or less, don’t I fit the atmosphere?( ̄+ー ̄)☆(lol)


While the Master was making a cocktail for me,

We were able to talk♪

Though I, had a non-alcoholic drink(lol)

In the sequel as well, since the 3 of us,

Had a rather passionate conversation,

By all means,

Please look forwards towards it (*^o^*)

Monster Zero - Red Menace Reconstruction

This fan reconstruction uses footage from Toho’s HD transfer as well as material from various DVD sources to recreate the dubbed US version of Monster Zero in HD as accurately as possible. The US version’s editing was matched as closely as possible, and the visuals unique to the US version were carefully recreated wherever possible.


Notes on this release:

  • The Toho transfer had its contrast and saturation boosted to alleviate its flat appearance.
  • This version was synchronized to the Simitar widescreen DVD to ensure accuracy, but uses the Classic Media audio (synchronized to the Simitar audio) to avoid some volume and balance inconsistencies in the Simitar audio.
  • The opening Henry G. Saperstein/UPA logos, most of the opening credits, and the Lake Myojin/Washigasawa location titles were carefully digitally recreated.
  • The expository text at the beginning, the English newspaper headlines, the English insert of Namikawa’s letter to Glenn and the end title card are presented using a combination of the Simitar DVD (to retain the entire image) and the Classic Media DVD (to reduce artifacting around the text itself).
  • The Toho transfer is typically missing a handful of frames at the beginning and end of each reel. Where the missing frames couldn’t be compensated for in a satisfactory fashion, the sound/sync reference was trimmed to match what was there.


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David Tennant - Richard II

From the special features on the RSC’s Richard II DVD

scattered thoughts about Rogue 1 (mostly rebelcaptain oops) pt. 2:

  • While I would have liked to see more of Jyn’s relationship with her mother Lyra, I think the connection between them is reinforced by the fact that even after all her years of cynicism, she never got rid of the kyber crystal necklace her mother gave her, which she reaches for and contemplates at several key moments in the film. And her relationship with Galen, was of course, beautifully developed. I think we would’ve seen more of her relationship with Saw prior to the reshoots so I’m hoping we get some more footage of their interactions on the DVD - I really liked what we did get to see. In any case, the focus on her father/daughter bonds was something we hadn’t seen much of in the SW movies up to this point - and it all made me deeply emotional (I cried…a lot).
  • From the very beginning, it makes sense to me that Cassian connects with Jyn bc he already knows everything about her from her file so he can’t help but connect - he’s been serving the Rebellion since he was six, she has a history as a child soldier as well, one she’s trying to put behind her. She doesn’t really know how much they have in common until he tells her how long he’s been with the Rebellion during their fight over his mission to kill Galen and then she gets it (up to that point, I think a lot of her attraction to him, besides their obvious physical chemistry, was based in his decision to trust her and maybe an unconscious sense that they were kindred spirits). So as my friend @kafrenes​ pointed out, when she steals the blaster pistol, he gets why she does it because he likely would have done the same in her place, being an intelligence operative trained to approach such situations with a vigilant mistrust of anyone who might put him in such a situation. And through his understanding of her mistrust and his consequent extension of trust to her by letting her keep the blaster, he gains her trust. His feelings for her are compounded when he sees that in spite of her code of self-preservation, she clearly thinks some things are worth dying for, as when she protects the little girl in Jedha. And there’s a recognition there, probably, that because she devotes herself to no cause she is free to choose to follow her own moral compunctions, whereas he often has to put his aside for the Rebellion.
  • Ultimately, Cassian can’t bring himself to kill Galen because of what he means to Jyn, and Jyn is upset when she finds out about this mission objective not just because he might have done such a thing and what she believes that says about him, but because this was a breach of their trust - a compact between them that had come to mean so much to her so quickly because it had been years since anyone had ever extended such trust to her. She’s had no one for so long, and that fragile bond seems to have shattered in the wake of the death of her father, so she’s feeling, perhaps, even more alone in the universe than she was before. She probably doesn’t even realize why his trust is so important to her, just as he has difficulty understanding why he didn’t kill Galen - these are people who haven’t made actual emotional connections for a long time so it’s a bizarre feeling for them they don’t totally comprehend on a conscious level. But when Cassian tells her he’s been with the Rebellion since he was six, that he’s devoted his life to the cause and that really, the cause is all he has and all that can save many similarly isolated and oppressed people like both of them, she realizes how similar they are and how this is a cause worth dying for, beyond her own personal stake in it because of the death of her family. 
  • This is why she’s the one who gives the speech at the Rebel base. Her confrontation with Cassian made her realize this was a mission worth being selfless for, while it made Cassian realize that it was a mission worth disobeying orders and going against pragmatism for - recognizing that his moral intuition was worth following in this instance, like when Jyn protected the little girl in Jedha. Cassian probably knows they can’t convince the Alliance, I think, which is why he assembles a team - and Jyn is taking up his idealism in her speech, reiterating his belief that rebellions are built on hope and adding onto it - they sort of swap roles in that scene. He sees that she’s invested and that gives him the motivation to disobey orders for the mission she envisions, and she finds a reason to believe in the cause beyond just her personal pain bc she knows she’s not alone after Cassian tells her how long he’s been with the Rebellion. For the first time she sees how similar they are and he’s known they were all along. 
  • These two physically and emotionally gravitate towards each other like magnets. There’s something very touch-starved about both of them. I’ve only seen the movie once (so far), but isn’t there a scene where she brushes past him on the ship and they just sort of PAUSE and its so fucking charged what the hell (and this is separate from the ridiculously charged “Welcome home” scene btw) 
  • Imagine being K-2SO on the outside looking in on this relationship. His job is to minimize negative probabilities and HOO BOY is Jyn Erso ever a negative probability, starting with the blaster pistol she steals! He’s protective of Cassian and can probably tell this girl very well might mess him up emotionally, but in the end, he realizes that Jyn often defies his statistical calculations. “You’re a surprising person, Jyn Erso.” (I need so many gifsets about the Jyn/K-2SO/Cassian friendship!)

【♪祝♪】 ちぎみゆトップ就任2周年おめでとうございます! 【♪祝♪】 
  ❤ September 1st: Chigimiyu’s 2nd top inauguration anniversary ❤

MONSTA X Goes Worldwide For Upcoming Photobook

MONSTA X is ready to take fans on an international vacation!

On February 15, Starship Entertainment released the teaser trailer for MONSTA X’s upcoming “TEMPERATURE” photobook.

The seven-member group traveled to both Hong Kong and Los Angeles for the 260-page book, setting the scene for two very different concepts. In the behind-the-scenes footage from Los Angeles, the boys keep it carefree and casual, splashing around at the beach. Whereas in Hong Kong, they evoked a more sophisticated, sexier charm against the city’s iconic backdrop.

Copies of the book will be sold along with a special behind-the-scenes DVD and two photo bookmarks.

“TEMPERATURE” officially drops on February 28.

  • Aoi: by the way, the manufacturer’s suggested retail price for the limited edition goes way through the roof but...this time we want as many people as possible to cherish it for a long time so we really gave it our best! 
this item is truly a valuable piece of footage so we’re very sorry that it’s limited in quantity. do not miss this opportunity and please make sure to buy it!

  • please make sure to buy it!
  • Aoi: well, even if you can’t buy it for whatever reasons. you guys reach us, reach this here (*tapping on his chest*). 

  • by the way, there’s also the affordable DVD&Blu-ray?✋🌞
Aoi: aah, yeh, Blu-ray is pretty popular so it might have been good to have the limited edition in Blu-ray as well. doing my best to support corporate efforts ✋🌞
  • weeell, I guess I’m kinda like a contract employee (*゚ω゚);;*.';;ブッ!!
Aoi: silly talk is so much fun, huh? thanks for putting up with me and for taking your time to chat (lol) 

  • Ruki: why was that part of the MC* in there ?😭lol
  • Reita: when I think about the fact that the LIVE on the 6th is our last one this year I feel like I’m gonna die.
  • Reita: at 2 a.m. it’s time for RAJIGAZEEEE. with Aoi and Kaiiiiiii.
  • *I think, he’s referring to the spice.eplus.jp live report in which they included a short part of Ruki's MC at the Halloween show where he said "I would love to say 'let’s do this again tomorrow!' but tomorrow we’re going back to being normal boys".

I did a side by side comparison between Kenji-sensei’s choreography and the final result. Tried to sync it the best I could but some discrepancies were unavoidable. This is my favorite program in YOI (and best animated, imho), and it looks stunning irl too!

Choreography footage is from Bonus DVD Vol. 1, the animation is from Episode 1.

Mamo Blog - 2017.01.15 (Eng. Translation)


「うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪ マジLOVEレジェンドスター」のDVD&Blu-rayでも、
On「Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji LOVE Legend Star’s 」’s DVD&Blu-ray,

It has a recording of「Quiz no☆Prince-sama?」(o^^o)

In truth,

The shooting, it was held in a place last year!!

This time, somehow,

All members of「ST☆RISH」will be presentーーーーー!!!!!




It was awfully…



After all, AMAZING(lol)

What kind of things will unfold,

Contrary to my expectations,

It was seriously okay!!!!!!!!!☆☆☆

「うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪ マジLOVEレジェンドスター」DVD&Blu-ray
Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji LOVE Legend Star’s 」’s DVD&Blu-ray

They are the bonus footage on volume 5, and volume 6!!

By all means, please wait and look forward to it ‘kay♪♪♪

me: i’m fine.

also me: i still need every single deleted scene between jyn and cassian to be released. i need every second that was cut to be on the dvd. every. single. moment. what else happened in the elevator? what outtakes are there? what behind the scenes moments exist? i would happily watch every frame of every rebelcaptain scene that they’ve left on the cutting room floor. just give them to me. they don’t need to be scored or edited. you can give me uncut raw footage and i’ll be sobbing and grateful. it could just be jyn and cassian looking at each other for ten minutes in silence and i’d watch it. i just need more from them. there has to be more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ghidrah the Three-Headed Monster - Red Menace Reconstruction

This fan reconstruction uses footage from Toho’s HD transfer as well as material from various DVD and VHS sources to recreate the dubbed US version of Ghidrah the Three-Headed Monster in HD as accurately as possible. The US version’s editing was matched as closely as possible, and the title, credits and Walter Reade Organization logo were carefully recreated.


Notes on this release:

  • The Toho transfer had its contrast and saturation boosted slightly in order to alleviate its rather flat appearance.
  • While a “first draft” of the project was prepared using the Classic Media DVD recreation of the US version as a reference, it was revised using a VHS rip, meaning that the numerous errors in the CM version are corrected here.
  • A sound synchronization error, present in all available versions of the dub, that affected much of the scene of Naoko and Shindo at home and extended into the What Are They Doing Now?/”Call Happiness” scene, has been corrected.
  • The audio for the US version was largely sourced from a PAL DVD released by an Australian company called Siren. This DVD featured an original scan of a 16mm TV print, meaning it had higher sound quality than any other available source, all other releases being made from an old videotape master. However, the Siren version is full of splices and gaps in the audio as well as some audio distortion, so many small portions of the soundtrack had to be carefully patched using the audio from the Classic Media DVD.
  • The Walter Reade Organization logo was reinstated before the title card. The version used here was in effect a collaborative effort: The icon and text were recreated by Video Collector from OriginalTrilogy.com, and placed/scaled using an actual image of the logo. The recreation made by goji1986 from Toho Kingdom for his Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster reconstruction was used as a reference for the starfield; I made the background.
  • The original “The End” title card was recreated using the Siren DVD as a reference; its “stretched” appearance (similar to the opening credits) is apparently how it really would have appeared in a scope print.


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