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Homeward, Part Four

Pairings: Ward x friend!Reader, Danny x friend!Reader

Prompt: Reader is an abusive relationship with a member of the Hand and seeks out her childhood friends for help. (prompt by @rune-of-a-writer)

Warnings: Swearing, Domestic Abuse, Angst

Word Count: 1,905


Homeward, Part Four

“All right, here we are.”

You turned your head at the sound of Danny’s voice as he returned, carrying… well, not an ordinary mug, that was for sure. He held a saucer, cup, and lid, all made from perfectly clear glass with steaming water contained inside. Danny set down a second cup beside it, much smaller and with a curved handle.

Danny lifted the lid and releasing the steam into the air.

“What’s that?” you asked, curious despite yourself. You had never seen a pot like that before, and it almost reminded you of a mortar bowl.

“It’s a gaiwan, used for steeping tea in a more traditional way.”


“Hold out your hand.”

The look on his face was of barely suppressed delight, his lips pressed into a line that failed to hide his smile. Your other friend was not nearly as amused.



“Can you not be weird for one evening?”

Danny ignored the verbal jab and focused on you, blue eyes alight as he said, “Trust me. You’ll like this.”

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If anyone is interested and confused by the French presidential elections, which is a total disaster, I found this cool thread on Twitter
More info about the candidates under the cut

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THIS IS IT!!!  this is the end!  i have had so much fun writing this series, and not to be super dramatic but this is like parting with a friend ha ha.  though this is technically the last installment, i’m very open to prequel/sequel drabbles, so this isn’t necessarily the end of this version of tjeff!  thank you all so, SOOO much for your kind, supportive words, and all your likes and reblogs and comments.  you guys are the reason why i keep writing.  :)

title: homecoming, epilogue
   ( part one, part two, part three, part four, part five, part six )
fandom: hamilton
pairing: tjeff x reader
rating: M FOR SMUT
word count: 2084
tagged: @notalwaysfair @hamiltrash-life @aeichajoanes @polymath-pain-in-the-ass @blueco16 @yehummno @ask-aph-belarusian-figure-skater @robotic-space @iconic-sentiments @nadialinett14 @maybeterrance@noluckmonday@theresnofandomforthis @inimitabledaveed @kyloslightsaberdick@lawliette1031 @sammyfoundhis-shoe @aceplaysbass @jugjcnes @sandy-anakin@clamilton @unknown1200 @alienxsara @kanadianwithashippingproblem@nervous-crossbow

You have a high school reunion that you can’t miss, and you’re in need of a boyfriend to keep both your parents and your classmates off your back.  You don’t have a boyfriend — but you do have one very irritating, accommodating coworker.

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essefex  asked:

Seconding the sentiment that all four mechanics (Exert, Cycle, Embalm, -1/-1 Counters) feel satisfying to use and are enjoyable to play against. Also I really love the Cartouches for providing value beyond their buff. I got to play UG for prerelease. The Blue one replaces itself and the Green one trades very well for an opponent's card. The extra value of bouncing the Trial of Zeal I splashed for was an awesome extra reward too. Really felt my deck becoming an ecosystem.

The “ecosystem” feel is an important part of the design.

hey y'all I'm begging u

If you have the money please go see power rangers! I know, its power rangers. I have literally always been like this is the most dumb series why would anyone but uhh
the thing is it’s so funny and good! And enjoyable! The characters are absolutely lovely and it’s diverse.
like there are definitely many cheesy parts and I’m not saying it’s the Peak of Oscar cinema or an edgelord dark knight take on power rangers but it’s GOOD.
PLUS ITS GAY. I know y'all. I know what y'all want. Pls don’t sleep on this.

We need the sequels.

Before I saw it I was like lmao what kind of foolishness. Now I’ve seen it four times and would very very willingly go back to see it 10 more times.

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Do you have any fic requests? Anything you want us to read by the other admins or some tumblr friends?

I sure do nonnie! Sit tight and buckle in this is going to be long (maybe) I’ll start with friends and pick some of my favs from them okay? Everyone I’m picking I promise you should read every thing they’ve written all of it is amazing and honestly I personally believe some fics should be turned into movies. Anyway these particular fics have changed the way I read and write fanfiction so you should also follow these blogs (all the admins I’m about to shout out are amazing and kind) If you want me to do another and separate them by groups and genres then I can do that as well. 

By @kpoppantydrop: A Rose Coloured Rogue that has four parts to it. It’s a SHINee fic but features Jimin (BTS), Wonho, and Xiumin written by admin Winter for Rogue’s birthday. A warning though it is smut. 

Another one is Prettiest Pink a Jin (BTS) smut by Admin Lily. It’s filth from start to finish and I love it it’s so great I think I actually blushed whilst reading it. 

Also here’s a cute as fuck Jackson (GOT7) fluff by Admin Desire called Something Good. It’s a birthday fic and it made me smile so hard whilst reading it! 

Of course I have lots of others (Their masterlist is endless you’ll be on their blog forever I promise you wont regret it.)

By @xiuminsm : Here’s a super long Yixing fic that is Royalty AU and omg its so fucking amazing, it’s titled Until Hell Freezes Over  it’s another smut but the smut is rather brief and its easy to skip over if you want to (I don’t recommend it though.) 

Another installment in the Royalty AU for EXO this is for Suho and it’s titled Bete Noir the world that Liv spins in this series is seriously breathtaking. It’s a smut (yet again, I’m sorry most of the fics will have an adult theme) but its soooo worth the read. 

By @smutfictionaddicted (also @kpopthirstaddicted) she’s moved to @writings-by-cl but a lot of her fics are on her old blogs: Crocodiles in Sin City is a fic based off the Sin City universe that became movies how friggin cool is that?! There are heavy warnings with this it’s very mature so be cautious before clicking. 

Strawberry Ice Cream is a drabble by CL based off a series by @chanyeolspout (which I’ll be linking you to as well.) I don’t usually read Chanyeol fics but its so gooodddd

By @chanyeolspout : Here’s the mini masterlist for Breeze as said above a Chanyeol fic of about nine parts you won’t regret it please read! 

In Abstenia really fucked me up like ??? Why did you do this to me??? It’s optional bias and v smutty 

Welcome Back is a Sehun oneshot with exhibitionism, lots of smut, and a fresh from tour Sehun who misses you a lot. (Just punch me in the face tbh)

By @soobadnoonecanstopher : I will ALWAYS recommend The Boxer, I laughed and cried and honestly this whole series was a fucking rollercoaster ride strap yourself in it only goes up (and down very fast) from here. Lori isn’t technically my friend (I feel bad calling her by her first name gah I’m so sorry plz don’t hate me) but I’m friends with her fics because I’ve reread them all like ten times

By the other admins: I’d recommend you read Park It (written by Takara-yeolie its a Jooheon smut and a damned good one at that) and Overlooked (written by Memesol it’s Jimin (BTS) angst lol Memesol is so great at angst I hate her)

by non-friends/tumblr famous people I wish I were friends with:

@duizhangdeluxe wrote a series for OT12 EXO and I recommend it to EVERYONE Blanc et Noir is a smut series playing around with EXO’s “powers” and it is beautifully done. 

@choco-seventeen wrote an amazing Joshua fic called Dreamcatcher and it’s a fantasy series(?) dealing with the dangers of dreams, failed friendships, life away from the city, and love. 10000/10

@versigny wrote this Namjoon smut that I think about sometimes (all the time) called Take Home Test, v smutty and A+ go support this blog it’s quality af 

@thesammtimes ahhh what can I say? Everyone’s req list has something of theirs and for good reason so I’ll just give you their masterlist so you can find out for yourself lol 

This is getting really long (I’ve been typing for two hours) sooo if you want a post about more recs just ask okay nonnie? Thank you!!! - Admin Yuuko

At Your Service ~Nine/Finale~

Part One ~ Part Two ~ Part Three ~ Part Four ~ Part Five ~ Part Six ~ Part Seven ~ Part Eight

You barely recalled falling asleep but you awoke nestled against Thranduil on his bedroll. Your shift hung loosely around you and a thin woolen blanket laid across the both of you. The king was still bare chested beneath and held you to him with an arm around your waist. You admired the serenity of his features as he dozed and slipped out of his grip with reluctance.

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have you read the Boom Crash series by maychorian on AO3? I’m in total love with it (and everything maychorian tbh) and am not sure if it’s talked about. There’s that good dose of Lance suffering, but everyone working together with their issues and the misunderstandings and the platonic cuddling… so good.


about…. uh… three-four months ago (??), I was scrolling through the Lance (Voltron) tag on Ao3 and I came upon the first part of the series, and I fell in love with it. I was still pretty new too the fandom, and was transitioning from Percy Jackson (one of my top 5 fandoms) and into Young Justice, OmgCheckPlease, and Voltron. So essentially, I was getting out of my one corner of tumblr, and was reaching out.

And holy shit.

This series inspired my langst blog. This series showed me langst, even if it was just a little at first. But it was (one of) the inspirations for this blog soooo…. I owe this story a lot. 

The Parent Trap - Part Eleven

Character: Dean Winchester

Warning: None

Word Count: 954

Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four - Part Five - Part Six - Part Seven - Part Eight - Part Nine - Part Ten

Summary: When Dean shows up in the middle of the night unexpectedly, the reader learns that he knows more than he lets on and has a similar secret.


   The only time anyone ever knocked on your door at two AM was when you hunted. They never came bearing good news; it was either inconvenient or a trap. You never answered the door weaponless, especially at two in the morning, so when rapping wakes you from sleep at quarter past, you snatch up the pistol you keep hidden on a top shelf and prepare to use it. Small as it is, even small silver bullets will slow down most things.

   But you don’t need it, as it turns out. The knocker is only Dean. His presence is both a relief and a surprise, and he confuses you further by entering your house without a word.

   “What the hell?” you hiss.

   “Why do you have a gun?”

   “Because someone was knocking on my door in the middle of the night!”

   “You’re expecting me.”

   “What? Why would I be expecting you at this hour?”

   Dean furrows his eyebrows and crosses his arms. “Ramona called me like half an hour ago. Said she was homesick and to please come get her.”

   “Nobody called anybody.”

   “She used your cell, and I have the call history.”

   “Dean, the kids have been asleep for hours. Ramona is just fine, and I have no idea … oh, son of a bitch, he did not.” Pursing your lips, you check your purse for your phone, but you find it missing. “Mitchell.”

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Do not do this. Do not do not do not.

When someone fucks up, there is a high possibility they didn’t intend it. Yeah, sometimes people are in a mean mood and they know it, and they realize later that no, they shouldn’t indulge their Bad Wolf. But very often, people don’t just go around like “I feel like hurting others today uwu”

If this is the case, it means that, when you react to whatever they did, they are probably going to be somewhat surprised by your negative reaction. Even if they fully understand it, they weren’t expecting it, and humans act weird and prickly and defensive when bad things happen that they didn’t expect.

Which means they’re not going to be communicating at their best.

But now look at this post. This post tells us that a heartfelt apology has four distinct parts.

Can you communicate in four distinct parts when you’re startled that someone is hurt by something you didn’t mean that way? I can’t. The best I can do is something to the effect of “HOLY SHIT did I not mean that but I totally get why your eyes are leaking. I’m sorry.”

Defining honest apologies as multipart processes, divorced from the real and messy emotions of probably meaning something completely different, is unrealistic.

And not only that, but… who exactly are the people who are most likely to be able to completely dispassionately rattle off a four-parter for you?


The Winter Soldier (Epilogue)

A/N: Hey guys!! So I ended up writing an epilogue in the end hahaha I couldn’t help it, I just really wanted to add in a scene where the reader interacted with Bucky so yeah. Anyways, I just want to say thank you to @wayward-hell for giving me some ideas!! Enjoy!!😊

Word Count: 1,124

Part one//Part two//Part three//Part four//Epilogue

You knocked on the door and waited, shifting your feet nervously, you hoped you had gotten the address right. The door opened and you smiled as the person frowned in confusion.

“You have no idea how long I took to find you,” you breathed out.

Bucky, stepped out and looked left and right before moving away and letting you come in, locking the door behind him. He turned to you as you looked around his small apartment. “How did you find me?”

“It’s very, very, difficult. A lot of tech stuffs but I did it,” you said, turning to look at him. “Don’t worry, I’m the only one who knows that you’re here and I’ve deleted all the records of you being here.”

You had traveled all the way to Bucharest to find Bucky. Ever since Nat gave you the file, you knew you had to find Bucky. It had taken you almost a year but you managed to find him. You walked over to his couch and took a seat on it before looking at him, patting the couch. “Sit down, we have much to discuss.”

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Prompt Lists

Prompt List 1

Prompt List 2

Prompt List 3

Character Fics

* =Smut

Eliza Schuyler/Alexander Hamilton

Forget What We’ve Been Told(Part One)

Forget What We’ve Been Told(Part Two)

Forget What We’ve Been Told(Part Three)

Forget What We’ve Been Told(Part Four) *

Eliza Schuyler/Maria Reynolds



Lin-Manuel Miranda


Phillipa Soo

Girl, You Got Me Helpless

Eliza Schuyler

Helpless to Hopeless 

Alexander Hamilton

Not Just Friends

Into The Dark -  Part 4

not my gif btw

Words: 1138

Prompt: Reader is recruited by HYDRA to get the Winter Soldier back. Things don’t go as planned when Captain America and others show up.

Pairing: T’ChallaxReader

Warnings: None.

A/N: Sorry for the long wait. Here’s part four, Enjoy! Feedback is loved and appreciated! 


“I’m back, mom!” she yelled, walking towards the kitchen,  “The interview went awful by the way,” she said with a huff, “How do they expect me to have experience if they wont hire me? I am more than capable of-.”

Her mother was on the kitchen table, seating next to her was dr. Brennan. Two other guys were sitting on the side. “I’m sorry it didn’t go how you wanted, sweetie,” said her mom.

“Dr. Brennan” she said, her stomach turned, “What are you doing here?”

Her mother frowned, “Y/N! Dr. Brennan came by because he has a position open, and he so kindly thought of you.” she said, “he even brought his friends from work to talk to you about the job.”

She looked at them, she recognized them, they were assassins from HYDRA. Her face lost all color.

“You just said it did not go well in the interview and he’s here to offer you a position. Aren’t you lucky, honey?”

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Encantadia what happened to you?

Credits to my bessies who gave me the idea to post this 😘

The many rant-worthy sh*ts of Encantadia 2016-2017:
These are my thoughts on Encantadia 2016-2017 so far and why I seem to be uninterested lately.

The Amihan-centric first season

-This is where all the shits began. Back in 2005, the story revolved around the four sisters who conquered their differences and saved Encantadia against Hagorn’s forces and became the most well-known and well-loved guardians of the four elemental gems. Now I’m not gonna be biased and say that the first season of the original trilogy didn’t have their own fair shares of Amihan-centricness, and it is unavoidable since Amihan was the queen the during the first season so a huge part of the story will be about her, BUT the original book DID NOT FORGET that there are other main characters in the show and they had the chance to tell everyone their story, each of the sang’gres were given the spotlight, they had their own struggles, and showed how they overcame it to become pillars of Encantadia. That was the very reason why the original sang’gres were loved and recognized equally and became such effective quartet of heroines. The biggest mistake this new version has ever committed was making Amihan the center of the story, and while it’s not bad to give Amihan’s character a lot of scenes since like I said, she was the queen in book one so naturally her character will be involved in so many things that happened in the first book, but they focused on Amihan’s story way too much to the point that it degraded the other main characters ESPECIALLY Alena, she turned into this useless, lovesick, self-centered sang’gre who’s always MIA, and who by the way contributed very little to the story’s progress (in general). Danaya was way too dependent on Amihan back then instead of Danaya being Amihan’s anchor and shoulder to lean on when she needed it the most, that role was given to Ybrahim when the YbraMihan love team rose to fame, and as much as I love YA, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for Danaya’s character to be downgraded in such a way that she was remembered as Amihan’s sidekick. The team has been heavily implying that there are four main characters in the story, but for me, there was only one. I love Amihan, but Encantadia is not just about her story or the love story of Ybrahim and Amihan.

The inconsistent storyline, The Unforgivable Plot holes and Plot fillers

A. Lira, the so-called savior of Encantadia

-I remember before that Cassiopeia mentioned that Lira will become the savior of Encantadia and will become queen in 2005, Lira wasn’t the typical hero, but what made her “savior” is that she was the one who mended the broken relationship of the sang’gres, she was the one who made the sisters realize that family is more important than anything, she saved Encantadia by saving the sang’gres, she united all of them together (which also paved way for the gems to become one again) and faced their common enemy, Lira became queen but relinquished the throne in exchange of a peaceful life with Anthony in the mortal world. But it was forgotten in this new version, sure Lira became the sisters’ conscience at some point of the story, but her story especially in the first book told the viewers that she was an epic-fail sang’gre, the irony of her character was interesting, and while her failures were understandable except for those times when she was being ridiculously stupid or just plain stupid, the story this 2016 version never emphasized how she became Encantadia’s hero, Lira playing a pivotal role for Pirena and Alena’s character redemptions wasn’t heavily implied in the story, Pirena redeemed herself after choosing to kill Hagorn and succumbed to Ether’s curse as a consequence in order to save Mira. Alena solely redeemed herself by choosing to let go to heal herself from pain, it was more on the sisters’ choices to redeem themselves and although at some point Lira became their guide, this little heroine focused more on shipping her parents way too much than reaching out to her Ashtis or coming up with “mischievous” ideas to bring the four of them together was cut down to a handful of scenes. She seriously would have used her playful character to come up with something to make the sisters realize how much they still love each other despite of their dispute. Lira was like, “Ashti, come on team up with your sisters to fight the baddies” instead of making them realize or point out what was wrong which will eventually lead to Pirena and Alena’s self-realizations, like hello? Alena was alone most of the time and found comfort in Awoo, Lira’s persistence would have been more emphasized in that timeline. Lira is a very wise kid, she was the eye-opener to everyone, she think and act the way she did because of the many struggles she went through, but in this new version, she turned into a forever fan girl of her mom. She wasn’t even given the chance to step out of Amihan’s shadow. And in the end, it was Amihan and Kahlil who saved Encantadia and brought the evil Hathoria down, in contrast to the sisters fighting together with the Sapirians, mandirigmas, and other encantados who by the way would have joined the battle because of Lira’s efforts (remember in the original series? Lira was the one who convinced the other encantados like the barbaros and adjantaos to join them in the war against Hagorn), Lira’s weapon to save Encantadia was her heart, Lira was the symbol for unity, that  was the very reason why I loved her character as much as Amihan’s. In this series, Lira was a hard-core shipper of her parents and DanQuil, she clinged on her mother way too much, and forgot that she had an entire realm to save.

B. Cassiopeia’s incompetence
-This is probably one of the biggest plot holes in the entire show. That episode made the viewers believe that it was an accident, unintentional, blah, blah, blah. No, it was just Cassy’s stupidity. She knows and she’s fully aware that the Etherians are evil, being able to live during their reign, she had her own doubts about Avria’s peace-making act, she knew that Ether has been keeping a close eye on her, and yet she failed to grant protection to the island to prevent intruders from finding them. But what really frustrated me is the fact that she failed to realize that she just spread information to a fake Danaya, the sang’gres have a chance to win against the Kubur, they even would have figured out that monster’s weakness even without her, the youngsters have very limited skill and power, and if she sees them as saviors, wouldn’t it be more appropriate to save their lives first?

C. The epic fail adventures of the seven guardians
-They made us see how this whole set of new guardians thing unfold, yet this subplot ended so badly which is another factor why the show was brought down to it’s worst. They say it was major plot device, they wrote this story so badly for what? Give way to nonsense plot fillers like the finding Haliyah thing?

D. The promised “character developments” for Lira and Mira
-I’ve had enough grand comebacks, they promised character developments for Lira and Mira yet they killed their characters, if they were up to something for these two, I don’t think killing them was necessary, it’s bad enough that Amihan died in the show and the next generation of heroines perished as well. I did not see how Lira and Mira evolved from immature diwanis to being sang’gres, I wanted to see their transformation from being girls to women, I wanted their story to be just as great as the four sang’gres. I don’t know what the hell are they up to, but this season is more sang’gre-centric than a balance between the stories of the current and future guardians. Major plot device they say? I’d say it’s their lame way of getting people’s attention because the sarkosi plot did not work.

D. The golden hourglass theory
-How can Pirena not realize that if Avria kills Alena and Danaya she can just turn back time and kill the bitch after saving Lira and Mira? I don’t see the whole point of this, and I therefore conclude that this is an arc filler, bow!

E. The sarkosi plot
-Like I said this is probably the reason why they had to come up with a major plot device, because this subplot is the REAL EPIC FAIL in this story. Amihan was given the prize to create her own destiny which turned out to be a curse, now here’s the thing, if Ether is able to resurrect a thousand-year-old Etherian using her power and the brilyante, then why can’t Emre do the same? I know this plot was necessary for Kylie to leave the show without Amihan’s story being left hanging, but still, seriously? If Emre is the god of life, shouldn’t he have granted Amihan another shot at life without her going through some shit and be a sarkosi or “creating her own destiny?” And why did it take so long for that to happen? Then Arra would have had more time to improve, and if Amihan was given that extraordinary privilege, then why didn’t Emre allow her to go back when Amihan asked him back then? That plot hole is so obvious. And in addition to that, I’m just not buying the Ybriana romance because it seems rushed and not well thought of, even Ariana being motherly to Lira is just, no. Honestly this would have been an interesting subplot if they casted an actress who can play Ariana’s character a million times better than Arra.

F. The lame and unconvincing love triangle
-I just feel so bad for Ru and Joross, these gentlemen are really working hard to cover up the lacking which Arra’s supposed to provide. I’m sorry but I consider this more of a plot filler than a subplot.

G. The poor characterization of the supposedly interesting characters
-Ariana: I wanted to kill her so badly when she let Lira die. Just when she needed to be Amihan-mode the most. Kapal pa ng fez para umaligid kay Rama ‘king ina, there was neither guilt nor trauma in her, she never thought of apologizing to Ybrahim and admit her pagkukulang, in short punyeta.
-Muyak: disappointed that she didn’t even felt that urge or desire to seek justice for her beloved Lira whom she looked after eversince she was a baby, I liked her when she was a lambana, but now—I’m not so sure.
-Pao Pao: what have they ever done to his character? He was such a joy when he was a little boy, so brave and optimistic. When will he stop being a useless jerk?
-Avria: All baddie, but they never really narrated her story the way the original Avria’s story in the original Etheria was told, if it weren’t for Ms Eula’s acting, Avria would have been an epic fail.
-Alena in book 1: the queen of MIA
-Memfes: a major plot filler, I know Encantadia loves to make surprises, but some stories or characters doesn’t need a grand introduction, seriously just who the hell is he?
-Hagorn: they just turned him into an all out psycho, this would have been the perfect time to redeem his character and see his good side. But RaquiMin is returning so…

The Endless introduction of nuisance characters and their REALLY BAD choices of actors

Arra San Agustin (Ariana)- she will always be the A-lister of the worst cast members in the show, you don’t have to read my reviews about her to know the reasons why, just watch her scenes, and the narrative of her character. I encourage you to do it.

Jinri Park (Juvila)- Juvila is my fuckin’ favorite Heran what the hell?! And she was Amihan’s mortal heran enemy too. Why are they doing this to me?! Clearly Jinri Park is not fluent in Tagalog and speaking En-chan would have saved her face in the show, but Jinri is far from Conan Stevens who played Vish’ka (and he was awesome btw). She’s struggling even in En-Chan which another factor why she is ineffective as Juvila aside from her bad acting, because she’s supposed to sound fluent in that language, like Arra, she seems to be reading the script. Learn from Solenn girl!

Lance Serrano (Memfes)- he’s good at acrobatics, he’s cute, that’s all.

Valeen Montenegro (Haliyah)- not complaining her performance but her character is clearly introduced just for the sake of it, most useless character ever.

There are so many other things I can add but these are all I think that are necessary to point out, hopefully Mine-a’s return will redeem the show, because at this point of time, I’m so done with the usual “soap writing.” The twists are clearly shocking and unexpected, but what came after the twists were truly disappointing, introducing of new characters and re-introducing old characters especially pivotal ones should be given to REAL actors not some “raw talents” who’s raw talent I don’t actually see. We are no longer in July 2016 when the show is just starting, we are on the near-end of the saga and this is Encantadia, I don’t settle for less when it comes to this show. I expected so much in this season but they took everything I have rooted for and gave me some really uncool storyline and torture me with some lame performances. Everything is just disappointing, where’s Kylie when the show needs her the most?

P.S. I want Lira and Mira back too.


Hi, I’m back:D

So laerya was too kind to manage my blog while I took the break so a huge special thanks to you, Lerya x

Also, she showed me the extremely nice and kind words that you guys sent so I don’t know how to thank you guys! I’m very lucky

Part one : https://lunchboxalaa.tumblr.com/post/159783394327/bottom-line-jt

So as promised…. wait for it….. I MADE PART TWO OF THE BOTTOM LINE FANFIC!

Author Note: Just imagine that Bruce has a brother and the reader is his niece :3 and his brother’s name is mark.

Warnings: angst | mention of a passed away parent | jealousy | confusion | flirting I guess that’s all lol



“Hey! You little scum! Give that back!”

I was walking with my friends, when I heard a yelling. I turned around to see a young boy, probably my age, 6 or so, running away with a bread loaf. They boy was dirty, filled with dirt and sweat while his clothes looked old and had a few cuts here and there, also he wasn’t wearing any shoes.

My friends laughed at the sight, and one of them made a terrible comment,

“This kid is disgusting! I mean he lives on the street, he looks like a rat.”

I gave her a mean glare and left them, once I reached the bakery, I payed for what he stole and bought him some more food.

I walked towards him as he hid behind a car but his head sticking out, watching my moves.

“I wasn’t stealing ok.” He said quickly which made me laugh.
“Calm down, I’m y/n. Y/n Wayne.” I pulled my hand out for him to shake, it took a few seconds before he shook it. “Jason Todd.” He mumbled.
I smiled, “well, Jason, it’s nice meeting you!” His face broke into a grin as he tugged on his hair. “Thank you..”
“You know, Jason, stealing is bad. So how about you promise me not to steal again and as a reward I’ll hang out with you?!” I said excitedly. He grinned again and nodded. “Alright.” I pulled the bag of food and pushed it hid way. “Here you go, jay.”
“Jay.. I like that.”
“Me too.”


My mind was blank.
I didn’t know what was happening to me.
I didn’t care if I was alive or dead right now.
I felt as if I was screaming but I didn’t make a sound.
As if I was being ripped to pieces but never bleeding.
As if I was happy but in reality I had no emotions.
I didn’t know exactly what was happening to me, but I hated it.
Memories flooding into my vision all at once but non of them seemed familiar.
I felt as if I was chocking on nothing.
Gradually, I came to my senses as voices seemed to be more clear.


“master Bruce, what are-”

“I need to find them, Alfred. I hate to find them.”

Bruce was mentally stressed as he kept looking for their location.
He couldn’t believe that you both disappeared from the radar.

Alfred sighed as he placed his hand on Bruce’s shoulder.

Batman has failed. He failed to save his son and niece.
His world fell down as his knees gave out and he fell on the floor sobbing.

When Alfred heard the news he couldn’t believe them,
When Bruce’s brother found out he punched Bruce, then apologized and went to isolation to find comfort,
when dick found out he was devastated, what he saw as siblings were dead.

It was a really hard time in the Wayne household.

He’d still remember the moments, the memories..

Fifteen year old Jason came to Bruce, pretty annoyed.

Bruce was working on finding scare crow when Jason punished the wall angrily, groaning as he did.
That made Bruce turn to him. He grabbed the first aid kit and sat with Jason to tend to his now bruised and bleeding fist.
“What’s wrong, Jason?” He heard Jason mumbling but he made out nothing.
“Speak louder.”

“I saw some dude flirting with y/n and I just… ugh!” He wiped his face with his other hand.

A tiny little smile had formed on Bruce’s face as he understood that his son was jealous.
So he cleared his throat, “you might want to talk to y/n about it, you know it might help.”
Jason was about to speak only to be cut off by an angelic yell, “jaybird! Are you ok? Oh god! What happened to your hand?!” Y/n, very softly, took his now bandaged hand in hers and sighed. “What happened, jay?”
Bruce saw aight blush on Jason’s cheeks and neck so he decided to give his second eldest son his privacy and smiled as he walked out.

“Nothing.” Jason tugged on his hair nervously. “How about we go to that burger place you mentioned earlier?” She asked him smiling smugly as he grinned. “But what about that dude you were talking to?” She was oblivious to the fact that he was jealous but she smiled nonetheless. “The only dude I want in my life, is right in front of me.” She winked as they both got up and went to grab a bite.



It was after five years that everything changed.
Dick became nightwing and moved to blüdhaven.
Bruce found another robin whose name was Timothy drake.

Mark Wayne, y/n’s father changed as he became more closed and secretive, he knew about his brother being batman, and he knew that his daughter died a hero, but he hated that she didn’t trust him that night..

It was painful for him to let his only daughter go on this dangerous mission but he could never underestimate her. god forbid.

“Are you really sure you wanna go? I mean you can stay in tonight and we can watch a movie all of us together..”

Y/n just rolled her eyes playfully, “dad, I have to go. Not only can’t I let Jason go alone, but also I have to do this. Joker killed my mom.. and he has to pay.” Her eyes watering as she turned away from him and wiped her tears.

Her father just sighed and walked to her, placing his hand on her shoulder. “You are so strong, So beautiful and so determined.. just like your mother.” He was proud of her, and she knew that but it didn’t hurt to give a reminder or two.

“I just have a bad feeling about this, does Bruce know you two are going?”
She just laughed. “Dad, chill! He does, he said he’d meet us there.” She lied as she hid it with a fake smile.
She’d arranged this mission with Jason to get her revenge as it seemed almost impossible to locate the clown. This was her only chance.

“Alright. Just be careful.” He hugged her and smiled, cupping her face as he kissed her forehead, “your mom would be so proud of you, but no one can be prouder than me.”

And to think that those were the last words she heard her father say to her was good, it felt good to let her know that before her death.
He fought with Bruce, numerous times.
He blamed him for hers and Jason’s death.
But deep inside he knew no one was to be blamed but that crazy asshole who took their lives in the most painful way.
His eyes still treated as he remembered she died alone. He kept joking with her about growing old and marrying a good man, having kids and him being a grandfather but none of that would happen now. Because she’s gone.

Where I’ve Been

I wonder sometimes–not often, but lately–whether I chose Homeland, or it chose me. Did I just happen upon it, one lazy October day, or did it, by some magical stroke of fate, draw me to it?

Regardless of the answer to that question, there is no question I love this show. Unequivocally, and irrevocably, I love it. I like to think that unbridled, unfettered love is what drew some of you to reading, however long ago. There is real truth in passion and love, and I hope that is shown in what I’ve done here. This show and this place have actually changed my life. They reignited parts of me that had fallen dormant and sparked things inside me that I didn’t know I had the capacity to hold.

From that love, this blog was born, now almost four years ago. To describe it as just a “blog” seems not enough right now. It was–and is–so much more than that. I’ve poured my heart and my soul into this thing. At times, I’ve poured my own sanity (sorry). Through personal upheaval and major life changes, this space has remained a constant, steadying presence. I asked myself, I wonder what you all thought? I wonder what you had to say about what I thought? I felt reassured, in times of great uncertainty, by the thought, the conviction, the promise that as much as I loved this show there were others out there who loved it as I did. I didn’t feel that closeness, that unity behind a shared love and passion, until I came here.

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anonymous asked:

I imagine once Percy finds out that Jason didn't kill Kronos, he is going to hate Jason even more. Are we going to see any scenes between the two of them? And are Jason and Percy going to be forced to learn to get along (not in the span of the fic, but in this world in general) once Percy and Annabeth get more serious?

Percy and Jason will have a scene together in Part Four – at least, as far as I’m thinking right now! And yes, the Kronos thing is initially not going to improve Percy’s opinion of Jason. He’ll eventually come to an understanding on subject after a chat with Annabeth. 

I don’t think Percy and Jason will ever be good friends, but they’ll learn to accept each other later on. They’re not going to make Annabeth fight over which one of them she wants to keep in her life.