will the circle be unbroken


PLL 3x22 “Will the Circle Be Unbroken?”

When you get those season 3 Twincer feels.

I feel like, if we are in the midst of a Spencer twin, … this is where she came in to the story.

If you rewatch this episode with the assumption that there’s a twin, then the shit she says in Radley takes on an entirely new meaning.

Spencer: “I wasn’t Spencer Hastings for almost a whole day, and nobody else showed up to take the job… so, I guess I’m stuck with it.”

Dr. Sullivan: “Because you’re the only person in the world that can be you.”

How lovely of a call back moment would that be? To look back and say ‘this is Spencer’s twin pretending to be burdened with Spencer’s life.’

Spencer continues in the conversation by saying “There are people here with real problems.”

Dr. Sullivan: “Just like you.”

And there’s this moment where she looks around at all the other patients in the room and says “Yeah. Just like me.”

It’s a moment where she’s realizing that’s she’s as wounded and damaged as every one else in the room.

She goes on to talk about “The worst thing that can happen.”

Spencer: “I fell down in the woods. When I was running. I fell down, and I looked at the ground, and I saw my hand, and my sleeve and the little button on my sleeve. And some dirt. And an old acorn, and I said to myself: 'Okay if this is the last thing that you ever see… I can handle that. I’m done. I’ve had enough.’

But it wasn’t the last thing I saw. I just kept going. How do you keep going when the worst thing has happened? What do you have to change inside to survive? Who do you have to become?”

What if “The worst thing” that she’s talking about isn’t Toby’s death? What if this isn’t Spencer recalling yesterday’s events, but Twincer reliving something else entirely? Maybe something from 'That Night’?

She talks about “The worst thing” like something that’s further in the past. Like something she’s had a long time to process and feel the effects of.

In the end of the episode, all of the girls in the room become a visual of the Liars, sitting and listening to her story… and she looks at them and says “You don’t know me. I’m sorry. But that’s true. You don’t know who I am anymore.”

I know we took all of this as indicator of Spencer joining the A team… but… this is before Mona showed up to offer her another go.

“Who do you have to become?”

Who did she become after discovering Toby’s death, but before joining 'A’?

In a world where her twin is a fact, it would make sense for this to be when she entered the Liars lives (again).