will the circle be unbroken

something100  asked:

Random thought.. When Marlene talks about the show coming full circle in the end, it seems like she says that a lot and that keeps making me think of Mona in radley singing "will the circle be unbroken" I might be crazy but what if she's sort of dropping a hint that things will really come full circle with Mona taking back the game. And honestly the motives there. Look at everything she's done for them and how much she is still iced out. They would have to add a huge twist to her story though

Ooooo I’ve never made that connection before, interesting. It doesn’t HAVE to mean that, because “full circle” is just a term for coming back to where we started. But of course it COULD mean that.

Will the Circle be Unbroken
  • Will the Circle be Unbroken
  • Booker Dewitt and Elizabeth

Sauce for artwork

Since the credits of Bioshock Infinite I wanted an mp3 of this. So I finally made one. 
(Sorry for some of the chatter being cropped into the end, cut any sooner and it sounded odd you can just pretend it’s Booker and Elizabeth regardless.))

Download here if you’re interested.