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If you care about what people think about you, you will end up being their slave. Reject and pull your own rope.
—  Auliq Ice

I hate it when you tell people that you are bored and looking for tv shows to fill your time because you are too fatigued to do anything else.  And their response is to argue that you are bored because you are wasting time and you should be more productive.

Take a class!  Engage in a hobby!  Earn money!

Like can you stop trying to make me feel badly about myself for 5 seconds and listen to what I’m saying?  I’m too fatigued to create the new neural pathways needed to actually learn something new.  And I’m too fatigued to make my body work correctly.

But that’s ok because you feel better about yourself for putting me in my place, so at least I’m good for something right?

Dan Howell, memelord, king of the shitpost, emperor troll, and general cheeky lil shit, is currently sitting at a computer somewhere with twitter and tumblr open, laughing his ass off at the phandom as we all implode with speculation about what the new video is going to be.

Phil Lester, eternal ray of sunshine, cinematic and photographic genius, and general good person, is currently sitting at a computer somewhere with youtube and editing programs open, furiously editing together the video that will destroy every member of this cult in one way or another.

The Phandom, collective hivemind of Sherlockian level intellegence and deductive skill, is currently sitting at computers, tablets, and cellphones, madly refreshing twitter, tumblr, and youtube waiting for death.

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Do you think Lewandowski is going to Real??

Nope. We’ve had to live with this rumor for over 2 years, journos from AS wake up saying “how can I make this about RM” and write a story, a week later they calm down. What maked this discourse resurrect was the supposed chat with Ramos and Ronaldo, otherwise they would’ve continued with Aubameyang or Grizi as main target. Obviously, he interests them and such a big club must be mouthwatering for him too, but none of the teamsn are in the need to make it happen and I think one factor makes the move very unlike… the baby dun dun dun.

  1. He has been part of the German culture for 7 years, he speaks the language fluently, knows the city. Moving to Madrid and learning everything would be such a burden I don’t think they want rn.
  2. His wife, Anna, works a looot in Poland and she can make it thanks to the closeness, a flight from Munich to Wroclaw is 1hr, one from Madrid is 3.30hrs. Again, the baby needs time as they have already mentioned.
  3. He wouldn’t give up a place in the Starting XI and his status of an idol. The only way he could play is if Benzema is sold (which I don’t think will happen as Florentino loves the BBC more than his own money) and even then he wouldn’t come close to the admiration CR7 gets.
  4. He could’ve signed for them last summer when the rumors were stronger than ever, they’ve just won the UCL and Pep was leaving with Bayern’s future uncertain. He didn’t and actually renewed with Bayern.
  5. When Bayern doesn’t want to sell, they don’t. We have no need for the money or players

for those of u with tactile stims, i recommend sugar scrubs!! they’re really easy to make (just google any recipe, they’re super straightforward and only need like 2 ingredients) and actually have some health benefits!! u can store the scrub in a jar and exfoliate ur arms/hands/etc with it!! it smells really nice and the sugar feels really nice when u rub it between ur hands!! it’s also good for self-care bc it makes ur skin feel really awesome and u can add essential oils of ur own choice if u want!!!!! happy stimming and happy autism acceptance month!!!!!!


Hey! Who dis cutie taking selfies in the lift at work…. oh yeah….that’s me 🙈😂😍😅😏🔥💯👌🏼✌🏼💕

my Dad sent me a folder to look through and figure out what I was going to keep and there was some writing from when I was around 13 and one of them is based off a prompt ‘write about a truly horrible person’ and 13 year old me wrote about a woman who emotional abuses her girlfriend, playing off her internalized homophobia and using the threat of some pictures of them together to out her to the strongly homophobic society they lived in, saying she would claim she was ‘coming onto her’ to blackmail her into uncomfortable situations such as sex. And while that definitely fulfilled the prompt, I’m left wondering what the fuck was going through my mind when I wrote that. 

When you unite with him, the world will know it. The seas will churn and the skies will blacken, with streaks of lightning cracking the heavens asunder. When two tremendous archangels join as one, your love is an earth-shattering force that even the laws of physics will bow to, and myths will spawn that can never hope to capture your beauty. 

 But dare anyone try to keep you apart, and they will behold not just a fate far worse, but an Armageddon. 

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What's the best way i can use my white privilege to help poc people?

first of all, don’t say “poc people”, since “poc” is already “people of colour”, so you’re saying “people of colour people”, which a lot of poc have pointed out makes it sound more like another version of “coloured” rather than a non-offensive acronym

i know a lot of non-native english speakers tend to not realize that we’re doing it, which is why it’s something we need to learn to be on the lookout for

the most important thing you can do is to educate yourself, and i mean educate yourself. don’t rely on poc to coddle you and hand you explanations on a silver platter, because then you’re again expecting them to cater to your white ignorance and entitlement

of course, educating oneself should happen majorly through listening to poc (and that means listening without interrupting or bringing up Buts or Not all white peoples), research and examining and realizing the power balances in place

once you know your stuff, educate others. don’t talk over poc, obviously, but there are tons of ignorant white people out there who will demand explanations about racism and things related - which is where you can step in and save someone yet another tiring conversation at the end of which they still wont be taken seriously and which requires enormous emotional labour on their part. magically, white people tend to be more willing to listen to other white people

that still doesn’t mean that if a poc is explaining something, you should jump in and start talking over them - boost their voice and if you know of other poc who have been saying the same thing, boost their voices too. for every explanation you can give, there are already tons of poc who have been speaking out about the same thing for years and you can redirect people to their articles to give them the recognition they deserve

if you’re ever told that you’re being racist, don’t immediately dismiss the accusation and instead reflect on whether you’re, even unknowingly, asserting yourself in inappropriate ways. same goes for “all white people are/do x” and “not all white people” statements. if you know that you don’t do said thing or are actively trying to unlearn it, good, move on and tell stacy from next door who is fighting the “not all white people” cause that she’s being a douche (who quite possibly does do the mentioned thing)

and as the last thing, don’t feel guilty about your privilege, because that again is something that calls for poc to coddle you. acknowledge that you have it and concentrate on making the best of it where it counts

obligatory disclaimer: im white and you can start your journey by looking up posts on how to use white privilege for good that were written by poc