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A number of people had asked when I would have prints back up in my shop after I took then down when there were seemingly some issues with featuring gymnasts names etc. 
I decided I wouldn’t upload them again to my shop in case there were any lingering legal issues. I also just made these for fun and enjoyment, not to make any profit. However since so many people liked them (and I am so grateful for your kind words of support) I decided to upload higher res versions you are welcome to download and print to use as you like. 
I only ask that you don’t be a dick and try to sell them (kind of defeats the whole purpose) and that if you do anything cool with them (hang them in your room, get autographs, gift them to someone) that you post a photo and tag me!
I will continue to post downloadable versions (previous version were low res and I would imagine wont print particularly nicely) of as many as I can. I do hope to keep making them as well so feel free to request any but I might not get to them as fast as I once did.

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Have you finally desided to stop forcing you're terrible stories on us? I noticed I haven't had to read any of your crappy shit lately and was wondering if your finally over yourself. Can the fandom relax because your gone?

Oh, uh… thank you? Unfortunately “the fandom” cannot relax because I’m going to continue to torture you all until someone who isn’t hiding behind a grey face tells me I’m not welcome.

Is that fair? Any opposition?

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Magic anon time, Everyone wishes they could be a kid again so congrats Boris you get to be 3 years old again for 3 days! Have fun big...or should I say little guy ?

Boris had just woken up from a nap, blanket still in his hand, with a yawn he rubs his eyes and it takes him a full minute to understand what the anon just said.

“Now wai-” Boris doesn’t get to finish his sentence as he suddenly starts to shrink quickly

It’s not long before the tall wolf is gone, replaced by a very small puppy in overalls sitting on the blanket. With a small giggle he claps his little hands together and sticks his tongue out at the anon. Why, because anons are silly and he wanted too be silly with the anon as well. What was he doing again? 

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Steph, I think this is a question that will haunt me till my dying day. Why was it shown as a triumphant moment when Sherlock threw the deerstalker away in TAB only to put it back on in TLD? It felt like Sherlock was freeing himself of the fake public image only to then, only two episodes later, go back to being what other people want him to be. Basically; "Who you really are doesn't matter, get back in your cage and dance!" seems to be the message of S4.


On the surface it seems to make no bloody sense. Given that I personally think that the entirety of S4 is Unreliable Narrator / John’s TAB / Faulty Memories, I suppose we can read it subtextually again as someone deciding to continue to hide their feelings… only immediately after that happens…. John gets shot and is probably dying.

Hiding their feelings is killing them inside.

You’re welcome.

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'I don't promote anything' sure Jan


I’m not sure who you are (obviously because your an anon) but clearly you probably think your funny. But your not.

I also don’t know who Jan is… so sorry. Wrong person you got.

But if you have a problem with something then just ignore it and stay off my page. I don’t control what you look at or what you see. I don’t promote anything. This is my personal blog and everyone who follows me follows me at will. So please continue your life by heckling someone else’s blog.

please and thank  you <3

have a blessed rest of your day

~thinspiration nation

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I'm bad with people? I try my best and all but I'm just not really an emotional person despite what everyone thinks. I honestly can't be bothered to continuously try and help someone depressed after 50 times of them telling me no? It's not that I don't care about them, it's just that I don't like people in general. It's also that I don't know how to help. Am I a bad person?

you’re not a bad person, sometimes it’s just too much to deal with people, we all need a break every once in awhile 

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I really like ur blog. But one thing bothered me. And it isn't just on ur blog or anything but I feel like u would respond well to this. So I saw this post about how it's never to late to realize your sexuality and it can even be at age 45 or whatever and even if your married for 20 plus years and have 3 children and all. And ya it's okay to realize ur sexuality and you def should, but doesn't it suck for ur husband/wife that u were married to for so long? Isn't that just a huge punch in the gut

Yeah, I’m sure that it can suck for the spouse, but sometimes that’s just how life turns out. Obviously you shouldn’t just go “I’ve decided I’m gay so I’m leaving you and the kids, bye”, but neither should someone continue living a lie just for the sake of the status quo. It can be a shitty situation, but sometimes it happens and they’re not a bad person for coming out.

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DID SOMEONE SAY PARADOX CONTINUATION?!?! HELLO. IT IS ME. THE PARADOX ANON. Still firmly in love with paradox dramione and the idea of finally seeing an olivie-fied grindlewald. Gives me goosebumps just thinking about it!!

THERE YOU ARE look, you nearly let me forget about it

a few things:

bullying is abuse. full stop. bullying is abuse, bullies are abusers. if you have been bullied, you have been abused.

bullying is not a lesser form of abuse. it is not normal. it is not beneficial. victims do not need to ‘grow up’ or ‘get over it’. you are not childish or immature for being hurt by it.

bullying can cause mental health problems. bullying can cause trauma. mental health problems and trauma caused by abuse are completely valid. bullying is not a lesser form of abuse and the effects of bullying are not lesser forms of pain.

bullying comes in a lot of different forms. essentially, if you were excluded or humiliated or mocked or physically abused or in any other way treated as inferior by your peers, you were bullied.

bullying is never the victim’s fault. never. the abusers will always find an excuse to hurt you but they don’t need an actual reason.

the effects of bullying can last a lifetime. all this is true if you’re being bullied right now, and all this is true if it’s been a year. five years. fifteen years. abuse can have long-term effects and healing is not a question of maturity.

bullying isn’t discussed nearly enough but seriously, it can be hellish and if you’re going through it or you’ve been through it, i’m with you. keep going.

Les Misérables (1862) but if Lemony Snicket was the author

to Enjolras–darling, dearest, dead.

Chapter One

If you’re seeking a story whose tragic beginning is followed by a less-tragic middle and an inevitably uplifting denouement, this book should be avoided at all costs. The approximately six hundred and fifty-five thousand words that are about to follow contain the tales of several bright and brave young people who each meet an unfortunate end and several less-bright, less-young people, including myself, who unfortunately survive to recount the events. “Unfortunate” is a word which here means “luckless” and “miserable”, the latter definition having been used for the title of this novel, designed to dissuade you, the misguided reader, from continuing past the cover page.

There are other techniques I have employed in this book that are designed to stop you from yourself becoming miserable by reading this story in its entirety. Firstly, the physical novel, which as you may notice shares the same dimensions and weight as a standard housing brick, for the utmost inconvenience. Secondly, I have included several hundred pages of information which are both uninteresting and have little bearing on the grander story in the meager hope that you will come to your senses and place this novel back on your shelf or better, in a lit fireplace, where I solemnly believe it belongs. 

For example, the use of candlesticks. The word “candlestick” is derived from the purpose of the item itself, that is an object, most often metal, commonly silver, in which one can stick a candle. Many dictionaries define “candlestick” as  “an often ornamental holder for securing a candle or candles”. “Candleholder” is another, less commonly used word for “candlestick”. Candlesticks come in a variety of forms and sizes, and can contain a variety of numbers of candles often demarcated by their names-a “trikirion” contains three candles and a “menorah” contains seven. If you have had the fortitude-a word which here means “strength of mind”-to make it this far through this dull paragraph, it may be of some note to say that the candlesticks with which we concern ourselves in this story are single candlesticks, that may each contain one candle. 

Thirdly, not only have I named the main character in a redundant manner-Jean Valjean-I have decided to tell you here that Jean Valjean perishes on the final page of this novel. That is my story’s conclusion.

With all this information in mind, and having the ending already known, I now give you my final warning and pleading suggestion to forget about this book. Put it down. Hide it away. Bury it in a cemetery late at night with the assistance of a man named Fauchelevant. Forget it ever existed. For now the story must begin.

It begins in a town called Digne, on a grey and dreary night under the roof of a very kind but elderly and poor man, the bishop of the town, whose name was Myriel.


Mekke øl + mutually failing at talking to their crush because they’re nervous

Have you ever met someone who you can’t get tired of seeing everyday?” she asked. “Someone who makes your heart smile and puts a sweet shiver to your spine. Someone who can sit with you all day even if you talk about nonsense things. Have you ever known someone who never asked for you to change yourself? Someone who accepts you just the way you are. Someone who never wants you to lose yourself just by loving them. Someone who treats you in the best possible way without expecting too much from you.” she paused and thought of that someone she’s been talking about. It all comes to her mind. The way he genuinely smiles as if there are millions of fireflies that suddenly showed up at the night sky. The way he looks at her as if she is the most stunning person in the universe. Her heart seems to love everything she feels. And for that, she is grateful to know a person like him. She smiled and continued, “Haven’t you met someone you thought—will never exists in this world? Someone you thought you will never meet. Because I have met someone who I thought will only appear in my dreams.
—  ma.c.a // I want to describe you longer than this

my favorite part about meliorn mistaking sebastian for jace is that it wasn’t a joke that just came out of nowhere but was built on s1 where meliorn has met jace before and isabelle introduced him as her brother. but naturally, the only thing meliorn bothered to register is that one of isabelle’s brothers happens to be blond and looks unrelated to her.

and so in 2x14, meliorn’s brain is basically like blond white boy talking to isabelle, must be her brother jace. as a standalone joke for the sake of it, it would’ve been pretty great, but the added continuity is even better.


literally just a 3-page continuation of the previous 3 pages, aka, how it should have ended