Percy Jackson beach shoot part one.

I have so many great pictures from this shoot that I’m going to break it up into parts and post them over the next few days so look forward to that!

Annabeth: No tumblr

Percy: wyvernwolf

Pirate Nico: tinygayitalian

Will: sabertooth-raccoon

All photos taken by me 

Please don’t use without permission

Prince Nico - Part 2

Part 1  -  A03

Nico is staring at his reflection, not really sure how long he’s been there. In all his twenty two years of being on this planet, he’s never been on a date before. What in Hades is he supposed to wear?! Never mind the fact he has no clue what he’s going to be doing on this date. Glancing down, he quickly rereads the latest texts he and Will had exchanged, to see if he was missing any important information.

‘Can’t wait to see you again, sunshine :D Are we still on for three?’

‘Yes, but can I ask what the dress code is?’

‘Just wear whatever will make you feel comfortable ;).’

That was a very strange notion for Nico, mostly because his outfits were normally planned weeks in advance if he was going out in public. This, coupled with the fact he never really got a choice in the matter, has Nico extremely indecisive about what he should wear.

He wants this date to go well. He had really liked Will when they first met, and they’ve been chatting over text almost everyday since then. It’s safe to say his feelings towards the man have only grown stronger.

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anonymous asked:

do any of you have a middle name?😂😂😂

Mine is Jay. It use to be Josephine, but when I transitioned, and changed my name to Will, I changed that too. I chose Jay because when my mom was mad at me, she would yell **** J Solace! So I made it Jay, so she could yell William Jay Solace. I thought it was funny, my mom thought it was a little cheeky. -Will

I really cant understand why people are so angry at @ viria. Like, fandom, this person gave you a lot of fanart! Have you seen it? The characters are amazingly drawn! l need to mention also that there are a lot of people who admired her drawings and wanted to draw like her! That`s one of the reasons why we, pjo fandom, have awesome artists. Isnt it enough for you?! 

But you, fandom, keep sending her messages begging her to draw smth. We are the cause she stopped drawing.